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Pankration - match 2: Nico vs Pollux (written by Harry)

This is the third part of Harry's epic series Pankration that is set in Ancient Greece. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

Previous parts:
Match 1: Tallus vs. Amun

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

The crowd gathered in the Princes’ Palace seemed larger than it had been the day before. Word must have spread about the previous day’s match. The Lost Princes’ curiosity had been piqued at the prospect of tough combat with an edge of sexual domination. For a bunch of confident teenage warriors with nothing to do all summer, what could be more exciting? Now after the first match yesterday, when one of their peers lay defeated in the dust and another’s arm was raised in victory, the competition had seized hold of their imaginations.

Theaetetus, he olive-skinned brunette from Athens, had dreamt up the game called Pankration, so he had become the unofficial referee. Theo reached into the deep urn, and it like there were more stones inside than there had been yesterday. More contestants must have decided they were ready to test their strength and added their names to the drawing. Theo pulled out two stones at random and glanced at the names that had been scratched across them. He paused for dramatic effect. In the front row, the young Spartan Lysander was nearly skipping in place with eagerness to be chosen.

Lysander was disappointed in the draw, but nobody else was. The palace quickly starting buzzing in anticipation of the clash between Nico, the Prince of Thebes, and the Arcadian hunter Pollux. Both teens were tall and muscular, and both were ferociously competitive, so everyone expected their match to be fierce. The similarity between the young men ended there, however. Nico was well-liked by nearly everyone in Thebes. The handsome blonde was charismatic, constantly smiling, and hospitable to all of the foreigners who dwelled in his father’s palace. His enthusiasm for competitions and games was infectious, and his spirit of friendly rivalry pervaded the Pankration.

The twins - artwork created by Dizzy
The twins Castor and Pollux were respected for their strength and physical beauty, but they had not formed many friendships during their time in Thebes. Growing up together in the wilds of Arcadia, the brothers shared such a bond that they could communicate almost without speaking. Their tight bond gave them an advantage as hunters stalking their prey, but it isolated them from the busy social life of the city. Their reticence was perceived by the other young men as stand-offish and proud.

It didn’t help the twins’ popularity that they were almost super-humanly attractive. Their sister Helen of Troy may have been more famed for her beauty, but she didn’t have much on her brothers. Their creamy white skin was flawless, and their straight, platinum blonde hair fell smoothly across their foreheads. A few of the Princes were hopelessly smitten by the hunky brothers, and others were baldly jealous. But neither twin demonstrated much interest in their peers of either sex.


“Nicomachus, Prince of Thebes!” Theo announced enthusiastically as his best friend bounded eagerly into the the middle of the courtyard. The crowded gallery cheered as Nico smiled and waved to his friends. He undraped his white toga from his shoulder, tucking it into the cord around his waist. He had lightly oiled his bronzed skin, and his powerful chest and shoulders seemed to ripple in the sunlight. He wore his favored olive laurel around his messy, curly blonde hair.

Nico - artwork created by Dizzy

“No pressure,” Theo teased, lightly massaging Nico’s muscular shoulders. “ But I’ve heard there are quite a few bets on this match.” 

Nico grinned confidently. “If that means you made them, then you can stop worrying. I’ve wrestled the twins a bunch of times. They’re tough, but no stamina. Besides,” he added, his hazel eyes twinkling, “I think I know what kind of show the locals will appreciate!” He waved at some friends who had pushed their way to the front row along the sandy courtyard.

The applause muted a bit when Pollux was announced. Even though the Pankration was just friendly competition, the handsome hometown prince was clearly more popular today. The twin brothers conferred quietly before one of them broke away and strode confidently into the center of the courtyard. Even though only one brother was competing, they had both dressed for combat. Their matching loin cloths were made from soft animal hide, and they wore feathers in their silvery hair. Their upper arms were wrapped with matching leather straps that made their biceps bulge impressively. Pollux looked focused and stalked into the courtyard, his bare feet whispering over the hot sand. He barely acknowledged the crowd, who he had predicted would be against him.

