Friday, December 25, 2020

Dreams do come true: Gino meets the Ballbusting Boys - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the latest part of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series, and it's the perfect Christmas story for all of us! One year ago, Jimmy gave us the first story featuring Gino and Jayden. This is the 25th chapter - and you will meet several familiar characters... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.


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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad, Kev, Logan, Vince, Zach and Alex (click for pictures)

Sitting in a Half-a-Cup with Your Bagel Coffee Shop down the road from Bartlet High School is Jayden and Logan snickering at an inside joke that Logan, the wrestling captain just shared. Jayden, the youngest brother is still wearing his red singlet under his lettermen jacket enjoying the comforting feel of the Lycra against his bare skin. Across from him is his captain, and good friend Logan. Logan took the opportunity to freshly shower before leaving the gym making leaving him clean and refreshed with his blonde hair wet and spikey, dripping on his shoulders leaving watermarks dotting his white tight fitting t-shirt showing off his pectorals, with blue jeans and black sneakers to complete the look. Jayden and Logan share a laugh about a match that they had as Gino carries over their order to their booth.

Gino is also in his singlet and letterman jacket as well, his black hair is a little damp and drying from his match. Jayden admires Gino’s form and how his bulging assets mirror his own basket, but just a tad bigger.

The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on the famous honey wheat bagels makes Jayden’s mouth water filling with saliva. The smell is intoxicating and Jayden checks himself with the back of his hand for droll on his lips before he says “That looks so he good.” Jayden grins helping Gino pass them out.

“That they do,” Logan agrees taking a big bite. A look of pleasure crosses Logan’s pretty face, and his blue eyes soften in the simple pleasure of the delicious meal that the three share.

“Logan, you were great tonight,” Gino begins, which has been their tradition to go over their practices and how the team is doing recently.

Jayden sensing a very long discussion on wrestling tactics quickly interrupts, “Let’s talk about that later. Logan has something very different he wants to talk to you about.” Jayden’s smile only widens as he sits up straighter in the booth, the seat creaking underneath him, his body jittering as he awaits the surprise.

“Oh yeah,” Logan says looking at Gino just now remembering. “I was hoping that you could come with me tomorrow to the studio. I want you to meet Alex, we are going to shoot a new video. My good friend Ben can’t make it. Would you be interested in filling in?”

“Wait…” Gino’s eyes widen as he stares around the small establishment, then back at Logan while a coffee maker bubbles nearby and the dim lights make shadows dance on his face. “You mean” Gino asks in a hoarse whisper, his mouth going dry. Gino’s heart begins to beat faster and Jayden can visibly see the tension appear in his neck and shoulders as he awaits Logan’s answer.

Logan just beams, pushing his blonde hair back, his hand coming back damp. “Yeah, that one. Jayden said that you might be interested?”

“He did, did he?” Gino answers fixing Jayden with a glare, a flicker of annoyance coloring his clear complexation as Gino’s brown eyes the same shade as his brother pin Jayden to the seat.

“You would never ask on your own,” Jayden protests, throwing his hands up. “You’ve known Logan for how long now? This has been a dream of yours. You’ve never asked him once! Please Gino, go for it!” Jayden makes his case with accompanying hand gestures finally setting on grabbing his older brother’s forearm, giving him a pleading look.

“I…what would I have to do?” Gino asks tentatively, almost resigned to his fate. Gino pulls his arm out from Jayden’s grasp and begins running his hands up and down his thighs feeling the smooth fabric and tiny leg hairs as he waits for Logan’s answer nervously.

“All you need to do is show up, Alex will take it from there. It’s a really simple script. You and I will be portrayed as high school wrestling seniors performing a tag team match against a college wrestling team. That’s it.” Logan claps his hands once.

“Sounds kinda dull,” Jayden admits.

“They are never dull and each video is packed full of ballbusting. Sometimes there is a wager, or a tournament,” Logan informs him shrugging his shoulders.

“Can I help with the plot?” Jayden asks hopefully leaning forward toward his captain.

“Alex won’t let you on camera, you’re too young,” Logan says.

“I don’t want to be anyways,” Jayden says waving his concern away. “But I would love to help make Gino’s big debut memorable. That okay?” Jayden presses him.

“You will have to run it by Alex, he’s a really good natured guy. If you had an idea, he would most likely incorporate it.”

“Good enough,” Jayden says leaning back with a self-satisfied smile on his face, sitting back and leaning against his older brother tilting his head back to see him better. “Will you do it?” He blinks rapidly giving him an over-the-top pleading look, puckering out his bottom lip, his hands coming up in a praying jester.

Taking a deep breath, Gino nods his head. “Sure, you goof ball,” Gino says playfully shoving his brother away from him. “I would love to.”

“Perfect, then I will see you on Saturday. Meet me at the studio.” Logan writes down an address on napkin and hands it to Gino.

Gino takes the napkin, tucking into his red letterman’s jacket and Jayden shoots across the both hugging him around the middle whispering, “You will be great, I just know it.” Jayden presses his cheek against Gino’s neck, as he gives him a hug, resting his head comfortably smiling up at his brother whose lifelong dream is about to come true; he gets to meet the Ballbusting Boys and become one himself.


The next day they enter the studio, Logan strides in first walking right up to Alex, clapping him on the back. A moment later he gives a mini salute to Chad the cameraman who laughs good-naturedly. “Ready for work boss,” Logan jokes punching him on the shoulder.

Alex, the owner of is not quite what Jayden expected, he’s devilishly handsome, blonde, with a great body and what’s more the 26-year old looks like he fills out the crotch area in his jeans exceptionally well. Chad the 30 year old cameraman seems to fit the description of what Jayden expected him to look like bold, rough around the edges with a three day stubble growing in, and a guy who looks like he would be dangerous in a fight.

Jayden and Gino walk in, the latter a bit sheepishly. Jayden stays with his brother, knowing that for once in his life, Gino is nervous and needs his support.

“Alex,” Logan starts with a tell-tale grin. “This is the guy on my wrestling team I was telling you about. Unlike any of my wrestling teammates, Gino really digs ballbusting, and is really good at it. Also, his brother Jayden wanted to come and support him, he’s also on the team. Although he is not participating in today’s festivities. He’s planning on sitting out on the sidelines if that’s alright with you.”

Alex eyes Gino and Jayden, giving the brothers his full attention, he starts with Gino first, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Gino, have you ever acted before?”

“N…no,” Gino says getting tongue tied, his nervousness showing through.

“He’s a big fan,” Jayden adds, cutting in. “He’s been watching your site for years.”

“I do love meeting the fans. Jayden a pleasure to meet you as well,” Alex says, his warm smile matches the excitement in his bright baby blue eyes. “Now, why don’t you and Logan get changed into your singlets…” he starts.

Logan cuts in “We are already wearing them,” as he and Gino start disrobing. The red uniform singlets of Bartlet High School Wrestlers are stretched as far as the material seems to be able to go, each muscle is highlighted and accentuated showing off their manly teenaged bodies. Both Gino and Logan fill out the crotches especially well, and it’s hard to see if either of them have an edge over their rival in their cock or ball size; however Gino’s package hangs down a bit lower than Logan’s.  Standing next to each other everyone admires Gino and Logan’s packages, while Gino’s cock snakes downward around his plump nuggets, Logan’s own dick favors curling and resting on the left side of his hip.

Alex whistles softly, “Everyone is going to love to see the two of you together on screen,” Alex says admiring the two 18 year-olds. “You two will blow up the internet. Damn, where have you been hiding him?” Alex mocks almost looking a bit peeved but the gesture comes off casual as he laughs it off and starts to explain the set-up of two high school wrestlers vs two high school, winners get to milk the losers.

Jayden clears his throat, “If I may, I have a concept that I would like to run by you Alex for their segment.”

Taken aback, Alex says, if anything his smile even widens “Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?”

“Well the simplicity of the video is great, you should capitalize instead on the fact that both Logan and Gino are on the same team, and their competitors are not. Gino and Logan will have an upper hand, because they are teammates. More importantly the concept of the high school verse college wrestlers is a good concept, but I think it can be improved upon in the following ways:

1). The two college wrestlers should be Kev and Zach. And here’s why. Both are friends of Logan, and Gino being a teammate to him will present the opportunity of jealously which will add a lot to the video.

2). The stakes need to be higher. A straight up milking is boring and predictable. Instead, the losers are forced to get milked (that’s what the audience wants); but not in this match, in the following one. This will keep the audience invested and wanting to see more. Plus before the match is when they will be milked and the extra handicap is that in their next wrestling matches they have to leave themselves completely vulnerable and cannot protect their family jewels at all. This needs to be told to their opponents as well. The handicap in loser’s future wrestling matches will give you an exciting way to make a sequel for the losers.”

Jayden finishes his recommendations, and patiently waits for Alex to think them over. Jayden’s suggestions changes how Alex was going to run today’s video, but he surprises the young kid and says, “You have good instincts. I’ll make a few calls and tell everyone about the changes, and when we do our editing we can add that flavor in.”

