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The choice - Option E: Jayden chooses everybody (written by Jimmy)

This is OPTION E of an interactive storyline that has several options. At the end of the week you will get to choose how things will go on.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his incredible work!

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Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one

Coming up:
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end

Author's note: This story takes place after Jayden has chosen to date Bill in the pool, Chase in the hot tub, and Leroy at the picnic. In this story Jayden invites all three boys together to discuss the idea of dating all three of them.

Jayden can’t believe how successful he was at his old school today. He was able to start two committed relationships with both Bill and Chase; in addition he really made progress in getting to know Leroy. Now, Jayden’s only problem is…how to get them all to be okay with sharing him; and potentially each other. Unsure of the solution he decides to wait for his older brother to pick him up from his old school, and ask him for some relationship advice.

Thinking of what to say to Bill, Chase and Leroy young Jayden is pulled out his head as a loud bang issues from the parking lot. His ride has arrived. Gino’s car is smoking, and his older brother gets out his truck cursing.

Wanting to walk faster to see what the newest truck issue is, Jayden is forced to go slow on his crutches as he hobbles over to his older brother’s truck. Gino already has his head inside the engine and is adding some oil, and checking the gauges, a wrench makes his jeans hang low and Jayden can see that they chose the same pair of plaid undershorts again, which makes him smile as he tries to suppress a laughter from bubbling forth. “Hey Gino, what’s wrong now?” Jayden asks tentatively, wincing as Gino curses.

Poking his head out Gino looks back, shaking his head, “Too early to tell. Go rest your foot in the passenger seat. I’m sure that you overexerted yourself today.” Gino comments knowingly tucking his head under the hood again, and getting a face full of smog.

“You have no idea,” Jayden says with a grin. “Tell you when you are done,” Jayden hops up inside the truck and finds Gino’s phone on the seat. He puts in his brothers password sending Logan a message:

Jayden: Gino’s truck shit the bed. He might be late, I’m going to rest my ankle. ~Jayden

Logan: Please do! Tell Gino to get here for practice when he can. Let me know if he needs a ride. Kim can pick him up.

Jayden: Ugh, okay.

Logan: You and Kim need to kiss and make up.

Jayden: Not likely to happen.

Logan: Haha okay. He’s not that bad of a guy.
“Yeah right,” Jayden says yawning to no one.

Putting the phone done he props his leg up on the dashboard, and closes his eyes a minute. It’s not until Gino pulls home that he stirs awake with a jolt, yawning, “I was just resting my eyes,” Jayden says sleepily.

“Sleeping beauty has awoken!” Gino laughs making a mess of his little brothers hair.

“Hey! Also, what happened to your shirt?” Jayden asks spying on Gino’s shirtless chest, wishing that his own chest looked as masculine and well defined as his older brother.

“I was covered in exhaust from being under the hood,” Gino explains holding up his wet shirt. “I used it to clean-up a bit.”

“Gross!” Jayden sticks out his tongue at the smell of fumes.

Grinning, Gino walks around to his brother’s side of the car and opens the door and carries him to the house in his manly arm, his body warm and hard against his own.

“I’m not helpless,” Jayden yawns again, as he puts his arms around Gino’s neck.

“You did too much today, it was against my better judgement to let you go spend the day with your friends. How did it work out?” Gino asks putting him on the living room couch and elevating his foot.

“Funny you should ask,” Jayden says, his heart beating fast in his chest as his brother flushes his pillow and goes to get him some ice to put on his ankle. “I decided to date Bill…

“Good choice!” Interrupts Gino. “I always liked him, even if he was part of yesterday’s plot. I forgave the little guy for making a dickhead move.”

“and Chase…” continues Jayden.

“What now?”

“and Leroy,” Jayden finishes. “Technically Bill and Chase are my boyfriends, and I’m seeing Leroy. I decided to try and date all three.” Jayden finishes squirming under the look that Gino is flashing him.

“Do you have a death wish? Bill and Chase will murder each other; and more importantly you! This is going to be a disaster,” Gino laughs, and shakes his head. “What were you thinking?”

“That maybe we could all share…”

“What indication did Bill or Chase, or even Leroy give you that they wanted to share your affections with someone else?” Gino asks.


Gino kneels down next Jayden, and puts his hands on his younger brother’s bare shoulders in his tank top and giving them a squeeze. “This is what you are going to do, you are going to call each of them and…” Gino thinks for a moment and then goes on. “Then you are going to tell them that you made a mistake. And just pick one! You can’t have all three!”

