Monday, May 11, 2020

The boyfriend debacle - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the eleventh part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden was late, and he couldn’t afford to be, he had an important date that he couldn’t miss. According to his boyfriend that he was texting with at school, while he was supposed to be listening in Mr. Smith’s biology class; apparently today’s calendar was marked when Bill and Jayden first met each other in kindergarten ten years ago. Not keeping track of dates of importance such as this, Jayden was caught off guard by Bill’s announcement.


Bill: Today is the anniversary of when we first met ten years ago! I have the perfect date all planned out Jayden. All you have to do is show up at the nutcracker at 8:00 sharp! They don’t let in anyone that’s late. I got us our own special personnel balcony. It’s always been a dream of mine to bring a date to the opera. I can’t wait to share this special moment with you.

Jayden: I can’t wait! See you there! Thank you Bill for this, it should be a blast!!!

Jayden leaned back in his chair, he was in a world of trouble. Today also happened to be Valentine’s Day, which both Bill and he agreed to not spend together on principal alone; because Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and neither of them particularly likes the holiday. Instead, he had wrestling practice led by Kim, whom Logan left in charge. Jayden had to be extra on his guard because of that, and to top it all off he and his brother were supposed to spend that evening studying together. Gino is going to freak out if he doesn’t help him study for the math test tomorrow. Jayden could work it all out, all he had to do was pick an earlier time for Gino and him to study, make it through Ken’s wrestling practice, and get Bill a present. How on Earth he was going to get Bill a present on Valentine’s Day still eluded him. Everything was going to be sold out. Flowers, chocolates, cards, and special teddy bears. Bill and he promised each other a weekend together to share the all of the 90% percent off Valentine’s Day stuff that they could buy. Now though, he imagines showing up to his surprise opera date unprepared, and Bill loaded down with presents just for him. Also he needed to get a suit. Perfect, just fucking perfect.

Jayden looks up at the clock watching it hit 3:00 pm. The class started to file out and Jayden had to hurry to catch up with Logan, whom had been talking about his date with Ashely for weeks now.

“Hey Logan, wait up!” Jayden calls out hurrying to flank the blonde wrestling stud’s side.

“Jayden if you came to make a complaint about Ki, again…”

“No, it’s not that. I need a favor.” Jayden quickly, and succinctly explained his position to Logan.

Logan smile only grew wider during the entirety of Jayden’s story, “So you need money for gifts, a suit, and spending money at the opera. That about right?” Logan surmised.

“Yes,” Jayden says embarrassment evident on his reddening cheeks and downturned eyes. “My family does not really have that kind of money for anything like that.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll advance you want you need, and you can pay me back the best way possible: by babysitting for me this weekend. Caleb and Junior will love to see you. Especially after all the fun they had the last time that you came over and babysat them,” Logan couldn’t help but smile as he gave Jayden’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

Jayden gulps, “Babysit…” he got weak in the knees and he could physically feel his balls curling up in their sac trying to hide beneath his limp cock.

“Yup. This will be perfect. I’ll Venmo you the funds now. This works out for the both of us!” Logan spun away on his heel whistling as he walks away from Jayden who he left still trying to get his breath under control.

‘I’ll worry about that later,’ he thinks as he runs out of school, quickly texting Gino as he did so that he would work with his brother earlier. As Jayden was staring at his phone he did not see the football flying to him, he looked up at the last possible moment when someone yells, “Heads!”

The football spins perfectly into Jayden’s boynuts smashing into both with full force. Jayden whimpers, his eyes cross as he sinks to his knees the football bouncing off of him into the grass next. Jayden cradles his throbbing testicles starring up at a boy he didn’t know bending over to retrieve the gonad crushing device. “Ohhh that looks like it hurts! Sorry about that man,” the boy laughs sprinting off to rejoin his friends.

Jayden groans in pain, his balls vibrating as his head hits the grass. “Fuck…that hurt,” Jayden murmurs as passerby’s laugh at him on the ground.

It took Jayden a good few minutes to recover, the unexpected blow impacting him more than usual, that senior clearly had a great throwing arm. Jayden stumbles to his feet one hand still clutching his stinging crotch as he walks towards his brother’s car.

“Stop playing with yourself and get in,” Gino yells across the quad.

Jayden stares down at his feet, as more laughter follows him into the passenger seat.

“We don’t have too long before practice,” Gino hands over his studying materials. “Let’s start now.” And they do, all the way home Jayden quizzes Gino and into the evening. Jayden takes a mini 30 second breaks to buy everything he needs online with his phone. Luckily he only has two pick-ups, one to get his suit sized and the other to get the card, teddy bear, and candy combo. Thankfully Logan’s money should cover all of it. Gino and Jayden change together as Jayden fires questions at his brother. Gino is looking mostly prepared as they finish getting dressing in their Bartlet High Wrestling singlets and head to the gym.