“Oh, I only get one of you? I will fight with only one arm then,” Nico called out teasingly. He got a chuckle from the spectators but not from his opponent, who kept his deep blue eyes fixed calmly on the prince. Like almost everyone else in the palace, Pollux liked Nico and admired his playful spirit. But those emotions vanished from his mind the moment that he stepped onto the sandy courtyard; on this ground, Pollux was only a hunter.

Without waiting for a cue from Theo, the two young men clashed together, chest to chest and cheek to cheek. They tested each other’s strength by driving forward and back, each gripping the other’s bulging arms in his iron grip. Pollux broke the deadlock when he drove a fist deep into Nico’s gut. The blonde sucked a deep breath but responded with a power punch of his own, winding the fair-haired stud. Back and forth they traded blows. Bruises began to mark Nico’s cut torso, and Pollux’s pale six pack was pounded bright pink. The crowd around the courtyard cheered and winced with each blow—the match was turning out every bit as badass as they had expected!

Nico grunted as his opponent’s fist crashed deep into his gut yet again. He enjoyed the give-and-take, but the loose rules of Pankration made it too tempting for him not to mix it up a bit. As Pollux shifted his weight to strike again, Nico’s fist darted low and smacked his dangling balls. The surprise move froze the blonde hunter in place; he caught his breath. Nico seized the advantage and dropped to one knee before firing an uppercut directly up between the handsome teen’s legs. His fist landed underneath Pollux’s loin cloth, and Nico could feel the soft warmth of his opponent’s bare testicles as they crunched between his pelvis and Nico’s own knuckles.

A low “Oooooooo” rippled through the crowd.

Looking up at the horrified expression on Pollux’s face, Nico felt a twinge of sympathy. But not enough sympathy to outweigh the adrenaline rush of wrecking his rivals’s manhood! He rose to his feet and looked out at the other Lost Princes. “Ouch!” he whined, wincing and shaking his hand out as if he had just punched a pair of rocks. The crowd cracked up at Nico’s antics and mocked Pollux and his busted nads. Meanwhile the young Arcadian fighter had collapsed to one knee. His cheeks were flushed bright red and he looked nauseous, which just made the audience laugh harder. He was too proud to cry out, but he looked miserable.

Amid the excited faces lining the edge of the arena, Nico caught the eye of Pollux’s twin brother. Castor’s chiseled features were calmly neutral, but his deep blue eyes were bright with anger. Nico winked at him. Turning back to his opponent, the cheerful prince was surprised to be flattened by a shoulder tackle. Pollux had been winded but not incapacitated by the low blow, and his training prepared him to be resilient against pain.

Nico landed on his back with Pollux right on top, pummeling his abs, ribs, and obliques with a flurry of blows before the blonde could organize his defenses. Pollux rose smoothly to his feet and dropped back down again just as fast, landing his knee between Nico’s parted legs. Nico gasped as his low-hanging nuts were crunched into the sandy ground. Pollux kept his weight on Nico’s delicate organs and applied a choke hold, hoping to crush the resistance of the struggling teen. Pollux raised his face skyward and hooted an unearthly sounding war cry. A few feet away at the edge of the sand, his brother echoed the call. From his seat next to the action, Theo winced in sympathy for his buddy.

Nico, however, was not done yet. “Get…off…my…NUTS!” he grunted, rocketing a left-handed punch to Pollux’s cheek that knocked the boy all the way from the top position onto his back. With impressive agility, Pollux twisted into a crouch ready to spring, only to find that Nico had scrambled into the same defensive position. The rivals gazed at each other with respect as a red welt developed on Pollux’s pale cheek. The crowd was totally engrossed and roared approval for both fighters.

Without pausing they clashed together, chest to chest for a second time. The punches were taking a toll, but neither teen was willing to give an inch. Finally Nico was able to trap one of Pollux’s arms, and on the combination punch that followed he snagged the other one. With both arms trapped, Pollux found himself lifted from the ground in a bearhug. The air was forced from his lungs as Nico’s powerful arms encircled his ribcage, and he did not have leverage to counter. Pollux struggled but his strength appeared to be fading the longer he was trapped in the hold. Theo watched the action with a dreamy look. To him Nico looked just a like a young Hercules with his straining shoulders, his wild, curly locks, and his laurel crown; the Athenian twink was rapt with admiration.

