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The king's trial (written by Riley)

This is the third part of Riley's epic furry ballbusting series King Rush defends the crown jewels. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

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Author's note: I do not own the character of King Rush. I have been granted permission to post this story by the owner of the character of King Rush. Riley is my own created character.

Riley looked down at his tools laying by his feet before shifting his gaze to the king. He smiled to himself. King Rush was helpless, his wrists and ankles bound to the platform, his chest exposed and his trousers in tatters, left hanging from his ankles. His tight, bright blue briefs clung tightly to his manhood, if slightly disheveled due to a mean nut wedgie Riley had inflicted. The king’s cock stood erect, hard and twitching it fought to break free from the restraining fabric, while each of the king’s nuts had slipped slightly out of the leg-holes, exposed.

Riley’s cock twitched in his own trousers.

“P-please, R-Riley,” King Rush muttered, “I beg you, j-just stop.”

Riley didn’t respond. Instead, the young fox reach down and pulled out a pair of clamps. He smirked as the king inhaled sharply, anxious for what was still to come on this night. Riley stepped forward and without warning, rammed his fist up into King Rush’s exposed balls.

King Rush yelped, pain coursing through his body once more. He hunched forward as his abs tensed. Riley rubbed his free hand slowly down the king’s abs, brushing past his cock and pausing just below his balls. Then again, just as suddenly as before, Riley slammed his fist up into the king’s nuts.

“AGHH!” King Rush howled. “Not my b-balls! P-please!”

The young fox rammed his fist up once more, nailing the king’s exposed nuts hard with his knuckles. King Rush jolted as much as he could in his position, whimpering as he could do nothing to protect his crown jewels. Again, Riley punched, and again and again.

King Rush howled, hoping that someone, anyone, might hear him. “R-RILEY!”

Riley reached up to his king, stroking his face. “There, there, Your Majesty. Let me divert your pain, so you can handle some more!”

“W-what…” King Rush frowned, panting heavily, hoping for relief.

The young fox put his face close to King Rush’s left nipple, his tongue sliding from between his lips and licking the nipple. The king moaned, his cock twitching as his eyes rolled back into his head. Then Riley gave a playful nibble, a sharp but bearable sting forcing the king to grit his teeth. Riley chuckled to himself before releasing the king’s nipple and then placing the clamp there instead. It closed on King Rush’s nipple, and the king’s chest sent a jolt of pain shooting through his entire body.

The pain in his balls was forgotten for a moment as he struggled to adjust to the new pain throbbing from his nipple. But Riley wasn’t finished yet.

He climbed up on the platform and slammed his knee up between the king’s legs. King Rush cried out in pain as his nuts flattened on the young fox’s knee.

“AGHH!” he cried, “MY FUCKING NUTS!!”

Riley reached up with his hand and pinched the king’s right nipple, twisting slightly. Again, the king was distracted with a different pain as Riley smirked at him.

“R-Riley, s-stop this!” King Rush begged. “What can I do to stop this?”

Riley twisted harder, the king wincing more. “There is nothing you can do, Your Majesty. Nothing you can offer me. You have no power here.”

And with that Riley slammed his knee up once more into King Rush’s balls. The wolf howled as he struggled against his binds furiously to escape. Then the young fox took the second clamp and placed it on the king’s right nipple. The king hissed as the clamp was fixed to his nipple.

Riley climbed back down and admired his handiwork yet again. The king was completely his to play with, and there was no one about to stop him. Riley reached forward and grabbed the outline of King Rush’s cock in his briefs, squeezing roughly. The king moaned, and Riley couldn’t tell if it was in pain or pleasure.

Letting go of the royal member, Riley stepped back and slammed a kick into King Rush’s balls. The wolf cried out, his eyes crossing as a flood of sensations overwhelmed his brain. But before he had time to compose himself, Riley placed his foot on the king’s bulge, really leaning all his weight onto King Rush’s nuts.

“Ah, AHH, agh…” King Rush gulped and gasped, coughed and wheezed as his nuts were flattened by the bottom of Riley’s foot. “S-stop…”

Riley relented slightly, but then slapped the king’s right nut. “Oooh,” Riley said mockingly, “that’s got to hurt.”

King Rush winced in pain as Riley then slapped the king’s left nut. The pain in his balls was overwhelming the king, to the point where he almost couldn’t sense the nipple clamps.

The young fox took the king’s balls in each of his hands and squeezed, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from King Rush. “Rileeeeyyyyy!! No mooooooore!”

Riley let go and stepped back, staring at the king in pain. He hunched forward, his face mere inches away from the king’s balls. “Well, Your Majesty, your crown jewels are really quite exquisite.”

