Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Video links: Corn nuts (3)

The incredible game of corn nuts (which we have covered extensively here, here and here) is getting more and more popular. I can't believe that this is the third post about this wonderful game this year alone!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys tossing bean bags at their bean bags.

These young men play corn nuts as a team sport with two teams of two players each competing. There's nothing like teaming up on your buddy's nuts!

Here's another video of guys playing in teams. The funniest moment comes when one of the guys gets hit in the nuts at around 1:50. The opposing team is cheering and laughing - and then the poor guy's team mate joins in, dapping up the successful thrower. There's a - very much earned - revenge threat in the off-camera commentary so we might be in for another video...

Cornhole is virtually unknown in Germany so I was very surprised to find these German guys play a variation of the game. They had to craft their own cornhole boards from scratch, which is nice. They are wearing cups, an they are not very good a throwing the bean bags which slightly diminishes the fun. Nevertheless there are a couple of nice hits, and it's great to see them try. :-))

There's really only one good hit in the next clip - but that one is perfect! It's the first attempt of the thrower, and it's on a live radio show. The suprise and the utter joy of (almost) everybody involved is stunning!

Skip to 3:00

The guys in the next video have been featured on this blog before: Their original Bags of Pain video was one of my favorite clips back in May. It looks like they have noticed. They give us a shout-out in their new corn nuts video: "Can we get a sponsor from again, please?" one of them says at the 3:10 mark. Guys, thanks for being a good sport about this! Your attitude is awesome! I think all of you are corn nuts champions!

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