Enjoying his advantage, Nico decided to play to the crowd. While careful to maintain his grip, he was able to pinch the back flap of Pollux’s gray loin cloth, flipping it up and exposing his muscular ass. The watching crowd snickered as the captive boy struggled. Next Nico hoisted him even higher before releasing him altogether, causing the surprised teen to drop awkwardly with one leg on either side of Nico’s bent knee, effectively crotching himself. Pollux’s breath wheezed out, and he cupped the front of his loin cloth. Meanwhile Nico moved deftly behind him, catching him up in the inversion the bearhug. Pollux kicked his feet helplessly as he was again lifted from the ground. He flushed scarlet when Nico once again pulled up his loin cloth, this time exposing his cock and balls to the raucous crowd.

The sun reflected off of the teen hunter’s smooth alabaster skin. Pollux’s muscles shone with sweat, and his drenched, platinum hair draped down just over his eyes. His round nads were tightly packed in their shaved sac, and his long, supple cock swayed from side to side as Nico wrenched down the hold. Pollux was a picture of male perfection, trapped and exposed.

Hoisting his twin brother up higher, Nico turned to face Castor. Nico looked apologetic. “Sorry, man, I bet you would have been a great uncle.” With that he dropped him across his knee a second time. This time everyone could see his fine cock and juicy balls get squashed. Pollux froze for a moment before tumbling down into the dust. The males in the audience let out a collective “ooooohhh” in sympathy for the miserable boy.

Nicomachus was enjoying the cheers of his friends and the warm feeling of victory, so it took him a moment to realize that Pollux had climbed—slowly and unsteadily, but with determination—back to his feet. The beautiful boy looked worse for the wear, but he crouched into a fighting stance while cupping his aching balls. Nico instantly refocused his attention to finishing off the brave fighter. With surprising speed, Pollux sprung toward his opponent, flashing over the sand on light feet. He leapt with feline grace, aiming a knockout blow at Nico’s head. His flight did not stop there however, as Nico dropped to the ground and caught him mid-leap with a kick that sent the hunter flipping head over heels into the crowd of spectators. To add insult to injury, Pollux landed on top of his brother Castor. The crash kicked up a tremendous cloud of dust, and when it cleared the twins lay sprawled among a couple of the other boys.

Pollux rose unsteadily and shook the dust out of his silver hair as he tried to regain his senses. Ready or not, he was hastily prodded back to the arena by boys who were eager to see the end of this epic contest. He rolled his head around his neck to clear the remaining cobwebs, and started venomously at Nico across the dusty arena.

For his part Nico was amazed that his rival was able to stand, and even more so that he wanted to continue their duel. Nico’s own ribs were sore, and his muscles burned from his exertion so far—and he was the one winning! Nico confidently raised his arms, challenging Pollux to a final test of strength. He was ready to end the match and put the hunter away.

Once again the adversaries clashed together, straining and panting for every whisper of leverage. Their arms trembled from the effort. To everyone’s astonishment, Pollux’s strength seemed undiminished, and he gradually drove Nico to his knees. From his commanding position, the fair hunter drove his knee deep into the prince’s solar plexus. Nico fell forward, gasping and sucking wind, but he quickly received another kick deep into his guts that knocked him flat. He stayed face down, protecting his vulnerable belly, while his miraculously re-energized opponent considered his next move.

Pollux bent down and grabbed the hem of Nico’s toga and gave it a powerful tug. Nico was effectively rolled out of his clothing like a carpet, and Pollux tossed the garment into the audience. The blonde was not ashamed of his body, and the spectators had seen him nude before, but being stripped in the arena was nevertheless embarrassing. Unfortunately for Nico, his embarrassment was just getting started.