King Rush looked down, and trembled. Having the young fox’s face so close to his groin forced a twitch from his cock, a stirring in his loins. “R-Riley…”

Riley stretched out his tongue, gliding it across the king’s left nut. King Rush sighed with relief and the for once soft touch to his balls. “O-ooh, Riley…”

The king’s eyes rolled once more into the back of his head, as Riley’s tongue continued across to his right nut. Then slowly Riley focused his gaze to King Rush’s hard and twitching cock in his briefs, tracing the outline with his tongue until he reached the tip of the king’s member.

King Rush shuddered, his cock throbbing furiously. Riley continued to toy with the head of the king’s cock with his tongue as the wolf bit his lower lip, lost in complete pleasure. The young fox clamped onto the waistband of King Rush’s briefs with his teeth, slowly sliding them down to expose King Rush completely. Once the king’s underwear was around his thighs, Riley stood up and smirked, eyeing the king up and down.

King Rush’s cock pointed up to the ceiling, as his balls hung between his legs, slightly swollen from the abuse they were receiving. His head hung forward as he tried to comprehend all the emotions he was feeling. Riley stepped forward and slammed a kick into the king’s balls once more. King Rush yelped from the sudden kick, his balls slamming up into his pelvis as his cock bounced up against his navel.

The young fox chuckled to himself. “Oh, Your Majesty, this is simply too much fun!”

“Riley, p-please,” King Rush groaned, “I don’t know what you want from me! J-just let me go, p-please. I won’t mention this.”

Riley threw his head back and laughed, the maniacal cackle that sent shivers down King Rush’s balls. “You think I want this to be a secret, Your Majesty? No, no, this will not be a secret. It will be a well-known fact that I, Riley Vulpes, the so-called Ballbusting Bandit, busted King Rush’s balls until he came!”

King Rush’s eyes widened. “N-no, Riley, p-please don’t do that!”

The young fox’s eyes narrowed, and his voice grew sinister as he leaned into King Rush’s face. “I’m going to humiliate you, Your Majesty, much like…” his voice trailed off.

“Much like what…?” King Rush asked, beggingly.

Riley hesitated, then shook his head. “It doesn’t matter!”

He grunted, before powering a fist up into King Rush’s balls. The king cried out, growling in defeat as pain once more radiated throughout his entire body. Riley turned to the satchel and extracted the ball bag, turning back to the king with almost a scowl. He climbed up onto the platform, resting his bulge against the king’s bare cock and balls. King Rush moaned at the touch, before Riley reached forward and kissed the king on the lips. After what seemed like forever for King Rush, lost in the lips of the young fox, their lips parted, and Riley leaned back before stuffing the ball gag in the king’s mouth and fastening it tight to his head.

“Sometimes, Your Majesty,” Riley said as he finished tightening it and lowering himself from the platform, “you really do need to be quite.”

King Rush mumbled and muttered, trying to say something intelligible, but failed. He couldn’t even protest now, and this made him fear for the fate of his balls. Riley turned to the satchel and chose the whip. King Rush’s eyes widened, and he thrashed in his bindings.

Riley tilted his head at the king’s reaction. “No,” he said, rubbing his chin, “this won’t do at all.”

The young fox tossed the whip back into the satchel, then bent down and pulled out his blindfold. King Rush tried to voice his protest but nothing he said made any sense. Riley smirked as he approached slowly, raising the blindfold to the king’s face.

“I want you to sense only one thing, Your Majesty.” The young fox said. “And that sense is pain. I don’t want you to see it, only to feel it.”

King Rush tried to turn his head to avoid the blindfold, but Riley ultimately prevailed, sliding it over the king’ eyes. For King Rush, everything went black. But for Riley, everything looked perfect.

King Rush was panting heavily now. He was whimpering slightly with nerves, unsure of what to expect.

Riley smirked to himself, rubbing his own cock in his trousers as he enjoyed a moment of peace staring at the wolf all tied up. ‘He looks so fucking hot…’ the young fox thought to himself.

He snapped himself out of his thoughts and backhanded the king’s nuts hard. King Rush didn’t see it coming, literally. But pain exploded through his balls as the fox’s knuckles smacked into his bare nuts with a resounded THWACK!

The king screamed into his gag, a jumble of muffled sounds escaping him. In his state of weakness, Riley slammed a fist into the king’s stomach, crushing King Rush’s abs hard. The king was winded, groaning. Riley reached down and slapped the king’s cock, bouncing it against his navel once more with droplets of pre-cum spraying his abs. Riley smirked as he noticed the king’s cock leaking profusely.

