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Pankration - match 1: Tallus vs. Amun (written by Harry)

This is the second part of Harry's epic series Pankration that is set in Ancient Greece. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

Theo squinted at the stone that he had pulled from the Pankration urn. Since his idea had inspired the new game, the cute Athenian brunette had become the de facto host of the competition. Each day he would pick two stones at random from a large urn. The ragtag group of palace teens known as the Lost Princes had entered the combat competition by etching their names on the stones and casting them into the urn. 

Theo could feel the eyes of the assembled Lost Princes burning into him with anticipation; many wanted to be picked, but others looked less confident. The stone Theo held was scratched viscously all over, but he couldn’t decipher any name. “Umm…” he stalled, holding it up to the assembled teens for help. “Anybody recognize this one?”

The Persian boy Ali spoke up. “That’s Tallus’ mark,” he said, confirming his judgment after Theo passed him the stone. The red-headed Gaul warrior recognized his mark and grinned happily. He slapped his muscular chest to indicate that he was ready to compete, then he sprinted away to prepare before his opponent was even announced. Theo drew a second stone from the urn and called out the name of Tallus’ challenger.

“Amun!” The haughty Egyptian priest did not look enthusiastic about being selected, but he did not shy away. Amun gave Theo a curt nod to confirm that the fight was agreed.

Amun - artwork created by Dizzy

As the rest of the boys dispersed to find seats, the Egyptian walked slowly toward the center of the courtyard. Matches in the Pankration would all take place in a seldom-used athletics courtyard dubbed the “Princes’ Palace.” It wasn’t secret necessarily, but it was only frequented by the Lost Princes. The floor was sandy enough to cushion a fall, and the surrounding gallery offered good views for any curious spectators who did not want to sit closer on the sand. As the spectators gossiped and made bets about who would win, Amun stood in the middle of the courtyard all by himself, still as stone.

Amun seemed like a bit of a snob as far as Theo was concerned, but his best friend Nico always said that the Egyptian was just shy. Theo was dubious but supposed it was possible. Amun limbered up with languid gracefulness. His arms and legs were supple and lean, and it was clear that he was a limber and flexible athlete, if not a powerful warrior. Amun’s glowing brown skin showed the ridges of his abs, his obliques, and even his ribs, all tapering toward a narrow waist. His six pack was worth being proud of at least, Theo thought.

It appeared that Amun planned just to compete in his usual garb. The pure white linen wrapped around his waist to his lower thighs appeared simple but was actually embroidered with golden thread. Amun’s upper body was bare, but golden bands wrapped around his upper arms, accenting his smooth muscles. His shaved head reflected the sun, and he did not appear to have any body hair whatsoever. Seeing Amun waiting awkwardly alone, Nicomachus, the prince of the palace, jogged over for a quick conference. Theo couldn’t hear what the gregarious blonde was saying, but he was skipping, shadowboxing, and just generally goofing around. At first Amun stood still like a statue, but it did not take long before the sober Egyptian cracked a smile and appeared more relaxed. Theo admired his friend’s cheerful enthusiasm; he knew that Nico’s charisma was the glue that held the diverse Lost Princes together in friendship. When Nico leaned in for a confidential word of strategy, Amun’s dark eyes gave serious and respectful attention.

Without warning Tallus blew back into the courtyard at full sprint. He belted a wild cry that none of the assembled Princes understood, but they got the idea. Even more remarkable than his war cry was his appearance: Tallus had stripped off his Greek toga and painted half of his body blue; the line cut right down the middle of his face, accenting his wide eyes and flashing white teeth. Gaul warriors fought fully nude, and it seemed that Tallus was no exception. His fat cock and loose, round balls swung freely as he ran, making him appear even more powerful and confident. Even though they couldn’t often understand him, Tallus was well liked among the Princes, so they clapped and hooted as he rampaged around the courtyard shaking his fists. Amun stood very still and rigid amid the noise and haste.

Tallus - artwork created by Dizzy

Since there were no rules to review in Pankration, there was no referee, so the contest started without delay. Unsurprisingly, Tallus chose a direct offensive, eschewing strategy. He threw a flurry of punches at the Egyptian, some of which Amun blocked or deflected, but several blows landed on his tight abs or sinewy pecs. Tallus was quick on his feet and frequently changed angles to prevent Amun from settling into any kind of rhythm. Indeed Amun was so preoccupied with defending against the onslaught that he barely even attempted a counter strike.

Nico plopped down next to Theo. They both wanted to be close to the action and had found a spot right on the edge of the sandy floor.

“Think the Egyptian kid has a chance?” Theo asked.

Nico scrunched up his brows. “Not a great start. But he’s taking some heavy hits without flinching. I’m not counting him out just yet,” he concluded optimistically. Theo shrugged. 