As Nicomachus struggled to find his wind, Pollux grabbed him by the ankles and spread his legs wide. Between them the stud’s heavy balls hung low and vulnerable. He realized with horror what Pollux intended to do, and he whispered, “No!” just as the hunter’s bare sole stomped his orbs deep into the sand. His scream echoed around the courtyard as all of his awareness concentrated into those twin points of pain between his legs. When Pollux eventually removed his foot and allowed Nico to collapse onto his side, the indentations remained where his balls has been driven into the sand. He clutched his battered sac and squinted his eyes shut to will away the nauseating pain.

Pollux reached down and grabbed a handful of Nico’s dirty blonde curls and pulled him to his feet. He gently grasped the boy’s chin in his hand and looked directly into his eyes. Even now the Arcadian hunter was silent; wordlessly he asked Nico to submit. The prince swayed unsteadily on his feet. His strength had been decimated by the blows to his guts and balls, but he remained defiant and he swung a sloppy punch at Pollux. In his seat nearby, Theo slumped his head, wishing his proud friend would submit and spare himself any further beating.

Pollux was less sympathetic. He shrugged his acknowledgement and immediately hoisted Nico onto his shoulders. He had to bounce the helpless fighter a few times to get the hold locked down to his liking, but in no time Nico was bent backward in a torture rack. The naked prince of Thebes was on full display: his taut abs were stretched, and his back impossibly bent; the corded muscles of his arms and legs waved futilely; his balls swung pendulously between his spread legs, and his thick cock dangled toward his hip.

Pollux had Nico entirely at his mercy, and he wasted no time in erasing any remaining doubts about who would win the contest. With one hand grasping Nico’s neck, he used his free hand to seize the tired teen’s most precious parts. Nico’s testicles felt full and firm, and they were large enough that he could pull on them separately or mash them together. The uninhibited access that Pollux had to the very source of his rival’s strength and manhood gave the ferocious hunter a familiar thrill of domination. He usually only felt this kind of rush when pursuing a wild beast! He remembered the special rules of the Pankration and smiled grimly when he considered that he could dominate his opponent even more.

Nicomachus was groaning freely. He was disoriented by the upside-down position of the torture rack, and now he was powerless to resist the probing fingers that were owning his nads. His pain was massive. He knew at this point he was beaten, and part of him wished he had submitted when Pollux gave him the chance. Suddenly he felt a hand wrap around his cock! Tears sprung to his eyes as his prize piece was yanked roughly. Then the hand returned and began to pull on his meat with intentions that could not have been more obvious. That bastard twin was trying to beat him off, and there was nothing he could do about it! Nico gnashed his teeth, but despite his anger he despaired as his cock slowly hardened, stretching to its full length. Pollux felt the response, too, and pumped his fist even harder, eliciting a dull moan from the molested teen. Nico felt a deep ache building in his groin, but he struggled on desperately to avoid humiliating himself in the most public possible way.

Theo hid his face in his hands. His friend’s humiliation could not have been more complete; he could barely watch. Defeat in combat was one thing, but having his hard manhood owned in front of all his peers was an entirely different sort of loss. And from the look of it, Pollux had every intention to push even further by forcing the handsome teen to cream himself. Theo hated to watch, but a secret part of him was incredibly aroused at the same time; being conflicted made him feel like a terrible friend. Some of the Princes must have been similarly conflicted, since the crowd was silent now and engrossed in the spectacle. The defeated prince’s head and limbs hung limp and powerless. The only part of Nico that remained defiant was his long, throbbing cock, which waved in the air at his opponent’s mercy.

Finally Pollux heard Nico’s moans and moved in for the kill. Slowly he pulled down on his prey’s fat shaft, peeling back his foreskin and revealing his slick, pink knob. Nico was already wet. With his vanquished rival still on his shoulders, the hunter paraded along the perimeter of the gallery, showing off his own strength and smirking at the eyes that were glued to the prince’s dong. Making sure to get his hand nice and sandy, he wrapped his palm over the boy’s defenseless mushroom head making him shriek in a mix of agony and ecstasy. A few quick, remorseless strokes later, and Nico’s thick tool erupted with a massive spurt of semen. Creamy jizz pumped up into the air and rained back onto Nico’s oiled torso; his whole body trembled as his forced orgasm shook him to the core. As his impressive dick continued to spasm, Pollux moved his hand back to the stud’s churning balls, squashing them one final time to make sure the defeated teen was totally drained. Eventually the flood subsided and Nico’s cum-coated body went limp from exhaustion.