On the mat Jayden begins stretching listening to Kim drone on about techniques, Jayden is hardly paying any attention to him and it’s only when Kim comes up to him mid speech that he actually focuses on the well-defined muscly senior, his singlet showcasing his eight-pack abs, and his inner navel as he informs Jayden, “They changed the rules and this move is allowed now, I want to make sure that everyone understands how to perform the move, and we will be practicing on Jayden today as he’s the lightest among us.”

“What?” Jayden asks dumbly. “What move exactly?” If Jayden had spider-sense it would be tingling, he knows to be wary of Kim after all the two wrestlers had a checkered past to say the least.

“You would know if you were paying any attention Jayden! Now everyone gather round this is the move that I was telling you about,” and without further ado Kim grabs Jayden around the middle and lifts him upwards easily into the air. Jayden is suspended in front of the entire team, his heart pounding furiously in his chest, as he begins to sweat in fear of what’s going to happen next.

“Now make sure to do the move properly, and with the most accuracy we will all practice on Jayden here, he’s the youngest, the lightest, and on top of all that the easiest to manipulate into the right position. Now I will show all of you the crotch lift!” Kim announces.

“The crotch lift…” stammers Jayden, “that’s going to hurt my boynuts!”

“Yes, it most certainly will!” Kim emphasizes mockingly grabbing Jayden’s distending nutsac in one hand, while using the other hand to wrap around Jayden’s chest. Kim’s hands met in the middle, with which he uses both hands to mash Jayden’s large testicles into a sickening blob; digging his fingers in every direction stabbing Jayden’s balls cruelly.

Jayden on full display in front of the entire team is helpless in Kim’s grasp as the Asian wrestler manipulates his treasured family jewels in a terrifying hold that he can’t get out of as Jayden has no purchase in the air to retaliate against Kim, who uses the moment for all it’s worth to go plundering into Jayden’s treasure chest. Jayden’s eyes bulge out, as he gasps in pain echoing out, “You’re crushing them! Arg, my balls!”

“Yes I…” Kim stammers as he looks down. Terror causes Kim’s muscular arms to tremble from the devastating foot that slams into Kim’s inferior balls. “Ugh! Fuck, who…?”

“That should be obvious,” Gino laughs as he rears back and kicks Kim in his plums again knocking squishing Kim’s balls against his tailbone from behind.

Meanwhile Kim continues remotely to squeeze Jayden’s nuts but not with his usual gusto, that has been eliminated by Gino’s attacks on his manhood. Kim falls to his knees groaning and Gino plucks Jayden easily from his arms, “How about we pair off instead to work on this crotch lift Kim? After all Jayden isn’t really in anyone’s weight bracket here, and on the mat we won’t be so lucky to get wrestle a kid who’s almost half of our weight class.”

Kim groans nodding his head grabbing his throbbing balls as he curls up in the fetal position to recover.

“I knew I had a good idea!” Gino declares.

“Thanks for the save bro, I really…” Jayden’s words fall away as Gino performs the same exact crotch lift that Kim had him in.

 “No, don’t!” Jayden struggles in vain as Gino’s hands meet together greedily clenching Jayden’s nuts in the now sadly familiar hold. Except Gino’s knowledge of Jayden’s anatomy gives him an unfair advantage. Gino knows Jayden’s developing balls so well he places his fingers easily as varying intervals making sure to take the upmost care in delivering the most precision to achieve the maximum infiltration to the sensitive parts of Jayden’s anatomy.

Jayden could not speak for several critical seconds as Gino squeezes, prods, and neuters him in the air. Finally Jayden is able to croak out, “My nuts.” Jayden’s words are throaty and pitchy not sounding like him at all as Gino works him over.

“So the move is effective?” Gino asks curiously.

The crotch-lift is like a ball grab, and squeeze but the addition of a second hand, and the ability of Gino’s strength to lift him up by his tender nuggets and place all of Jayden’s weight on top of his twin orbs was obliterating devastating to the young teen.

“You could say that,” Jayden whines as he loses his composure completely groaning out, “Oh God…oh god…ugh!” Jayden squeezes his eyes shut as he feels his tender nuggets continue to explode in agony, fresh waves slamming into him again and again as he lays helplessly in Gino’s overwhelming crotch-lift unable to even muster the strength to defend his precious boynuts.

“Good, then I would say my mission is accomplished,” smiles his older brother, as he continues to manhandle Jayden’s balls destroying any future possibilities of getting nephews someday.

For the next twenty minutes Gino manages to keep Jayden in the air, by the time Ken calls switch, Jayden is putty on the mat curled into a ball at Gino’s feet.