Logan and Gino beam at Jayden for his ingenuity and the three do some warm-up drills while they wait Jayden joins in. To support his brother Jayden also wore his red singlet for commodity and Alex says to him when Kev and Zach enter and start changing, “When you are old enough you will have to come back and participate. Everyone loves a brother pairing. By-the-way, are you bigger than your brother?” Alex asks giving Jayden the once over.

“Not yet,” Jayden says shyly. “But maybe someday. I’m the biggest in my grade, and at my old school,” he proudly says. Absentmindedly he gives his ample boyhood a quick fondle.

“The girls must…”

“The boys dig it. I’m gay Alex, like you,” Jayden says simply smiling at Alex as the two sit down next to each other watching the boys get ready on set; all four of them are observing their adversaries. “This is going to be a good fight, I think.”

“It always is,” Alex agrees taken a bit off guard by Jayden’s forwardness.

“Are you dating anyone?” Jayden asks, continuing in his boldness.

“…No, not at the moment. You?” Alex asks clearing his throat.

“Yeah, I have a great boyfriend, he’s coming over later so we can…well ‘you know.’” Jayden says air quoting himself. “We have a lot of fun together,” Jayden grin widens, his white teeth gleaming as he gives Alex a quick wink.

Astonishment colors Alex’s expression, and his mouth falls open.

“You should try having a boyfriend, it’s a lot of fun,” Jayden bumps his shoulder, making sure to aim at the same spot Logan hit earlier. “OOooo look I think that they are ready to get started!” Jayden grabs onto Alex enthusiastically, his warmth leaking into Alex.

Clearing his throat Alex says into his microphone, like a ringside commenter at a wrestling ring “Today we are joined by two High School Wrestling stars, our beloved Logan and a newcomer, one of his best wrestlers on the team he captains: Gino. The two High School wrestlers have had a lot of time to get to know each other and plan on using that to their advantage today. On the other side of the ring the High School wrestlers are going to face the more powerful, and longtime wrestler’s Zach and Kev. Logan and Gino will have their work cut out for them.”

When Jayden gets a good look at Zach in a singlet his jaw drops open in complete shock. The surprise came not his exquisite body, which he has but the generous boisterous filled out pouch resting between Zach’s legs. “Is that…all him?” Jayden asks in wonder never before seeing the outline of a man’s enormous genitalia. Zach looks like an older version of Logan, and Jayden can’t help making comparisons and doing the same thing to Chase. Man if he could get the three of them together. Jayden absentmindedly goes back to rubbing himself.

Chase had asked Jayden to not cum for a week to prepare for today’s activities. Jayden never waiting more than a few hours since he first figured out that he could cum grudgingly agreed. Jayden can’t help that his cock is fast on the rise and starting to strain his singlet pouch.

“Oh, you mean Zach. Yes, that’s not padding. He’s ginormous. Biggest dick I have ever seen,” Alex smirks proudly beholding his model.

When Jayden manages to pry his eyes away from Zach, his dark brown eyes nestle on Kev, and while Kev is impressive in his own right his singlet is not as filled out as his counterpart. If anything Kev seems to be the smallest of the four, but not by much. Kev the brown hair 20 year old jock, is muscular and by far has the most impressive body of the four. Kev speaks first, “So you brought a newbie, huh? Gino you are going down. I hope that you enjoyed having a functional set of balls. After today you will only dream about using that dick of yours again.”

“Awww Kev, he just started being able to use it too!” Zach cuts in. “Logan I hope that you realize that this tag team match is incredibly unfair…to both of you.” Looking back at Kev, Zach confident cracks his knuckles. “We plan to use that to our advantage to lay you both out and pump out what little splashes of boy juice you two high schoolers can fire.”

Gulping Gino walks up to Logan, he seems to be star struck staring at Zach and Kev, two of his idols as he squares up next to Logan, sizing up his fierce opponents, “I…I…ahem.” Gino clears his throat, his voice raising a few octaves, and to Jayden’s ears he hears the edginess in his older sibling’s voice. “We will see.”

“You are in for it dudes,” Logan nonchalantly says, flexing his muscles. “So how is this going to work Alex?”

Alex next to Jayden stands up, “So glad that you asked! Vince, if you please.” Vince the 19 year old shy Latino boy wear his glasses on top of his head, and Jayden notices that the two have very similar light brown skin tones. Vince is stocky with brown hair and rich dark eyes. Vince also works for and frequently creates fun devises to impose on the models.

Vince comes out from behind the red curtain unbeknownst to everyone at the back of the room next to a giant curtain gives it a mighty pull. The red curtain that no one was paying any attention to swishes through the air revealing the back of the studio and Logan, Kev, and Zach stare in object surprise at the new addition.

“That’s a wrestling ring!” Logan smiles fondly rushing up to inspect it.

“So cool,” Gino whispers.

“Impressive Alex,” Kev states. “Coin flip to see who goes in first?”

“Nope,” Alex says. “You get to decide that. Normal rules, there are none. Except for one. You have to tag in your partner to get them in the ring, and you have thirty seconds to tag team before your partner has to step out of the ring. Other than that we play until one team surrenders.”

Vince steps away from the red curtain and heads back over to Chad but stops to ogle at Gino.

“Can I play with him next?” Vince asks, the usual shy demeanor temporarily gone as he eyes Gino looking hopeful towards Alex.

“Excuse me?” Gino’s says taken aback, his eyebrows rising

“I try and get all new ballbusting models to test out my devices in the name of science,” Vince states. “You would be perfect for an upcoming segment.”

Stepping forward Vince reaches low to get a good feel of what Gino’s packing. Gino jumps at the sudden grasp and feel. “Very nice, these will do perfect in my upcoming video.” Vince gives Gino’s nuts a gentle friendly squeeze, ending with a wink.


“Vince. It’s Gino’s first day, let’s not scare him off just yet,” laughs Alex running a hand through his blonde wavy hair before sitting down in his director chair next to Jayden.

“Fine,” grumbles Vince letting Gino’s nuts go, but before he walks away he slaps Gino enthusiastically on the back, slipping a small index card with his information into the side of Gino’s singlet. Vince motions the ‘call me later signal’ hand gesture; sticking out his pinkie and his thumb, tucking the middle three fingers down as he waves it next to his ear before he goes to stand next to Chad, the 30 year old stocky brown haired cameraman who is awaiting Alex’s cue to start recording.

Gino, his face reddening tucks the card in his boot.

“When I ring the bell, the match will begin, pick your first wrestler,” Alex informs the group.

Naturally Logan walks into the ring, “Save you as the special surprise!” Logan grins fist bumping Gino as he turns to face his good friend Zach. The two of them are as close as brothers, but today they stand on opposing sides of the ring. Logan plans on giving this match his all, he wants Gino’s first time here to be in victory, which is never guaranteed. Zach pulls at his crotch a bit, “These things are always a bit too snug.” He complains. “They don’t make a size big enough to contain me. Looks like you don’t have that problem Logan. Don’t worry some guys keep on growing in their college years, but more than likely I will always fill my singlet out a bit…, well not just a bit, a lot more then you bro.” Zach winks cheekily.

Logan rolling his bright blues, mimes that Zach talks to much.

The bell rings loud and clear in the wide open studio and the two titans face off against each other the blondes each seeking an opening.

Jayden flicks his eyes momentarily at his brother. Gino watches the match intensely, waiting for his opportunity to join in. “Who do you think will win?” Jayden asks in wonder, leaning in to Alex.

Alex gives out a small sigh, “I don’t know your brothers skills. The other three I do. I would say Kev and Zach, but at this point it’s far too early to tell.”

Jayden nods his head gripping the arms of the chair. He’s always usually in the action, sitting back and out of the match is not something that he is used to, and he kind of misses not being in the thick of things, that is until the first hit. Logan sneaks past Zach’s defenses as Zach tries to swing his fist wide hoping for an early punch. Instead Logan sneaks in and delivers an Earth shattering instep kick that lands in Zach’s obnoxiously plump coconuts, squashing and rearranging the stud’s pouch. Zach grimaces grabbing his nuts in one hand, as Logan rushes up to deliverer his next strike, but Zach manages to tag Kev at the last second who leaps over the top rope landing in front of Logan surprising him.

The brunette smiles and tussles with Logan pulling him in for a tight full body squeeze, as Zach scurries out of the ring clutching his nuts in pain, breathing deeply. Logan grimaces, as Kev shakes him side to side before tossing him to the mat. Logan manages to roll to standing quite quickly breathing deep as he centers his feet shoulder length apart for balance as Kev rushes up to kick at Logan.

Ducking, Logan shoves Kev’s foot higher in the air so that Kev legs are spread out wide in an almost straight line his kicker foot landing above the top turnbuckle. “Fuck!” Kev hollers grabbing his trembling thighs his groin muscles screaming in pain from the surprise turn of events.

