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Q&A with ball bash wrestling star Rocky Sparks


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Rocky Sparks is the new star of ball bash wrestling. A few weeks ago I featured two of his hottest ball bash videos here on the blog, and since then he has published another awesome video that ball bash enthusiasts like you and me will absolutely LOVE! (Rocky Sparks & Freddy Campbell: Ball Battle + Cumshots Ft. Ash DeLeon (24:25 min) is available at pornhub for $14.99.)

I had the chance to talk to Rocky about ballbusting, wrestling and other kinky stuff.

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter

Q: I am a huge fan of your work, Rocky, thank you so much for taking the time for this! How did you get into ball bash wrestling? Did wrestling get you into ballbusting or was it the other way around?

Rocky: I remember watching ballbash videos on a website (Kramtoad?) when I was younger and jerking off to them, so the seeds of that were probably planted long ago. I definitely liked BG East videos and other wrestling videos/pics that had ball grabs in them. That said, I hadn't tried it out and it had taken a back seat to other kinks of my 20s (edging, tickling, bondage). Honestly, I think I was scared that it would hurt too much if I actually tried it, killing any erotic associations I might have with it. A couple years ago though, I decided I wanted to branch out and try some kinks I hadn't before. Once I found out about the gay wrestling community, the curiosity about ballbusting definitely came back into mind, along with a new one: gutpunching. So wrestling definitely opened the door for me to try it out for real.
Q: Tell us about the first wrestling match that left you with a pair of sore balls.

Rocky: My very first wrestling match, with an experienced and sexy guy I met on a trip to Austin, actually involved a great deal of ball squeezing. I remember suggesting to him that I was open to ballbusting, along with gutpunching. He definitely made sure to explore a great deal of both. It was a hot match, lasting about an hour, and he was taller than me and had a lot of moves up his sleeve whereas I had no idea what I was doing. He immediately managed to get me in a lot of tough holds, and then to torment me he'd grab and squeeze my balls. I'd yell and growl, and it definitely did hurt, often a lot, but my adrenaline was also high and I was horny as hell, so it read as a hot mix of pleasure and pain. It definitely turned me on, being dominated like that. Eventually he stripped me out of the singlet and continued with the ball squeezing whenever he'd get me in a hold, mixing in some gutpunching here-and-there. By the end of the match I basically felt high -- having your first erotic match is already a completey surreal experience, and the adrenaline only contributes to that. The sore balls felt good, similar to how your muscles feel good in a super satisfying way when they're sore from a workout.
Q: What made you want more of that?

Rocky: Hard to say -- I can't really put my finger on why I have this kink. But when I thought back on that match those were definitely some of the moments that stood out most. I was still a little nervous, to do it again because I was still concerned it might hurt too much. You don't really have a sense of how comparatively hard somebody is going on you when it's your only time, so I expected that it could possibly hurt a lot more. As it turns out, though, my pain tolerance (at least for this specifically) is pretty high.

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter

Q: I’m pretty sure that most of the time you are on the receiving end of the ballbashing – and it seems like you are very turned on by it. Do you enjoy getting your nuts crushed?

Rocky: Enjoy might be a strange term for it. I can't claim that it doesn't hurt when it's actually happening. However, once you're a decent amount of the way into a session, your body does start to register the pain less and the pleasure more. It can almost be an out of body experience -- you're so turned on by the knowledge and the visual image of what is happening, that you dissociate a bit from the literal physical feeling. So do I enjoy getting my nuts crushed? I enjoy pushing myself to see what I can take, and I enjoy thinking about having a hot guy tormenting my nuts, and I'm definitely turned on by it while it's happening. So yes, on the whole I do enjoy it, but in the moment I reflexively resist it because it DOES still hurt. I don't think I'd find it as hot if it didn't hurt, though. But when I think back on it, I mostly just remember how hot it was and I get hard if I think about it for any amount of time.
Q: Would you like to turn the tables and bust a pair of balls now and then?