“Come on little brother, it’s your turn,” Gino jokes. “Aren’t you ready yet?” Gino bends down putting a hand on Jayden’s hot, sweaty shoulder feeling Jayden shiver upon contact. “Don’t you want to get your big bro back?”

“I can’t move…” Jayden whispers. “My balls are broken.”

“Horse shit bro! They felt just fine to me. Your wasting precious time, wrestling practice will be over by the time you manage to get to your feet,” Gino laughs using both hands to rub Jayden’s tense shoulder blades.

Jayden doesn’t manage to get into a sitting position until the end of wrestling practice. As Jayden stands on his wobbly legs he stumbles over to his smirking brother and he attempts to put the hold on Gino, but his arms are too short. Jayden tries to apply the nut claw and reaching his other hand to reach his left but his arm with prevents both hands from meeting.

Jayden lets go and stands back up frustration and annoyance that he can’t do a proper crotch-lift.

“Maybe next time Jayden. You want a ride home?”

“No I have a date tonight,” Jayden says looking downwards his bottom lip jutting out.

“Don’t be upset that you couldn’t perform the move,” Gino moves over grasping both sides of Jayden’s face forcing his younger brother to look up to him. Jayden blinks a few times trying to make sure that he doesn’t cry in utter frustration. “You found a move you can’t do. That’s not typical for you, you’ll get there. We can practice the move after your date.”

“Really?” Jayden asks, warmth towards Gino’s willingness to help him cause him to smile.

“For you, anytime.”

“Thanks,” Jayden grabs Gino in a tight sweaty hug, as he buries his head in Gino’s shoulder.

“That’s what big brothers are for…hey do I feel something poking me?” Gino asks squeezing Jayden closer against him. “I do! Well I better do this to make sure you hold it in long enough for you to make it through your date.”

“Do what?” Jayden asks.

Gino slams his knee up into Jayden’s singlet held balls kneeing Jayden so hard that Jayden rises off of the ground until his younger bro is at eye level with his older bro, “This! Obliviously.” Gino laughs as Jayden crumples to the ground, utterly defeated. Gino whistles a tune to Jayden’s moans of agony as he heads to the locker room. “Now you’ll be able to hold it in to the end of your date! I wouldn’t want you to cum too early and disappoint your dickless boyfriend.”

Jayden rolls around in absolute anguish as the renewed assault alights on his aching boyhood between his legs. Jayden supports his blazing balls and gently rolls feeling back into the fleshly orbs as he groans. “Shit…I have stuff to do. I can’t lay here all day.”

Ten minutes later Jayden hurries from the gym, he’s late for his pickup. Jayden figures that he can change at the pickup location. He can’t be late. Jayden rushes from the gym, running full tilt, he sees the lights shutting off and the door being locked from the outside of the flower shop.

“Wait,” Jayden yells darting between parked cars as he rounds the bend.

The florist looks up at the fledgling wrestler waving both hands over his head to catch his attention. “You must be Jayden,” he says.

“Yes,” wheezes Jayden trying to come to a stop, but trips over the uneven pavement, and some kind of slick liquid that has been poured over the sidewalk. Jayden loses his balance and tries to catch himself as heads towards the ground, luckily a parking meter catches him…but, unfortunately the catch was somewhat inconvenient as it caught Jayden in his crotch. Jayden’s balls explode with sharp white pain as his body follows suit landing on top of his puffy balloons. Jayden’s mouth drops open as his hands grasp at the air uselessly unable to stop what has just occurred.

“Boy, you just nutted yourself!” The man laughs as he walks towards Jayden and helps him off of the parking meter. “That date better be worth all this trouble,” grins the florist as he helps Jayden to his knees.

“My nuts!” Jayden grieves unable to hold them for fear they might shatter at the lightest touch.

“Let’s just take a quick check to see if they are okay,” the elderly flouriest bends down, ignoring Jayden’s whimpers of protest and seizes the orbs between his rough fingers digging in as he explores Jayden’s treasure bag. “Everything seems to be in functioning order.”

Jayden’s complaints of:


“Don’t touch.”

Are completely ignored as the florist uses both hands to plunge deeper with Jayden’s spandex clad pouch containing his precious boy anatomy. “Hmm they seem swollen, and busted up a bit,” the florist states rolling the young nuggets between his finger. “I say be more careful from now on, and try to be on time! That way these things won’t happen.” The florist releases Jayden’s nuggets, and he sighs with relief.

“Your young, they will bounce right back, see?” and the florist ends his statement with a quick ball tap, before he heads off in the other direction laughing as Jayden grabs onto his aching walnuts.

“Bastard,” Jayden curses, as he stumbles to standing on his shaky legs. Everything south of the border is a mess of agony but with this latest debacle Jayden fears he may be late to the nutcracker, which is seeming to be a more and more appropriate title to how his night is turning out to be. He has to get going. Jayden knowing that he will have to change at the theatre if he has time and he takes off running again, his arms full of gifts.

