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Painful playtime (Kit meets Logan and his cousins)

Special thanks to Kit for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to be on the sidelines and watch men get their balls busted!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Oh, hey, careful, careful”, Logan chuckled as his cousins stormed towards him as soon as he had entered the house.

Logan’s light-hearted warnings were cheerfully ignored as his cousins made their way down the stairs in a stampede that sounded like dozens of adolescent boys even though it only consisted of 10 year old Jayden and his 12 year old brother Caleb.

They were two little rascals, blond and blue-eyed, with buoyancy in excess and energy to spare. Like most boys their age they were regular fireballs, constantly running and shouting and laughing and horsing around.

They loved their big cousin Logan, and they enjoyed spending time with him. Afternoons with Logan were always filled with fun and excitement and pure bliss.

Logan loved his little cousins just like they loved him. He was 18 year old, handsome and popular, friendly and adventurous, and despite the fact that he was busy with high school and wrestling tournaments and his girlfriend, he made sure to spend time with his Caleb and Jayden as often as possible.

As he watched his cousins storm towards him, Logan pretended to be afraid, backing against the door, his arms spread wide as if he feared getting crushed by the stampede.

“Careful, I mean it”, Logan laughed. “Don’t hit me in the---”

With deadly precision, Caleb found Logan’s most vulnerable spot, burying his fist deep in the between Logan’s thighs and making Logan’s eyes bulge as his cheeks puffed.

For his cousins, Logan’s manhood was nothing but the source of pure comedy, a funny button to push at their own discretion – and they loved to push it again and again and again to the point where Logan had considered wearing a cup for his visits to avoid depriving Caleb and Jayden of the joy of getting second cousins…

Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing a cup today, so Caleb’s fist hit him right in the bean bag. Ever the good sport, Logan decided to cover up the pain and give his cousins something to laugh.

“…balls”, Logan in a comically high pitched voice that made his cousins roar with laughter.

They loved Logan’s groin pain reactions. They were absolutely hilarious, and there was nothing funnier than hearing Logan talk in a soprano voice after getting hit in the balls.

“Oooh, you hit the sweet spot”, Logan declared in a funny falsetto, trying to ignore the pain that was blazing in his loins like a bonfire. “Nothing sweeter than a punch in the yams.”

His cousins laughed.

“What about a kick?” Jayden suggested.

Logan blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Maybe that’s even sweeter”, Jayden explained innocently.

Suddenly, Logan’s voice was back to normal. “No, plea---”

Jayden’s foot connected with Logan’s nuts, turning the bonfire into a full-blown hellfire, a pyre for his chances of ever fathering children.

Logan’s faked falsetto voice turned into a very real scream of pain that made his cousins laugh even louder.

“Oh, it’s you”, came a voice from the top of the stairs. It belonged to Kit, the boys’ babysitter. He was a handsome young man of Asian descent with black hair, lanky and tall, a cheerful smile on his face as he saw Logan doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“Judging from the sound of your voice I though it was your sister”, Kit quipped.

“Very funny, Kit. You know I don’t have a sister”, Logan moaned, cupping his crotch.

“That’s too bad for the family tree”, Kit grinned. “Looks like you’ll have to count on Caleb and Jayden to continue the family line.”

Logan managed a laugh as he gave Kit a quick hug while Jayden and Caleb where running out into the garden.

“They’ve been looking forward to seeing you ever since I came here this morning”, Kit grinned.

“I bet they planned that attack on my manhood meticulously”, Logan grinned.

“Nah. They don’t need any planning to hit you in the junk, right?” Kit chuckled.

Logan joined in, grinning weakly as he massaged his crotch.

“Logaaaaaaan!” Jayden and Caleb screamed from the top of their lungs. “Come play with us!”

Logan looked at Kit.

“That’s what you came here for, right?” Kit smiled. “They have the whole afternoon planned out for you…”

Logan chuckled. “Coming!” he yelled as he stormed after his cousins into the garden – only to be stopped at the top as he stepped onto a rake that hit him right in the crotch, eliciting riotous laughter from his cousins as Kit winced in sympathy.

“Got you!” Jayden yelled cheerfully.

“Yeah you got me,” Logan whispered in a toneless voice. “You got me good.”

Kit couldn’t help but laugh with Logan’s cousins.

Logan limped forward, moving a little more carefully this time. He spotted the next trap that his cousins had laid out for him right away. It wasn’t a very sophisticated one. Another rake, lying right there on the grass.

Jayden and Caleb giggled giddily, expecting Logan to step on it and hit himself in the nuts again.

Logan looked at Kit and chuckled. “Little devils”, he muttered under his breath.

Kit grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “They’re your family, not mine…”

Logan winked at Kit before turning to his cousins. “You think I’d fall for that again?” he announced in a loud voice.

