Tuesday, May 19, 2020

shrews12001's balls just can't get enough

Remember shrews12001 and his magnificent balls? He is the one who came up with our fun little series of What would you do...? that regularly exposes willing readers' balls to your violent fantasies, he volunteered his own balls for your fantasies, and he shared a wonderful video with us after he got challenged to bust his balls by another reader...

Now he has sent us another set of pics, showing off his beautiful balls. In his own words:

Well, what can i say? My balls never do get enough attention. 

I mean i punch them and crush them and zap them and slap them and at least a few times a week i drain them totally dry until they beg me to stop. But it's never enough.

In no time they're full to bursting and just begging to be punished in ever more creative and destructive ways. Why just today do you know these little boys decided they wanted to be stretched and twisted until they made me beg? Sure did. 

And you can see in one shot my poor cock didnt even get spared a good hard twisting until it nearly ripped off at the root. But that pearly drop at the tip makes me think he liked it.

So it was a stretch and twist kinda day and i hoped that would be it until someone said "hey, if you stretch us to the end of your ball bag and then go ahead and set up like a gentlemen i bet that would not only threaten to tear us off but also crush the absolute fuck out of us until you nearly pass out." And wouldnt you just know it did?

In the end my little nugs got their reward and after one kind stroke for a job well done my cock screamed to life and we were all pleasantly satisfied.

But oh no. Reliving this has started something. Is my dick really throbbing hard again? Are my nuts churning so hard i can nearly feel the cum pulsing indie them begging to be forced out in painful and just plain unnatural ways? Cant i just fuck my hand or a fleshlight and let you boys calm down? No? You want me to put a tens until on you and fry you with voltage until you give up your jizz like some whimpering torture victim? Ok fine i guess. Just let me finish this email before you two explode with pain and nut butter again.

Never enough.


You can't get enough, shrews12001? I can't get enough of your awesome balls and your wicked ballbusting ideas. You are awesome, thank you so much for your contribution to this blog.

And even though your nuts have gone through quite an ordeal, I don't think they have had enough just yet. Let's hand them over to our readers: What would you do to shrews12001's insatiable balls? Share your ideas by leaving a comment, no matter how detailed or vague, how long or short. Let's make those balls hurt!

(And if you, dear reader, want to see your own balls up here please send your pics to alex@ballbustingboys.org or alexander.nehling@gmx.net.)

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