“Oooh, yes,” the fox’s eyes glimmered, “now we are getting somewhere!”

Riley’s finger reached down to the king’s cock, his finger gliding over the head of King Rush’s cock and swiping up some precum. The king moaned in pleasure at Riley’s soft touch. The young fox brought his finger up to his mouth, his tongue licking his finger, tasting the king’s pre-cum and sighing in approval.

King Rush couldn’t see anything but felt everything. His cock was twitching as he moaned into his gag his protest of his ball abuse. ‘Why my nuts? Why my balls…?’ he thought.

Unbeknownst to the king, Riley had grabbed the whip. It wasn’t too long, short enough to cause some stings. But Riley didn’t want to cause any lasting damage. He just wanted the king to be humiliated. That would be enough.

He lashed the whip across the inner thigh of King Rush. The wolf howled into his gag a melody of protest at this new sensation. Once more the whip lashed across the inner thigh of King Rush, and again and again. Riley paused, breathing heavily from the exertion he had just used to punish the king’s inner thigh.

King Rush was whimpering, groaning into his gag. The blindness only added to his fear now, as without seeing left him unprepared for whatever may come next. The next thing he felt was Riley grab the nipple clamps and twist them both. King Rush arched his back and grimaced, trying to escape the pain as he squirmed and thrashed in his bindings.

Riley paused and stepped back, then reached down and gently caressed the crown jewels. The king sighed at the soft touch and couldn’t help his cock twitching at the young fox’s gentler gesture. A slight drop of pre-cum trickled slowly down the king’s cock and onto Riley’s hand. The young fox smirked and brought his hand up to his lips before licking the king’s cum.

Riley grasped King Rush’s cock and started stroking it slowly. King Rush shuddered with pleasure as his knees came together as much as they could, and he hunched forward. The young fox was pleasuring him, and he didn’t know how to act. There was such an air of unpredictability with the young fox, that King Rush was too afraid to succumb entirely to one emotion or the next.

Riley lowered his head towards the wolf’s groin, stretched out his tongue and slowly traced the entire length of the king’s cock. King Rush moaned.

Then Riley stood up. “Now, my King, it is time for the grand finale!”

The young fox reached up and removed the blindfold. King Rush had to blink rapidly for his eyes to adjust, but when they did, he saw his captors face. In this light, King Rush felt his heart skip a beat. Those green eyes of the young fox were alluring, mesmerizing, hypnotizing. And then the young fox’s knee slammed up into his balls and King Rush remembered that this cute fox was in fact sadistic.

“I took the liberty of preparing the grandest of finales for you, Your Majesty!” Riley said as he moved around towards the side of the platform that the king was bound to.

King Rush tried to follow the young fox’s movements with his eyes, but the pain in his nether region radiating through him made it difficult. Out of the corner of his gaze he saw Riley grab hold of a rotating lever.

“This little contraption,” the young fox begun as he started rotating the lever, “has not been used in many years.” The platform that the king was bound to started to rotate backwards, slowly.

“But I have waited many years to use it for you, My King.” Riley continued as the platform creaked and groaned, rotating backwards more and more. The king was now horizontal when Riley stopped rotating the lever.

The young fox leant over the platform, his face hovering above the kings. Again, King Rush locked eyes with the fox and they held each other’s gaze. The young fox reached up and gently unfastened the gag, removing it and allowing the king to gasp and recover his breath. “P-please, R-Riley, s-stop this…”

Riley lowered his face and their lips locked, just as Riley’s hand reach down, brushing past the king’s erect cock and taking a hold of his balls, gently rubbing and caressing. The kiss was

sudden, and King Rush gasped at first before closing his eyes and reciprocating. But just as he was lowering his guard, the young fox stopped and retreated, stepping back to the lever.

“Sorry, Your Majesty,” Riley smirked, grabbing the rotating lever and turning it again, “but we have little time to lose.”

Again, the platform began to move, and the king could feel himself becoming disoriented. More and more the platform turned until it came to a grinding halt, and King Rush was now completely upside down. King Rush felt the bindings on his wrists and ankles tighten as his weight shifted uncomfortably. He squirmed and writhed, trying to wriggle free but Riley had outdone himself. There was no breaking free. He heard the light footsteps of Riley approaching. The young fox stood in front of the king, looking down at him. The king looked up, past the young fox’s bulge which was immediately in front of the king’s face, and to Riley’s face.

“Comfortable?” The corner of Riley’s mouth curled into a taunting smirk. Just as King Rush was about to voice his protest, the young fox looked up and then slammed a fist down onto the king’s vulnerable nuts.

