Sunday, September 1, 2019

New link: The Power of Dudes' Nuts

The Power of Dudes' Nuts is an awesome new blog out there that publishes pics and gifs of hot guys in ballpain and mocks them with hilarious comments.

Here's the official desciption:
Dudes under the influence of testosterone -- both cockiness from their spunk-packed family jewels to agony from getting their delicate babymakers busted. Love to see dudes take cheap shots to their nugs, especially in wrestling.
If you like ballbusting wordplay check out The Power of Dudes' Nuts!

My favorite posts so far are Al Snow's Ball-on-Ball Assault ("Our big guy will be shooting blanks for a good while!") and The One-Nut-Wonder ("he knows his nut butter has turned sterile early").

Welcome to the world, The Power of Dudes' Nuts!


Salty Humblebrag said...

Thanks for the shoutout -- that's very generous of you! I'm glad you're enjoying the content :)

Alex said...

Thank YOU for your awesome blog! Keep up the great work! :/))