Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The B Factor - Season 2: Squeeze 'em hard (Elimination #8)


In our eigth elimination round of The B Factor - Season 2 we asked you to answer the following question: Who is most likely to win a Nut Squeeze Battle? 198 votes have been counted, and here are the results:

SAFE FOR NOW (in alphabetical order):
Chris Hemsworth
Dave Franco
KJ Apa

THE BOTTOM TWO (in alphabetical order):

Dylan O'Brien
Nick Jonas


Dylan O'Brien with 26 % of the vote.

(More than one answer per vote was possible, so the total percentage adds up to more than 100%. The full, unredacted results of the elimination rounds will be published before the final episode of The B Factor.)

Dylan is out, and here's his story, written by my wonderful friend Jason. Without Jason there would be no B Factor! :-))


Squeeze 'em hard (written by Jason)

Featured in this story: Dylan O'Brien

Although the filming of Dylan O’Brien’s new movie was suspended for a while due to the pandemic, work resumed in mid-November, of course with strict adherence to the protocol.

Under the new rules, only the indispensable individuals can be in the filming locations, everyone else will be sent away. So it turned out that many times only one cameraman and a smaller crew could be on the scene.

Since the film tells a one-man story starring Dylan as he fights his own demons in a horror film, there was no need for a big crew, only Jack, a 25-year-old promising young cameraman, and two 40s crew members were present, who were responsible for the lighting. The director directed the young actor from a different location.

Jack and Dylan were sympathetic to each other from the first moment. Jack was 25, recently graduated from a prestigious university and this was his second job in Hollywood. The African-American cameraman was tall, muscular, and always wore a tight white t-shirt that made him downright sexy.

On the first day of filming, Dylan and Jack were already so friendly with each other that they had lunch together and Dylan also invited the boy to his trailer for dinner. Dylan, 29, enjoyed listening to the newcomer’s initial Hollywood experience. Jack recounted how many times he would face discrimination even in 2020, and Dylan, as a dedicated supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, assured the boy of his empathy and support and promised him that he could count on him at any time.

During the dinner, the conversation turned to even more personal topics: Dylan told the young cameraman about his family, and the latter told Dylan that he was a closeted homosexual. Dylan was honored to be introduced to the secret by Jack a day after they met and asked about his experience with men. By this time, a couple of glasses of wine had been seized, so Jack spoke openly to him about his ballbusting fetish.

Dylan didn't take Jack's words seriously at first, but as Jack enthusiastically told him a story that he once grabbed the nutsack of one of his buddies and was immediately hard after, Dylan realized the boy was serious:

“But what’s the pleasure of having your nuts hurt?” Dylan asked.

“It’s not the pain itself that matters for me, it’s that someone knows it’s your weak spot and takes advantage of it.” Jack replied.

“I understand. And you’d just do it to any random person?”

“No, of course not. I prefer the pretty guys.”

“Am I in this group?” Dylan asked.

“Hell yeah...”

“Then should I be afraid or what?" Dylan laughed.

“Maybe.” Jack replied mysteriously.

The next morning, Dylan and Jack were quite hungover, so they had a coffee in the canteen. Dylan joked about last night’s ballbusting theme, “What a ballbuster day,” he said, to which Jack grimaced strangely. The cameraman regretted a little that he had initiated the actor into his secrets.

Dylan teased Jacket all day, pretending to hit him there, other times he showed him a video of a punching bag...the situation began to become uncomfortable for Jack.

At lunch, Dylan tried to reach Jack's testicles with his feet under the table, smiling wildly. Jack had enough. He pretended as if he had dropped something, and when he was under the table, he grabbed Dylan's crotch. The grip only lasted for a moment, but Dylan started coughing from it and he held his belly in pain. As Jack left the dining room, he whispered in Dylan's ear:

“That's the feeling when they take advantage of your weak spot. Yeah. And your breath stinks of tuna.” He said.

Between filming two scenes in the afternoon, Dylan apologized to the cameraman for his childish behavior, so by evening they were in a friendly mood again. That night, they had a big party in Dylan’s trailer, but this time they also invited the other two crew members, who worked with them this week.

Morris and Rupert were in their 40s. The former had long gray hair but a very boyish face, while the latter was completely bald and resembled Bruce Willis.

After rolling down a few drinks, Dylan started teasing Jack again, but this time Jack was also a buyer for fun. During the evening, they grabbed each other's sack several times at the sight of the two older men, who at first seemed surprised to see this, but later only laughed at their silly reaction.

Dylan himself didn't even know why he initiated the game, as his testicles were rather weak and he was on the ground for minutes after a small squeeze, but for some reason he was excited that a gay guy wouldn't judge, and since he knew it was Jack's fetish, Dylan secretly took advantage of the situation to get close to the beautiful man through the game.

And Jack finally gave himself over to the pleasure. He could finally do what he loved, with people who didn’t despise him and didn’t find what he did weird. Sure, he didn't tell Morris or Rupert that he was excited about the whole thing, but he was glad the two older men were reacting to the situation the same way Dylan did.

Eventually, Morris and Rupert didn’t actually get into the game, so they didn’t even understand the intensity of the playful moments. In one moment, Dylan accidentally caught Jack's cock. The actor felt the cameraman’s long circumcised dick as it hardened as a result of the game. Dylan held the penis in his hand for a while, then groped down to find Jack's low hanging balls and grabbed them. Jack roared in pain while Rupert from the background encouraged Dylan to squeeze harder.

Slowly the clock struck midnight and everyone was tired, so Jack figured out that he would give a final push to Dylan, who had tortured him quite harshly before. He wanted to see Dylan's face the pain he had caused him a few minutes earlier.

So when Dylan didn't pay attention, Jack whispered to Morris and Rupert that he’d prank his friend and that he needed their help to achieve that. The two men didn't hesitate much, they grabbed the surprised Dylan's hand, stretched his legs so Jack could reach between his legs to torture his testicles.

Rupert even pulled off Dylan's pants so the actor's penis and testicles could be easily seen with the naked eye. Dylan's average penis and two enormously saggy nuts trembled as the actor tried freeing himself. But there was no escape, Jack grabbed the boy's pathetic sack and wrapped it around.

Seeing that the two testicles were already a little reddened from stretching, he let them go and then waited a few moments for Dylan to catch his breath. Dylan no longer smiled. And he begged the guys to stop the torture.

A few minutes later, Jack grabbed Dylan's balls again, but this time he didn't let go. He looked into the actor's eyes and held his sack tightly. He scanned the two testicles and put pressure first on the left one and then on the other one. Dylan gasped for air. The boy felt there was no way out of this. Laughter could be heard from the background, everyone except Dylan enjoyed the situation. 


Eight down, four to go. The B Factor - Season 2 continues! 


JJ said...

This is a really hot story!

Jason said...

Thank you for the nice words, JJ! :)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Jason,

Great story, super sad that Dylan did not make the cut (he was my number one pick). Great story to bow out it. Nicely written!



Jason said...

Dylan did so well in the prev. few rounds (he was 2nd for like 3-4 times a row), so I don't know what has happened. But Top 5 is nice! :) Thanks for the lovely feedback!

Harry said...

Jason, this story is great! My fave of the series. Jack is sexy, and it's a nice contrast to have a character involved who isn't a famous heartthrob.

Jason said...

Hey Harry, thanks! :) Jack is absolutely fictional, and that model guy inspired him! haha