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Pain by the pool (written by Dominik)

This story was written by my friend Dominik who runs Jungs mit Eiern, a German language story blog with me. It's his first time writing in a language other than his mother tongue, and I hope you'll enjoy his debut story just as much as I did!

Featured in this story: Will and Zach (click for pictures)

„Oh, fancy meeting you here!“

Will walked into the outdoor swimming pool, a giant towel over his shoulder, dressed in a casual workout attire that consisted of a black T-Shirt and workout shorts that doubled as swimming trunks. He gave Zach a wink who was hanging out nearby. The handsome, blond college student was only wearing his swimming trunks and currently lying on one of the loungers, reading a tech magazine.

„Ah, Will.“ He acknowledged the presence of his friend with a subtle nod. „Nice to see you.“

Will put down his towel on the lounger next to Zach’s. „What’s the latest?“

„Not much“, Zach replied, slightly annoyed. „Just want to make a chill day today.“

„I see. Still dating that chick from the other school? What was her name, Nancy?“

„Well, I was, but she’s kind of ghosting me the last few days.“ He shrugged. „But hey, doesn’t matter, had sex. Once, at least.“

„Congratulations“, Will nodded approvingly. „Glad your dick got some action at least.“

„How about you? Any new developments in the sexual department?“, Zach inquired, looking up from his magazine.

„Nah, nothing recent. Though I’m not much into long-term relationships anyway.“ Will shrugged. „You still look dry. Not been skinny-dipping yet?“

„Nah, not yet. Not sure if I’ll swim much today.“

„What a shame“, Will replied. „Was hoping for a couple mano-a-mano races through the lanes. I’ve been swimming a little more the last few weeks, but I’m not sure I can match your endurance.“

Zach raised his eyebrows. „Well, I’m sure you can’t, we don’t need to race for that.“

„If you’re so sure of it, surely you don’t mind proving it to me?“, Will gibed.

Zach sighed and put his magazine down on a small wodden table next to him where he had put his bag. „Alright, big boy. What’s in it for me?“

„Make a suggestion.“

„Whoever wins, gets to kick the loser’s balls in. No holds barred.“

„Alright. Figured you’d suggest something like that“, Will nodded. He wasn’t exactly keen on getting his balls kicked in today, but he was feeling fit and adventurous today and had a good feeling about it. He had been swimming quite a bit over the last couple weeks whereas Zach’s last competitive swimming race was already a while back. He was really keen on proving the big hulk wrong and showing him who’s the best swimmer.

„Ok, let’s start with some breaststrokes, eh? One round up and down the lane?“, Zach asked while getting up and stretching his big, muscular arms. Will wasn’t as muscular and strong as Zach, but he had a thoroughly-trained body aswell that he tried to keep fit with daily runs and at least weekly exerxice, and he hoped to match with endurance what he lacked in strength compared to Zach.


Zach looked through his bag and pulled out a stopwatch. „The amount of seconds the loser is behind the winner determines the amount of kicks, what do you say?“

Will gulped, but nodded and stretched out his hand to shake on it. „Fine.“

Zach prepped the watch and then extended his hand, but at the last second instead hit Will in the balls with the back of his hand.

„Uuh!“, Will groaned and leaned forward while Zach chuckled and let himself drop into the water ass-first. „That was mean!“

„Wanted to get a quick head-start“, Zach grinned. „You coming?“

„Yeah“, Will replied as he stripped off his T-Shirt and threw it to his towel. The sacktap wasn’t too bad, but it had caught him by surprise. Much slower and less enthusiastic than Zach, Will descended into the the next lane adjacent to Zach’s.

„Okay, ready? Go!“

The two boys pushed forward and started their rounds. At the beginning they seemed to swim about equally fast, but halfway through the lane, Zach gained the edge. As they reached the end and started their way back, it was obvious Zach was ahead.

„One minute ten“, the big hulk commented when he reached the start again and looked at the stopwatch. „Could’ve been better.“

A couple seconds later, Will arrived aswell.