A short painful run later, Jayden comes huffing to the Nutcracker, which is being performed at the local theatre Bartlet Hall. The building is rich in history, being the first of its kind in the area. Jayden has never been here, his family being too poor to even afford the discounted rates for special events he takes a moment to gaze in wonder at the adorned stain glass windows, the gargoyles that frame the roof caught in play, and the marble steps spiraling up to the entrance where Bill is waving to him.

Bill stands at the top of the staircase smiling down at his goofball boyfriend, whose mouth hangs open as he stares at him. Bill is wearing a fitted coral two-toned grey suit, with matching grey wingtip dress shoes. Bill’s thin tie is neatly tucked into his white dress shirt, with a smart silver neck tie. The silver rose that adorns his jacket flares out with a touch of elegant crystals on the petals, but nothing is as spectacular as the look of wonder on Bill’s face as he gazes down at his super stud wrestling boyfriend. Warmly, Bill beckons Jayden up the stairs.

“You have to hurry,” Bill says. “They already called the five minute warning a few minutes ago.”

Jayden sucks in a deep breath and pushes his legs to the limit as he runs full speed up the stairs to Bill, who takes the gifts that Jayden thrusts at him as he heaves in breath after breath. Jayden barely pays attention to the inside of the great hall, the stitch in his side thrums with blazing intensity and it’s not until he is sitting in his seat with Bill helping him to take off his wrestling lettermen jacket that he is able to smile sweaty at Bill.

“Hi,” gasps Jayden.

“You are a mess,” Bill laughs taking out his handkerchief and dabbing the sweat off of Jayden’s forehead, before he starts in on Jayden’s neck, and the top of his teen’s chest muscles.

“I know,” Jayden gasps closing his eyes as Bill runs his hands up and down his singlet torso removing the moisture from Jayden’s mad dash. “So much…to tell you.”

“I bet,” Bill and Jayden look up as the house lights blink. “Tell me at intermission. The show is about to begin.” Bill drops his hand leaving the handkerchief on Jayden’s thigh for him to finish with.

Jayden squeezes Bill’s hand affectionately as he settles back to watch the opening of the play as the music echoes through the room. Jayden is immediately entranced by the performance, and loses himself in the show. The dancers are superb, and the ballet orchestra is out of this world. Bill beams at Jayden, seeing the wonder in his eyes and he can’t help himself as he leans in to Jayden and warmly kisses him on the cheek. Jayden turns to his boyfriend and his lips curl as he kisses him back affectionately full on the mouth.

Bill is hard instantly, and he looks down seeing the effect is infectious to Jayden as well. Jayden pulls away as applauses erupts throughout the hall and he can see one of the dancers leap into the air, spinning as she is caught gracefully and twirls in his other dancers arms. Bill wants to pull Jayden back, but he settles on placing his hand on the inside of Jayden’s thigh, running his fingertips to Jayden’s family jewels clad in his stretchy singlet and back. Jayden grunts with pleasure, thankful that they are in a balcony box, that it’s dark and no one can see him as Bill pleasures him, but Bill teasingly refuses to glide his hand up any further to his painful erection, but rather play’s with his hanging fruit basket instead.

Jayden puts and arm around Bill’s shoulders pulling the smaller boy against his muscled frame so he can kiss the top of Bill’s head as the two settle in to watch the show.

At intermission, Jayden picks up his suit and says, “It’s about time that I put this on. Do you mind helping me with my tie?” Jayden asks timidly.

“Of course,” Bill says. “First time tying a tie?”

“Yeah, usually I just have wear a clip on,” Jayden admits as they leave their seats heading to the boys bathroom. “I would have figured there would be a line.”

“You don’t go to theatre much, huh?” Before Jayden can begin to answer Bill continues on, “The boy’s bathroom is usually empty,” Bill locks the bathroom door and says, “Now let’s get you out of that sweaty thing.”

Both boys laugh as they work on pulling down Jayden’s sticky singlet. Bill admires Jayden in his jock strap as the white material appears after the singlet rolls down. The jockstrap clings to Jayden’s impressively hung cock and balls, and Bill can’t help but admire Jayden standing in front of him as he slips the singlet off. Bill reaches forward and grasps onto both of Jayden’s boynuts. “I still can’t believe that you still call these bull balls ‘boynuts,’” Bill crinkles his nose as he rolls the delicate orbs in the pouch.

Jayden’s heart thunders in his chest, as he gazes down at Bill playing with his nuts. “Boynuts just kind of stuck after Caleb and Junior named them for me. Anyways, it’s not time for that present yet.” Jayden says extricating his precious boynuts out of Bill’s hands.