Logan grabs Kev’s shoulders and looks over at Gino, “This is how you get it done!” Logan advices arching and slamming his knee straight up into Kev’s defenseless nutsac. Kev holding his straining groin muscles leaves his package completely unprotected and future showcases it’s placement by putting his hands on either side of it. Kev groans out loud, as he tumbles to the mat one hand on his groin the other tucked under his head.

“Fuck!” Kev curses as Logan comes up behind him sitting on Kev’s lower back, using his dominant forearm to wrap around Kev’s neck. Immediately, Kev senses the danger as his breathing is restricted and he releases the hold protecting his aching bits and reaches up to try to throw Logan off but Logan uses his advantageous free hand to curl around Kev’s bulge, replacing where Kev’s hand used to be and squeezes the contents within the hanging swinging pouch.

Kev’s eyes bulge as Logan laughs, yanking Kev’s nutsac between his butt cheeks, “Ride ‘em cowboy!” Logan taunts yanking and pulling on Kev’s tender gonads.

“This is a bad start for the college team,” Jayden whispers excitedly cheering on Logan to Alex. “If this continues Gino might not even get a chance to show off what he can do!”

“Don’t count Kev and Zach out yet, this is far from over!” Alex retorts, his eyes twinkling as he watches Logan ride Kev around the ring, pulling on poor Kev’s balls, stretching the sac closer and closer to his knees.

Finally Kev powers Logan off, tossing him to the side. Logan goes laughing as he rolls back to standing and immediately rushes to get back at Kev.

Barely able to get a moment’s reprieve Kev reaches for Zach who extends his arm out over the top rope for the tag. Logan gets their first grabbing Kev’s ankles and pulls him back to the center of the ring Kev struggling all the while on his belly uselessly preventing Logan from doing what he wants to do.

Logan lifts Kev’s legs up higher, gripping Kev’s ankles tightly and kicks between the fork between Kev’s legs his black boot crushing Kev’s weak spot, as the college kid moans, “My nuts, fuck.”

Laughing Logan kicks again, this time harder and making sure that his toes connect first scrambling the contents of Kev’s hanging pouch.  Kev’s eyes widen and he lets out a holler deep within his throat as his balls blaze with heat and intensity.

“My fucking nuts!” Kev grimaces laughing amongst his yell and expletives.

Jayden leans into Alex’s side whispering, “Are you sure about that?” his brown eyes searching Alex’s.

“Ummm…” Alex shrugs his shoulders and the two start to giggle as Logan decides to make Kev regret being born a male and brings him over to the corner of the ring.

Kev groans, his low throaty moans escape from between his lips as he lays prone against the mat, one hanging hand punching the mat fighting the war that wages between his thighs. Logan releases Kev’s legs momentarily and exits the ring. Kev looks not seeing Logan, and rolls onto his back searching for Logan as he sees the eighteen year old grabs each of his legs again on either side of the metal post.

“Wait Logan!” Kev breathes out hoarsely. “You…you… aren’t going to…fuck, No!” Kev desperately tries to grab something to stop Logan as he pulls him closer and closer to the post his thighs wrapping around the metal pole trying to slow down. His hands finally grab the only thing left: the post itself. His low hanging balls just rest against the cool unforgiving metal post and he looks up at Logan in horror. “Come on man! Mercy?” Kev tries, his brown curls dancing as his arms struggle to keep his nuts from getting squished.

“Is that you giving up?” Logan asks.

“Hell no!”

“Hmm, what do you think Gino?” Logan asks placing one boot against the post bracing himself to pull with all his might.

“I think you should tag me,” Gino says making Logan smile.

“Awesome!” Logan reaches across slapping Gino’s palm as Gino takes hold of Kev’s right leg, Logan getting Kev’s left.

“Shit!” Kev says, his legs trembling against the cold unforgiving metal post.

“On the count of three!” Gino smiles as the two lock eyes.



“Noooooo!” Kev hollers letting the post go and reaching back to grab the middle rope his arms grasping it his last ditch resource, which pulls him up slightly off of the mat and more importantly away from the metal divider that threatens to rip his balls to shreds.

“Three!” Logan and Gino shout at the same time and yank on Kev’s legs at the same time.

Kev hangs for a moment precariously unhurt, his plan looks as if it might work hope is in his eyes as he stares up at the lights above him. Until his fingers slip under the combined strength of the two teenagers and he drops to the mat with a thud, his body screeching across the mat and his nutsac sadly for Kev kisses the metal post. Kev’s nuts have no chance against the combined might of both Logan and Gino as they mercilessly pull, and yank on Kev’s legs sending his crotch into the post over and over again making wet splatting sounds that leave little to the imagination of what is occurring in the ring.

Losing the fight Kev surrenders to the post, his plump testicles being crushed with each pull, and slam. Finally, Logan seeing that his brief time tag teaming with Gino is over releases Kev’s leg. Gino gladly takes up Kev’s other leg and presses Kev’s legs against the ropes starring down at the fallen warrior. Kev is a mess on the mat. He’s sweaty, groaning, and he can’t seem to uncross his eyes. “Ready to give up?” Gino asks.

Kev manages to sit up on his elbows as he retorts, “I’m not going down that easily…ugh, ugh,” he reaches down to fondle his bruising testes.

Gino watches his brown eyes alight with schemes of how to ballbust Kev. “You know, I watch your video’s all the time…and I have to say I’m a huge fan.” Gino drops Kev’s legs which splay out on either side of the post as he puts his hands on Kev’s thighs running his fingers up and down Kev’s skin. Looking up at Kev he goes on, “I’ve always wanted to grab these!” and he shoves Kev’s hands away grabbing a nut in each hand.

“Careful…they have been through a lot!” Kev moans as Gino roams his fingertips all over each ball feeling how dense and squishy the orbs are.

“They have a bit more give to them now that Logan and I have warmed them up,” Gino observes as his thumb finds Kev’s cockhead and giving it a little rub. “I think that this match is almost over for you,” Gino explains as he gives Kev’s nuts a quick squeeze.

Gino watches on hungrily as Kev draws in a breath between his teeth, but discharges it just as quickly when Gino lets go. Jayden knows this tactic, and can visibly see his older brother getting hard at dominating his opponent and one of his favorite stars from Alex’s blog. “He’s ummm…”

“Getting a little excited?” Alex offers slyly.

“You could say that,” Jayden blushes, but unable to look away from the action.

“You going to make me cum?” Kev asks reaching out one of his hands to stroke Gino’s bare arm.

“Uhhhh, yeah,” Gino smiles awkwardly looking down at his growing erection.

“Then come in here and do it,” challenges Kev.

Gino nods his head enthusiastically and crawls into the ring approaching Kev on all fours. Kev stays still as Gino creeps over him until he is above him, his hips lined up with Kev, his erection hard and straining the spandex in his singlet which bulges outward obscenely. Kev has a tiny wounded smile as he beckons Gino to come closer. Sucking in his breathe Gino bends down to Kev to kiss his idol on the lips as 20 year old rises from the mat his face inching up to meet Gino’s.

Gino’s whole body trembles as Kev’s lips stop a hairsbreadth from his own and he speaks so only Gino can hear him, “Will you stay hard after this?”

That’s when Kev snaps his knee up right below Gino’s straining erection into his plump nuts sending his orbs straight into his pelvic bone.

Gino’s eyes bulge open in alarm and he stares stupidly down at Kev who keeps his thigh deep within his loins pressing it firmly into Gino’s nuts.

“Oh,” Gino whimpers as Kev rises his knee up higher making Gino’s body rise off of the mat. Kev manages to keep a trembling Gino in the air for another few agonizing moments before Kev is forced to release his hold and Gino tumbles down on top of Kev’s chest with a groan.

“My balls,” Gino moans rolling off of Kev onto his back.

Kev still very much in testicle agony grabs himself and rolls to one side curling into the fetal position but not before making eye contact with Zach, who encouragingly thrusts his hand out giving him a much needed olive branch to get some reprieve especially after the onslaught that he has withstood.

Logan calls out to Gino, “Your balls aren’t made from glass! Show him what a Bartlet boy has got in him Gino!” Logan stamps his foot on the ring, and across from him Zach does the same.

“Is that all he’s got?” Alex asks, disappointment creeping into his voice as he looks down at Jayden, Gino’s younger brother.

“No way! Well…maybe, sometimes,” Jayden admits. “But I think that he can get back in this, come on Gino!” Jayden says standing up. “Bartlet strong!” he bangs his chest and Vince who was catching up with Chad as he records the match spies the young buck and shuffles over.

“Hey, is that your brother in there?” Vince asks.

Distracted Jayden answers quickly, “Yeah.”

“I can see the family resemblance,” Vince says encouraging, trying to continue the conversation.

Jayden looks back at him clearly not wanting to give him the time of day, all his attention is on the match at hand and as usual Jayden’s main focus is on his brother. “What’s up?”

