Sunday, December 6, 2020

One on one: Parker vs. David - the third match (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Previous parts:
One on one: Parker vs. David
One on one: Parker vs. David - the rematch

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: David and Parker (click for pictures)

Parker was beaming with anticipation. The 21 year old gymnast was wearing tight-fitting ruby red jeans and a tank top that showed off his muscular arms. He ran his hand through his recently dyed flaming red hair and smiled at me. “How did you get him to fight me again?”

I shrugged. “Well, frankly, it didn’t take a lot of persuasion. He just accepted your challenge.”

We were waiting for David, the 19 year old ballet dancer. He was an arrogant prick, mean and vicious, with a knack for sensing someone’s weak spot and exploiting it shamelessly.

To date, he had faced Parker twice in a one on one matchup. The first time, he had defeated Parker and busted his balls pretty badly. And along the way he seemed to have ignited a flame in Parker’s heart. I certainly couldn’t understand it, but Parker seemed to have a thing for bad boys. In their second fight, Parker had emerged victorious and jerked a nice, thick load of jizz all over David in a hot, humiliating finale.

Today, the two guys were going to face off for the third time.

“Well”, my assistant Erik said, “I guess he was eager to come back after his humiliation at the party…” 

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