Saturday, December 12, 2020

Video links: Squeeze play (3)


It has been almost five years since we last had a video links post focusing on nut squeezing! That's just not right!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys squeezing a pair of balls.

I have no idea what kind of game the fun-loving guys in the first clip are playing - but it sure looks painful! Apparently they are counting the time - but they could also be doing a sperm count... My favorite part is the close-up. You can see how the squeezing is focused on one of the guy's nuts. Ouchie!

There's a lot of nut squeezing energy in the next clip. Getting your hands on your buddy's nuts - that's what friendly rough-housing is all about, isn't it?

It looks like the French have a name for this playful sport: Chat bite. Maybe there's a French reader who can explain the rules to us? 

The next clip is a great demonstration of a very well-executed move that I call smack-and-squeeze. It's highly effective due to its double force effect (TM): It hurts on first contact (marked by the slap in the demonstration below) and it continues to hurt for the duration of the contact. Get it now!

You can count in the Janoskians to give us a totally out-of-nowhere mutual nut squeeze moment in the middle of a silly interview. Starts at 0:55. (Note the third guy protecting his nuts. Doesn't look like a safe environment for testicles...)

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Anonymous said...

Haha yes we call it chat bite !
It comes from the kid game "chat perché" (tag game in English), "bite" is a slang for cock.
Basically, rules are hitting players (voluntary players or not..) in the groin until they give up, and scream chat bite when your hit is successful lol

Alex said...

Merci beaucoup for your comment! Oh, you French! I love that game! :-))

Nuto said...

Thanks for introducing me "chat bite"! Here´s another one with some nice hits:

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Nuto! And thanks for sharing that link with us! You are awesome! :-))