Jayden lowers Gino’s hand and looks at him with deep soft brown eyes and says, “Why not? I love Bill. I love Chase. I bet in time I could and will love Leroy. So, why not?” Jayden asks.

Gino looks Jayden into his soulful brown eyes, seeing Jayden for who he is: a kind, loving, compassionate boy who’s also fearless, strong, and brave. When it comes to his heart Jayden makes some mistakes, but Gino just sighs saying none of the things he is thinking and says, “I’m skipping practice and staying here in case things go south. Let’s get this over.”

“Thank you big brother, I love you,” Jayden wraps his arms around him squeezing him. “You’re my favorite.” He gives him a messy smooch on his neck, and blasting a raspberry against his skin.

“Now who’s gross?” Gino laughs wiping the spit from his neck. “Somehow you are still my favorite too little brother, watch some TV and use my phone to make some calls. I’ll make dinner.” Standing up Gino wipes the Jayden’s spit on his tank top, digging his fingers into his sides until Jayden screams in a fit of laughter. Satisfied he heads into the kitchen.

“Hey Logan, about practice today…” the door swings shut and Jayden tries not to spy flicking the television on with the remote.

Grinning Jayden eagerly awaits his three favorite swimmers winding up at his doorstep, and hoping that it all goes well.


Gino answers the door, all three swimmers are there eagerly awaiting entry. Gino opens the door wide letting them and it’s no surprise to anyone that of course Chase is the first and leading the pack.

“Miss me?” Chase asks with his Cheshire cat grin leering at Gino.

“Like herpes,” Gino replies, making Bill and Leroy laugh.

“I’m over here,” Jayden waves enthusiastically from the couch, an old grey PlayStation one controller in hand.

“Where did you get that thing, a garage sale or a museum?” Chase asks smirking.

“Not everyone can afford all the latest game consoles Chase,” Jayden defends, his cheeks reddening.

“Shit I didn’t mean…”

“Rich boys, right?” Leroy smirks plopping down next to Jayden. “Chase, I don’t know if you have noticed but Jayden’s folks aren’t exactly well-to-do.”

Jayden if anything burns even hotter, “Can we change the topic, please.” Jayden suggests hopefully.

“Not quite yet,” says Leroy. “It actually has to do with our next point. You may have noticed…we are all on the same swim team.”

“I don’t follow…what does this have to do with…you know,” Jayden ends his sentence haphazardly.

“Because we talk,” Bill says rolling his eyes. “And both Chase and I had the same news to share today at practice.”

“Yeah, and weren’t we surprised that you told both Bill and I that we were both your boyfriends,” Chase says folding his arms over his chest.

“Let me explain…” Jayden starts.

“Nope!” Leroy puts a finger on his lips, “Just listen.”

“Naturally Bill and I were about to come to blows,” Chase says.

“And I would have won if we did,” Bill adds crossing his arms mimicking Chase.

“Sure, if I had two broken arms. But then Leroy told us his news and then we were just confused,” Chase laughs. “Like, what the fuck?” He chuckles looking around the room.

“That’s when I explained to the others, clearly that Jayden is planning on us sharing him, right Jayden?” Leroy asks removing his finger.

Jayden gulps, “That was kinda my plan…I was planning on bringing all of you here to see if that could work.”

“No way could it,” says Bill.

“Without you taking this,” Chase drops a wrapped present in Jayden’s lap.

“What’s this?” Jayden asks surprised.

“Open it and find out,” Leroy says grinning.

“No one is going to murder my younger brother right?” Gino asks popping his head into the room.

“No!” all three yell back.

“Good enough, dinner in ten,” Gino says closing the door behind him.

Slowly, Jayden folds back the little gold wrapping, after untangling the perfectly wrapped red bow. Looking a Bill first, guessing correctly in his head that Bill must have wrapped it. The stiff gold paper unfolds and tucked inside is a brand new cellular phone; the very latest apple model.

Jayden’s jaw drops open, and he looks up with misty eyes, “I can’t…” he tries to say but is quickly interrupted, which seems to be a new habit.

“Yes you can. It’s my fault that your last one broke,” Chase says bending down next to the couch.

“How else will you get in touch with three different boyfriends,” Bill asks smugly. “By the way we all split it three ways, Leroy is going to pay Chase and I back in installments.”

“Yeah, you don’t want to know what the payment plan is,” Leroy grins, rolling his eyes. “But we all agreed that you deserve this, please accept it. After all, you are going to be sending a lot of texts to us, and we would rather you didn’t buy a push button phone and wait for you to try and message us all back. No one has time for shit.”