Now the official victor, Pollux dropped his opponent to the ground respectfully. With Nico curled at his feet, he raised his face to the sky and reprised his unearthly war cry. His twin echoed it joyfully and ran into the courtyard to congratulate his brother. As the brothers embraced, Theo shuffled forward to help his battered friend. Nico lay with his eyes closed. His heaving chest was slick with spunk and oil, and dark bruises were developing on his ribs. His softening cock was sticky and raw-looking, and his recently emptied nuts dragged in the dust.

When Theo touched his shoulder gently, Nico opened his bright hazel eyes. Somehow he managed to crack a wan smile. “I hope that didn’t look as bad as it felt,” he said in a raw voice. Theo chewed his lip, not sure how to answer. “Well, I’ll definitely get him next time!” he promised, grimacing and cupping himself as Theo rolled him up to his feet.

The taller prince leaned on his slim, dark-haired friend and slowly limped over to the nearby fountain. Nico looked at Theo’s toga and scrunched his nose. “What?” the boy asked, self-consciously. Nico wiped his finger through a creamy patch of semen that had accidentally rubbed onto him. He held his finger to his nose before washing it away. “My bad,” he said. Both of teens blushed a little and Nico began to wash himself. 

The water felt heavenly, washing away the dust, sweat, and spunk—but not yet the disappointment of his public defeat. As his blonde friend revived himself in the cool water, Theo watched the small crowd of Lost Princes who surrounded the victor, Pollux. Even Theo had to acknowledge that the Arcadian had fought exceptionally well. No one had believed he would be able to come back, especially after Nico had thrown him almost ten feet from the ring. Theo noticed that Pollux’s brother Castor must have taken an elbow during the crash landing, because a red welt colored his cheek right below his left eye.

The clever Athenian’s curiosity was piqued. Theo walked back to the courtyard and insinuated himself in the twins’ circle. On closer inspection, Castor also had some bruises on his ribs and abs, and he seemed every bit as sweaty and dusty as his brother. Pollux actually looked less scathed, somehow, and he was the twin in the fight. Theo’s mind whirled. He tried to remember exactly how Pollux had fallen when he was thrown into the crowd, but there was too much dust and cheering and chaos for him to recall clearly. He couldn’t say with certainty, but he was becoming suspicious about exactly which brother had been competing in the fight he just saw.

Stepping up to the twins, Theo glanced from one to the other, narrowing his eyes. They were accustomed to this kind of appraisal and just laughed. Then he reached out softly and touched the red welt on Castor’s cheek.

“What happened?” he asked simply. “Been in a fight lately?” The twins’ smiles vanished, and they glanced at each other quickly. Castor shrugged but didn’t answer. Pollux turned away from Theo and loudly invited the assembled princes to join him for a bowl of wine to celebrate. Amid a happy crowd, the victor and his twin were whisked away.

“But which one was the victor?” Theo wondered as he paced back over the the fountain where Nico was bathing. The studly prince looked somewhat refreshed, and he shook his blonde hair dry as the water shone from his bronzed skin. He smiled warmly as his friend approached. “You should share their wine, Theo. It’s not often the Arcadians offer to buy.” Theo looked at his handsome, tired friend and decided to keep his suspicions to himself. Even if the twins had cheated in the match, it wouldn’t change the fact that Nico had been humiliated.

“Nah,” Theo replied. “I’m not in the mood for celebrating. I just lost a bet.”

Nico chuckled and stepped out of the fountain. “Sorry about that,” he said, wincing at the reminder. He paused and looked slowly around the quiet, sunlit courtyard. “I’m bored,” he said finally. “What do you feel like doing?”

Theo looked at Nico in astonishment, only gradually realizing that he was serious. He sighed.


Anonymous said...