“Well…I was developing this really cool new device to put on a guys…”

“Not interested,” Jayden says interrupting.

“Oh, you thought that I wanted you to wear it?” Vince laughs. “No I want you to convince Gino too.”

“Uhuh,” says Jayden unconvinced crossing his arms over his chest.

Pulling up a chair, Vince sits next to Jayden putting him in the middle with Alex on his right side. “You see, my videos are all about guys experimenting with new types of devices.”

“I’m aware, and I don’t want Gino anywhere near you or those things,” Jayden says flatly, his cold stare should have been warning enough to make Vince go away; but he doesn’t.

“Aw, come on sport! Gino is into this, he will enjoy it. I bet that he would if you told him that it’s a good idea! What do you say?” Vince asks hopefully blatantly ignoring everything that Jayden has said up to this point. Vince gets super excited and pulls out a little sleeve with a razor thin remote control. “All you have to do is slide this over his nutsac, the fabric is super stretchy.” Vince demonstrates pulling it this way and that, it reminds Jayden of silly putty. “Go on, touch it!” Jayden picks up the silky little bag and runs his fingers across the material. “See how lightweight it is, it’s perfect.”

“What does it do?” Jayden asks, his focus split between talking to Vince and watching Kev crawling over to get to his tag team partner Zach who is standing on the center rope stretching hand out as far as possible trying to get to Kev. Gino is on all fours one hand tucked in to cradle his balls as he slowly maneuvers over to Kev to get to him.

“I’m glad that you asked,” Vince leans into Jayden and says conspicuously, his breath tickling Jayden’s earlobe. “It sends positive shockwaves directly into the testicles which is both painful and causes arousal.”

Jayden looks skeptically back at him as Vince waves his eyebrows up and down to add an extra effect to his statement, Jayden snorts and puts them both back in Vince’s hands. “Sure, and I’m a monkeys uncle!”

“I’m serious!” Vince says offended. “Come on give it a go!”

“My brother will kill me when that fails if I try to put it on him as you suggest, no thanks,” Jayden says dismissively.

“I can prove it!” Vince thinks for a second and shoves his own hands down his pants. Jayden watches Vince concentrating until he says, “There I did it! Try it on me, then you will see that it works.”

Jayden shakes his shoulders but not before giving Alex a sideways wink. “Okay, I’m just humoring you. I hope you aren’t too sad when this does not work.” Jayden takes the thin black remote and the device lights up in his palm giving him an array of options.

“Set it to the lowest setting, it will give me a slight tingle,” suggests Vince.

Jayden tries not to smile, and does not trust his own voice so he gives him a nod before setting the pain threshold to a five out of ten and the pleasure release to a seven out of ten before hitting the button.

Vince freezes and both Alex and Jayden watch him curiously as he looks down, his crotch seems to visibly vibrate and he looks back at them letting out a, “Oh shit…” he grabs himself bending over. “That’s the level one setting?”

“I think so,” Jayden’s smile grows, and he chuckles. “I’ll try to turn it up, maybe you put the modes in backwards. How’s this?” Jayden asks turning the pain up to a seven out of ten and the pleasure to a ten out of ten.

“Oh god, Jayden don’t! That’s too hard!” Vince falls off his stool landing on his knees. “My balls!” he groans, his eyes crossing comically. “Give it to me!” Vince reaches for Jayden.

“Hang on, I’ll turn it off,” Jayden turns the pain up to a ten out of ten, and keeps the pleasure at the previous highest setting. “That any better?” Jayden smirks, his eyes twinkling.

Vince coughs once, and curls into a ball. “Shit…it’s broken!”

Alex takes it from Jayden, “Here, let me try and fix it!” Alex says leaning against Jayden as he belly laughs pressing the red button where the modes change again to pain twelve out of ten and max pleasure mode pops up on the screen. Merrily Alex presses both and the effects are instantaneous, Vince rolls onto his back his penis fully erect in his slacks has a wet mark at the tip of his cock while Vince cradles his nuts.

Vince looks up at the two laughing guys and puts the pieces together as he opens his mouth to yell at them when the first volley of cum sprays the inside of his underwear, and he groans instead.

Alex and Jayden lose interest when he starts cumming and toss him the device, but not before sneakily taking out the batteries. “It seems as though it has a few bugs left Vince. You should test it some more!”

“Agreed Alex,” Jayden laughs as he refocuses on the match.

Leaving Vince to turn it off and roll into the fetal position cradling his stinging nutsac, but he quickly discovers the missing battery pack.

“You…oh god…Alex…the batteries!” Vince groans the vibrating buzzing shaking his pants and the groaning boy from below reaches up arm quivering.

“Oh yeah,” Alex hits his head and drops them to the floor where they go skittering in opposite directions.

Vince gives the pair one last seething look before crawling around trying to locate the batteries before he has to cum again.

Gino has managed to get hold of Kev just before he could get to his partner Zach who looks glum as Jayden’s older brother mounts Kev. “I won’t make that mistake again,” Gino says gnashing his teeth.

“You sure,” Kev taunts raising his hips so they bump against Gino’s backside. Gino bites his bottom lip, as Kev gyrates against him.

“Focus Gino!” Logan barks across the ring.

Kev’s thrusting and Logan’s call across the wrestling ring cause Gino to look back at Logan, which is all Kev needs to flip Gino so Kev is on top, pinning Gino’s arms to the mat. Gino looks up into Kev’s eyes in a daze mixed with confusion in his murky brown eyes as Kev slips his knee between Gino’s thighs so it rests at the bottom of his plump sac. “You’re too easy, when was the last time you were laid kid?” Kev mocks.

Gino tries to answer but Kev pumps his knee upwards sending the boney battering ram deep within Gino’s groin, the fantasy of Kev gyrating is shattered as his balls burst with fresh pain.

Kev smirks reaching up and smacking Zach’s hand making Jayden grumble out a quick.

“Shit, come on Gino. Hang in there,” Logan calls.

Zach fully recuperated enters the ring, starring down at Kev on top of Gino and he asks, “Should I let you two get a room or…what?”

“Grab his legs,” Kev orders.

“You got it,” says Zach easily lifting Gino’s legs at the ankles as Kev gets off of Gino, but not before he leans down and seductively gives Gino’s balls a long squeeze.

“My turn Gino,” Kev teases standing up and walking over to the top turnbuckle and starting to climb his way to the top rope.

Looking up Gino is shaking his head whimpering, “No, man. Don’t do that!”  Zach stands above him holding his legs widely splayed outwards away from his chest so that his bulging crotch is fully displayed and vulnerable. “Don’t!” Gino pleads once again as Kev prepares to jump his eyes laughing matching his mouth smile.

“Make a wish!” Zach suggests with a laugh as Kev launches himself into the air.

“Oh no,” Jayden groans grabbing onto Alex. “Gino,” he whimpers closing his eyes not wanting to see the impact.

The whole ring shakes as Kev lands perfectly with both of his sneakers firmly planting on top of Gino’s nutsac. Gino’s body arches off of the floor as he stares in horror at Kev his balls bursting anew with fresh, white pain as his balls are squished dramatically flat against the mat. Gino shudders once, and hollers out in agony as Kev stands up, his feet still on top of Gino’s nuggets.

Jayden also stands knocking his stool over which lands next to Vince who is trying to remove the device from his own ballsac, now that he has located the batteries. Vince’s cum filled underwear has gotten everywhere and it’s hard to slip his nuggets out of the small sleeve. Jayden’s hands curl into fists as he stares daggers into Kev, his mouth set in a fixed thin straight line. Trembling in anger, and his foolishness for getting Gino to do this he goes towards the ring; Alex grabs his arm.

“You can’t interfere, we are filming!” Alex whispers harshly. “Sit down!” Pointing over at Chad and his camera equipment.

Jayden, all humor between the two seems to have ended as it began spins back and locks his eyes on Alex who balks at the intensity in Jayden’s fearsome gaze. “Let. Go. Alex.” Jayden says annunciating each word crisp and clearly as Kev begins to climb back up the turnbuckle to land one more perfect hit before he has to leave and his time tag teaming with Zach runs out.

Alex thinking quickly, licks his lips and tries to persuade Jayden to calmly sit down. “Jayden, this is a set. They actors are in a scene, you can’t interfere,” Alex outlines attempting to get Jayden to see reason.

“If you don’t let go of my arm right now so I can help my brother, I promise you…you will regret it,” Jayden threatens as he steps forward pointing one finger deep into Alex’s chest as he stares at him his deep rich brown eyes narrowing.

Alex takes a step back but does not remove his arm but attempts to grab Jayden’s other wrist, which was a costly mistake as Jayden slams his thigh as quick and hard as he can right into Alex’s groin. Alex gaffs and drops to his knees clutching his nuts at the sudden intrusion between his legs as Jayden turns on his heel and runs towards the ring a red blur moving in front of the camera.