“Oh?” Bill asks eyebrows raising.

“It’s my last Valentines present to you, you get to do whatever you want to my boynuts tonight. These guys,” Jayden bounces his bulging testicles. “Are all yours at the end of the evening.”

Bill smiles from ear to ear. “You haven’t let me ever have a go at your nuts before, thank you so much! Now I can’t wait for this ballet performance to end!”

Jayden dresses quickly, and Bill ties Jayden’s tie as Bill describes all the ways he is going to capitalize on busting Jayden’s balls. Jayden is starting to get anxious thinking that he might have given Bill far too much power tonight, and he hopes that he didn’t just make a huge mistake. Jayden’s boys already took a beating tonight, which was, very unplanned. He hopes that they will hold up for what Bill’s plans. Jayden despises the idea that he won’t be able to perform for Bill tonight as he intends to.

When Bill and Jayden exit the bathroom and head towards their special box seats they come across a huge unpleasant surprise: Chase. Chase is standing in the box opposite of Jayden and Bill with a platinum blonde sitting practically in his lap. The girls silky sequin sapphire gown matches Chase’s midnight blue suit, with a simple blue tulip rests in his breast pocket. Jayden’s mouth falls open in disbelief as Chase winks at him and returns his attention to his drop dead gorgeous female companion. “Don’t look now, but we have company,” Jayden says.

“I ran into him earlier,” Bill says pulling Jayden down beside him. “Who do you think scored us these tickets?”

If Jayden’s jaw could have fallen any lower it would have hit the floor. “What?”

Bill flushes red as he continues on, “Chase and I made a bet that I couldn’t beat St. Laurence’s in the 100 yard freestyle at swim the other day. Well, I did.” Bill adds simply.

“Wow,” Jayden gawks. “That’s amazing Bill! They have a stellar team. You really have gotten better.”

“It’s all the practice that I have been putting in before and after school. Anyways, I bet Chase that I could, and he would have to give me his date package. And here we are,” Bill holds his arms out motioning to the theatre.

Jayden laughs as he rubs his hand through Bill’s short hair, loving how it flows beneath his fingers. “That will teach Chase to underestimate you. Apparently Chase manage dto get another.”

“You know rich boy over there, he hates to be inconvenienced for anything, I’m sure he just waved his credit card and was instantly given the only other box seats. But who cares, I got this one and I get to share it with you. You look better in your suit than he does any day.”

Jayden doubts this very much, but he didn’t correct Bill instead he strokes Bill’s cheek gazing at his boyfriend lovingly.

The lights begin to flicker and boys fall silent as the cozy up next to each other to watch the second and final act. Jayden couldn’t keep his focus on the last act, he just kept looking across the darkened room eyes searching for Chase. Jayden wanted to make sure that Chase was not set out to ruin his night with Bill, but also, he has to acknowledge that deep down something might be brewing between him and Chase. With a shake of his head he turns back to the ballet as the dancers begin to bow. Annoyed that he wasted time searching for Chase, and missing the finale he gives his all in standing with Bill giving the performers their due for an exceptional performance clapping harder than anyone else in the theatre.

Hand and hand, Bill and Jayden begin to leave the building, then Bill motions to Jayden to wait for him as he had to go pick up his jacket.

“I’ll be right back,” Bill waves off Jayden who attempted to follow. “I’ll see you outside, it’s too crowded in here anyway.”

“Okay!” Jayden walks out into the spring night air, as he passes the door to the next person Chase declines the door handle.

“Do be a gentleman and hold the door for me and my lady,” Chase says cock knocking Jayden his knuckles ringing against Jayden’s testicles roughly as he is forced to hold the door open.

Jayden groans, bending over slightly from impact as Chase twirls his date through who manages to mock perorate through the door way like one of the ballerinas on stage, minus the grace and elegance that the dancers showcased. The blonde laughs as Chase maneuvers her in the air and her high heel connects with Jayden’s nether regions and she clumsy falls back into Chase’s arms with a, “Whoopee, I think that I hit the little boys ballsies,” the girl giggles.

Chase laughs as Jayden’s expression as the pain settles in his boynuts. “Don’t worry babe, he’s a wrestler. He’s felt worse, right Jayden?”

The couple walks off laughing as Jayden holds his balls, letting the door go as his balls pulse painfully in his trousers. “Fuck,” Jayden whimpers.

“His balls felt like marbles next to yours my darling,” says the girl leaning in to Chase. “His felt like little boy balls.”

“That’s why he calls them his ‘boynuts,’” Chase mocks turning back to wink at Jayden.

Jayden just manages to get back to his feet as the door swings open and Bill walks out accidently slamming the door handle into Jayden’s crotch. “What’s that face for?” Bill asks.