Crouching low on all fours, the red-haired Gaul sprung at his opponent, spearing his muscular shoulder deep into Amun’s gut. The lean boy’s abs were no match for the powerful blow, and he crumbled into the sandy ground with Tallus on top. Both boys were sweaty by this point, and both scrambled to get a grip on the other’s limbs. Amun grappled to get out from under the heavier Gaul, while Tallus tried to control his squirming opponent to land a knockout blow. Amun closed his defenses around his head, not giving up a clean shot. Shifting his weight quickly, Tallus spun around so that his back was to Amun’s face, leaving the Egyptian teen’s abs exposed and vulnerable.

Without hesitation Tallus pounded his fist down into the slender teen’s torso, trying to pummel him into submission. He alternated lefts and rights, not seeming to care where they landed. Amun’s ribs, gut, hips, and crotch were all targets. After one particularly wicked punch landed low and squashed his testicles, the Egyptian twink looked sick and tried to curl up to protect his vulnerable parts. The spectators grimaced in sympathy.

As Tallus rained down blows on his opponent, he shifted backward incrementally, until he was sitting almost astride Amun’s face. Caught up in the heat of combat, neither boy noticed the awkward positioning at first. Then Amun felt something press over his nose and mouth, making it difficult to breathe. Only then did he take in his vantage point and discover that his air was being cut off by the ginger boy’s fat ball sac, and his nose was practically buried in his perineum. Amun was mortified. Any young warrior would be humiliated by having another’s junk dropped into his face, but the prude Egyptian prince could never have imagined that he would suffer that kind of indignity. His humiliation only got worse when Tallus felt hot breath on his asshole and realized their position too. He stopped punching his opponent and sat back slightly on his haunches. His sly grin let the other Princes know exactly what was going on. He lifted another war cry that sounded very cheerful indeed.

Amun could hear the laughter that rippled through the watching crowd, and his cheeks burned with shame. He was grateful that the punches had stopped crashing into his gut, but now he was getting light-headed from lack of air. He had studied the customs of the savage Greeks before leaving his homeland, and he had prepared himself for their nudity and vulgarity. Or so he had thought. Now, with Tallus’ heavy nuts suffocating his nose, and his penis resting along his cheek, Amun realized just how far he was from civilization and home. 

Amun squirmed desperately and kicked his feet to get out from under the wild Gaul. One of Tallus’ sweaty balls dropped into his mouth, and purely by reflex Amun bit down on the warm, spongy orb. When he later recalled the rubbery, firm-yet-giving texture of his teeth on the other boy’s organ, it made Amun little nauseous. But accident or not, the chomp was devastatingly effective.  The red-haired warrior had a split second of confusion as he felt sharp teeth on his manhood, then he was paralyzed with pain as his nut was mauled and mashed. His war cry turned into an anguished yelp.

Spitting out his opponent’s mangled gonad, Amun seized his advantage. He rolled his hips up and used his long, slender legs to lock the Tallus in an inverted triangle choke. Tallus tumbled forward with his head and shoulder trapped between the Egyptian’s hamstring and lower leg. He crashed with his face in the sand and his ass in the air. Now the Gaul was the one struggling to get air. None of the Princes had been able to see exactly how the reversal came about, but all of a sudden the fight was looking more interesting!

Theo watched in disbelief as Amun cranked down on the hold, seeking a quick submission. Theo elbowed Nico, who gave him a smug look and whooped for the reversal in the spectacle. Nico was friends with both combatants, but since the shy Egyptian prince did not have many friends, the ebullient blond became the de facto leader of his faction.

Tallus struggled against the hold, stealing breath when he could. With his free arm, he targeted punches at his opponent’s exposed obliques. Eventually Tallus’s bare foot caught Amun on the jaw, making his head swim. He released the hold, and the tired boys disentangled and collapsed onto the sand to lick their wounds. The red-head cradled his injured nut mournfully, while the Egyptian gingerly examined the bruises that were forming on his shiny, well-defined abs.

The two approached each other more warily the second time. Some of Tallus’ blue paint had smeared and sweated off, making him look even more fearsome. At first it appeared that the nude warrior would adopt a more defensive strategy, but that appearance was fleeting. As soon as he was within striking distance, he launched himself recklessly in another spear, striking deep and flattening the other teen in a show of dominant strength. Whatever breath Amun may have had after taking a shoulder to the gut was knocked out of him as he landed flat on his back in the middle of the courtyard. He stared up into the sky sucking wind.