Rocky: The few times I've gotten the chance to, I've really enjoyed it. I think it's best if I find somebody with a similar pain threshold as me, cause I enjoy it most when I can give as hard as I'd expect to get. Given that actually exploring ballbusting is still relatively new to me, I imagine I'll be finding opportunities to bash another guy's balls way more often in the future. I especially love gas pedaling a guy, feeling my bare foot pressing down on their hot balls. I actually just released a match where I probably spent more time bashing than receiving, and it was super hot. I could see myself trying out a whole session as the basher in the future if the right victim appears.

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter

Q: Many guys experience ballbusting not in a sexual but in a male bonding context, like sack tapping, playing games like Nutball or Roshambo, hitting each other in the nuts in good fun. Do you have any experiences with your friends like that?

Rocky: I definitely fantasized about that when I was younger, but nah, I didn't really have friends who I felt like I had the kind of relationship with to explore that growing up. I was a bit of a nerdy out-of-shape kid at the time, and didn't have the kind of bro-ey friendships I feel like you'd need for that to be a possibility. But yeah, I definitely thought about it (and masturbated to the idea) quite a bit.

Q: Do you do ballbusting sessions without filming them?

Rocky: It's funny that you ask that -- one thing I've realized as Rocky Sparks is that the exhibitionist aspect of my sexuality is a pretty major kink on its own. At this point, more of my sexual/kinky/wrestling sessions are on camera than off. I'm more turned on knowing that I'm going to be able to watch it, edit it, and release it later. I legitimately enjoy the video editing part of it, since that's something I've already had experience with. Plus, it's super hot knowing that others are watching them and enjoying them. A friend asked me the other day: "Do you ever have sex off-camera anymore?" which made me chuckle. So yeah, I'd say you can expect that most of my future kink sessions, ballbusting or whatever else, will eventually make its way to my pornhub page. I have had some wrestling matches that involve ballbusting that are unfilmed, but for the most part my best sessions are all filmed.
Also I want to nerd out about the tech and business side of video making for a second:
For anybody filming themselves, whatever smartphone you have made in the last few years is more than adequate. It's going to be MUCH better than the webcam on your laptop. The key to making videos look good is much more about your setup -- in particular, the lighting. Make sure that you have as much light as possible for your scene, but avoid backlighting if possible. If you really wanna up your game and you've got somebody willing to film you, buy a smartphone gimbal to keep the camera motion silky smooth. If you're just setting up a stationary camera, film it in landscape mode.
I chose pornhub to sell my videos primarily because it's the most popular porn site in the world. It's the youtube of porn. Most people I know who release their own stuff use Onlyfans, but I guess I just have an aversion to a subscription model for whatever reason. I've been burned too many times by subscribing to things and forgetting about them and getting billed for many months. Plus, I don't feel beholden to releasing on any particular schedule if I just sell them individually. Lastly, it's way easier to figure out how to split proceeds with my scene partners (like Ash) if I know exactly how much each video has made. I imagine it's a lot harder to figure out how to fairly split profits on Onlyfans.
I think the biggest benefit of pornhub, though, is that it sort of promotes your stuff for you, and it keeps getting more views/sales the longer it's been there. Pornhub is actually a site people spend time browsing and can come across your videos organically, whereas you have to pretty much handle ALL the promotion for other sites. I've considered doing Clips4sale as well, since they also have a landing page to promote your stuff, but it came down to Pornhub's site just being more popular and more modern-looking.
Just felt like typing that out here cause I get asked about that from time to time :)

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter

Q: What was your most exciting ballbusting experience (either on camera or not)?

Rocky: I've had so many good ones, but I'll go with two that really stand out. One was my session with Ash on that beautiful sunny day that started in my room and moved to my living room. That came at the tail end of several days we spent together, having already had a group wrestling session and a professional photo shoot. So I think we had a lot of pent up energy to do some 1-1 play. He punched my abs and slapped my balls a bunch, but there was one really great squeeze I remember that stands out. Then we moved downstairs and continued the session with my arms tied above my head, and during one part he gave me 6 or 7 HARD slaps in a row, and I remember the last one in particular REALLY hurt -- my housemate who was filming also recoiled a bit when it landed. Finally, he squeezed my nuts as he made me cum, which was just totally hot.
The other encounter was with a guy in a hotel. He was super strong and had this amazing gruff energy, and we had agreed to have a no-holds-barred rough match that would include ballbusting. He had mentioned he was a bit nervous about that part specifically but was very down to try as part of a rough match. Anyways, the whole time it felt very primal and hot, and there were a few ball strikes here and there, but the part I remember most vividly is him jerking off onto my chest while pinning me down schoolboy-style and repeatedly punching my balls. He was hitting me hard, and I was squirming and yelling but I was SO turned on, and after he came I just got to enjoy the ball soreness with his cum all over my chest and face (another fetish of mine). Honestly it's one of the hottest single moments I can remember from any encounter I've ever had -- I got hard just typing that up.

