Friday, May 29, 2020

Competition with consequences (Dominik meets Ben and Logan)

Special thanks to my friend Dominik for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves painful contests) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Featured in this story: Ben and Logan (click for pictures)

"What the fuck..." Ben's voice trailed off as he stared at the object in Dominik's hand. "What is that?"

"It's a chastity cage", Dominik smiled matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, but it's not an ordinary chastity cage, is it?" Logan said slowly. "It has all these... spikes..." He grimaced as he said the word.

"Yeah, those are nasty", Dominik said with an evil smile. "They'll make it very painful for the poor sod if his dick grows hard inside the cage. Not that it can get fully hard anyway..."

Ben and Logan cringed at the thought.

Every Friday, the three guys met for a series of games. They were all very competitive, and somehow the punishments for the loser had gotten more and more painful. Last week, Dominik had been the loser, and he had been locked in chastity to much amusement from the other guys. Now he was out for revenge. Today it was his turn to appoint the punishments - and he couldn't wait to see who would be wearing the spiked chastity at the end of the competition.

Dominik was 20 years old, a handsome young man with black hair and a skinny body.

Logan was 18, a Blond and blue-eyed adonis with an athletic body and a killer smile.

20 year old Ben was easily the most muscular of the three. His strong arms and legs were bulging with muscles, and he loved to show off his body.

They were wearing shorts and jerseys and well-worn sneakers, ready for the competition.

The competition always followed the same pattern: Five rounds of standard athletic competitions, each round with a painful punishment for the loser administered by the winner. The overall loser received the week’s major punishment, in this case: getting locked inside the spiked chastity cage, and would be in charge the following week.

“Let’s keep it simple this week”, Dominik said. “This is what we’ll do: 100 m sprint, long jump, high jump, a 1,500 m run and shot put.”

Logan and Ben shrugged their shoulders.

“Nice”, Logan said.

“”You’re toast, both of you”, Ben chuckled, stretching his legs.

“Alright”, Dominik said. He couldn’t wait to get out of his cage. “Let’s do this.”

After a bit of warming up, they stood at the starting line, getting ready to run.

“What’s the punishment this round?” Logan asked.

Dominik grinned. “Ten kicks in the nuts.”

“Sounds fair”, Ben shrugged, a cocky smile on his face. “That’ll be a good workout for my legs.”

“Or for your balls”, Dominik quipped.

Logan and Dominik laughed.

Their starting gun app ensured that nobody had an unfair advantage, and the race was on.

The results were not surprising considering the guys’ bodies: Dominik was the skinniest, and he won easily. Ben was the heaviest, and he lost.

“Spread your legs, buddy”, Dominik said with an evil smile. “I’m going to crack your nuts.”

Ben took a wide stance and put his hands on his hip, shooting Dominik a cocky grin. “Bring it on, man”, he said. He grabbed his big, bulging package with his right hand and squeezed it lightly. “These are some tough motherfuckers.”

As soon as he let go of his bulge, Dominik kicked it with all the force he could muster.

Ben let out a grunt through his gritted teeth as the sound of Dominik’s foot connecting with his nuts filled the air. “You gotta try harder than that”, Ben said in a strained voice, trying to mask the pain he was feeling.

Logan and Dominik chuckled.

Ben had always been a cocky bastard, and his pride and huge ego had been a constant source of amusement for his buddies.

“Sure”, Dominik grinned. Then he sent his foot crashing into Ben’s balls once again. The tip of his foot connected perfectly with Ben’s nuts, ramming them into his body and eliciting a low, guttural grunt.

Ben’s eyes twitched but he managed to keep a straight face. He opened his mouth to say something cocky, but before any words came out of his mouth the third kick connected with his balls.

“Unghgh”, Ben grunted.

“Did I crack them?” Dominik quipped.

Ben balled his fists, pressing them against his thighs to keep from grabbing himself in front of his buddies. “Nghgghg”, he grunted.

“I guess that’s supposed to mean ‘no’”, Logan translated. “And I guess that means you’ll have to go even harder. Try lifting him off his feet.”

Dominik laughed. The fourth kick found its target, hitting Ben square in the nuts and eliciting a long, guttural moan – but failing to lift him off the ground.

“Thank god I can try a few more times”, Dominik said cheerfully before aiming another kick at Ben’s danglers.

