Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Video links: Christmas nutcrackers (7)


If you are anything like me, then nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like watching The Nutcracker. It makes your heart warm with the joy of Christmas.

Here are some more of my favorite holiday themed nutshots.

Let's start with a sleigh ride into the crotch. I just love the guy yelling: "My Christmas balls!" 

Here is another clip from MTV Careless Teens. Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like hitting Santa in the nuts!

The opposite is true as well: Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like getting hit in the nuts by Santa!

Somehow getting pranked by a friend feels better when there's a Christmas tree in the background, doesn't it? (Spoiler: No, it doesn't.)


I asked Woody to see how far we could stretch it... LOL ##stretcharmstrong ##fail ##bestfriendgoals

♬ original sound - woodyandkleiny

The final clip is an elaborate setup that ends with a guy in a Christmas sweater getting whopped in the nuts. Merry Christmas!

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