„One twenty“, Zach noticed who was already getting out of the water. „Ten seconds difference.“

„Ah, damn.“ Will had really hoped to defeat Zach. „Guess you’re still faster.“

„Guess so.“

Zach sank down on his lounger as he waited for Will to get out of the water.

„I suppose ten kicks isn’t too bad?“, he smiled half-heartedly.

„Oh I’ll make it hurt pretty bad, don’t worry“, Zach grinned.

„So, how do you wanna do this?“

„Just stand with your legs spread widely. Yeah, like that. Try not to flinch.“

Will did as he was told: dropping wet, he let his feet wander apart from each other until Zach had good access to his private parts. The silhouette of his equipment was somewhat visible through his swimming pants, now that they were soaking wet and sticking to his skin.

„Okay, ready?“


Having gone from bored to enthusiastic through that short race, Zach didn’t have to be told twice. He stepped back and, with a little sprint, sank his naked right foot right inbetween Will’s legs.

He hit his targets head-on, much better than with the little sacktap that he had given him before.

„Fuck“, Will groaned and leaned forward. „Got me good.“


Once again, Zach stepped back and did a little running-kick, launching the solid back of his foot into Will’s privates

„Au! Damn, even better!“

„Did I get them both?“

„Y… yes…“

„That’s what you get for challenging the master.“

The next kick was slightly off-target. This time, Zach’s toes collided with Will’s right bollock, leaving the left one untouched.

„Ah! My right ball!“

„Only the right? Damn, I have to aim better next time“, Zach chuckled while Will was groaning writhing, his face a mask of pain.

„No need to“, Will proposed meekly.

Again, Zach threw his foot forward, this time mostly striking Will’s left testicle which was jumbled around in his pants.

„Ah. My leftie!“

„Wasn’t even intentional“, Zach insisted grinning. „Was trying to get both. But at least that makes it perfectly balanced. As all things should be.“

„I guess…“

Again, Zach drew his foot back. This time, he hit both of Will’s plumps dead-on, slamming them hard against his pelvis.

„Oh!“, Will screamed. „You’re really…“

He was cut off when Zach kicked him again. Will pressed his hands on his knees, his upper body bent forward, and breathed heavily. „Yo, man, you really…“

Plomp. Once again, Zach didn’t wait for him to finish, but kicked his balls in, making Will twitch in pain. Will just groaned and quivered, giving up on making a snarky comment inbetween those kicks.

His next kick was slightly off-target, his foot scratched more over his inner leg, making the impact on his balls soft – but still making Will scream, whether it was from pain or from surprise.

Zach’s two final kicks were right on target. In quick succession, he slammed first his right, then his left foot into Will’s rocks, making him scream in agony and finally collapse onto his knees.

„Ten kicks“, Zach chuckled as Will was massaging his private parts. „Thank you, I really needed those kicks today, already make me feel better. Up for another round?“

„Give me a couple minutes“, Will nodded. „I was just warming up. I definitely want a rematch.“

Zach raised his eyebrows. „You sure, buddy? I won’t hold back.“

„Yeah, I’m sure.“

„Well, my feet were also just warming up“, Zach chortled as he laid down again in his lounger and grabbed his phone. Will meanwhile managed to crawl onto his own lounger and sank down on his back, heavily breathing.

It took Will a couple of minutes until the pain in his lower body had subsided to a tolerable level. Despite losing the first race, he felt like he had barely scratched his endurance, and he hoped that he was able to match Zach’s performance, now that he had tired out a little.

„Okay, ready for round two?“, he finally asked.

„If you say so.“ Zach threw his phone back into his bag and jumped up. „Same swimming technique or different one?“

„Let’s do some front crawls this time“, Will suggested.

„You got it. Same stakes?“


„Great“, Zach nodded. „Anything else?“

„Actually, let’s do two rounds down and up the lane“, Will said. He hoped that twice the distance would exhaust Zach more and give him more of an edge through his endurance, but he prayed that it wouldn’t backfire on him as it could potentially mean twice the amount of kicks.

