Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Video links: Two balls, no shirt


It's a scientific fact that guys are more likely to hit each other in the nuts after they have taken off their shirts. Need proof? Here you go.

Here are some of my favorite shirtless nutshot videos.

Let's start with a group of three of shirtless Finnish guys on a lake. Add to that a flying camera - and you got yourself a nutshot!

Skip to 6:20

Wanna watch a shirtless guy get hit in the nuts by his friend with a water bottle? Yeah, me too!

Here is toktoker Xan Paulsen with a three part series. Each episode ends with his shirtless brother hitting him in the nuts - and it's actually really funny!

Waking Up My Brother for School🤣😅 Should I bring this trend back?? IG: Xans.World @jaeger.paulson

♬ original sound - Xan

Day 2 of Waking up my Hibernating Brother for scool😂 Follow for Day 3 tomorrow😅 (Mor in my Instagram & YouTube in my Bio👀🤫) @jaeger.paulson

♬ original sound - Xan

Day 3 didn’t Go as planned.. imma just let @jaeger.paulson fail his class😂 IG: Xans.World 4 Mor!!

♬ original sound - Xan

Here's a Russian guy getting kicked in the nuts. He's shirtless and wearing what looks like a combination of underpants, shorts and a skirt. Whatever it is - it offers no protection for his balls...

In the final video, the shirtless part and the nutshot part are divided into two sections. That doesn't spoil the entertainment value, though.

What's your favorite video featuring shirtless guys hitting each other in the nuts? Let us know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (


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