Saturday, May 30, 2020

A lesson in humility (written by shrews12001)

Our friend and frequent contributor shrews12001 has written this very mean and very hot story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

 Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

"Fix this little shit"

That was the subject of the email i was sent. The accompanying photos showed a smaller young man with smallish nuts tied off tight and a fairly impressive cock that looked a little worn out at the time.

Now let me say I've had a lot of people come to me for training and extraction. Sometimes its guys that just can't get it up anymore or are embarrassed by having big balls with inexplicably tiny loads that need a hard reset. More often its wives sending their husbands because their quick shot cocks are empty balls just aren't satisfying.

But this was new. Apparently this young man, Dan so i was told, had a habbit of boasting. Through high school and college he was a self proclaimed stud. Huge cock, mammoth balls, loads that made any bitch lucky enough to suck his monster gag and beg for more.

Then it happened. One night while Dan and his friends were spending a loud evening at home drinking and generally fucking around, someone finally pulled their own balls out of mommas purse and decided to see what a fucking hogger Dan really had. In a dizzying act of grab ass Dan's arms were pinned back and his pants and shorts yanked to the floor.

The room went silent. The monster was average or maybe a little more. But those orbs. Those huge globes. Those fucking cum tanks that had filled so many whore mouths to overflowing....were pathetic. "They looked like olives" the letter said.

The picture provided showed them to be bigger than that but i thought perhaps some cold air and a trepidation had shrunk them a bit.

I was wrong. I didnt realize at the time the picture was taken Dan's friends had laid his testicles on the kitchen table and took turns crushing them like small bugs under their feet for all the years of boasting. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

After exposing Dan's shame the boys couldn't help but laugh. And drunk young men can laugh for quite a while. Once the, at first, good natured teasing died down and one of them men went to pull Dan's pants up they noticed a shocking development.

That meaty pole was standing at throbbing attention.

Dan was enjoying the shame. Well that just brought on more laughter and quickly inspired some physical comedy as the first of Dan's friends braved to cross the line, reached out, and slapped Dan across the head of his cock.

Dan groaned and thrust into the open air. Oh shit. He didn't want them to know he enjoyed that but too late. The room went quiet. One young man walked up slowly, looked Dan in the eyes, and slapped down with a resounding SMACK across the purple tip.

Dan's knees went weak.

That was the beginning of the end.

The guys went back to drinking after tying Dan to a book shelf and leaving him vulnerable. They took turns mocking his balls and slapping his dick and laughing at the pained but lustful expressions on Dan's face.

The final step came with one particularly blitzed young man said "Hey, donkey balls!" and threw a hard backhand into Dan's less than animalian nuts.

With no pretense or warning a single splash of man milk lurched from Dan's cock and onto the floor.

The rest of the night was spent knocking Dan's boys around and watching little spurts of jizz here and there fling into the air.

As the group began to sober up, however, the mood quickly changed. Laughing was replaced by more and more forceful grunts. Light taunts were replaced by vicious insults. Slaps and flicks turned to kicks and crushing punches.

The years of boasting were coming back and the boys suddenly had a taste for blood and cum.

Shortly after that night i received this email. The details of Dan's nutting and near emasculation at the hands of his friends weren't horribly brutal but no doubt excruciatingly painful for his twig and berries. Hard barefooted stomps on the table. A meat tenderizer smashed into his cock head. One boy had even jerked the cord out of a table lamp sent some serious voltage into poor Dan's busted balls before cooler heads prevailed and stopped the slaughter.

But none of that was enough.

Their friend had a lot of big talk to pay for and they were going to see he paid every last cent of what they felt he owed.

That's why they came to me. That's why they had kidnapped their friend and forced him to be celibate for almost three weeks. Thats why when they walked him into my work shop he was nude and caged. Why when as they turned to leave they each twisted of Dan's nipples and all he could do was whimper and drool around the ball gag. He was as horny as he had ever been and those tiny balls were screaming for release any way they could get it.

That's why you're here looking at my beautiful machine. All that talk and come to find out youre a pain slut and real men having their way with your balls makes you whimper like a bitch in heat.

They asked me to fix you. Maybe your attitude? Maybe try to make your balls match your cock? Maybe just beat both so badly they'll finally be as big as you kept saying? Oh wait...maybe they meant "fix" you.