„Yeah“, Zach nodded, not seeing any problem with it. „Sounds good. Two rounds this time. Total time difference still counts for the kicks.“

„That’s the deal.“

Zach leaped into the water energetically while Will, still sore in his lower region, got into the water more carefully. Having the cold water of the pool around his balls felt good and eased the remaining pain.

„Ready? Then… let’s go!“

Will stroked as if his life depended on it, and at first, he was slightly ahead. It seemed Zach’s cocky, confident attitude had made him forget that it was a race after all, as he started his round fairly relaxed this time. But when he noticed Will got ahead, he immediately turned it up a notch and he caught up in a matter of seconds.

As the two friends reached the end of their lane and turned around, Zach was a few seconds ahead, and on the way back, the gap between them grew even more. As they reached the end of the first round, Will already regretted his decision to add a second round this time.

But on the second way down the line, Zach seemed to struggle to maintain his speed. He was without doubt ahead of Will in terms of pure muscles, but he couldn’t keep up his full strength for a very long time. Will was still going strong, but he also felt his strength subside.

The distance between the two handsome lads became smaller, but it wouldn’t quite vanish; even in his weakened state, Zach still managed to swim almost as fast as Will. Finally, the boys reached the start of the lane again, with Zach once again winning by a couple seconds.

„Two minutes twenty-five“, he read the stopwatch, gasping for breath. „And you are two thirty-one. Damn, I really thought we could double the amount of kicks.“

„You better leave the thinking-part to me and focus on your muscles, bro“, Will smiled.

„Careful what you say. I’m still getting six kicks, and I’m going to make them count.“

„Fair enough“, Will nodded.

The two dripping wet lads got out of the water. Will immediately spread his legs in anticipation while Zach took the time to dry himself off slighty. Will uncomfortably shifted from one foot to the other.

„You’re gonna wank off first too or what?“, Will asked impatiently.

„Wasn’t intending to, but at least I’m still able to later today“, Zach grinned and put the towel down. „Okay, how about some nice knees this time around?“

Will nodded as he looked down to the muscular, handsome legs of his mate. „If you say so.“

„Okay, great!“ And with these words, Zach leaped forward and rammed Will his knee into the balls, smashing his babymakers deep into his pelvis.

„Ouuu!“, Will moaned, leaning forward as the pain radiated through him. Zach didn’t give him any time to rest, however, and immediately followed up with another knee into his family jewels.

„Au!“, he screamed. „Fuck!“

„Fuck yeah!“, Zach responded. Another knee, another pain-filled scream.

„Man, fuck“, Will groaned and was about to sink down to his knees, but Zach grabbed him by the top of his swimming pants and forcefully pulled him up by it, which Will had no choice but to follow as his trunks uncomfortably pressed against his agonising balls.

„Dude“, he gasped. He was mostly standing again, though a lilttle lopsided, but that was enough for Zach. Before he could get out another word, Zach shot his knee again into his sex organs in one swift, forceful motion.

„Au! Fuck!“

Will really felt all of Zach’s brawn as his knee clashed into his privates. The pain overwhelmed him and made him sink down again, but once again he felt Zach’s hands pulling him up by his pants and thereby his balls, forcing him to assume position.

„Five!“, Zach yelled cheerfully as he slammed his hard knee forward once again, hitting both balls dead-on and making his comrade wither in pain.

„Oh my god“, Will groaned. „It hurts so bad…“

„Who’s the best swimmer?“

„I… I don’t…“

„Who, Will?“

„F… fuck… I can’t…“

„Me, Will!“ And with these words, he drove his knee once more into Wills bashed babymakers, eliciting another scream from him. Will again sank down to the ground, and this time Zach didn’t stop him.

„Fuck“, Will groaned as he rolled around on the floor of the poolside, his hands inbetween his legs. „I think you broke them…“

„That would be a shame, right?“, Zach grinned as he sank down on his lounger again, grabbing his phone.


„Another round?“

Will just groaned in pain, which made Zach chuckle and immerse himelf in his phone again.

After a few minutes, Will was able to stand on his shaky legs again. The usually so charming young, athetic young man looked miserable from what his balls had gone through, but he was slowly getting back to strength.