Kev about to jump yells out, “Logan, you should work on getting better recruits because this one is about done!” Jayden staying out of the camera frame as best as possible launches a high jump kick that hits the top rope, which trembles under Kev’s feet as he loses his balance calling out, “Wow…wow…on no!” as his foot slips away finding nothing but air and he drops straight down his smile still frozen on his face as he lands crotch first bashing his own testicles underneath his own body weight.

“Oooh!” Logan, Gino, and Zach groan in sympathy as Kev perched on the top turnbuckle groans and slumps off landing on the mat and rolling off of it to curl up on the floor whimpering about his destroyed manhood.

Zach still holding Gino’s ankles, gives his shoulders a quick what-are-you-going-to-do shrug before turning around and readjusts his position so that he is standing in front of Gino. “It’s okay, it’s my turn anyways,” Zach says lifting his foot off of the mat and goal kicks right into the sensitive undersides of Gino’s ballsac.

Jayden walks over, and sees both Vince and Alex still on the ground and lifts up his stool and planting it firmly in between the too, and says smugly to Alex “I told you that you would regret it Alex.”

Groaning, Alex moans out, “Yup, you were right. Did you at least stay off camera?” he asks hopeful.

“I did,” Jayden acknowledges.

“Good,” Alex groans holding his throbbing nuts.

Jayden turns his attention back to the match to see Zach making an indent in his older brother’s family jewels stomping over and over again Gino’s eyes begin to glaze over.

“This has been going on too long, let’s get you to squirt so we can focus on Logan,” Zach says bending over and inspecting his handy work. Gino’s balls are bloated, and extra squishy in Zach’s hands. Rolling Gino’s nuggets around through the thin latex singlet Gino groans as Zach isolates each of Gino’s hefty testicles one in each hand and begins to squeeze the innards in Gino’s hefty ballsac.

Gino looks up at Zach moaning, as he watches Zach the twenty year old blonde who reminds him a lot an older Logan bearing down on his sensitive nuts. “Not so hard,” Gino requests as he writhe’s on the mat, his hands gripping Zach’s wrists trying to peel them off.

Zach’s mouth curves up to the right as he notices Gino’s resistance. “You’re not out of the fight yet? This should do it!”

Zach presses his thumbs deep into the center of each ball right into the sensitive nerve endings of the virile testes making Gino’s head flop back onto the mat, his back arches and he groans out piercingly, “My balls!”

Jayden grabs his own nuts on impulse, a ghost pain seems to be gripping them as he watches transfixed on the match unable to turn his head away from Gino being utterly dominated by Zach.

“Don’t give up!” Logan calls from his corner. “Just get to me man, I can finish them both off!”

“You wish Kruger!” taunts Zach as he gives a gut-wrenching twist to Gino’s nuts making him squeal, flopping back to the mat releasing Zach’s wrists as he grabs his dark hair letting out a roar of pain.

Zach sensing Gino’s defeat looks down at the sweating teen on the mat asking, “Giving up Gino?”

Zach let’s up the squeeze, and slowly goes for the center of Gino’s groin, giving one quick noncommittal rub of Gino’s placid penis ending with a pinch at the end of Gino’s long dick.

Gino’s eyes open wide feeling his manhood mistreated, and looks up into the smiling face of Zach his tormenter looming over him ready to accept his downfall. Clearing his throat, Gino perspiring, his body raging in testicular agony gives his head a quick shake sweat landing on the ring around his head. “No,” Gino says defiantly and with everything he has left throws himself at Zach knocking him to the side so that he lands on top.

Zach not expecting this releases Gino’s aching nuts and fumbles to catch himself as Gino lands on top, the air inside of him whooshing out in one powerful blast. “You’re in for it now,” threatens Zach with a laugh as he aims his knee and sends it forcibly between Gino’s thighs pounding it into the teen’s nutsac.

Gino squeals falling off of Zac’s knee clutching himself, but getting where he needed to be: close to Logan. Reaching up Gino stretches his right hand, while the left clutches his thundering nutsac that pulses painfully with each intake of breath his chest tries to take it.

“No!” Zach yells launching himself at Gino.

Gino’s fingers just manages to scrape Logan’s as Zach lands on top of him sending his upper body back into the mat. When Zach lands he manages to bang Gino’s head into the mat so that his vision swims with bursts of light, before Zach climbs to his feet as Logan enters the ring.

The two square off, but Logan barely waits a moment before he launches himself at Zach spear heading him in his abs sending him crashing to the mat with an audible thump that punctures the air. The two bounce up but Logan’s cranium slams into Zach’s abs again making him groan, and double over. Logan not waiting a second longer then necessary knees Zach in the head as he is bent over clutching his bruising abs. Zach’s head cracks back and he stumbles into the corner clutching his head now and sitting on the middle turnbuckle, his butt landing on the pad, his ample genitalia spilling over presenting a very obvious target as he tries to get his head around what just happened.

Zach looks up just in time to see Logan rushing up to him, sprinting across the ring and launching his boot up, the arching missile penetrates the air around Zach’s groin and he feels the swoosh of air passing by his upper thighs making his blonde leg hairs tingle as Logan’s laces of his boot crunch horribly against his pubic done crushing both his oversized nuts and dick in one strike. With eyes bulging, Zach looks up stupidly groaning, “You got my nuts, fuck!”

Logan chuckles, “Oh yeah? Which kick was worse?”

Zack looks puzzles for one instant his blue eyes question Logan before realization kicks in, as does Logan with a second kick that floors Zach once again. Zach tumbles off the turnbuckle landing on his knees his hands grip his pounding balls, somewhat relieved to find that the pair are still intact as he leans his head against Logan’s thigh grimacing.

“Which kick was worse?”

“Hard to tell…” Zach groans, clutching his eyes shut. “Maybe a tie?”

“Hmmm…that’s no good! We need to know these things… for science!” chuckles Logan bending down grabbing Zach’s ankles.

Zach not liking where this could be heading begins shaking his head fiercely, “No, DON’T!” Zach pleads making Logan laugh some more.

“You give up?” he asks questioningly pressing his heels against Zach’s fingers which try desperately to shield his most precious bodily organs.

A tremor runs down Zach’s body as he stares up at Logan. Licking his lips Zach says, “I can’t do that.”

“Your loss then,” Logan says sadly picking his heel straight up raising it up to chest level. “Prepare to say goodbye to future Zachary’s then, you only having girls.”

Waving his hands Zach tries to dissuade Logan from dropping his foot but Logan does anyways bypassing Zach’s feeble attempts to prevent another blow but his unsuccessful defense leaves him crying out in anguish as Logan’s heel buries itself so deep into his nuts that Zach’ fear of his nuts separating makes him scream “I give!”

Jayden does a little jump of joy and lands back on his bar stool that spins in a full circle, while he whoops. When Jayden looks back Logan finds Kev’s foot clipping his temple. Logan unprepared for the assault drops to all fours one hand clutching his head as he gets his block knocked off.

“Ouch!” Jayden grieves for his friend as he looks on, noticing Zach rolling out of the ring holding onto his bloated nutsac. His own brother is not fairing much better. Gino still seems to be clutching himself and laying in the fetal position. Jayden hopes that Logan can finish Kev, because it does not look like his brother is getting up anytime soon. Gino appears to be finished, and not even noticing what happens in the ring as Logan is kicked bluntly in the abs.

Logan rolls over, and out of the ring landing on all fours next to Zach who is curled protectively in a ball. Kev climbs the top turnbuckle ready to make a big splash, the move is risky; especially with the last time that he tried it but Kev is going for broke, especially with Zach already out of the match he has to make a big move and taking out Logan might be his only way left to win. Gritting his teeth Kev makes it back to the top turnbuckle as Logan climbs back to his feet looking into the ring for him and does not see him.

Gritting his teeth, Kev brushes his black locks out of his face, his skin is mingled with beads of sweat and he flicks the excess off of his fingers as he prepares mentally for the jump. Tiny splatters of Kev’s sweat land on Logan’s face that Kev has flicked out of his eyes and quick as lightening he bangs into the wrestling ring shoulder first, knowing without seeing where Kev is. The move is enough and Kev loses balance and screams out, “Oh no, not again!” as his risky maneuver makes him land hard on the top turnbuckle crotch first.

Kev opens his mouth but no sound escapes his lips as he sits motionless his balls underneath his ass cheeks, his nuts pressed flat.

Logan grinning walks leisurely over to him grab his ankles, “Submit?” he asks giving each boot a little tug, and the slight movement makes Kev’s eyes bug out even more as he shakes his head, “Fuck, no!”

“You sure? Your funeral.” Logan shakes his head sadly at what needs to be done.

With all the strength he has, Logan jumps in the air and using all of his weight swing back down using Kev’s ankles as handle bars as the single turnbuckle is the only thing stopping Kev’s body from dropping to the mat below.

Kev finally finds his voice and hollers a bloodcurdling squeal his speech several octaves higher as his whole world comes down crashing around him and he pleads “I fucking give!” Logan swinging down yanks his balls so hard into the turnbuckle that he can hear his own nuts crunching audibly.