Ben’s eyes crossed slightly and he let out a wheezing moan. “God”, he croaked.

“You’re halfway through”, Dominik smiled. “Wanna give up?”

It was poisoned bait, and Ben was too smart to accept it, of course. There was an unwritten rule that giving up during one of the punishment would end the day’s festivities and resulted in instant defeat. There was no way Ben was going to put his beautiful dick into the spiked cage.

Ben straightened, putting his hands behind his head, clenching his teeth. “Come on, I thought you wanted to crack my fucking nuts!” he barked.

A moment later he was lifted off the ground by what could only be described as a devastating, sperm-ruining, picture-perfect kick to Ben’s baby makers.

Ben’s eyes crossed, and both Logan and Dominik cringed in sympathy.

Ben looked up, blinking, his face blank, letting out a wheezing, hoarse groan. “That’s all you got?”

Logan and Dominik burst out laughing.

Dominik delivered the rest of the kicks with all the force he could muster, landing a series of powerful blows to his muscular buddies manhood.

Ben moaned and groaned but he took them in stride. Finally, after the tenth kick, he allowed himself to double over and grab his manhood, moaning in pain.

“How are your nuts?” Logan asked with an innocent smile.

“Cracked?” Dominik chimed in.

Ben straightened. His face was contorted in pain but he managed to put on a brave face. “Nothing can crack these motherfuckers”, he announced, pulling down his pants to expose his fat, low-hanging nuts. They were red and quite a bit swollen, making them look even bigger than they usually were.

Logan and Dominik laughed.

“Come on, put those fuckers away”, Logan said, playfully smacking Ben’s bare balls with the back of his hand.

Ben let out a grunt and quickly pulled up his pants.

“Next up is the long jump”, Dominik said, chuckling. “And the loser gets his nuts stomped ten times.”

Unfortunately, the loser was Dominik himself. Logan was the winner, and he smiled brightly as Dominik lay down on the grass, spreading his legs.

“Oooh, you’re still wearing the chastity cage, aren’t you?” Logan grinned as he lifted his foot. “Do you think I can break it?”

Dominik gulped. “If you break the cage you’ll probably break my dick as well.”

Logan grinned. “Yeah, that’s the plan.”

With that, Logan brought his foot down hard on Dominik’s crotch. Dominik let out a wail as Logan stomped his nuts ten times in rapid succession.

On the third stomp they heard the shattering of plastic, and Dominik felt the cage break

On the fifth stomp, Dominik’s cries of pain went up an octave as the plastic shards of the chastity cage were stomped into his dick.

On the seventh stomp, Dominik’s dick peeked out through the leg opening of his shorts. After being locked for a week, it grew hard instantly but Logan made sure to stomp out the beginning fire in Dominik’s loins by targeting the naughty cock with the three final stomps, making Dominik wail in agony as his dick and balls were brutally crushed.

“Gotta nip it out in the bud”, Logan grinned, shrugging his shoulders as Dominik curled up in a ball.

“Look at my fucking dick”, Dominik moaned, taking off his pants to show his friends his bruised and battered dick.

Indeed, it looked gruesome after Logan had stomped it several times – but Ben managed to find a positive thing to say.

“Look on the bright side”, he said with a grin, picking up the shattered pieces of plastic that had been the prison of Dominik’s dick for the past seven days. “At least it’s free now.”

Dominik managed a weak grin as Logan burst out laughing.

High jumps were up next, and Dominik announced the punishment as he fumbled with his bruised dick and balls. “Ten knees in the nuts.”

Logan lost, and Dominik won, giving Dominik the chance to get revenge.

“Lose the shorts”, Dominik said with a cruel smile.

Logan shrugged his shoulders and dropped his pants. He wasn’t ashamed of his body, and he had no reason to be ashamed. A nice, plump pair of balls rested low in his nutsack, and his large, fat, limp dick was a little larger than Dominik’s red, sore penis.

“I thought you’d never ask”, Ben grinned, dropping his pants as well. He was proud of his equipment, and he loved the funny fact that every Friday, sooner or later, the three boys would end up competing naked.

“Let’s get it over with”, Logan sighed, closing his eyes.

Dominik stood in front of him and put his hand on Logan’s shoulders.