Jayden and Caleb went silent.

“Ha!” Logan declared histrionically. “I’m not that stupid!” He took a step forward, avoiding to activate the rake. Instead, he straddled it with one foot on either side of the stick.

His cousins’ eyes wandered to Kit who was standing behind Logan, a cheeky smile on his face.

Kit sneaked forward, putting his finger in front of his lips, motioning for the boys to remain silent.

Caleb and Jayden couldn’t help but snicker but Logan pretended not to know what was going on.

“Why are you laughing?” he said with a theatrical frown.

A moment later, Kit stepped on the rake, bringing the stick up between Logan’s thighs.

It connected perfectly with Logan’s nuggets, and it elicited roars of laughter from his cousins.

“Oh, that’s why”, Logan said in his patented soprano voice as he doubled over and grabbed himself, sinking to his knees.

Logan’s reaction was perfect, and it made Caleb and Jayden laugh riotously as Kit pretended to be shocked.

“Ooops”, Kit said with an innocent smile. “I hope I didn’t break anything.”

Logan groaned in pain but he played along. He reached inside his pants, grimacing as he counted: “One, two… three. All there.”

When Logan was able to get up again, his cousins told him what they wanted to play this afternoon.

“You’ll be Superman and we’ll be the villains”, Jayden explained.

“The supervillains”, Caleb chimed in, correcting his little brother.

“That’s what I said”, Jayden said.

“No, you didn’t. We’re not just villains, we’re SUPERvillains”, Caleb said sternly. “We’re Superman’s nemesis. His arch enemy.”

“I know!” Jayden said, pouting. “It’s what I said.”

“No, you didn’t. That’s why I’m the SUPERsupervillain and you and Kit, you are my henchmen”, Caleb smiled.

Jayden stared at him. “But that’s unfair! I want to be a---”

“Guys, guys, guys”, Logan said, squatting between them, putting a hand on each of their shoulders. “You’ll BOTH be supervillains, and Kit will be your henchman, alright?”

Now it was Caleb’s time to pout. “But I---”

Logan looked at him, and Caleb let out a sigh. “Alright. We’ll both be supervillains.”

Logan smiled. “Good.” He got up and smiled. “Now where are our costumes?”

A few minutes later, they were all dressed appropriately. Caleb and Jayden were wearing matching capes, and Kit had an eyepatch. Logan was the only one who had a full body costume – and it looked like it was a size or two too small for the muscular hunk.

It sat very tightly, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. His abs and his pecs were clearly outlined in the blue lycra fabric – but it was Superman’s bulge that looked almost obscenely superhuman. Bright red and hugging his package very tightly, it looked like a flashing target.

Logan shifted uncomfortably. “Umm. Okay, well, nobody can see us, right?”

Jayden and Caleb were completely oblivious to Logan’s discomfort. For them, Logan’s costume was just funny – and the fact that his private bits were so obviously outlined made it even funnier.

Logan let out a nervous chuckle as he carefully stretched his arms, trying not to overstrain the fabric. His ability to move was definitely restrained if he didn’t want to risk a tear in the fabric with potentially embarrassing consequences.

Kit couldn’t help but laugh. “You better move slowly or this will turn into a lesson about the male anatomy.”

Logan looked at him. “Very funny.” He turned to his cousins. “Okay, Superman is ready.” He struck a pose, careful not to move too much. “What’s going on?”

Caleb smiled and pointed at the wooden playhouse at the far end of the garden. “The villains have robbed the bank, and Superman is coming to the rescue.”

Logan shrugged. “Sounds good. I’ll give you two minutes. Then Superman will show the villains that crime doesn’t pay.”

The boys ran across the garden and disappeared into the playhouse. It was a solid little thing that was just big enough for Jayden to stand in it. Kit had to crawl in to follow the boys.

Logan heard them whisper and laugh as they came up with a plan. He looked down his body, slightly embarrassed at the sight of his bulging package. He tried to adjust his crotch but it was to no avail. His dick and his balls were just bulging obscenely.

Suddenly, Caleb’s excited voice sounded across the garden. “We’re ready!”

“Alright, here I come!” Logan declared and leaped towards the playhouse as gracefully and superhero-esque as his costume would allow. He stopped in front of the door, putting his hands on his hips and looking at the horizon, doing his best Superman impression. “What’s going on here?”

“This is a bank robbery!” Jayden yelled. “We will destroy you, Superman!”

“No!” Logan said solemnly. “You will never destroy Super---”

He was interrupted by a kid’s foot that shot out of the playhouse, only to land right in his groin, rearranging the contents of poor Logan’s scrotum with deadly precision and making Logan’s cheeks puff as he doubled over in pain.

The villains inside the playhouse screamed with laughter while Logan was groaning in pain, cupping his sore nuggets.