Once again Tallus was atop his opponent and confident of victory. But he was also wary not to make the same mistake that almost cost him the match the last time. He remained facing Amun, gazing steadily into his opponent’s dazed, dark eyes. He dug his kneecaps into the Egyptian boy’s sinewy biceps and saw him grit his teeth so that he would not cry out from the pain. Sitting as he was on Amun’s chest, Tallus was careful about the proximity of his bare junk to the other teen’s mouth. He wanted to be close enough to assert his dominance, but not so close that his nads were in danger of further gnawing! Amun groaned and tried to get his bearings, but instead he took alternating crosses right into his smooth, angular jaw. From his seat near the sideline, Theo could see the beaten teen’s unfocused look as he tried to remain conscious. The Athenian almost felt bad for the arrogant prince…almost. 

Tallus was unsure how to proceed. He was dominating Amun, but he was not sure hoot make the proud fighter submit. To drive his superiority home, Tallus carefully unwound the golden bands that the Egyptian wore around his upper arms. While the Lost Princes watched in hushed surprise, he wound the bands around his own arms. However, his biceps were too big, and the flexible metal popped off each time Tallus tried to secure them. Each time the golden bands sprung off, Tallus grinned sheepishly and his friends laughed.

Meanwhile, Amun’s pain cleared and was replaced by the awareness that he was being mocked. By a barbarian! As Tallus shifted to retrieve the uncooperative arm band, Amun took advantage of his distraction. Rather than attempt to escape from under the stronger teen, Amun sat straight up and wrapped his sinewy arms around Tallus, clamping his hand over his mouth as a gag. When Tallus panicked and tried to escape, Amun twined his legs in a body scissor, further restricting his air flow. The Egyptian used his long, lean limbs to their greatest advantage, leveraging the holds until his opponent was fully ensnared. The wild boy twisted and twitched and finally fell unconscious.

Silence hung over the courtyard. The Lost Princes watched in shock as Amun shifted from underneath the knocked out Tallus. The blue-painted boy warrior was just dead weight now and sprawled face first on the ground, breathing deeply but not moving. Amun rose to his feet with slow dignity. He straightened the linen around his waist and brushed the sand from his head and shoulders. He scanned the crowd with the challenging look before turning his black eyes back to his crumpled opponent.

Amun retrieved his arm bands and looked at Tallus, pondering his next move. Then he pulled the teen’s muscular arms behind his back, fastening them firmly. The golden bands may have been too narrow for Tallus’ bulging biceps, but they locked his wrists securely. Next Amun rolled the other boy over on to his back, so that his arms were trapped underneath him and his soft underside was exposed. His eyes were closed serenely, and his sweat-soaked red hair mixed with the blue paint and clung to his cheek. His broad chest rose and fell peacefully.

Amun hesitated. He looked over to Nico for help, now looking every bit like the shy teenager he was. Nico made a gesture with his hands, and the Egyptian’s narrow shoulders slumped, but he turned back to the contest.

“What are you doing?” Theo demanded, elbowing Nico in the ribs. “You can’t coach him!”

“I’m not!” Nico protested. “He just doesn’t really understand the rules.” When he thought Theo wasn’t looking, Nico beamed an encouraging smile toward Amun. Theo noticed it sidelong and elbowed him again.

Amun approached Tallus and nudged his legs apart. The ko’ed teen’s hips were thrust slightly upward due sitting on his restrained hands, and his blue-painted cock and balls dangled vulnerably. Amun scrunched up his nose in distaste, and reluctantly pushed his bare foot into Tallus’ nuts. The bound boy moaned as his fat, round nads were rolled under his opponent’s heel, but he slumbered on. Amun brought his forefoot down and pressed Tallus’ naked cock, grinding it against his abdomen. His foot was sandy, which could not have been pleasant for Tallus, but still no reaction. Amun looked over to Nico for help, but the blond prince just shrugged sheepishly.

“Uuhh…what did you tell him to do, Coach?” Theo asked deadpan.

“Shit,” Nico muttered.  “Not that. I just told him that Tallus would never verbally give up no matter what happened. Which is true. So if Amun wants to win, he'll have to get Tallus to submit his seed.” Theo chewed his lip feeling sympathy for his defeated barbarian friend. Nico explained futher, “I don’t think Amun understood the what I meant by submitting seed though. He doesn’t understand much about sex.” Theo raised his eyebrows and replied portentously, “Amun’s going to have to learn one way or the other.”

