Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What's the story? (8)

Christmas is right around the corner, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have another What's the story? challenge to wrap up a very strange and very difficult year.

I found the following picture on a hard drive. Doesn't it look like the perfect setup for a balbusting story?

Now it's your turn: Who are these guys? What are they doing? What led to this picture - and what happens next?

Tell us your story - either in the comments section or by sending me an email (alex@ballbustingboys.org) - no matter how long or how short!

Thank you! 


Anonymous said...

this is a group of friends who celebrate each new year together. due to the coronavirus, many had a problem with work and finances and therefore decided not to give gifts to each other. But the holiday remains a holiday, so as an alternative, they decided to give each other their eggs for one evening.

OMB Stories said...

It had all started out as such a simple plan, get the girls and those two gay guys from marketing drunk at the office Christmas party then invite them back to Derek's place for a game of strip poker after. The lads from finance were all pretty surprised at how well their plan was going until things started to quickly go wrong... the marketing team had been quick to add in a caveat that the losing team had to have a forfeit, in the boys case that they would have to put their junk in a box and let the girls do what they wanted with it for 15 minutes. The guys' sexist assumptions about skill at the game were quickly proven wrong as they lost the first round (and their shoes), the second round (off with their socks), third round (damn, their shirts), fourth round (fuck bro! not our pants) and then embarrassingly on the fifth round they had to take off their boxers after not losing a single round to the other team.
Now, standing naked and getting ready to stick their dicks and balls into a box for their forfeit they guys are trying to act like they lost on purpose just so they could get handjobs from the guys and girls opposite.
One by one the other team comes up to them and starts stroking their tools through the holes in the top of each of the boxes. After a couple of minutes of stroking to get the guys super hard so that their bloated cocks can't easily fit back through the holes in the boxes and escape one of the gay guys from marketing cuts off the masc gay finance bro's sleazy comments to shout "ok let's show these dudebros what we really thing of them". Suddenly six pairs of hands clamp shut around the six pairs of nuts inside the boxes and the guys all start sweating and swearing as their nuts get crushed and poked and pinched by the guys and girls opposite. The ball torture goes on for nearly the whole 15 minutes until one by one each of the dude's gets their pent up loads viciously crushed out of them splattering cum all over the inside of their box. The finance bros collapse to the floor as their tormentors finally let go off their aching balls, leaving the six lads lying naked and covered in cum in a heap as they desperately try and pull the boxes off of their junk before the circulation cuts off... unfortunately for them, the cock and ball sized holes that were cut into the bottom of the boxes were lined with superglue and no amount of grunting, shoving and pulling will set them free.

Buster said...

The Twelve Nuts of Christmas was one of the most popular winter fundraisers on fraternity row. Each year six unlucky - or lucky, depending on how they looked at it - graduating seniors would volunteer to offer up their manhood to the delight of passersby.

This year's crop were exceptionally handsome and well endowed, six young men at their absolute prime standing on the lawn outside of their frat house wearing nothing more than Santa hats, boots and goofy grins. Each of them looked to be holding a giftwrapped box at crotch level with a strategically placed hole to allow their bulbous nuts and meaty cocks to rest inside the box. The black rubber tops of the boxes had a slit that would allow a hand to go in but otherwise hid their contents.

"Step right up!" shouted another frat boy acting as the host who was holding a festive sign in front of them.

Two passing young women looked over and chuckled as they read the surprisingly well-made menu that was printed on the sign.

Grab some salty nuts - $5
Grab a hot wiener - $6
Make a frat boy squeal - $10
Crack some walnuts - $20

"Okay, I'm in!" the petite blonde said through laughter, digging five bucks out of her pocket and tossing it into the bucket.

She stepped in front of Chad, the tallest, and gave him a playful wink after checking out his ripped body. Chad felt his truly massive cock start to thicken as he mentally undressed the hot coed but his dreams of fucking were quickly replaced by a sharp pain in his sugar plums. His eyes grew wide as she reached into the box and gave each nut a squeeze, one in each hand.

Her friend chuckled as she tossed in six dollars and headed toward Conner's box. Conner's model like body was matched by an equally impressive cock and the chick smiled in genuine delight as she grabbed it through the top of the box. She slowly started stroking his monster ten incher as his head peaked from the from the top of the box. The two women laughed as they let go of their prizes and wandered off.

Another coed approached immediately behind them, contributing five dollars to the cause. She chose Zach, a hot blonde, and gave his large nuts a devastating squeeze.

"Fuck!" he wailed, totally shocked at the power of this seemingly meek young woman.

"Learned it in self defense class,"

She smiled as he crushed her thumb into the center of his left nut and twisted her wrist, nearly twisting it off.

"Ooh!" Zach squealed.

"Lady, you owe us five more dollars,"

The host pointed to the "make a frat boy squeal' item on the menu and the price of ten dollars. She chuckled as she gave five more dollars to the bucket.

"My fault, I didn't realize he was such a wimp,"

Zach flushed red as his frat brothers roared in laughter.

The young woman had barely walked away when a burly freckle faced student walked up. He looked to be the same age as the standing frat boys and was sporting an obvious tube-shaped bulge in his jeans.

He reached in his pocket and tossed ten dollars in.

"I'm gonna' make you squeal!"

The man stood in front of Greg, a svelte brunet and reached into the box, taking one of Greg's heavy nuts in each hand. Despite the nip in the air, Greg's nuts felt surprisingly hot and sweaty which only made the bulge in his jeans grow bigger. Without breaking eye contact with Greg, the player pressed his thumbs into Greg's fruitcakes, desperate to feel the gooey center. Greg's eyes crossed and he instinctively reached for the man's arms but was stopped by a stern look from the host. Part of the fun of the Twelve Nuts of Christmas was that students, faculty and towns people alike could have their way with six hot studs without limits. Greg let out a desperate high pitched squeal as the man's hands compressed closer and closer.


Unfortunately the rest was too long to publish, so I threw it on my blog :) Thanks for the prompt and hot pic, Alex!

Alex said...

Awesome, guys! Thank you so much for your stories! :-))