Monday, January 23, 2017

Romantic risks: Recorded wrecking (written by Daniel)

This fantastic story was written by our reader Daniel who also created the wonderful title card. It's a sequel to his awesome stories Countdown to cum and Painful payment. I hope you'll enjoy Daniel's great story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Logan and Simon (click for pictures)

Daniel has created a new character for this story: Simon's boyfriend Gareth whose looks are inspired by model Kevin Thompson. Here's a photo that Daniel kindly sent me.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“So, that’s his boyfriend?”

“Guess so.”

Logan looked over the studio at the two other men as Chad worked on his camera. Simon was uncharacteristically wearing a blue wrestling singlet. It clung to his slim, slender body like a second skin. It hardly fit his geeky persona, and his perfectly styled hair and glasses certainly didn’t work with the costume.

Although they couldn’t hear what the couple were saying, Logan could guess it featured the redhead teasing his boyfriend. And it was easy to see why, Simon’s small body definitely didn’t look like the typical wrestler.

“I don’t know why but I expected him to be blonde.” Logan mused “And shorter-“

“I really don’t care.” Chad stood up, adjusting something on the camera again. “And don’t you think it’s weird that he’s coming to see his boyfriend film porn?”

“I think it’s weird that a totally straight guy who insists he’d never look at another guy with any form or arousal makes a living off filming naked men having sex and touching each other’s balls.” Logan chuckled, patting Chad's shoulder. “But you’re clearly the expert on weird things, so what do I know?”

Chad shrugged Logan’s hand off his shoulder, looking at the other man with annoyance. The eighteen-year-old wrester was, ironically, only wearing red boxing trunks. His impressively muscular body was a clear sign of his years of exercise and wrestling. And at the right angle, his impressively large member could be seen resting against the baggy clothing. It was easy to see why he was one of the more popular models for the website.

“Just go get him out of shot, we’re ready to film.” Chad grumbled. “Quickly.”

“Power hasn’t gone to you head, has it?” Logan mumbled as he walked to the couple.

Chad had been left in charge of filming after Alex decided to take a week long break, going to see his family or something. Why he couldn’t pick Eric or Vince instead of the seemingly always annoyed Chad, Logan didn’t know. There was probably a reason; and Chas had been part of the website since the start, so it did technically make sense.

As he walked across the room, Logan could hear more of the conversation between Simon and his boyfriend. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“So, this film is about a rivalry between a boxing team and a wrestling team?” At Gareth’s question, Simon nodded. “And you are playing a member of the wrestling team, even though you’re known for being a nerd?” Simon nodded again. “And the guy playing the boxer is actually a wrestler in real life. So, the nerd is playing a wrestler and the wrestler is playing a boxer.” Another nod. “Why not get a boxer and lend him your glasses? To finish off the circle of weird and illogical choices.”

“Gareth, think about what the people watching this will be doing.” Simon chuckled. “I don’t really think they’ll be focusing on the logical flaws in the casting choices.”

“I would.” Gareth muttered

“Well you’re a snob, so of course you would.” Simon chuckled at Gareth’s exaggerated hurt expression, leaning up and kissing him.

Logan coughed to break their lips apart, also noticing that Gareth retracted his hand from Simon’s ass before be even got there. He didn’t say anything, even though it was pretty funny.

“Sorry to interrupt, but we’re ready to start filming. So maybe if you could get behind the camera, unless you wanna join in.” Logan winked at Gareth. “Do the valiant thing and save your boyfriend from the pain.”

“I would, but I’m selfish and like my nuts.” Gareth chuckled, looking to the filming area. “You need any help getting into that.”

The redhead nodded to a slightly worn out punching bag that was hanging form the ceiling. On the back was a carefully secured set of handcuffs, designed to keep the poor occupant in place in front of the sandbag. Resting beside it was an ankle stretcher, which would leave the occupant completely vulnerable and open to attack from whatever attacker had placed them there.

For this skit, Simon would be receiving the punches from Logan. And, as it was the websites speciality, his balls would be getting most of the punches.

“No, I’m used to handcuffs. I learned how to get in and out of them years ago.”

“Well don’t ruin the magic.” Gareth gave Simon a short kiss before going behind the camera. He smiled at Chad as he passed him, the older camera-man not paying attention.

True to his word, Simon was soon trapped against the dusty old punching bag, hands cuffed behind his back. His legs were spread wide because of the metal shackles, blue lycra bulging around his dick and balls. He had slightly messed his hair up, given that he was meant to have had a struggle before this, yet his glasses remained perched perfectly on his nose.

Logan now was sporting a pair of red boxing gloves, standing in front of Simon with a smirk. He threw a couple of punches into the air, all getting a wince, gulped or flinch from Simon, making Logan laugh.

“You both ready?” At Chad’s question, Simon and Logan nodded. “Good, Action!”

Logan smirked at Simon, bouncing from toe to toe in a typical fighting stance. He threw a punch at the sandbag, purposely hitting right beside Simon’s head. For his troubles, he got a small wince off of Simon. Logan laughed at this, doing the same only beside Simon’s stomach, getting another flinch as a reaction.