Logan grabbed his friend’s upper arm, bracing himself for the impact.

Then Dominik jerked his knee up, smashing Logan’s nuts into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Logan let out a grunt.

The second kick followed suit, making Logan scream in pain.

The following seven kicks were delivered rhythmically as Dominik looked his friend in the eyes, smiling cruelly as he drove his knee into Logan’s nuts with each syllable. “This. Is. For. Brea. King. The. CAGE!”

“I guess I deserved that”, Logan croaked, holding on to Dominik’s arms for support.

“I’m not finished yet”, Dominik said. He brought his knee up one more time, catching both of Logan’s balls dead-on and grinding them into his pelvis.

Logan’s eyes crossed and his jaw dropped as he let out a toneless scream.

“Now I’m finished”, Dominik dead-panned.

It took a moment until Logan was ready for the next round.

Each of the three buddies had lost once, and the effects of the brutal punishments were visible on their nutsacks. Their ball bags was red and swollen, and Dominik had the additional detriment of a badly bruised dick.

He had been looking forward to jerking off tonight, after saving up seven days’ worth of cum in his balls – but that was looking highly unlikely with a bruised and battered dick…

“Next up is the 1,500 m run”, Dominik said. “And the loser gets his nuts punched ten times.”

Logan and Ben groaned. Neither of them loved running – and running naked with a pair of sore balls slapping against their thighs was a prospect neither of them found thrilling.

Early on it became clear that Ben wasn’t going to win this round. He fell behind after a few hundred yards and never caught up to his less muscular and more slender friends.

It became a duel between Logan and Dominik, and their flopping, flapping dicks and ballsacks were a fitting soundtrack on the exciting final stretch of the race.

Logan won, barely but clearly, and they took a moment to catch their breath.

The sun was shining on Ben’s naked skin as he spread his legs, offering up his dangling ballsack as a speed bag.

Logan got down on one knee and balled his fist. Then he delivered a perfectly timed and beautifully executed series of at least two dozen punches to Ben’s balls.

Ben was gritting his teeth. He wasn’t very good at counting – but he knew that Logan was giving him more than he deserved. But he didn’t want to stop him, out of fear that it might be seen as giving up. Instead, he grunted, “That’s ten! That’s ten! That’s more than ten!” as Logan punched his nuts with all the force he could muster. “That’s more than ten! Hey! That’s more than ten!”

Dominik was laughing his ass off, watching Logan’s speed bag routine, and it was a very funny sight: the muscular, tanned, perfectly sculptured hunk barking out “That’s ten!” as his nuts were pummeled by his buddy.

“I haven’t counted ten, yet”, Dominik laughed as Ben howled in agony.

After what had surely been more than a hundred punches, Logan stopped. “And that’s ten”, he dead-panned, delivering one final, hard punch to Ben’s nuts that made him howl in agony.

Ben’s nuts were beet-red – and he was dangerously close to being the overall loser. Dominik and Logan had lost once each, and Ben had lost twice.

“Ready for the spiked cage?” Dominik grinned as Ben cupped his sore balls, moaning in pain.

“Fuck you”, Ben groaned.

“The final round is shot put”, Dominik said. “And the loser is getting his nuts crushed ten times with the shot.”

Logan looked at him. “Shot put?” He glanced at Ben whose muscles made him a favorite to win this round. “Why did you chose that?”

Dominik grinned. “Cause I want to see you lose…”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Logan who lost. It was Dominik. The winner was Ben, just as expected, and he weighed the heavy ball in his hands, eager to crush Dominik’s balls with it.

They found a bench, and Dominik kneeled on the ground, placing his dick and balls on the bench.

“Let’s crush your nuts”, Ben said cheerfully.

And that’s what he did.

Ben demonstrated his considerable shot put skills as he brought the shot down on Dominik’s junk. His large hand had perfect control over the heavy object, and he made sure to target each nut individually, grinding it, flattening it and making Dominik squeal in agony.

Left nut.

Right nut.

Left nut.

Right nut.


Dominik screamed from the top of his lungs as Ben wreaked havoc on his manhood. Logan couldn’t help but cringe in sympathy as Ben destroyed Dominik’s last hope of jerking off this week.

Left nut.

Right nut.


Left nut.

Right nut.

“That’s ten”, Dominik whimpered.

