Monday, December 14, 2020

Gino and Jayden: The choice - Poll results


Before we publish the result of Jimmy's extraordinary interactive story experiment in a moment, here are the poll results:

Poll #1:
I want Jayden to date...

Chase   44%
Sam Hell Devil Boy   36%
Bill   7%
Bill, Chase and Leroy at the same time   7%
No one   3%
Leroy   1%
Other   2%
of those:
Bill and Chase   1%
Doug   0,5%
[blank]   0,5%
Total: 196 votes
Poll #2:
During the seven part story "The Choice" a lot of character development happens between many of the characters. Please check on which parts you liked and want to keep:

Sam Hell and Jake joining Doug on the wrestling team, planning on facing Jayden, Gino and Logan in two weeks   50%
Aldo and Leroy getting together   50%
Bill and Chase trying to forgive each other   42%
Max’s new friendship with Jayden   37%
Doug’s return   28,5%
Total: 70 votes
(more than one answer was possible, that's why the numbers add up to more than 100%)

Jimmy told me that each of the story lines mentioned in Poll #2 recieved enough votes so that he will keep them all.

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