In the end it was only by a happy accident that Amun figured out what Nico had meant. Flexing a bit, he caught up the red-haired warrior’s soft cock between his big and middle toes, pulling on the meaty appendage while continuing to roll his heel over Tallus’ swelling nuts. The jerking action of Amun’s toes caused an immediate response from the unconscious boy, and before long his dick rose fat and tall. A sharp tug pulled down his blue-painted foreskin to reveal his moist, pink cock head, and Tallus woke with a start. He stared up with wide eyes at his own jutting penis, and beyond that at his opponent who was owning it. For a moment Tallus’ amber eyes locked on to Amun’s black ones. Both teens were embarrassed and looked away quickly, then Tallus groaned as Amun’s sandy heel rolled over his tender nads once more, sending waves of nausea through his guts. He struggled to cover up but found that his hands were bound fast. Looking around the courtyard, Tallus knew the other Princes were watching his humiliation. His cheeks burned the same pink shade as his jutting cock. In a last desperate attempt, Tallus kicked out in every direction and thrashed wildly to free himself. 

Amun was alarmed by his unpredictable opponent’s renewed energy and was glad he had thought to bind Tallus’s hands. Amun remained calm and pushed the wild Gaul over onto his stomach to prevent him from kicking his way back into the contest. As he writhed with his face in the sand, Tallus’ plump balls and rock-hard cock were pinned between his spread legs and the soft sand of the courtyard. Despite all his muscles and his courage, the young warrior was as vulnerable as a lamb.

Amun nudged his foot between Tallus’ spread legs and leaned in. He did not need muscles or leverage to grind Tallus’ sensitive cock head under his heel, while he mashed his testicles with his toes. The abuse of his manhood quickly ground down Tallus’ resistance until the warrior’s tears streamed into the sand. His poor cock looked angry and raw. Slowly, Amun dragged his big toe down the shaft and over the exposed glans. Finally the teasing and the sand and the pain were too much and pushed Tallus over the edge. His bruised balls pulled up and disappeared underneath him as his shaft twitched and jumped, spurting his cream uselessly into the sand. Amun seemed caught off guard by a glob of spunk that coated his foot. He jumped in skittish surprise, drawing teasing laughter from the crowd. 

Meanwhile as his friends watched, Tallus became the first Lost Prince to pathetically submit his seed. Eventually his hips stopped bucking and the defeated fighter lay quiet and spent in the middle of the courtyard. He hid his face in the sand well after his unwanted orgasm had shuddered to a halt.

For a moment the gallery was quiet. Then Nico gave a great roar of approval, and the rest of the Princes followed suit. They hooted and pounded their feet to acknowledge the victor of the first Pankration match. Amun looked around, surprised by the cheers. Pride shone in his black eyes, but he quickly became shy and bent down to unbind his opponent. Tallus winced as his wrists were released the blood flowed back into his cramped muscles. He struggled to raise himself up on shaky arms until the slender Egyptian wrapped an arm around his waist to hold him steady. Together the victor and the vanquished limped toward the baths to clean up.

Theo turned toward his best friend, only to find Nico’s hazel eyes already fixed on him. The ordinarily cheerful prince had a serious demeanor.

“What?” the brunette asked, unsettled by his friend’s serious gaze.

“That was more intense than I expected,” Nico said in a low voice. “Was Pankration like this when you played in Athens?” he asked.

Theo hesitated. “This was…different,” he concluded. “Actually, when we were kids, most of the boys gave up from the first painful hold. But the Lost Princes are proud. I think we will have some tough matches ahead of us. ”

Nico nodded gravely and considered this new information. Then his customary smile broke through his serious facade. “Yes! The Princes are different. And Pankration will be our greatest game yet! I can’t wait until I get picked!”

With that Nico ran off, chasing the bruised competitors, to offer his congratulations, his condolences, and his unreserved camaraderie.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing 1st contest and the artwork is superb! The illustrations really bring the characters to life! I can't wait to see Castor and Pollux in fact i love all these princes already!

Anonymous said...

I literally came in tune with Tallus!

Anonymous said...

This is really good as a start, but I'd like to read more ball torture :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,

You had artwork in your story? How cool is that!

I’m really enjoying this series and I agree with Reg, I can’t wait for when the main characters enter into the competition. That will be a lot of fun!



Gino and Jayden Author

Harry said...

Reg and Jimmy,

I'm really glad you're enjoying these stories and art. No credit to me for the art since I have zero talent, but Dizzy was amazing with imagining the characters. Check out his Twitter for more cook stuff.

Some of the main characters will get into the action in the next story of the series, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about how it shakes out.

Anons, thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy the next part!


007Fox said...

LOVE this series and excited to see where it goes! Really hot and interesting first match up too. This series is a really nice complement to the Boys we normally get to read about here. Awesome work! Keep it up!

WaterSpirit said...

The story is amazing.
I feel that Amun should have hair.
The art work of Tallus is too good.

Harry said...

007Fox, thanks a ton man! I def think you will enjoy the next story.

WaterSpirit, thanks for your feedback! I totally agree about the art. I can't remember if I sent Alex the NSFW version of the Tallus art, but maybe we can get that posted in the future. There's even MORE to love.