“My nuts,” Jayden moans bending over again. “I just had a little run in with Chase, I’m fine. Then you got me good with the door handle.”

“Ouch,” Bill sympathizes. “I’m glad that your nuts are tough enough to take a few knocks because I can’t wait to get my hands on my present when we get to your place,” Bill smiles seductively as he leans his body against Jayden and brings his knee up between Jayden’s thighs gently tap, tapping his targets.

Jayden gulps, causing Bill to laugh as he lowers his leg. “I’ll be good until we get to your place. Pinky swear,” says Bill linking his pinky finger with Jayden and pulling him down the stairs heading towards Gino and Jayden’s house.


“I’m not so sure about this,” says Jayden.

“Come on it’s how I first busted your nuts, its perfect.”

Jayden’s nervousness is completely understandable after all he is handcuffed.

Jayden’s arms are outstretched above his head, the metal hand-cuffs locked to the pullup bar, he’s even wearing the same loose fitting tank top and silky nylon gym shorts with no underwear. Bill gazes at his boyfriend knowing just how lucky he is. “Gosh you look hot, hotter than during that Christmas break even, because now your nuts are all mine, I don’t have to share them with the swim team and Gino.”

“Remember Bill, we don’t want things to get out of hand tonight,” Jayden warns.

“You worry too much,” Bill says as he kicks Jayden as hard as he can in between the bound boys legs.

“Ugh!” Jayden growls, “Damn, my boynuts…you kicked them really hard.” Jayden’s eyes cross as balls throb in their unprotected sac.

“Yeah I did,” says Bill as he rears his leg back and punt’s his leg up again in between Jayden’s thighs once more. The smack echoes in Jayden’s garage gym, as the sound of his manhood smacking hard against his abdomen vibrates off of the walls.

Bill continues his onslaught against his boyfriend’s balls with three straight knees into Jayden’s basketball shorts crushing everything in his bony knees path. Jayden’s body jerks, and jumps upon each impact. Jayden closes his eyes, bites his lip as Bill decimates his young sperm count to his gonads.

“Bill…my balls,” croaks Jayden as Bill reaches his hands inside of Jayden’s baggy shorts to feel the devastation that he is causing.

“I’ve softened them up a bit, maybe not as well as Gino does, but not too bad right?” Bill asks rolling Jayden’s boynuts in the smooth silken sac.

Jayden groans, even rolling his nuts in between Bill’s fingers causes his testicles sharp stabs of agony. The warmup to this event had already tenderized Jayden’s boynuts and he’s not sure if he can make it through everything that Bill has planned for.

“Bill,” sighs Jayden. “I planned on toughing out a lot of damage for you to do to me…but my nuts…ugh. I’ve been busted already today…tonight…” Jayden trails off.

In shock Bill asks, “What? Was it your brother? Chase?”

“All of the above,” Jayden laughs as Bills hands knead his nuts gently one in each hand. “Plus Kim…”

“Kim too?”

“And a football, a parking meter, Chase’s date… it’s a long list.”

Bill smiles as he says, “And you still want to give me this treat, gosh you are the best!”

Jayden goes to open his mouth, to finish with what he was trying to say but Bill kisses him, silencing his request to cut things short, Bill not quite understanding that Jayden was trying to end his ballbusting bargain, while Bill puts extra emphasis with his lips upon Jayden’s lips as he digs his fingers deep within each of Jayden’s trapped balls. Jayden’s eyes flash open locking onto Bill’s as Bill twists his balls violently, pulling on his flesh that pulses within Bill’s grasp.

Jayden tries to speak, realizing that he cannot because Bill does not let up on either his lips, or his balls. Bill grinds himself against Jayden, his small erection now standing at full attention poking into Jayden’s thigh as both boys moan into each other’s mouths; but for very different reasons. Bill begins to hump Jayden’s leg in earnest, his fantasy of busting Jayden again who’s trapped, hanging by handcuffs; turns Bill on so much that he leaks pre-cum as he sucks on Jayden’s bottom lip while he crushes Jayden’s boynuts threatening to destroy his boyfriends manliness.

Bill pulls off of Jayden’s mouth whispering, “I’m so fucking lucky to have a boyfriend like you. Thank you Jayden, for making my deepest desire come true.” Jayden opens his mouth to protest but Bill latches back onto his boyfriend’s mouth, continuing to squash Jayden’s sac using his thumbs to press deep with the center of each ball, as he humps Jayden’s thigh.

Jayden hangs unable to escape, his balls screaming for relief, with Bill kissing him; humping him with such need and ferocity that Jayden’s own dick starts to rise. Surprise colors his brown eyes as Bill moves Jayden’s nuts into one hand, the balls barely fitting as he grabs Jayden’s knob and he starts to slowly jerk him off. Jayden groans, for the first time tonight in something other than agony. Bill capitalizes on this and works his boyfriend with his hands and mouth, wanting to get Jayden closer to orgasm so that they may have them at the same time.

