Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What would you do to Sam's balls?

Our reader shrews12001 had a wonderful idea for a new series of interactive posts for this blog: A reader provides some pics of their nuts, and the rest of us use the comments section to share their fantasies and describe what we would do to them.

(If you want to see your own balls up here please send your pics to alex@ballbustingboys.org or alexander.nehling@gmx.net.)

Our longtime reader Sam has sent me a few pics of his beautiful dick and his juicy nuts, telling me:
I’d like to offer up my nuts for busting please :)
I like to have my legs spread and balls kicked. I like sneakers or even bare feet. I love the idea of me and guy friends busting each other’s bare balls. The anticipation of knowing my eggs are about to get scrambled by my friend who is excited to ruin my day with his foot is one of my fav fantasies. 
Well, let's see what you got, Sam:

Ooooh, Sam! That's a very nice, tight sack! I bet your buddies love to crush them with their sneakers!

Here are some more pics:

Can we see those balls without the stretcher, please?

Nice! But where's the dick?!

Ah there it is! God, I think I'm falling in love with that beautiful cock! Can we please get another look at that wonderful dick?

So delicious! And those abs - perfect!

Hah! From that perspective it looks like your friends did a very thorough job of destroying your nuts! Let's see if they are still there.

Phew. There they are, those tight, cum-filled gonads.

Now over to you: What would you do to Sam's tight ballsack? Share your ideas by leaving a comment, no matter how detailed or vague, how long or short. Let's make those balls hurt!


Anonymous said...

He seems to be wanting his balls hurt when he is feeling aroused at home. I think it should be done in public by strangers on the street. A passing kick or punch?

shrews12001 said...

Been sick this weekend so not on my game but i dont want to miss one. So ill give a little something anyway.

Clearly our boy is an exhibitionist and likes showing off. So maybe we find ourselves a nice open area. Maybe a park or busy intersection. Some nice rope work to get a good stretch going and of course a blindfold. You dont want to ruin the surprises coming to you. No gag obviously, we want to hear you at full volume. And our last touch, a nice sign to hang around your neck
"Im an arrogant alpha and i need punished. Please dont hurt my balls too badly. They're bigger and stronger than yours anyway."
That should get us some takers. Oh look, this nice group of young men look promising. Yes, fellows? My friend here is in need of an attitude adjustment. What? Well he's been bragging about his balls for a little too long and a little too loudly.
Really? Ive never considered race as a factor. Could this pair of white balls be the tougher than what a dozen young black men could do to them? Lets find out.
Oof. Thats new. Ive never seen that. A hard stomp from the front and back at once. Looks like you turned his nuts into the meat of a hard sneaker sandwich. I think he liked it. Well I'll be back in a few hours. If he passes out or nuts just keep going until you prove your point. Unless his balls are tougher than you boys. Only one way to find out.

Lunar said...

FUUUUCK. Idk if ur into guys or anything, but I'd love to spend all day w u. Slap your balls around as I suck your nice big cock. Send my fist flying hard into your nuts randomly, catch u off guard. Make out and knee the fuck out of your balls until they're nice and red. Bet they feel amazing flattening against ur pelvis. Squeeze them until u flinch at just the smallest touch. Maybe after a looooong time of that, I can suck on ur balls to help them feel better, just hope my teeth don't get in the way ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, sam is hot. I would tie him up naked in public to a cross with his arms and legs extended out, leaving his balls hanging. Set up a booth where people can pay for metal balls and take turns throwing them at Sam's balls, anyone that can make him sing gets a prize ;) (a direct kick to Sam's balls)

back to basics even: restrain him in public naked and blindfolded and give people free reign to kick his dangling balls, write a message on his chest in sharpie "hit me in the balls", give him no warning

another idea: put sam in a dunk booth, sitting on a platform, hands and legs restrained but nuts still hanging freely. put up a target nearby, similar concept, have people aim at the target, and if it hits, the platform drops Sam onto a metal pipe right in the nuts. blindfold him so he has no idea what's coming. pull him back up by the balls and put him back on the platform, rinse and repeat. Oh, is the target too close to his balls? oh no, what if people "miss" the target and just hit his balls directly ;)