Well, my machine can certainly do that. My extractor can work a man's body over like a fine instrument. Pain and pleasure like you can't imagine. Sadly you were not sent here to enjoy the ride.

Now hope onto the saddle here and lets get you set. You're looking nice and juicy and this baby is always thirsty.

But first let's get that cage off. Whoa, hello. Man that is hard. SLAP. Mmm. Yeah. Already groaning. Not five seconds out of the cage and you're already dripping on my floor.


Maybe a punt in the spuds will improve your manners. Hehe. Now then. Hope on the seat.

Let's get your wrists and ankles in place. There. Now a short explanation.

That tube there is where that meaty cock of yours goes. Its lubed up already so slide on in.

Mmm yeah thats nice isnt it? All those little spines tickling every little millimeter of your shaft and head. If you need to cum go ahead...but i wouldn't advise it. It's incredible though. Dozens and dozens of little rubber spines, yet somehow that one at the very end just slightly poking into your piss slit is the one that stands out. Just that tiny little tickle. Delicious.

Oh my, i almost let myself get distracted. Pardon my hardon but i love seeing a bitch boy's face when he first tastes my machine. Your eyes are already watering. Are you going to cry, little pussy?

You will.

Yes you fucking will.

Now then, you'll observe two other holes just behind the cock sleeve. Kindly lower your testicles to their doom--ooh, sorry, i meant into the hole. There.

Zzzz. The mechanism has now locked your balls into place. There's no escaping the machine now unless you want to rip your gonads off or pull them so hard they flatten into quarters between the restraining bars.

That last hole, coincidentally lined up with your hole, wont be necessary yet and not at all if you can rise to the challenge of your friends out there.

By the way, how did a scrawny kid like you fall in with that crowd? Those two that brought you in here made you look like a damn child. I had to check your ID to be sure they werent bringing me a school boy by the looks of them.

Generally the circle of friends i expect from a boy like you doesnt include two 6'+ 250lb bricks of meat like that. But now i can see why your junk was so bruised. If i had two mammoth studs like that grinding my testicles under their soles for the last month I'd be a drooling little mess too.

Just between us, how big are they? Do they dwarf your baby balls with their massive bull nuts? Surely they've made you taste them. Did they fuck your throat when they stomped your cock flat? Im sure. Hell, have you eaten anything but thick stud cum this month? Maybe thats why your nuts are so swollen. All that yummy protein on top of constant testicle torture would send anyones nugs into a frenzy.

Now lets see what they've paid for.

Hmm. Yes. I see. Ouch that's gonna hurt. I hope they stretched you out a little. Hehe. Well i dont know about this. There's really no way to tell how much "all of the jizz his tiny balls can squirt" is, but i can just work your testes until you shoot a few dry orgasms and call that a success.

Let me place the last few electrodes and we can officially begin. But a brief explanation of the machines functions are in order.

Your friends have asked me to, quote, fuck you up. I am to humiliate your pathetically tiny balls, brutalize your virgin hole, and I've been asked to not let you leave until your cock and scrotum are so bruised you cant put on pants. They have left a nice frilly dress for you to wear back home. I suspect there will be some big beefy jock cocks waiting for a willing, or even unwilling, set of holes when you get back.

Now what the machine does is simple. The electrodes on your cock, balls, taint, and around your groin will measure your stimulation levels. Down to the last second the machine can measure your impending orgasm if we want to edge you, or it can sense how close the fibers of each individual testicle are to shredding if want want to really take you to the breaking point but leave you some balls to play with another day. Luckily for you that dont want you castrated. Unfortunately they do want your balls to be as sensitive as possible for them to enjoy.

God. Those fucking hulks will have no idea the pain you'll be in when they start grinding their heels into your bloated baby makers.

Anyway, as for the stimulation itself. The cock sleeve will pulse and grip and spin all around that hard shaft. I dare say you've never felt anything so intensely pleasurable as what the machine will do. And chances are you're going to nut immediately. Thats ok. But just know the machine is preset. So nut know or nut later the machine will take all of your cum until its satisfied. I dont know if youre familiar with post orgasm torture but it is criminally brutal for some men.