He took a peak into his trunks and checked out his balls, which didn’t go unnoticed by Zach.

„Everything fine down there?“

„Probably“, he nodded. „A bit reddish, I think. But they still fucking hurt.“

Zach smirked.

Will sat down on his lounger and pulled out a drink from his bag. After refreshing himself, he already felt a little better, and despite the radiating pain in his balls, his muscles seemed like they still had a lot of strength in them.

„Okay, how about one more race?“

Zach looked at him with widened eyes. „You sure you wanna do this to your ballsies, buddy?“

„Well, the hardest choices require the strongest wills.“ He sighed. „I hope to finally get some revenge on your balls this time.“

Will smiled confidently, though he was all but certain that we would beat Zach this time. But his balls were already busted for the day, didn’t matter if they got trashed a little more in the worst case, he figured.

„Haha, dream on“, Zach scoffed. „But alright. Show me what ya got. As the loser, I think you deserve to choose the type of swimming again.“

„Okay. How about some backstrokes this time around?“ He hoped that by mixing up the swimming technique, he would eventually find one that Zach wasn’t as good in. Will was roughly equally good in all of them, so to him it didn’t matter.

Zach seemed untouched by the suggestion. „Yeah, let’s do it.“

„Also, let’s raise the stakes again. Three rounds this time“, Will explained. „And loser has to take the punishment naked.“

„Um.“ The suggestion seemed to catch Zach off-guard, but he quickly regained composure, and he smiled devilishly. „If you like three times as many hits to the balls this time, sure, buddy.“

Shortly after, the two studs where in their respective lanes again, this time floating on their backs. „Okay, ready, set, go!“

Once again, Zach had a head-start: his strong legs altogether with his muscular arms pushed him forward faster than Will. But his speed advantage became smaller as they finished their first lane and made their way back.

While Zach’s power seemed to dwindle, Will swam as strong as ever, relentlessly pushing himself forward meter by meter. Both boys finished their first round on par.

On the second round, luck seemed to finally favor Will as he swam forward as fast as the first time around while Zach fell behind, seemingly trying to catch his breath. Will smiled as he pushed on forward.

As they entered the third round, Zach seemed to have caught his breath again, as he caught up to Will again. When they finally swam their final lane backwards to the start, Zach was apparently able to perform again, as he overtook Will at an impressive speed and even brought several meters inbetween the two. When he finally reached the start of the lane, Will was still several meters behind him.

„Oh, yeah!“, he cheered and grabbed the stopwatch. „Three minutes thirty-one! And you are… oh, you are still not here!“

Will just groaned; the pain in his balls racked him, and Zach’s sudden burst of energy during the last lane completely took his enthusiasm.

„Three minutes fifty-nine!“, Zach laughed as Will’s hand finally touched the edge of the pool again. He had already grabbed his towel to dry himself off again. „Looks like someone is in for a treat!“

Will gasped as he pulled himself out of the pool again. He brushed himself through his wet, blond hair before looking down to the bulge in his pants.

„Let’s get it behind us“, he sighed.

„Sure thing“, Zach nodded. „That’s what you get for challenging the master. Get ready for twenty-eight fucking hits to the bollocks.“

While Zach got ready and watched him expectantly, Will quickly drank another large sip from his water bottle. His muscles felt sore, and his balls were still hurting from before.

„Okay, let’s go“, he said and walked up to Zach.

„Didn’t you forget something? Get naked, man. Your suggestion.“

Will sighed; he had hoped that Zach would have forgotten by now. He slowly dropped his trunks, exposing his neatly-shaven, impressive pair of cherries, and his rather average-looking dick that hang over them like a limp noodle.

„They do look a little larger than I remember“, Zach smiled.

„Yeah, no shit, because they are already swollen.“

„Hey, don’t blame me“, Zach responded, and when Will looked at him frowning, he chuckled: „Okay, do blame me.“

„So, how do you want to do it this time?“, Will asked while folding his trunks and putting them down by his things.

