Saturday, May 23, 2020

Dominated by my big brother (written by Jonathan)

This is a wonderful little fantasy written by our longtime reader Jonathan who has been featured on this blog a few times before. His twitter account is private but I'm sure he'll accept your request... I hope you enjoy his little story as much as I did!

Yes, that's a pic showing the writer himself. :-))

 Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jonathan woke up on Tuesday morning with the sun blinding his eyes. He grumbled and looked down at his naked body being shined on by the sun. It was slim but not quite toned and his dick was locked up in a pink cage, and his hard dick was trying to escape. Normally he slept with the windows open, he liked the thrill of his neighbors possibly seeing him naked. He put on some shorts, and walked down the hallway towards the bathroom to take a shower but on the way over his brother, Alex, said “aye John, guess what” and Jonathan replied unamused, “what?” And his brother yelled “CUPCHECK” and slammed his hand into Jonathan’s nuts.

Jonathan grabbed his balls and moaned, not too loud, he’d still been half asleep, but he was very awake after this. Alex hurt his hand on the cage and thought out loud, “so it is true. I saw your Ballbusting and your tiny cock cage pics online and didn’t know if it was real, that’s crazy, you’re a real kinky boy.” Jonathan blushed and was scared. “Don’t worry little bro, I won’t tell anyone, go and shower” commanded Alex. Jonathan went to shower off his embarrassment but he was still feeling very horny, after this he would unlock and cum like crazy. While showering, Alex snuck into Jonathan’s bedroom and found his cage keys and immediately stole them. Alex waited eagerly for Jonathan to finish his shower.

Jonathan got out of the shower and didn’t bother getting dressed, he wrapped a towel around himself and went to his room. There was an unexpected surprise left for him there. A note. The note read: “I see you have yourself locked, if you ever want to unlock yourself again, you’ll have to come to my room and play along. Sincerely, Alex.” Jonathan was so horny and just wanted to cum, but his keys were gone. Then, all of a sudden, a foot came from behind him and nailed his nuts and he fell on the floor. Alex snickered behind him and threatened, “better come to my room soon.” Jonathan lied on the floor for the better part of a minute, he couldn’t believe his brother could be so evil.

Jonathan shyly walked to his brothers room and Alex was there, naked. His body was fit, nicely tan, and he had some tattoos. He had one on his abdomen that said “Rock this boat”. Jonathan exclaimed “ALEX WHAT THE HELL?” And Alex said “do you want to get these or not? If you question me again I’ll just snap them in half.” He held up the keys, then he dropped them in a cup with a weird yellow liquid. “What’s that?” Jonathan asked. And his big brother laughed, “I think you know what it is... now are you ready to earn your keys or not?” Jonathan replied “yeah, I guess so.” His voice was scared, but there was an undertone of excitement.

There was a chair set up in Alex’s room with restraints on the arms and legs. Alex looked at jonathan and pointed at the chair. Jonathan sat down and Alex fastened the restraints. “We’re gonna have fun little bro” said Alex. Jonathan was terrified but rock hard in his cage. Alex flicked Jonathan’s nuts and said to him “First let’s see if we can get you to cum in that thing and I’ll decided if you can ever unlock it again.” He pulled out some adhesive pads with wires and fastened them on Jonathan’s plump nuts. Alex giggles and told him “let’s see if this works.” He cranked up the e-stim machine all the way and shocked Jonathans nuts. Jonathan jumped and helped, and this excited Alex, and he was getting hard too. Alex set it off again and kept it shocking his nuts for 30 seconds. Jonathan was moaning and yelling and screaming “OW my nuts! ALEX!” Alex stopped it, and apologized, saying, “sorry little bro I’ll turn it down.... after a minute” Alex began pulsing the machine and Jonathan yelled “STOP PLS” and then Alex held down the button and Jonathan squirted through his cage all over Alex’s floor.

Alex whispered to Jonathan “Good job little bro.” Jonathan was moaning in pain and relief. Alex continued, “but this isn’t over, we still need to decide if you get to keep that thing locked or not, if you can cum in it then you don’t need to ever take it off, right? Haha, well if you can cum with it off maybe I’ll keep it unlocked.” Alex removed the cage from Jonathan’s wet cock, and it was fully limp but dripping all over. Jonathan was whimpering. Alex unlocked the restraints and told Jonathan to lie down on the hardwood floor. “What are you doing?” Asked Jonathan. “You’ll see.” Alex told him, and winked. Alex tied Jonathan’s legs apart and his hands to his dresser. Admiring his handy work, Alex laughed and told Jonathan “I hope you like mashed potatoes because I’m gonna squash your spuds.” And he jumped and flattened Jonathan’s nuts under his feet. Jonathan yelped and cried out in pain. “Oh come on I thought you liked nut pain” Alex teased. Jonathan’s cock began to swell again, and Alex remarked, “maybe he does.” Then again he jumped up and squashed Jonathan’s nuts. He repeated this process 30 times and Jonathan’s nuts were swollen and dark red. “I think it’s time to let this go” Alex sighed. “You’re not gonna cum, so I guess we’ll have to lock you back up hahah, we’ll try again next time.” Jonathan shouted, “PLEASE don’t! I’m so horny I couldn’t take it.” Alex replied “too bad” and he picked up the piss cup from earlier with the key in it and poured it all over Jonathan, then he kicked Jonathan’s nuts with all the force he could give and then Jonathan’s cock finally shot cum all over the floor. But, Alex already made up his mind, and he secretly prepared for this. He brought out a new chastity device less than an inch long, put it on his brother Jonathan, and kept the keys.

He allowed Jonathan to shower and ice his nuts after. This was such a fun time for Alex, he couldn’t wait until next month. Of course, that’s how long he was planning to lock his horny brother”


Dominik said...

I'll be honest, this story needs a few more line breaks in my opinion, I find the long paragraphs difficult to read at times.

Other than that I like it, kudos to the author Jonathan! Hope to see a continuation one day. What will Alex do next month to his poor brother's balls? How will Jonathan handle one full month in chastity, particularly in such a tiny cage? How many sleepless nights will he have? Will Alex threaten him to destroy the keys and have him stuck there forever if Jonathan annoys him? ;)

Don't really personally like the urine-part but I guess it fits well with the overall theme of how Alex treats his brother in the story, so I feel mostly neutral about it.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Dominik! :-))