Logan relents and stands up and taking pity on Kev helps him off of the top turnbuckle and lays him on the ground by his feet where he curls up right next to Zach. Logan wanting to revel in his victory looks over at Gino and gives his shoulder a shake.

“Match is over, let’s get them to seed at the same time man. We beat em.”

“You did,” Gino says gruffly, his eyes downcast as he looks up at Logan who offers his hand.

Gino accepts the offer and stands up, one hand still holding his aching nuts that pulse with a dull pain every now and then. Logan puts one arm over his shoulders pulling him in. “Hey, a win is a win. You did good today,” Logan says congratulatory. “More importantly we get to milk ‘em.”

That statement brings a small smile to his handsome face as he looks over at his younger brother, who gives him two thumbs up. “What happened to Alex and Vince?”

Logan looks back, and smile widens. “Looks like Jayden got to have some fun after all.”

Gino gives Jayden a curious look, and his brother only smiles back cheering him on in victory, and giving him a double thumbs up. Gino’s face flushes, and he hooks an arm around Logan in return as the part next to their fallen foes.

“You mind if I take Zach, he’s like a brother to me.”

“I wanted Kev, so that works out perfectly.” Gino glances down fixing his eyes on his fallen adversary. “It won’t be as sweet since I didn’t put him in this position, but it will have to do. How do you want to do this?”

Logan’s blue eyes sparkle and he whispers in his ear, “Let’s give them the worst foot job of their lives.”

Gino starts unlacing his boot and Logan mimics him as the two eagerly start to unravel their laces getting ready to spurt the boys below them.

“Hey Logan, why don’t we have a little side bet going,” Gino says off handedly.

“Oh yeah?” Logan smirks. “I’m always up for a bet.”

“If Kev cums first, I get to have a free shot at your nuts. And if you win, you get one on me. Deal?”

“Absolutely, but it has to be a long squeeze. The squeezer gets five minutes to make the guy cum as well.”

Gino not expecting that, nods his head a bit concerned.

“What’s the matter, you camera shy?” Logan asks as he picking up Zach’s ankles who complains instantly.

“Wait your turn,” Logan says kicking Zach in the bottom of his sore sac. Zach whimpers and lays still.

“It’s not that,” Gino says biting his lip.

“Then what?” Logan asks getting close to Gino, leaning into him.

Gino says nothing as be bends down and puts Kev in the same position so that both Kev and Zach’s legs are both sticking straight up in the air.

“It’s just…I don’t know. Never mind, not important.” Gino rearranges his face as he looks downward. “You deserve this you know,” Gino emphasizes kicking Kev’s hands away.

“Man, my nuts can’t take anymore!” Kev groans.

“Didn’t realize that they were so fragile,” Gino mocks putting his bare foot on top of Kev’s package.

Grumbling and groaning Kev and Zach suck in their breath as in unison both Gino and Logan stomp their feet down as hard as they can.

“They are used to losing, especially when they aren’t on my team,” Logan taunts applying extra pressure between Zach legs and using his toes to start tickling the underside of Zach’s limp penis.

“You’re going to make me cum with your foot? Yuck!” Zach whines as one of his large testicles scurries away. Logan readjusts so that the escapee is back under foot.

“Yup, you don’t deserve my hands!” Laughs Logan.

Not to be outdone Gino finds Kev’s slightly smaller, but still impressive schlong and starts to use a two-toed grip working Kev’s penis up and down which quickly begins to bloat, stiffing under Gino’s careful tutelage using his big toe and the second longer toe and the small valley between them to rub Kev’s sensitive head.

A moan of pleasure escapes from Kev’s lips, as he peers up at Gino from the floor. “Make me cum Gino,” Kev groans biting his lower lip as Gino rolls Kev’s balls under heel.

Jayden watching from afar begins to get slightly erect himself watching Logan and Gino dominate Kev and Zach. He fingers his erection absentmindedly as Alex finally climbs up from the floor, still holding his sore nuts. “Go Gino, go!” Jayden whispers.

Alex chuckles a bit, readjusting himself.

Jayden looks over, eyes narrowing and pointedly ignores Alex focusing on the look on Kev’s face as his pupils begin to dilate, his mouth going slack jaw as he thrusts his hips willingly up meeting Gino’s two-toe grip which slides up and down Kev’s now throbbing cock. The tip of Kev’s singlet becomes wet as he humps, and Gino jerks him off, a steady rhythm growing between the two. Only Kev’s nutsac screams in dismay as Gino has not let up on the bulging manhood since he started this foot job. On a particularly tough moment Kev arches his back, stops thrusting and mews like a dying animal as Gino rolls his balls painfully on the floor. Kev bangs one fist against the ground before gripping it harder leaving faint finger nail scrapes in the wood work as he loses all control and hollers out in fresh nut agony.

Logan looks over impressed with Gino’s work on Kev and begins to pick up the pace, not wanting to be outdone by the newbie. Gritting his teeth Logan presses his heel down more firmly, but one of Zach’s large nuts, usually the left keeps popping up stopping his own rhythm that he is trying to maintain, much to Zach’s discomfort as one of his obscenely large nuts keeps popping out making him see stars each time it slips from beneath Logan’s bare foot. Finally, Logan is able to get his second foot, toes first holding the wily left testicle down, his toes curling around the nut pinning it to the floor.

Zach’s blue eyes a shade lighter then Logan’s go wide and start to drift as he gives the cross-eyed look that Logan knows and enjoys well. “There we go,” Logan grins, “So much better, now the fun can really begin!” With one of Zach’s left nut carefully ensnared in one of Logan’s feet, he presses on Zach’s right teste with all the force he can muster as his big toe swirls around just the tip of Zach’s big dick. Zach finally dick finally starts rigidifying as Zach looks on at Logan in a mixture of horror and shame as his manhood is being crushed and bashed by Logan’s feet.

“I’ll get you back for this….” Zach groans his balls blazing in intense throbbing pain as his mighty dick throbs in his singlet.

Logan, taking so long to really get going is behind Gino’s constant and much more consistent approach to achieving his goal. Gino’s rhythm on Kev’s cock head is firm and steady his two toe-grip curls nicely, cradling Kev’s small cock head and using Kev’s pre-ejaculation pre-cum as lubricant to really glide quickly up and down. The callousness of Gino’s toes that are wrapped around Kev’s throbbing bloated cock head are hard and firm giving extra pressure around the sensitive tip. Kev starts groaning a “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” repeatedly, his hips pounding up and down to meet Gino’s toe-thrusting grip job as his eye lids flutter closed, Kev squeezes his eyes shut as his nuts try to churn out his approaching cum but the inner circuity seems to be blocked under Gino’s heel which presses his gonads so hard against the unyielding floor that Kev’s approaching orgasm is delayed and halted.

Kev tries to find the words to tell Gino to let up a little bit, to let him cum but his mouth has gone dry and his body jerks wildly, his cock throbbing and spasming as he feels the inner clicks of his dick of his dick trying to fire but nothing being released. Firing blanks brings Kev painfully back to his childhood when he had dry orgasms. Opening his eyes, he pleads up silently to Gino as his body becomes rigid and the clicks keep going. The horror and pleasure fight for dominance in Kev’s eyes make Gino chuckle and he asks, “What’s the matter?” feeling the problem under his foot as the burning hot liquid tries to come out from the nutsac that is squished so flat it can’t make it through his heel. “Can’t cum?”

A whimper escapes Kev, and both Logan and Zach peer over seeing Kev’s rigidified body locked in, his cock clicking blanks groan in sympathy as Kev is denied his orgasm that threatens to burst.

“Are you going to let him….?” Logan asks before Gino interrupts.

“Not…yet,” Gino says, his voice dripping with malice, as his brown eyes gaze at Kev who can’t even muster a whimper as his head slowly drops to the floor, his body still quivering and Gino can see the light leaving Kev’s gaze when he finally lets up on Kev’s nuts which bloat back to their full form making Kev’s eyes burst back open as his cock finally allowed to do what it was meant to do explodes bursting at the tip firing streams of cum up his singlet and escaping between the opening between his pecs covering his neck in thick white ropes.

“Ugnnnnnnnnn!” Kev groans loudly his cock strumming and pulsing under Gino’s two-toed job making sure to squeeze out every drop. Kev’s orgasm lasting to him forever which was a total of twenty seconds long once he starts spewing begins to slow down. Gino aims and drops his heel full force into Kev’s recently drained nutsac.

Kev’s eyes flash, and he lurches up grabs Gino’s ankle starring at him open jawed before falling back to the ground whimpering in agony. Gino giving mercy, finally he removes his foot so Kev can curl into a whimpering ball at his feet clutching at his bruised and sore sac.