„I’d like to do some neat punches to the balls this time“, Zach said. „So that my arms get a little action aswell. Besides the whole swimming part, I mean.“

Will shrugged uncomfortably. Zach’s athletic arms and upper body looked just as intimidating as his legs, so he wasn’t sure if getting slammed by his hands rather than his feet or knees was any better or not. „You’re the winner, I guess you can choose.“

Zach kneeled down in front of him until his face and arms were on the same height as Will’s willy and balls. He drew his arms back which made Will wince in anticipation, then he looked up to his friend.


Will just groaned.

That was enough for Zach. He slammed his fist into his friend’s naked ballsac, making him scream in pain.


Without giving Will the chance to respond, he drew his fist back and sent it into his target again, making his jewels and sausage wildly dangle inbetween his spread legs.

He alternated between his left and right hand. Again and again, he threw his fist forward making his bro squeal and trash around. After a couple of punches, he threw in a hefty uppercut for good measure that let his dick slap against his belly and smashed his balls into his Pelvis.

„Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck…“

And so Zach continued. He nailed Will’s balls hit after hit, smashing them around and punching them with all the force he could muster. After the 12th hit, Will couldn’t stand it anymore and fell down onto his knees, hands pressed onto his thighs, his face an expression of suffering.

Not having any pants to pull Will up on this time, Zach decided to instead grab Will’s dick and ungently janking him up by it. Will followed suit and got back onto his feet with all the effort he could muster, giving Zach full access again to his priced possessions.

Which Zach immediately used to punch him again, and again.

„My balls!“, Will screamed, just barely staying on his feet. „Fuck, my balls!“

But Zach wasn’t done yet. Eager to get in every hit he was entitled to, he continued punching and smashing Will’s balls piece by piece. Will withered and moaned in pain, but it didn’t help; his strong, beefy friend continued beating his balls to a pulp.

„Twenty-seven“, Zach finally commented after a what felt like an eternity to Will, smashing his fist forward, „and… twenty-eight!“ And one more punch that striked both his balls and dick alike, letting his family jewels wildly dangle between his legs while his dick smashed against his thighs.

„We’re done?“, Will whimpered, his upper body bent forward, hands still clutching his legs.

„Unless you want more, yes“, Zach nodded. For good measure, he gave Will’s by now clearly swollen balls a final sacktap with the back of his hand that let him quiver in pain.

Zach laid back down, crossing his arms behind his head, and watched his poor friend with amusement. Will slowly limped back to his own lounger, hands buried in his crotch, pressing his legs together and breathing heavily. He slowly rolled around trying to ease the pain.

„Up for another round?“, Zach chuckled with his usual cocky attitude. „I even give you a headstart.“

„Fuck you“, Will groaned. „Now I won’t be able to jack off for a week.“

„Oh, poor boy. At least you can spend that time here at the pool to train instead“, Zach suggested grinning.


The two boys laid around for a couple minutes, Zach now in a great mood, while Will was slowly recovering and nursing his balls. Just as he finally had the strength again to pull himself up and slip into his trunks, Zach got up aswell, occupied with his phone.

„Gotta go“, he announced. „Want to meet up with Logan later today. Was fun swimming with you.“

„Yeah, likewise“, Will nodded just as he had pulled his pants up. „I’m going to beat you eventually.“

„Yeah, in your wet dreams“, Zach laughed. „Ah, wait… here you go.“

He unexpectedly threw the stopwatch at Will, nailing him right in his balls with it.

„Ah fuck! What was that for?“, Will complained, pressing his hands against his bollocks and sinking to the ground again. „My balls are still sore as fuck!“

„Just in case you’d like to swim and train some more“, Zach blinked before giving him a wink and strolling to the exit. „See ya!“

Will just groaned, reached for the stopwatch and pulling himself onto his lounger again.


volpesco said...

Awesome. I hope there will be a revenge and a lort of pain for zach too

Anonymous said...

This story kicked balls. More please.

Dominik said...

Thank you both for the feedback, I appreciate it! I'm not yet decided on if there will be a part 2 revenge, but I definitely have ideas for more stories like this in the future.