The sleeve isnt just mindless you know. Sometimes your shaft gets worked. Sometimes it polishes your apple until it shines angry red. And sometimes it just rams the sounding rod down your cock and straight up fucks your dick. Did i mention the rod? Oops.

Now. The first hole there is obviously where your balls get their conditioning. Anything from a sensual massage for our pleasure patrons, to a severe smashing for those whose friends have sent them here to be punished for their hubris.

Not seeing what's coming is the worst part, but ill tell you. Inside the seat, in front of and behind your dangling spuds, are two simple steel plates connected to hydraulic pistons. The pistons move the plates independently. Maybe they come together slowly and crush your walnuts. Maybe they slap back and forth and make your dangling manhood into a speed bag. Or, my favorite, maybe just randomly they slam together and crush anything unfortunate enough to be between them. Ill be setting the machine to random so who knows

Now the last hole comes later. No matter how much sucking on that cock and pounding on those potatoes the machine does eventually its not enough. When that happens the last hole opens up, you get a spray of lube, and a custom made dildo penetrates your boy pussy. One of your friends was nice enough to let us mold his cock for this one. I dont know if you knew this but at least one of your friends has a goddamn log in his boxers.

And or course should somehow all of that not get you to the goal there are other, more unfortunate measures the machine can take. All parts of the machine designed for pain can induce pleasure and vice versa. A nice ass fuck turns into an introduction to having your prostate tased for example. A slow and sensual simulated blowjob becomes an demonstration of what i call "cock origami". Ever had your dick bent into a pretzel? Want to? Then you better hope your balls empty before that point.

I'll get the machine set and off we go. The first few loads are easy. Just simply jerk and milk that shaft with some light squeezing and pulling the balls. When we get to the fourth nutting thats when it gets bad. Lets set the machine for....say...30 loads.

Here goes.

I like your moans. Ive been given two full days to work on you. Two full days on the extractor. Two days of cock and ball torture. Two days of jizzing one forced out load after another after another.

Sounds good huh? Mmm. I have to say, Danny boy, your moans are getting me hot. I may have to take a few turns at that ass myself. Im not generally hands on but that cute little ass squeezing my cock and those little peanuts crushed in my fists sounds like a blast. But work first. Pleasure later. I think that first load is coming. Just let it work your shaft, good boy. You keep this up and maybe we wont have to douse your nuts in hot oil or electrocute your cock into a forced orgasm to get those last drops.

But we might anyway. Unfortunately for you i love your moans but I'm sure to like your screams more.

Yes, pussy, cum for me. Cum, Dan. Empty those busted nuts. Every drop. Every thick rope of young cum. Goddamn i already want to fuck you. I cant take it. Spit out that gag and swallow this fuck pole while my machine juices your fucking plumbs.

Fuck yes..deeper..mmm FUCK YEAH. Swallow that meat all the way. Yeah. Scream. Oooh fuck yes dig your teeth into my shaft. I can take it. Fuck yeah here comes number two. And that whirring sounds like the pistons are priming. I want to share the experience. Spit out that cock and suck these balls. Mmm yes, Danny boy. Suck em good.

When that piston starts hitting i want you to bite down. Yeah bite my fucking balls you slut. You bite those fucking nuts until you cum again. Jesus christ that hurts! Dont stop. Dont you fucking stop or i swear I'll smash your balls to goo.

Mmm yes. Here it comes. FUUUUUCCCKKK. Oh my god. Oh my god. Holy fuck. Oh god. Put it back in your mouth. Clean that cock and suck out every drop, boy. Oh shit. You feel your nuts emptying yet? God and so far to go. If you keep sucking this dick you can leave the gag out. But maybe you should start begging like a little whore.

Yeah, Dan. Beg. Beg to suck my cock and taste my man sized balls while the machine ruins your puny pint size spuds. Yeah you like that? You like when i slap your face with my cock? You like when i paint your fucking face with spit and jizz while your balls slowly turn to mush and your cock gets painfully polished? God what a whore. I want that fucking hole. I think i need to pound that virgin ass while nut number three gets squeezed out of your berries.

But first. Beg me, Dan. Beg me to fuck your virgin asshole while you spray another precious load into my cock and ball destroying monster.

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