“Looks like you won,” Logan says. “Nice…” but the last word is stuck in his throat as Gino swings his foot the toes still wet and covered in cum from some of the liquid squeezed out from Kev’s singlet plows into Logan’s unsuspecting nutsac as hard as Gino can. “…job.” Logan finishes lamely ending his work on Zach’s foot job as he drops to his knees both of his thighs so close together land directly on Zach’s oversized nuts making Zach scream.

Zach’s scream is overshadowed by his schlong letting lose like a firehose spraying cum up his singlet in all directions as he paints the inside of his singlet.

“Cool,” Gino says rubbing at his own erection, as he quickly disrobes the tops half of his singlet.

Logan amidst his own ball pain looks up at Gino hearing the fapping as he barely touches his own penis before he sprays all three boys with his built up cum over the match landing on Kev, Zach, and Logan his seed spread all over them.

“Really?” Logan moans. “Was that necessary?” he asks wiping a big glob caught in his hair on Zach’s chest as he stands up holding his busted up nuts.

Zach immediately curls into the fetal position next to Kev, when Logan’s knees are pulled back and out of his groin.

Grinning shyly now Gino pumps out the last trickle of his semen on Kev’s midsection, “Kinda.” He admits, shaking his shoulders as the last few drops fall.

Logan in annoyance reach over and grab each of Gino’s still churning balls and give each a quick squeeze.

“OOOoooo,” Gino moans as another unexpected orgasm hits him and his dick splatters down upon Kev covering him in a second batch of cum. Gino’s second orgasm is more vibrant and mind alerting as Logan squeezes his nuts, rolling his churning nuts around and around in their smooth silky sac. “Okay…okay,” he groans. “I’m finished!”

Logan smiling now says, “Good. Welcome to the Ballbusting Boys Gino!”

“That’s a wrap!” Alex grins standing up enthusiastically clapping his hands. “Good show guys, go wash up in the showers. Gino, we would love to see you again.”

Alex walks over gives him a firm handshake looking at the bare chested 18 year old in all his glory, his cock still dribbling onto the floor.

Gino seeming to remember that he was on film now groans as he tucks his spent nuts back into his singlet pouch, Logan let’s go as soon as Alex said that they were done. The two wrestlers head to the shower room and Jayden not wanting to hang around makes a quick exit, neither him or Alex acknowledge the other but the Chad the camera man says to him on his way out, “Nicely done, Alex always deserves to get his nuts worked over kid.”

Smiling Jayden gives him a wink, “That he does,” Jayden agrees walking out into the last rays of sun and gets into the back seat of Logan’s car, his hand still playing with his own engorged penis. He quickly types out a “Want to come play with me? I’ll be at my house in a half-hour, my parents are out to dinner it’s their date night. We can be extra loud.”

Jayden grins seeing the quick reply from Chase. “On my way,” and the smiley face emoji that follows it. Jayden tucks new phone away remembering the generosity of Chase’s first thoughtful and unexpected gift a few weeks ago. Jayden plans on keeping this one extra safe.

Moments later Logan and Gino enter into the car and Jayden immediately starts talking complementing both of them as they Logan jumps in the two going over each detail of the match. Gino is quiet on the way back to their house. Gino and Logan fist bump, Logan telling him that he would see him tomorrow.

Jayden hugs Logan around the middle, squeezing his midsection. “Thank you so much for this, it means the world to Gino.”

“Anytime Jayden, he seemed a little…I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry, I noticed. I’m going to check on him,” Jayden says.

“Then he is good hands. Text me if you need anything.”

“Love you Logan,” says Jayden making them both pause for a moment, before the blonde wrestling captain smiles back, his eyes bright.

“Love you too Jayden.”

Jayden turns and heads inside, hearing Logan’s car pulling out of the driveway. Jayden waves from the entryway before turning and walking into his house, glad to be home. Walking from room to room Jayden looks for Gino. He is not in his room, or the kitchen, although two frozen pizza’s sit on metal cookie sheets waiting to be put in the oven. Looking over at the bathroom he sees the wooden door slightly ajar and he walks over, tip toeing in case Gino’s using the facilities but he hears the shower steady stream going instead. Satisfied that he will talk to Gino later he turns away, but a distinct sob comes from underneath the shower stream and Jayden turns back his face full of concern for his older sibling. He quickly goes inside and through the shower curtain he can see his older brother one hand rubbing at his eyes.

“Gino,” Jayden whispers his name.

Gino his shoulders shaking a moment before freeze.

“What Jayden? You can have the shower next,” his voice is husky and thick. Jayden can’t remember the last time that he heard his brother cry. But then he remembers the front porch, and being in the car driving away as he tried to look back to his brother one last time.

Jayden licks his lips and asks, “What’s wrong, Gino?”

“Nothing,” his brother not looking at him stares at the wall, his shoulders slumping dejectedly.  

Jayden thinks carefully before he pulls off his boots and socks, and still wearing his singlet pulls the curtain back and walks inside closing the curtain quickly behind him a waft of steam escapes before the curtain flutters closed.

Gino spins in alarm as Jayden wraps his body around his older brother, his head falling on his bare shoulder as the two are covered in the stream of water.

“Jayden!” Gino gasps as his younger brother’s arms encircle him.

“You may not be able to tell me what the something is that’s bothering you, but I know when your hurt Gino,” Jayden looks up at his older sibling his hair wet and matted to his forehead as his brown eyes searches his brother’s. “Please, tell me when you can. I promise to help you. I love you Gino. Don’t I always help?” he questions reaching up to his brother’s face wiping away what he assumes is a tear but it could just be the water from the shower head.

“Jayden…you couldn’t have waited until after I was out of the shower to tell me this?” Gino grins, still somewhat self-consciously his voice returning to normal.

“Nope,” Jayden says smiling back. “I kind of dramatic,” he says staring down at the singlet now wet and plastered to his body outlying his own equipment even more than usual.

Rolling his eyes Gino brushes back the wet hair off of his face and looks down at his younger brother, “During the match it occurred to me that…” his voice goes dry for a second. Taking a deep breath he plunges on. “That…no one touches me because they want to. I’m all alone.”

Jayden his heart breaking seeing the rawness of his older brother exposed finally says, “You have me Gino and more importantly…you, you could have anyone. Your good looking and…”

“But I don’t want just anyone,” Gino turns his back to Jayden and moves under the stream of water and speaks to shower wall. “There was this one guy…it didn’t work out a year ago.”

“Do you mean Francisco*,” Jayden asks.

Gino looks back, surprise in his expression. “How did you…?”

“Remember a year and a half ago when I overheard the two of you talking about how you really wanted a hand job and I decided to give you one for Christmas*?”

(Jayden references to the very first story called Christmas Morning, which started the Gino and Jayden series and the conversation that he overheard between his brother while he was on the phone with Francisco.)

“You never really talked about him after that, and you left your team. I knew something must have happened between the two of you. Then when I looked for him at school, it turns out that he moved away and left school. Rather abruptly actually,” Jayden says in concentration, as he starts to peel off his wet singlet and underwear, his wet clothes sticking to his body begins to annoy him as he drops them to the shower floor where they land wet a wet splat.

Gino says nothing as he turns back to face Jayden who’s naked as he is under the water stream.

Jayden goes on filling the silence under the falling water. “So all this time…you’ve been holding that in?” Jayden asks, concern in his set jaw and warm brown eyes.


“Oh Gino,” Jayden hugs him again. “He is not the only guy out there, you know.”

“I know,” Gino tries to smile, but he can’t quite make it happen.

“Until you get yourself a boyfriend, I can always…” Jayden reaches in gripping his brother’s limp noodle and giving it a tug.

“Oh man, Jayden. I couldn’t!” he laughs. “You saw what happened a half-hour ago.”

The timer buzzes in the kitchen, but Jayden keeps rubbing. “You sure? I have a few minutes before Chase gets here.”

Gino’s breath becomes ragged as he starts to chub up. “Jayden,” he says warningly, but Jayden can tell he does not really mean for him to stop.

Jayden slowly drops to his knees on the shower floor, his face next to Gino’s groin eyeing his brother’s penis at half-mast. “I think that you deserve this,” Jayden concludes as his pink tongue reaches out and licks the tip of Gino’s penis.

“Go easy,” Gino pleads as Jayden only smiles, one eyebrow raising up higher than the other as he uppercuts him the legs making Gino’s nuts smack and swing between his butt cheeks.

Hollering Gino yells “Jayden!” as his younger brother dives on top of his penis taking it all in so that his head tickles the back of Jayden’s throat. “Oh…shit!” Gino moans as he begins to get harder, one hand rubbing his brother’s tangles of curly wet brown hair, he closes his eyes as Jayden slowly bobs his head hoping that Jayden’s boyfriend does not come early.

“Jayden if you…” Gino tries to speak but Jayden grabs his big brothers balls in each hand and begins squeezing harder. “….doing that. I’m going to cum again.” Gino whimpers.

Jayden slurps loud and audibly making the two laugh as Jayden restricts his mouth giving his older brother the best blow job he can, while his phone pings on the floor of the bathroom a message from Chase reads: “Here.”