“I haven’t counted ten yet”, Ben said with a cruel grin before bringing down the shot once again.


The head of Dominik’s dick was brutally flattened as both Logan and Ben roared with laughter.

It took a moment for Dominik to recover. When he joined his friends his dick and balls were bloated and bruised and fiery red.

Ben and Logan burst out laughing.

“Ouch!” Logan chuckled, playfully nudging his friends shoulders. “I bet that wasn’t what you had planned…”

Dominik let out a sigh.

“Now what’s the final tally?” Ben asked.

Dominik grimaced. “You lost twice and I lost twice.” He let out a deep sigh. “Coin toss.” He looked at Ben “Heads or tails?”

Ben chuckled. “Heads. But you don’t have to toss the coin. I always win.”

Dominik looked at him. “Careful! I have a feeling that you just signed a seven day vacation for your dick – in a spiked prison!”

Logan chuckled.

Ben shook his head. “Nah, I’m a lucky guy. I never lose at coin toss.”

Dominik and Logan looked at each other.

“I never lose at coin toss”, Ben repeated with a confident smile. “That’s the truth.” He leaned back, shrugging. “Toss the coin already.”

“You ever heard about karma?” Logan chuckled.

Ben turned to him, a blank stare on his face. “What do you mean?”

“Tempting fate”, Dominik said, “is pretty dangerous.”

Ben turned to him, a blank stare on his face. “What do you mean?”

“He means”, Logan chuckled, grabbing a coin and tossing it in the air. “That the muscle stud will end up in chastity.”

The coin landed.


“See?” Ben grinned. “I always win.”

Dominik blinked. “I don’t think I can stand another week in chastity.” The past seven days had been hell. His nuts were boiling with pent-up jizz, and he had been looking forward to shoot a load for days.

Logan chuckled. “I don’t think you have a choice, buddy…”

A few minutes later, Dominik’s dick was safely locked inside the spiked chastity cage. The severe swelling on his dick and balls caused the spikes to dig into the soft flesh of his genitals even though his dick wasn’t even hard.

“That looks painful”, Logan cringed.

“You know what looks even more painful?” Ben grinned.

Dominik knew that he was going to be the butt of this joke but before he could protect himself, Ben landed a full force kick on his caged cock, making him squeal in agony.

“This”, Ben dead-panned as Dominik sank to the ground, holding his junk.

Ben and Logan roared with laughter.

“See you next week!”


Anonymous said...

Awesome story, i loved it!
It's great to see Ben back to his best and this time he even managed to avoid the usual humiliation.

Dominik said...

Wow what a nice surprise, hadn't been expecting my story already, time kinda flew by!

And what a story it is! Excellent from start to finish, and exactly my cup of tea in BB stories. Well, I was kinda hoping for an additional competition just between me and Ben to decide our fate, but that's a minor thing and a coin toss is fine aswell. I guess neither me nor Ben were up for yet another "only 10" beats to the balls of a 6th round at the time. :D

That additional locked week is going to be hell, I hope the boys don't decide to try to break the spiked cage with stomps too! Besides, breaking this seriously premium spiked cage I bought just for our competition would be a shame because I yet need it to get it onto Ben's or Logan's dicks one of these days.

On this note, I also hope to see the spiked cage make a comeback in other stories!

Would love to see a continuation one day, but I know how many other stories are already queued up in the "... meets ..." series so no pressure if there isn't one. Maybe I'll try my hands on a sequel myself one day.


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

@Dominik: Knowing what a great, great writer you are I would love to read your sequel! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

I've looked at your list of stories to write, wow is it ever daunting! You are making peoples dream fantasies come true. That's pretty awesome.

This was such a fun story, and poor Dominik goes right back into the chastity cage. Stinks for him! He didn't even get to cum!

Your work is always stellar Alex!



Gino and Jayden Auther

Harry said...

Alex this story is awesome! Ben always cracks me up, but I was rolling on the floor because who else could claim to never lose at coin toss:)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

The list is pretty long at the moment - but can't tell you how happy I am to bring my readers fantasies to life! :-))

Yeah, that was my reaction, too - until I realized that, well, he was right, wasn't he? :-))

Anonymous said...

Right, Ben is a legend! Give it up for the biggest balls in the room!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like Ben so much! :-))