“My superballs”, he blurted out hoarsely. “You got me right in the superballs.”

The boys laughed.

“That was just the beginning”, Caleb announced cheerfully. “Wait till you see our weapons!”

Logan blinked. “You weap---”

“Get hiiiiiiiim!” he heard Caleb yell.

A split-second later, the two boys stormed out of the playhouse and lunged at their big cousin, bringing him down to his knees. They were both holding wooden rifles, and they used them to best effect by hitting Logan in the nuts with them.

Kit watched them from inside the playhouse, wincing and grimacing in sympathy as the two siblings attacked Logan’s manhood again and again and again, bashing Logan’s balls as the handsome high school hunk screamed and howled in pain.

He was partly hamming it up for his cousins, but Jayden and Caleb managed to land some pretty painful blows to his manhood, and after a few minutes of constant nut attacks there wasn’t much hamming up needed…

“Help us, henchman!” Cayden yelled suddenly. “Tie him up!”

Kit let out a laugh.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Jayden chimed in.

“Alright, alright”, Kit chuckled and crawled out of the playhouse, holding a piece of rope.

Caleb and Jayden stopped their attack for a moment to allow Logan to get up and face Kit.

Logan looked a little disheveled, and his bulge looked even bigger than before, probably because of some swelling due to the cousins’ attacks. Logan rubbed his crotch, grimacing as he looked at Kit who was smirking back at him.

“My my, Superman”, Kit said, trying his best at sounding villainous. Judging from the delighted reactions of the boys, he wasn’t bad at it.

“It’s just you and me now”, Logan replied, trying to regain his composure.

Behind him, Caleb and Jayden sneaked up on their cousin.

“I don’t think so, Superman”, Kit said with a laugh.

Simultaneously, Caleb and Jayden brought their wooden rifles up between Logan’s legs. One of them would have been enough to seriously hurt poor Logan’s love spuds, but together they all but eliminated Logan’s chances of ever fathering children.

Caleb and Jayden cheered as Logan sank to his knees, and it didn’t take a lot of effort to tie him to the playhouse in a very uncomfortable position, his legs spread wide apart, his hands up, and a tennis ball in his mouth.

“Grmpmphmph”, Logan protested.

“You are done, Superman!” Caleb said gleefully.

Jayden decided to lend weight to Caleb’s announcement by jumping between Logan’s thighs, landing right on his package and flattening his big cousin’s balls like pancakes, eliciting a series of unintelligible – and probably R-rated – profanities from him.

“We have some Kryptonite right here”, Caleb continued, unfazed by Logan’s grunts and groans, holding up a croquet mallet.

“And here!” Jayden added, looking around until he found a baseball bat lying in the grass. He grabbed it, beaming with joy. “Kryptonite! Yeah!”

“This is gonna hurt”, Kit mumbled, cringing in sympathy as Caleb lined up the first shot.

“Grmphph! Grmphph! Grmphph!” Logan’s eyes were filled with panic as he looked down between his legs where Caleb was preparing to knock his balls out of his sack. “Grmphph! Grmphph! Grmphph!”


Caleb loved playing croquet in the garden, and he was very, very good at it. The mallet hit Logan’s left nut dead-on, scoring a perfect hit that made Logan scream into his gag.

“Yes!” Caleb laughed as his big cousin’s eyes crossed.

Next up was Jayden who swing the baseball bat into Logan’s crotch as if he had never done anything else in his life.

Kit winced as the two boys took turns bashing Logan’s balls in.

Logan was grunting and groaning and panting and moaning, thrashing against his restraints.

After about two dozen hits, Kit noticed that the shape of Logan’s bulge was changing. Something big and hard was straining against the fabric. To Kit, it was obvious that all the attention to his tender bits had caused a certain reaction in Logan’s loins. But all the boys saw was a bigger target, and they attacked it with relentless energy, smashing Logan’s hard rod with the croquet mallet and the baseball bat without neglecting Logan’s nuts in the process.

Kit couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of Logan’s hardon throbbing against the thin fabric, only to be crushed by the baseball bat and smashed by the croquet mallet.

Logan’s breathing quickened and his face turned red and he let out a guttural groan as a wet patch started to spread on the crotch of his costume.

Jayden and Caleb stopped dead in their tracks.

“What’s going on?” Caleb asked with a frown.

Logan, in the midst of a very unintended orgasm, stared at Kit, panting heavily, his eyes wide open.

“Nothing”, Kit said matter-of-factly. “Just give a good hit to the place where it’s twitching, and it’ll stop.”

“Grmphph!” Logan protested.

A moment later, Caleb smashed the croquet mallet against the tip of his dick before adding a couple of hard hits to the nuts for good measure.

It worked. The twitching stopped. Unfortunately, Logan had also passed out.

The boys didn’t notice, though. They were focused on the curious wet patch on Logan’s bulge.