Bill and Jayden writhe together Bill leaning against Jayden as he pumps Jayden dick, while also squeezing Jayden’s bloated balls with all his might, and fucking Jayden’s thigh. Jayden bounces his thigh in rhythm to Bill’s jackhammering erection causing extra friction and Bill can’t help himself he cums from so much overstimulation.

Bill’s thin body locks together as he bites down on Jayden’s lip, his erection pressed against Jayden’s thigh as he spams. Jayden feels Bill hold his balls and penis still as his boyfriend pumps glob after glob against Jayden’s basketball shorts the warm liquid leaking into his own shorts. Bill moaning one last time as he pulls off of his boyfriend’s mouth.

“This should end,” Bill gasps taking a breath, “How it started.”

Bill falls to his knees and yanks Jayden’s basketball shorts down and envelops Jayden’s dick, bobbing up and down on Jayden’s joystick as he kneads the treasure bag underneath, feeling Jayden’s balls slowly rising underneath Jayden’s cock, ready for release.

“I’m coming soon…” Jayden warns his boyfriend, as he thrusts in and out of Bill’s throat needing the connection, the friction as he loses himself in being inside of Bill’s tight lip grip. “Happy Fucking V-Day!” Jayden hollers as he begins to spasm.

Bill moans with pleasure feeling Jayden’s penis explode inside of his mouth.

“Oh god!” Jayden groans as he cums, Bill squishing his firing cum buckets, feeling the liquid churning within Jayden’s boynuts as he shudders. Jayden’s cum blasts the back of Bill’s throat, but Bill’s grip is not loosening and Jayden cries out, “My balls, arg!”

Bill sucks harder as Jayden trembles in his grasp, his legs leaping upwards wrapping around Bill’s shoulders, pulling the smaller boy against his crotch as he fucks his mouth with one last thrust and Jayden gives a high pitch, “Ugh!” and hangs limply completely spent, his legs dangling again his toes unable to touch the ground.

Bill slowly gets to his feet, still holding Jayden’s tender nuggets but lightly now feeling the spud shooters resting against Jayden’s deflating cock.

“You were amazing,” gasps Jayden.

“So were you stud,” and Bill kisses Jayden tenderly and asks, “Round two?”

“God no… I’ve got nothing left,” Jayden sighs looking down at his deflating dick.

“We get to do this on my birthday right?”

“Maybe,” Jayden promises. “We will see.”

“Perfect,” and Bill runs his hands up and down Jayden’s tight torso and kisses him again.


Across town Chase taps a pen against a note pad, annoyance pulsing off of him.

“It didn’t work.”

“I’m sorry,” says Adam. “We did everything that you planned, the football, the oil slick on the pavement before the parking meter, the florist, the surprise date to pull Logan away from the wrestling practice, the published lie about the crotch lift maneuver, but it still wasn’t enough. Jayden’s got one tough pair of boynuts.”

Chase stares daggers into his eyes as Adam gulps.

“This should have worked, he should not have been able to perform tonight but still he fucking had a great night!” Chase screams throwing everything off of his desk onto the floor.

“We can try again…” begins Adam.

“Out!” Chase hollers.

Adam, his blonde date from earlier, along with the twin brothers from his swim team look at each other and quickly head to the door leaving Chase staring at the screen that displays Bill and Jayden kissing in Jayden’s garage, a dark look spreading over Chase’s face as he grind his teeth watching Bill unlocking Jayden from the pull-up bar. Jayden wraps his arms around Bill and pushes him to the floor, kissing down Bill’s thin chest as he gazes up longingly at Bill who gasps.

“Jayden…are you going to…”

“It’s your turn,” Jayden says as he licks the head of Bill’s small cock.

Bill groans, and then puts his fist in his mouth to keep from screaming as Jayden goes down on him.

Chase flicks off the recording in disgust staring down at his own very large erection, and big blue balls. “This isn’t over Jayden,” Chase promises, “Not by a longshot.”


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, I just loved everything about this story! It's amazing how you managed to pack so much action into one story. The wresting episode is really hot, Jayden's run-in with Chase at the theatre is just mesmerising and the ending scene with Bill is divine. I love Jayden's confused feelings about Chase and I cant wait to see how this develops!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reg,

Awww you flatter me!

I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. You already know what’s coming next in June, but I think that one’s my personnel favorite so far!