The ping is quickly followed by a knocking at the front door. Jayden and Gino’s eyes meet and Jayden pops Gino’s dick out of his mouth. “To be continued or can know?”

“I can do it fast,” Gino huffs, his voice already ragged.

Jayden smiles sending a quick reply to Chase: “Five minutes, door open.”

Jayden goes back to giving Gino head and Gino closely closes his eyes, neither brother hearing the approach of Chase until the bathroom door swings open.

“I gotta take a leak,” says Chase walking inside.

Gino’s eyes open and he tries to figure out what to say as he loses all control and cums down his younger brother’s throat.

The curtain is pulled back as Chase goes, “Wow!” staring at the two brother’s as Gino cums for the third time that day.

Gently Gino pushes Jayden off of him, his red bloated dick swings into full view and Jayden turns and looks up from his knees on the shower floor.

“You want a turn?” Jayden asks innocently still holding his brother’s nuts, and gives them a long squeeze making him fall to his knees next to Jayden.

“Shit!” Gino moans, resting one hand on the bathroom tile wall. “Not so hard.”

Jayden’s smile broadens as the two brother’s watch Chase undress. “Sure, I want in.”

Jayden and Gino make room inside the shower as Chase enters, and pulls the curtain shut asking, “So what did you have in mind Jayden?”

Jayden leans in whispers in his ear.

“Yeah, I think we can make Gino cum for a fourth time today too!”

Shaking his head, Gino tries to stand up but he is held firmly in place by the root. Concern crossly his handsome face. “Jayden…” he says warningly.

Jayden grinning back asks, “What are you going to do about it?” and squeezes Gino’s recently emptied balls hard.

“Okay…okay. Just go easy.”

“You always say that,” Jayden goes behind Gino letting his older brothers red bloated nuts float in the gentle stream as Jayden pulls Gino’s arms behind his back, Jayden pulling Gino’s back so he rests against Jayden’s chest leaving Gino defenseless as he says: “Have fun with him.”

Licking his lips, Chase says “Oh, I think I will. Jayden’s been bugging me since we got together that we needed to bond. Well…I can’t think of anything better than this,” says Chase as he gets on his hands and knees in front of Gino reaching forward with tentative fingers encircling Gino’s balls.

“Chase…” Gino says in warning.

“Yeah?” Chase asks.

“Just remember, whatever you do to my nuts…I’ll do to yours.”

Chase only smiles wider the blonde fifteen year old smirks like a Cheshire cat as he tightens his fists on Gino’s nuts giving each ball a cautious squeeze.

“You have yourself a deal,” says Chase as he digs into his brother’s nutsac, while Jayden holds him firmly and securely from behind him.



GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear readers,

I've been building this story ever since Jayden discovered Gino's interest in ballbusting all the way back in chapter two, Christmas Eve. Jayden took a long road to get Gino here but he has now officially joined the Ball Busting Boy's cast. This opens up a lot of new doors for Gino and stories to be told. Expect in 2021 some great Gino moments with the Ball Busting Boy's cast. My current plan is to release one every five(ish) chapters or so. In fact to start us off their will be an upcoming poll in which everyone can vote on which of the boys Gino will face, with special consideration given if you have a story hook to link in Jayden (who is not a Ball busting boy). Jayden will continue to be our "lens" in the series so if you happen to have a neat idea for him in the upcoming "One on one story: Gino VS _____" please share that in the poll that is coming out in a few weeks time.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone, and take care!

Harry said...

Jimmy, it's good for Gino that he made some friends who share his interests lol. (Well, maybe not friends exactly in Kev's case.) No doubt he will fit in great!

Alex, sorry you got the short end of this one. I feel you bro.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

Gino makes friends so easily... unless your Kev, lol.

I asked permission if I could include Alex in this one, he loved his cameo. I think that means that I can ballbust him again in the future, : )

Thanks for writing in friend! I think most people got busy over the holiday. Glad that you enjoyed it!



Anonymous said...

Wait...does this mean that Gino is going to be a ballbusting boy? That would be sweet.

Alex, are you going to write Gino into a story too?

Anonymous said...

Great story, Jimmy.
I have to say i still prefer stories where Jayden has the starring role, but probably because we have got to know him and his "friends" so well.
I loved the fight with Kev. Kev must be one of the toughest guys at BBB so to take him down is a great start for Gino.
I would love to see Ben appear soon. I think Ben would be very friendly with Gino, especially knowing that he has just trashed Kev's balls. I could see Gino pretending to be a big fan of Ben, admiring his muscles and his "biggest balls in the room"...even though Gino is probably packing more downstairs.

I also love the antagonism between Chase and Gino. They tolerate each other only for Jayden's sake, and it would be cool if they try to crack each other's nuts when Jayden is not watching. I would to see Gino get his hands around Chase's "big balls" and remind his that he's still inferior to his brother where it counts and threaten his balls if he ever hurts Jayden.

Cam't wait to read more.
Your loyal fan. Reg

Anonymous said...

Hot damn!

Super hot. My favorite part was with Vince and Alex. Jayden was a badass at taking them out. Plus he knocked Kevs knockers around to with the post. Siiick. Can Jayden join the ball busting boys next?

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous One,

Yes, Gino could be in a story with Alex as a writer. Alex has a very long list of story requests, but you can absolutely put that one down if you would like to. Alex is always welcome to use Gino or any of the characters in the Gino and Jayden Universe. He's always welcome.
Dear Reg,

My dear friend I have to say that I agree with you. Benching Jayden was super difficult for me to do. It was great for Gino to shine, but I missed Jayden being the leading character.
Kev is absolutely one of the toughest opponents and I remember someone wanted him to be written in a story recently, and I hope that they got a chance to read this one!
Ben would be awesome to write along side Gino, that I would be a lot of fun. I will make sure to add in comparisons between Ben and Gino when I write one, because that would be fun.
Gino and Chase's relationship is exactly how you describe it. The two of them put up with each other because they each love Jayden. It's been a bit since those two have gone at it and the idea of them sneakily ball busting each other without his knowledge sounds like a great idea!
Dear Anonymous Two,

Jayden is a bit too young to be a ball busting boy, but I am so glad that you enjoyed this story. Jayden did get to bust some balls including Alex, Vince and Kev. He did pretty well for himself. Maybe when he gets older he can be included!
Thank you everyone for writing in!



Anonymous said...

Lovely story as always Jimmy!

It was kinda weird seeing Jayden literally take a seat out of the spotlight and not get his boynuts mangled for once, but I guess it was a nice change of pase

My favorite part was Jayden's reaction to Zach's Anaconda between his legs, not only because Zach is one of my favorite characters, but because his reaction was also adorable! Especially when he started to compare Zach's mammoth cock with Gino and Chase's, which aren't that big but they aren't that bad either! (And I couldn't help but think that Jayden also may have thought of Bill, since he knows that Bill is sensitive about his size, just imagine his reaction if he ever saw Zach!)

These new stories with Gino and the ballbusting boys cast (Which I'm pretty excited to share many of my ideas when the polls are up! I got them ready already) have made me think of something I wanted to ask for a while, have you ever considered making One on One one-off stories with the Gino and Jayden cast?

It would be interesting to maybe see Jayden's friends sneak into the studio or just have some one-off fights of their own! Max VS Rex, Jayden vs Chase (another one where the two of them finally get their friendly match of ballbusting! Maybe as a date night thing, maybe even have them take care for eachother after the match), Leroy VS Chase, Max and Rex VS Caleb and Junior! or maybe Even a Chase VS Bill rematch, no help from anyone else! Fights where it's just the two character duking it out! Until one of them either passes out, gives up or... You know the rest!

But that's just a suggestion, if you decide to have the character's fights happen more naturally during the process of the story, I'll be totally fine with that

Can't wait for the next polls to tell you my ideas!

-Anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anon 1,

It was so weird for me Anon 1 letting Jayden sit out. It was actually really difficult because I enjoy writing him so much. This was Gino's story to shine and I felt that Jayden was a bit too young to be in the Ballbusting Boys at this moment. Gino is not. Plus I got to write Logan, and he got to win this time (I make him lose often so it was nice to write him coming out on top).

I'm glad that you liked Jayden's reaction to Zach big schlong. And I agree it would be super funny to see how Bill reacts!

I'm going to try to do some one on ones with Gino, but somehow involve Jayden in the process as he is still how we view that world. A challenge for sure, but one that I am willing to take on. However you have come up with an interesting format. What would happen if Jayden and his friends took over the Ballbusting Boys studio and had some one on one matches against Alex's wishes? That could prove to be some fun story telling indeed!

If you have not read Chapter 26, Gino's Secret Crush I would be interested to see what you think!

Chapter 27 is coming out January 25th it's a hot steamy story with plenty of ballbusting action. I think that you'll enjoy that one. It's title is Date Night, and it should be a wild ride.

I am looking forward to hearing more of your ideas in the next poll!