This is litterally awesome! I love both characters and when I read the contestants I was sure Nico would have win. The hits below the belt are more than in the first story, but I think they could be more. I'd love to see a fight in which there is a mutual ball squeeze by two of these studs. I love the relationship between Nico and Theo, they are cute and I hope there will be some romantic development between them (Since in Grece omosexuality was a normal sexual intercourse). Maybe after a fight one against the other they can take care of themselves.
I only have a note: in my opinion, it's quite difficult to imagine the last wrestling hold in which, as I understood, Pollux has Nico on his shoulder. It's hard to build the scene in my mind. I'm not an expert about wrestling hold and english is not my first language, maybe these are the reason. Some situations less complex maybe can help ;)
However, I loved this story, 5 stars and I can't wait to see the sequels.
By -X

Harry said...

X, thanks for taking the time to leave such helpful feedback!

I'm really glad you like the characters, and I completely agree that romantic feelings might develop among some of these guys. With so many horny dudes in one place, it would be hard not to! I also hear you about mutual squeezing, that would be hot. I'll try to work that into a future story.

I understand what you mean about the torture rack hold at the end. Now that I read it over it wasn't totally clear. Your feedback about describing complex situations will definitely help me edit the next part.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Hunter,

What a great series you have written! This story is a lot stronger than the previous one because it involved both main characters. I love the twin switch, that was very clever. Even if the two main characters are not in the next few matches, do what you did with this one, and almost tell the story through their eyes. That gives the piece another layer and ties the story together.

You have an epic series growing here and I am excited to see where you take it!



Gino and Jayden Author

Harry said...

Jimmy, thanks for your feedback! I hadn't really thought about seeing the action through the eyes of the main characters, so that thought is really helpful. They do sort of comment on the next match in the series, so hopefully it will shake out in a similar way and hold the narrative together.

Glad you liked the twins switching! I got a kick out of that. Since my stories are mainly just combat, I tried to add a few curve balls to keep it interesting lol.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you found my comment useful! And I'm so excited to know that you'll follow some of my suggestions, thank you so much. I would like to add an other consideration: when the fight ends I think you should focus the attention on the pain in the boys' balls. It would be so exciting and a little bit realistic since these hot studs have their balls tortured. At the end of this story seems like Pollux and especially Nico have forgot the pain in their testicles (and we know balls hurt a lot for a long time ;)

Anonymous said...

Harry, this is an amazing story! I love that you made Pollux and Castor into the "bad guys" and i loved how they (allegedly) cheated and got away with it this time, i didn't see that coming! These twins are so damn hot and i hope they get their beautiful nuts crunched again soon...i guess we will find out if the twins really lack stamina, especially after their "twins" are targetted haha.
Maybe they will try the switch again and both get nutted next time.
Your quality of writing is simply outstanding and i have only one humble may consider adding a bit more dialogue...some taunts about the opponents's manhood "is that all you're packing, kid?", some joyous celebration "Yeah! Right in the nuts!", maybe some cheering from the crowd "get up, tough guy!", some tragic groans "oh fuck, my balls!", maybe even some virtue "you fought well, such a worthy adversary"... i think dialogue can add another dimension by expressing emotions, so long as you stay consistent with the character traits.

Thanks again for the superb story,

Anonymous said...

I read through the story again and in fact there is a fair bit of fine is really just in the ballbusting sequences where some more dialogue could help in my opinion. As someone else commented, it helps to express the pain and anguish of the victim.
Outstanding work.

Harry said...

Reg, I am grateful for your feedback bro! More like I'm humbled that you took the time to read it twice, and I totally hear you about the dialog. Dialog is something that I admire so much in Alex's stories, because his characters really speak in their own voices. I feel like now that I've introduced more of these characters, it will hopefully be easier to do dialog, but that is a legit hard part for me.

I'm happy that you like the twins as "bad guys." Karma says that really handsome bad guys should prob get their nuts crunched, esp on this blog lol. I still have a couple other characters to introduce in the next story, but the twins will be back no doubt!

Thanks again for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I swear if best boy Nico doesn't get justice before all this ends, I'ma be so mad.

Harry said...

Lol don't get mad! I'm sure Nico still has some fight left in him.