King Rush howled as his balls were once more flattened against his own body, Riley’s knuckles grinding them flat as he held his fist in place and continued the pain. “P-PLEASE R-RILEYYYY!”

The young fox removed his fist from the crown jewels and smiled, leaning in closer to the king’s groin. He gently kissed each of the king’s testicles before licking once more the length of King Rush’s cock. The king could do nothing but moan and whimper and gasp in a mix of pain and pleasure and uncertainty. His mouth agape, he breathed heavily as his crotch was exposed to the young fox’s torment.

“Now is the time to end this night, Your Majesty.” Riley lowered his hands to his own trousers and undid the button. “It has been fun,” he continued as he unzipped, “well, fun for me at least.”

Slowly Riley lowered his trousers, exposing his yellow briefs, immediately gaining the entirety of King Rush’s attention. The king licked his lips as his eyes focused on the young fox’s bulge, the obvious hard on tenting in the briefs. Riley then lowered his own underwear, his cock bouncing free mere inches from the king’s face. The young fox reached down and toyed with his own cock in front of King Rush’s face, almost teasing the king.

“R-Riley,” King Rush gulped, his eyes staring at the young fox’s cock, “w-what are…”

The king was interrupted as Riley thrust forward, his cock sliding into King Rush’s mouth. The king’s eyes bulged as his mouth was suddenly full of the young fox’s member. Riley murmured as he felt the king’s lips take hold of him, and gently began thrusting back and forth.

Then, Riley slammed his fist into the king’s balls yet again. King Rush howled as best he could, his cries of anguished muffled by the cock stuffed in his mouth. Aggressively, the young fox reached up and grabbed the king’s member with his left hand, stroking as he reached up with his right hand and grabbed the king’s testicles in a vice-like grip squeezing.

King Rush’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. There was almost too much going on for him to handle; he had a cock in his mouth thrusting back and forth as he effectively sucked, while his own cock was being jerked and his balls abused.

Riley continued thrusting, and King Rush could feel the young fox’s cock throbbing in his mouth. Meanwhile, Riley was stroking the cock of the king, and had released the royal orbs from his grip. But before the king could even slightly recover, Riley launched another punch into the king’s balls.

King Rush shuddered in pain but couldn’t scream because of the cock in his mouth. Riley continued to plow into the king’s face, himself nearing climax. But he had to hold off, he knew he had to. Because tonight was about humiliating the king. Tonight, he was going to bust the cum out of the crown jewels.

Again, he slammed a fist into King Rush’s nuts, and the king whimpered as pre-cum was forced from his cock, dripping down onto his chest. The king thrashed in his bindings trying to free himself. But the king felt Riley’s hand wrap around his bare balls and squeeze, stretching them upwards.

The king shrieked, as muffled as it was, as Riley continued to torment his balls. The shrieking and ownership he had over the king’s jewels was too much for Riley. He shuddered before shooting his load deep in King Rush’s mouth.

King Rush’s eyes went wide as he felt the warm load fill his mouth, before slightly choking and swallowing it all down. Riley paused, resting himself against the king, his cock still in his mouth with his balls resting on King Rush’s nose. The king’s eyes glazed over as he caught the young fox’s scent.

Riley reached up, putting his hands on either side of the king’s hips and pushed his midsection back, his cock sliding from King Rush’s mouth. King Rush licked his lips, dribbling a mix of saliva and cum. Riley breathed heavily, panting as he pulled his briefs and trousers slowly up.

King Rush was also panting, as the abuse of his balls also seemed to stop. “R-Riley? Are you d-done?”

“Of course not, Your Majesty.” The young fox smirked, his eyes flashing towards King Rush’s. “I just wanted to have some fun first. After all, you might not have any energy to, soon.”

Riley raised his fist and hovered it above the king’s exposed and vulnerable nuts. The king’s eyes widened, but his cock twitched. “R-Riley, w-wait…”

The young fox ignored his king. Instead, he slammed his fist down. Once more, King Rush’s nuts were flattened against his pelvis, and the wolf howled. Riley’s eyes glimmered as he focused on the king’s abs tensing with the blow to his crown jewels. Again, Riley pounded his fist into the royal orbs, and again they flattened against the king’s own body.

“R-RILEYYYYYY!” King Rush howled as his cock leaked profusely with pre-cum, “S-S-STOPPP!”

This time, Riley used his left fist and slammed it into the king’s abs, just below his belly button. The king grunted in shock, slumping in his bindings. His guard weakened even more, and no longer tensing, the young fox’s eyes drifted up to the king’s bare testicles. He smirked.