“Consider it a gift from the three guys that know and love you the most,” Chase says running his hand across Jayden’s cheek and tangling his fingers in his brown hair.

Jayden redder in the face than ever wipes his eyes, but his smile is wider than he has ever had. “You mean it?” he asks tentatively. “You’ll all try?”

Leroy, Bill and Chase all nod their heads, and Jayden utterly flabbergasted keeps grinning so much that it hurts. “Thank you, thank you all.” He hugs Chase first, then Leroy and finally Bill who ends their hug with a quick pec on the lips.

“You call that a kiss?” Chase mocks. “Move over,” he gives Bill a slight push, as he leans down gripping Jayden’s hair tightly bending his back backwards and pressing his full lips against Jayden’s rather aggressively making Jayden moan, losing his breathe as he opens his mouth Chase slips his tongue inside.

“Showoff,” Bill jests.

“Don’t worry babynuts, I’ll teach you how Jayden likes it,” Chase grins.

“I already know!” Bill says indignantly.

“Prove it,” Chase taunts, grabbing Jayden’s nuts in his shorts making the material stretch showing Jayden’s half raised erection. “Make him harder than that!”

Bill pushes Chase off and goes to bend down, but switches tactics and turns to Chase, and surprising him with a quick knee lift slamming his nuts right in between his thighs. Chase moans bending down and Bill locks lips with Chase making Jayden and Leroy turn to each out gapping in complete disbelief as Bill French kisses Chase as he wraps his arms around Chase’s neck, pulling the blonde closer to him so their bodies are pressed hard together.

“Damnnn!” Leroy grins pulling Jayden closer to him, and nibbles at Jayden’s earlobe. “Bill was right,” Leroy says.

“Huh?” Jayden asks rubbing his sore nuts.

Bill disentangles himself from Chase who can’t quite figure out how he feels about what just happened. Pointing southward, Bill says, “He’s fully erect now. Leroy do you mind double checking?”

“No problem!” Leroy reaches for Jayden’s erection, clearly evident already, but he goes through the motions anyways and gives it a few tugs. “Yup, he’s hard as a rock!” Leroy announces making them all laugh.

Chase even with his sore nuts grins at Bill, “Mission accomplished little man.”

“It’s really not that hard to make him flip his switch,” Gino laughs, and everyone joins in laughing. “Dinner is ready, and all of you should join the three of us.”

“Sure,” Bill says.

“How bad could your cooking be?” Chase asks rhetorically, still rubbing his aching big balls.

“He’s gotten much better,” Jayden says getting to his feet, putting his crutches under each arm. Bill holds open the door for him and Leroy pulls out his chair with Chase standing faithfully by his side, taking his crutches and leaning them against the wall. “Gosh, I could get used to this,” Jayden says.

“Well we all agree, that you are going to need your appetite,” Chase says sitting down.

“We are going to celebrate this little relationship thing that you started with all of use in your bedroom after you eat,” Leroy says boldly.

Jayden gulps, choking on his milk. He manages to croak out a “What?”

“Yeah, we are going to have a little contest between the three of us,” Bill says smiling wickedly.

“Who can make you cum first,” Leroy laughs.

“Oh man,” Gino laughs. “This turned out far better than I ever could have expected.”

“Want to join,” Bill asks, more than hopeful.

“Absolutely not! The four of you will barely fit on that bed, have fun,” Gino laughs rubbing his leg against Jayden’s.

Jayden turns back to him, his face full of excitement, and the ease that he has been longing for is finally back in his life. Gino taps his good foot gently, and Jayden returns the tap as the two brothers turn back to their guests ready to eat the meal that Gino has prepared.

“Well, I have to know this. What does the winner get?” Jayden asks wonderingly.

“That’s easy,” Chase says, “They get to be next.”

The table bursts into laughter as the boys chew on their homemade pizza, and the tomato and spinach (rabbit food) salad that Gino made, which he quickly points out “I feel bad eating all of these leaves, the poor rabbits will go hungry!”


That was
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one

Coming up:
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end


Harry said...

Hmm. Jayden is a catch, but this arrangement seems to have gone a little too smoothly. Did all those hatchets really get buried, or is some straight Red Wedding shit about to go down?

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

hahaha. I think most readers agree with you about this one. It certainly does not seem very possible to them (hence the lack of votes for the relationship). Hatchets getting buried... well they certainly are trying at least in this one to be doing so. How long that truce can last, we will have to wait and see.