Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (48)

With all the stuff that's going on in the world right now it's hard not to get depressed. Thank goodness there are testiclesto cheer us up whenever we feel down!

Here are some more of my favorite clips featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun.

Here is a very fun way to make sure that an entire group of friends won't be able to procreate. The clip is called Efecto Domino con alguna variante which roughly translates to Domino effect with a twist - and the twist is very painful...

Maybe the playground nutshot deserves a series of posts for itself but this little Russian clip is just too good to wait.

What's not to love about a clip that's called Swift Kicks to the Dicks?

Anybody who has ever been the victim of a sneak sack attack will be able to relate to the poor young man sitting on the couch in the next clip...

Finally, here's one of my all time favorites that I rediscovered recently: Rob, the protagonist, is wearing a t-shirt that says FREE KICKS with an arrow pointing at his crotch, and he asks stranegrs on the street (girls and guys alike) to do as the t-shirt tells them to. That alone is just perfect. But the camera man, apparently a friend (or should I say "friend") of his, and his comments make it an even more perfect clip. Witness his comments on the second kick: Before the young lady kicks poor Rob's nuts, he encourages her: "Don't feel bad!" And when he powers a good, hard kick at his nuts (judging from the sound of the impact, Rob is freeballing...) he laughs and cheers. "Yeah! Yeah! Scale of one to ten?" he asks. "Eight, nine", Rob answers, trying to walk off the pain. The cameraman is delighted. "Eight, nine?! Yeah! Whoo!" Hilarious!

(The title is Rob's Relief: Nut Shots Teaser but I wasn't able to find a full video to go with this "teaser". My guess is that it never got released. But if anybody knows something please let me know. Thanks!)

What's your favorite clip featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (



Anonymous said...

Remote Vs Balls: 1-0! :D
Nice vids, Alex! :-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))