“Please, Riley,” the king begged with tears in his eyes, “n-no more. I beg of you. My balls, t-they can’t take anymore.”

“I don’t know about that, Your Majesty,” Riley said, taking the king’s rock-hard cock in his hand, forcing a shudder from King Rush. “To me, it looks like you can’t get enough!”

“No, no, nooo!” King Rush whimpered as Riley squeezed his cock. He knew what was about to happen, it had been building to this all night.

Riley gave the king one last smirk, before slamming his right fist into the king’s bare balls. He kept his fist there, flattening them and grinding the crown jewels. King Rush howled and squirmed and moaned, before his whole body twitched and convulsed, and he couldn’t hold it any longer. The king’s cock twitched slightly before shooting jet after jet of cum.

It oozed all over the king’s abs and chest, even landing on King Rush’s face. The king moaned and groaned, his body shuddering with every jet of cum. Riley smirked as cum shot all over his hands, and kept grinding away, making sure every drop was pressed out of the king’s nuts.

Eventually the king’s body stopped shuddering, and he released a long and heavy sigh, slumping in his bindings. Riley looked down at King Rush. He was completely covered in his own cum. Riley couldn’t help but get a little aroused again at this sight, the king completely owned and humiliated. ‘Well, not totally humiliated yet,’ he thought to himself.

Riley went to his tool bag and retrieved a small vial, using it to trace it along the king’s abs and scoop up any cum he found there. Sealing the vile, he stored it in a small wooden ice box he had constructed earlier. Then reached back to his tool satchel and retrieved his chloroform and cloth.

King Rush sniffled, feeling his cum beginning to dry in his fur. “P-please, Riley, p-please.”

Riley knelt in front of King Rush. He caressed the side of the king’s face. “Fear not, Your Majesty, we are almost done.”

Once more, King Rush locked eyes with the young fox. He was completed defeated and spent, his balls aching and throbbing in pain. But Riley leaned forward once more and planted yet another kiss on the king’s lips. King Rush closed his eyes, completely lost in the passionate lock of lips, before Riley retreated suddenly, and covered the king’s face in the chloroform cloth.

~ ~ ~

King Rush stirred at the sound of voices. Everything was still black, but he blinked, slowly at first as his vision blurred. “W-what…?” he murmured.

The voices grew louder, and he tried to move, but his hands were tied behind him. “What is this?” he grunted.

Quickly he realized he was seated with his hands tied behind something. Finally, his vision returned, and he opened his eyes. It was blinding at first, but he soon recognized the faces of a crowd of townsfolk gathered around him. They were pointing and murmuring, some stifling laughter, some staring with shock.

King Rush looked around. He was in the town square. He glanced down and gasped in horror. He was wearing only the briefs he had on before, but Riley had drawn a target symbol, directly on his prominent bulge. He noticed that there were clumps of his fur, matted together with dried cum.

“No…” King Rush sniffled.

Hanging around his neck was a rope from which a sign was draped. Painted with sinister lettering which read ‘KING RUSH: VICTIM OF THE BALLBUSTING BANDIT’.

A child broke free from the crowd and approached the king. He seemed innocent, and King Rush was speechless, his heart racing with embarrassment. The child looked up and down at the king. “Are you okay, Your Majesty?”

King Rush nodded but said nothing. The child looked down at King Rush’s bulge. “Is that a target?”

The king looked down at his bulge and saw the target symbol. He looked back to the child and nodded. The child stepped back, then raised a foot back.

King Rush widened his eyes in fear. “N-no, no, no, wait…!”

The child slammed his foot into King Rush’s bulge. King Rush howled as his eyes crossed in pain. There was a shuffle in the crowd as the parents of the child whisked the kid away, scolding him. Tears filled King Rush’s eyes as the crowd laughed, and members of the royal guard finally broke through.

As pain radiated once more through the king’s crown jewels, he grimaced. Slowly, and in silence for fear of knowing not what to say, the guards helped untie the king. Finally, his hands free, King Rush reached down and cradled his tender balls.

He frowned. He was going to have to put an end to this. The ‘Ballbusting Bandit’ was going to pay.

He winced as he nursed his aching jewels, as the guards threw a cloak over him and helped him back to the castle.

‘I’m coming for you, Riley’ he thought, rubbing his bulge.

King Rush had had enough.

to be continued


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's really close to bestiality.

Mickey said...

As much as I feel sorry for King Rush, I have to say I love the part where he got busted by a random boy after he accidentally gave permission 😆😆😆