Caleb gave Logan’s wet package a tentative poke with his mallet. “What’s that?” he asked slowly, turning to Kit.

Kit blinked.
Jayden and Caleb looked at him, their young faces filled with innocent curiousity.

“Erm”, Kit scratched his head. He didn’t know what to say. On the one hand he didn’t want to start a discussion about the birds and the bees, on the other hand the boys deserved an answer.

Jayden and Caleb kept looking at him.

“Well”, Kit mumbled. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. “You know how Spiderman shoots spiderwebs from his hands?”

The boys nodded.

“Sure, that’s his superpower”, Caleb said with a shrug.

“Well, that”, Kit pointed at Logan’s wet crotch, “is Logan’s superpower.”

Caleb and Jayden turned to Logan’s lifeless body.

“It means you have almost defeated him”, Kit explained, smiling. The thought started to make sense even to him. “All the superpower has left his body.”

“How do we know that?” Jayden said slowly.

“What do you mean?” Kit asked.

“How do we mean that all the superpower has left his body”, Jayden said. “Maybe there’s still some inside of him.” He poked at Logan’s package with the baseball bat.

“There’s only one way to find out!” Caleb said.

Kit opened his mouth to say something – but it was too late. Caleb and Jayden had already started kicking and stomping Logan’s crotch, trying to see if there was any “superpower” left inside him.

Logan woke up just in time to experience his second orgasm, and he marked the occasion with a series of muffled grunts and groans.

Caleb and Jayden were very thorough, attacking Logan’s crotch until they were certain that there was no “superpower” left inside Logan’s balls.

By then, Logan’s balls were bloated and swollen, bruised and battered, and completely emptied. Logan’s face was white as a sheet, his hair wet with sweat.

“I think you have defeated him”, Kit said with a chuckle.

“Yayyyyy!” Caleb and Jayden cheered and high-fived as Kit removed the gag from Logan’s mouth.

“Oh yeah, I’m defeated. Good job, boys”, Logan groaned. “Good job.”

“Are you alright?” Caleb asked.

“Of course I am”, Logan muttered, managing a weak smile. “I just need to re-charge my superpowers.” He glanced at Kit. “For a week or two…”

Kit chuckled.

“But we’re not done yet”, Caleb said. “Now that you are defeated we are going to torture you!”

“Because we are supervillains!” Jayden chimed in.

“Evil supervillains”, Caleb nodded.

“What?!” Logan’s eyes widened. “I---grmphph!”

Logan’s voice was muffled as Kit put the gag back into his mouth.

“You heard them”, he said cheerfully. “They are going to torture you.” He winked at Logan who stared back at him, his eyes filled with terror. “And I’m pretty sure they know your weakness, now…”


Kit said...

Thank you so much Alex for writing this story! :)))))
I love this story so much from the start to finish. The rake scene when I bring the rake to his balls was so delicious to imagine.
And I want to tell you again how much a love Logan in a tight superhero costume that accentuates his bulbous package - and to see you write Caleb and Jayden assaulting Logan in childish ways is always always a great treat. The mallet and bat are especially mesmerizing.
I would love love love to see how they would torture him some more though wink wink wink - I can already imagine all the things they'll do as he sings some more falsetto opera. <33

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Kit! I‘m glad you enjoyed your story! :-))

Ezekiel said...

Hey Alex! I love that a hot stud like Logan is getting ballbusted by two kids who don't even realise what they're doing. Maybe they'll grow up and deliberately scheme to bust their older cousin's balls again! :) As always, great job with the story!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ezekiel! :-))

Anonymous said...

So excited to have the cousins back again they're my favorite characters!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))

Nud said...

Logan is always such a good sport about it.
That's why I always want you to bring out this stud's darker side more. It would be far more fun seeing studs like Logan and Ben busting others. Something not commonly done is always more interesting to read.

Keep up good works

WaterSpirit said...

Please continue this story and then post a story starring Logan and Kit

Anonymous said...

Involving kids is super creepy.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I appreciate your opinion!

JP said...

Alex! I am so happy you finally brought back the cousins! And to such an amazing story! It's so hot to see Logan completely dominated, and I loved that he was forced to cum from such innocent actions from the cousins. I can't wait to see them exploit Logan's weakness even more!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, JP! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Now that the kids have discovered this "weakness", any chance of them branching out and busting the cum out of your many other hunks? How about Logan's dad??

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I‘ll think about it but please don‘t get your hopes up too high. :-))

Anonymous said...

This story was amazing. The cousins and Logan story's are the absolute best!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))

Anonymous said...

Is Logan ever gonna get his cousins back?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don't have any plans for a new story right now but maybe they'll be back in the future. :-))

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anononymous,

Stay tuned in my Gino and Jayden series you may get your wish.



Gino and Jayden Author