It’s because of readers and friends like you that keep me writing my friend!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

Ok, if I was undecided about who I prefer with Jayden, with this story I definiteley prefer Bill!! They are really too cute together, and I love the idea of a boy who gifts his balls to his boyfriend, despite the pain he suffered. I think Bill represents a lot of us who love Ballbusting...and, of course reading this kind of story. I think it is correct that Jayden will give Caleb the right rolre in his l ife: a rival, maybe a flirt, but nothing more. I hope he will remain with Bill. In my opinion, it would be great to have a story in which Bill and Jayden have a full night together with Jay with his balls in full force. I'm curious to know how much pain he can endure when he gives his balls spontaneously (since today we only read about torture not so voluntary) without other inconvenient. Hope you'll write something like that with your amazing style!
By -X

Anonymous said...

Hey X,

I’m so glad that you liked this story, I wrote it with you in mind! It was a lot of fun to flush out Bill and Jayden’s relationship with this story. I think a consensual night might be fun to go into. I will keep that in mind.

Clearly, Chase has other ideas for Jayden. I have a three parter coming up with a surprise guest writer. Bill will have a role for sure in the next story, including his relationship with Jayden.



Gino and Jayden Author

Nud said...

I kinda starting to like Chase with how devious he's being. You've created great characters, Jimmy. They're not one dimensional characters; which I really appreciate this effort you put in.

And that Chase; he acts out of his insecurity often and ended up seeming assholish at times, but I can't help but feel for him given what he'd been put through.

Looking forward for more

Anonymous said...

Hi Nud,

I’m glad that you liked the story, and yes I made a very conscious effort to try and flesh out all of the characters that I have written so far. I find that if the characters desires, thoughts, and uniqueness is adequately portrayed it gives the reader more opportunity to connect with them, and pulls the reader deeper into the story. Chase absolutely has a lot of insecurities, and he tries to mask that by showing off to others, but deep down he’s a little unsure of himself and his new feelings for Jayden; especially with how he does not know how to portray them at all to get reciprocated back.

The next one is coming out in June and it’s a start to a three parter which I hope you enjoy, a lot has gone into this arc and I think and hope everyone will like where “we” go with it (I’m working with another writer on this one, and it really shows on how well it’s come together. It’s a lot of fun to bounce ideas off of someone and luckily a great story is being created because of it.

Thank you for taking the time to give your review as always Nud!



Anonymous said...

Aww :)) you make me blush!
I'm so happy you thought to me while you were writing this story! I cannot explain how I'm glad when I know my comments are usefull and appreciated. I have to admit that I wasn't a great fan of underage Ballbusting, but your charachters are so well defined and interesting that I learnt to love this kind of abuse (well, if the stories are written well like your yours). I'm looking forward to read the sequel. I hope Bill will have other occasions to bust his boyfriend's balls, ads I said, and I hope we'll se Gino's balls more manhandled

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty invested in the story, great job! Especially when it comes to Chase's relationship with Jayden, it was obvious that Chase was jealous of Bill and I would love to see them fight for Jayden, Bill putting his little boynuts on the line in the name of LOVE!

Anonymous said...

More comments! My favorite, okay here's my responses.

Hi X,

You want to talk about flattery, well you certainly did with your latest comments! Defining characters is one of my favorite parts, and I am invested in them, and want them to really pop off the page. I know that I am going to take this story to Gino and Jayden Chapter 20, it's going to get there, that's my goal. I have a rough draft of where I am going, but along the way so many of the readers wanted mor eof Chase and Bill, so I made sure to give them their due justice. I am sure that I can work in Bill busting Jayden's nuts some more, I mean that is what this little fetish of ours is all about, right?


I am so happy that you are invested in this story, and keep coming back for more. I promise that there is a lot more to come, and the battle between Bill and Chase well...that would be spoiling, I can say for certain that those two will confront each other again for certain. Bill's and Jayden's relationship is really starting to develop, and it will be tested in the next few chapters certainly. Chase's plans are going to be put into motion. He failed this evening but his scheming is far from over. I hope that you enjoy what's next!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderfuly written, original, fun, action packed story with well developped i'm intrigued by the 5 "awful" ratings. This kind of rating is rather meaningless without an explanation. So come on, critics, man up and speak your mind!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment!

I’ve worked really hard to develop a story that gives readers Ballbusting action, but I wanted really well developed characters that people would root for, and were memorable enough that you would want to come back and continue reading. Not every story is for every reader, and that is certainly the case for this little series of mine. I try to take it on the chin and move on, because at the end of the day, the people that like this story, these characters, and this series out weighs those that do not. On top of all of that, the people that don’t like it have clicked awful on every single story I have ever written. That takes dedication. Those readers are dedicated in their own way to this series. They could just ignore it, but my words stir up something in them.

In either case, I’m not done with the series yet so they will have to wait some time because man oh man, I have some fun stuff planned for this series, including a guest writer for the next three story’s that’s going to knock your socks off!



Gino and Jayden Author