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter

Q: You seem to have a very special relationship to Ash DeLeon. Tell us about that!

Rocky: When I did my most recent branching-out into new kinks, one of the first people I found was Ash. I was just messaging random profiles on Recon from around the country of people who had a lot of overlapping interests with mine, and I happen to come across his profile. Ash is an incredibly welcoming and encouraging guy, as I'm sure anybody who's corresponded with him can speak to. I was pretty immediately attracted to him. He told me about MeetFighters, which I've used almost exclusively to find new wrestlers and kink partners since then. I had started talking to Ash right before I went on that trip to Austin, and I just knew we had to meet up. So next thing you knew, I booked a flight up to meet with him right after returning from Austin. I was a little nervous to meet him at first, but our chemistry was honestly pretty immediate from the moment we got to the hotel room. We filmed a long day of wrestling, gutpunching, and ballbusting, and I was also just full of questions for him, especially regarding his time at BG East.
Initially I was nervous when he invited me to BG East because I really didn't have much experience, but I also sort of knew in the back of my head that it was going to happen the second he mentioned the possibility. We met up again for a second hotel match right before I filmed with him for BG East, and had another extremely hot session where he taught me some moves. Our chemistry hadn't waned at all, and watching that session back again, it's just apparent that we have a really good rhythm together.
One of the best things about the kink and wrestling communities is that there's a huge openness towards different views on relationships, and it's the norm to communicate everything about your sexual/romantic situation up front. Unlike Ash, I'm not interested in having a boyfriend or being any sort of formalized romantic relationship, and I always communicate that fairly early. I do think that the relationship we do have is honestly pretty perfect -- we're close friends, we've got a LOT of sexual chemistry and common turn-ons, and we're both respectful of each other's views on relationships. Ash now has an awesome boyfriend who goes by the name Freddy Campbell, and the three of us just met up for a series of hot matches. (Rocky Sparks & Freddy Campbell: Ball Battle + Cumshots Ft. Ash DeLeon (24:25 min) is available at pornhub for $14.99.)

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter

Q: If you could pick anybody in the world and challenge them to a ball bash wrestling session – who would it be and what would you do with them?

Rocky: Hmm, that's a really great question. Derek DaSilva is one of my favorites, and though he's usually on the receiving end, I've seen clips of him dishing it out too. A mutual match with him would be pretty hot. I've always been super impressed to see what he can take. Still not sure I'm at his pain tolerance level but who knows, I could get there someday. I'd love to get squashed by Jonny Firestorm or Kid Vicious -- they actually directed my match with Ash at BG East which was a surreal experience. If I had to pick somebody I want to bust... probably Kevin Lin from UCW -- he's hot as hell and his reactions and whimpers when receiving gutbashing and ballbusting are instant boner-material for me.
Q: Oh yeah, definitely! It was fun talking to you. Thank you very much for answering my questions. You are awesome. One final thing: How can my readers enjoy your work, how can they support you?

Rocky: Thanks so much for the interview! I'd say the best way to support me is to watch/buy any of the matches on my Pornhub, or the matches I've done for BG East. The BG East matches with Ash (Gut Bash 15: Below the Belt) and Kayden (Wrestling Kink 1: On the Edge) both feature plenty of ballbusting. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter for sexy porny clips from my videos, and Instagram for... mostly just hot selfies :)

Find this picture and more on Rocky Sparks' twitter


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Rocky Sparks & Freddy Campbell: Ball Battle + Cumshots Ft. Ash DeLeon (24:25 min) is available at pornhub for $14.99.


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Thank you, Buster! I agree 100%: Rocky is awesome. I'm so glad he agreed to do the Q&A, and I hope we'll see a lot more from him! :-))