Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What would you do to Dan's nuts?

Our reader shrews12001 had a wonderful idea for a new series of interactive posts for this blog: A reader provides some pics of their nuts, and the rest of us use the comments section to share their fantasies and describe what we would do to them.

(If you want to see your own balls up here please send your pics to alex@ballbustingboys.org or alexander.nehling@gmx.net.)

Today we'll have a look at Dan's balls. You can reach Dan via email by the way if you want to talk to him in private (cbtguydan@gmail.com). Now, let's see what he has to offer.

Damn! That is an awesome pair of balls, and it looks like there's a big, fat dick hiding in those boxers! Can we get a better lock, please?

Oh, what a beauty! And those nuts... Damn, Dan, those things are just screaming for a beating! Now let go of those nuts and show us how they're hanging.

Oooooh! What a nice pair of lowhangers! You must be so proud of them! No wonder you like to show them off!

How I would love to get into the showers with you and kick those fat nuts as hard as I can!

Wow, don't these balls look great tied up? Too bad the dick is hidden. Can we get a closer look?

Oh, that's a monster! The nuts look almost small in comparison.

Yeah, well, no - not small at all. Especially when they are swollen from a few kicks. Would you love to get your hands on those nuts and squeeze them hard? Press your fingers into the soft meat until Dan screams for mercy?

Now look at that - the monster is hard again! Let's have one final look at those nuts when they are not tied up:

Now over to you: What would you do to Dan's fat, cum-filled balls? Share your ideas by leaving a comment, no matter how detailed or vague, how long or short. Let's make those balls hurt!


Boymilking said...

A bucket will be tied at his balls.now he makes an obstacle course and two boys run after him to out water in the bucket.the balls hang lower and lower and the cock Beginns to shoot out milk.

Boymilking said...

Water in the bucket

Boymilking said...

They pour water in the bucket
What a translation

shrews12001 said...

Oh damn. That is a nice piece. And what juicy clangers. I almost dont want to punish them but that's what they're here for right?
CBT? So straight torture? And that fucking hog is fair play? Oh I'm going to have fun with you.
Question: how much pain can a magic wand cause?
Answer: that depends on how many of these needles i use to skewer your meat and veggies.
Oh calm down. With such a juicy looking set of eggs and sausage you're lucky I'm not going to slap your boy kabobs on a grill.
I like your rope work so lets use that to our advantage. Get those babymakers nice and low in this smooth ballbag of yours. Mmm they look so tasty. I have to try a little.
Mmm-hmmm mmph. I usually dont suck my victims balls like that but they just look so delicious i cant help it. And your beast seemed to like it. This is going to be so fucking hot.
Now hands behind your back, eyes open, and you're going to ask foe every single one of these needles to pierce your gorgeous cock and balls. You dont want to see what happens if i dont think you're being gracious.
Left or right? Pick your favorite nut and lets begin.
Right? Ok. Nice and slow......ooh goddamn that must hurt. All the way in and out. Now a little cap and theres our first one.
Now i have a few boxes. Way more than i should need. But we're going to conduct an experiment her. Can you take 30 needles to the nads without nutting like the pain slut you are? And if so then starting right through the middle of that mushroom head how many cock piercings does it take to bust your nut? If you're a good boy and make it to 50 we'll see how long i have to vibrate your junk from the inside out before you blow your load.
Either way i promise you'll get to cum. After all i deserve a reward to.

CbtGuyDan said...

Sounds like lots of fun if you ask me ;P

CbtGuyDan said...

Ohh boy, I tried needles before and holy.. I couldn't take them in my balls but my dick wasnt as sensitive but obviously bled a lot more than my balls, but you sound like u got some real brutal fantasies which is hot, love your comments on pretty much all of the posts but I obviously like this one the most :P

shrews12001 said...

:) thanks. I was telling another reader i dont have really brutal fantasies in my personal life but this blog does a great job of more lighthearted content so i try to gear my comment posts to the more extreme side. Just so there's a variety to be had. Glad you're enjoying the majority of them though. I do admit they're not all for everyone but with each one I'm trying something a different if i can.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to edge u for hours, punch ur nuts hard every time u get close. Play with ur balls as I slowly jack u off, tugging and squeezing on them until ur rock hard and groaning each time i tug on them.
Maybe have u on ur knees, jacking urself off. Send my foot flying into ur crotch hard enough to knock the breath out of u

Alex said...

wow very very beatiful!
i want squeeze hard your big balls!

CbtGuyDan said...

Damn, I love that.. Id spread my legs for you, cant promise I'll keep them that way after a while tho haha ;D

CbtGuyDan said...

Thats hot, would let u do that whenever u want to ;)

CbtGuyDan said...

Oh cool, well I know one thing for sure and that is, that ure doing one hell of a good job on these posts, and it was a great idea hehe.
Oh and before I forget, I bet ud be good at writing stories.