“You and your team always look down on us, don’t ya. Hogging the gym, kicking us out. Fucking wrestlers.” Logan playfully stretched his arms, showing off his bulging biceps. “And they’ve got a scrawny little weed as their captain. Pathetic really.”

Simon gulped as he followed Logan’s quick moving fist, biting his lip in anticipation as he saw it aimed between his legs. He looked down, seeing Logan had yet again barely missed the obvious target. Yet Simon got no relief from this, knowing that this was the blond wrestler’s way of messing with him, but he would very soon get bored with this.

“But y’know what really annoys me about wrestlers.” Logan grinned, flexing again. “You look down at us, but none of you can take a damn punch.”

With incredibly speed and accuracy, Logan’s right fist slammed into the bulge between Simon’s spread legs. He took a step back immediately, wanting to see Simon’s reaction.

The smaller blonde’s teeth were clenched slightly, looking down at his nuts. It felt like hell, leaving Simon to wonder if Logan had secretly been taking boxing classes with the intention to make his balls hurt more. And damn were they hurting.

Without warning, Logan pounced forward and delivered a devastating looking uppercut, hitting both Simon’s balls head on. A small thud filled the silent studio, soon overthrown by a long, loud squeal of pain. Simon was already starting to sweat, panting slowly as he tried to cope with the stinging of his nuts. It didn’t work.

“Wow, you’re not crying yet. I’m impressed.” Logan taunted. “Might have to go harder?”

“You know, I’m sure we could talk about this. Make up a schedule for the gym. Do you really want to turn this into a childish- urgh.” Simon looked down to see Logan’s fist resting against his balls after another harsh punch.

“Don’t know how that ended.” Logan chuckled, retracting his fist. “But the answers yes. I do.”

He laughed cockily at the clear pain on Simon’s face. Simon's jaw was now hanging slightly, face flushed gently with a blush. He was leaning back against the tattered punching bag, breath ragged and uneven as he tried to recover. His glasses were still perfect against his face, contracting to how weak and helpless he looked at that moment.

His balls were radiating with pain, even after only a small number of punches. And given Logan had no intention to stop, Simon knew his balls were in for a rough time.


Logan’s left fist slammed straight between Simon’s legs again, only hitting the smaller man’s right ball. Annoyed at the failure, he retracted his hand and punched again, hitting both balls and making his bulge bounce in the singlet. It was comical really.

Simon groaned as he bit his lip, holding back a scream of pain. He thrashed against his restraints, trying to protect himself. But his effort was misplaced, seeing as his balls were still vulnerable and open for attack. The little protection form his dick was gone now, his thrashing leading his balls to fall down the singlet slightly. Now they were pressed tightly against his Lycra, visible and vulnerable.

“One thing I do like it the outfits. They look kinda like a gimp suit, which is fitting.” Logan laughed cockily. “And they show off your stupid little medicine balls.”

Logan mockingly drew his hand back, giving Simon a wink before slamming his fist forward. This was quickly followed by an uppercut from his other fist.

“Oh my god.” The target croaked.

Simon looked down at his balls again with a dropped jaw, body practically limp. The intense stinging from his swollen balls was horrible, Simon wanting nothing more than to roll up into a ball on the floor and keep his sensitive nuts safe from Logan’s incoming torture. But, as much as he struggled against the handcuffs, he couldn’t.

But Simon’s struggling wasn’t what caught Logan’s attention. His dick was clearly getting hard in that singlet. And it would be a wasted opportunity to ignore it.

“Guess it’s true, you are gay. Is that why you’re captain? Sucked cock all the way up to the top.” Logan taunted.

Simon flushed, feeling one of Logan’s boxing gloves prod his erection. That combined with the friction of the tight clothing made his cock harder, pressing against the Lycra in an even more obvious way.

“L-look, Logan, can’t we talk this out.” Simon shuddered slightly at another soft touch. “We’re both men. And I won’t hold this-“

“No. I’m a man, not you. Men respect each other. Sports men respect other sports men. You’re not a man, you’re an asshole who happens to have balls hanging between his legs.” He gently prodded Simons nuts. “For now.”

Logan retracted his hands from Simon’s crotch, only to return with a vicious uppercut. A thud spread across the room, followed by a squeal from Simon. He gently struggled against his bounds, ignoring the taunting laughter coming from Logan’s mouth. He was more focused in the simmering pain coming from his nuts.

“And were you about to say that you won’t hold this against me?” Simon shook his head, the mischievous tone in Logan’s voice panicking him. “Oh, don’t lie to me, I’m not stupid.”

Simon gulped as Logan laughed, the larger man walking around the punching bag that Simon was bound to. The light bounced off the stronger man’s impressive physique, contrasting with Simon’s weaker, smaller body. Simon was the pray, Logan a lion intent to play with his food.

A small grunt came from Simons lips as Logan gently nudged the punching bag from being, Simon’s body swinging gently with it. He ignored the small chuckle of the other man, willing the pain in his crotch away as hit nuts gently hit his thigh.

“I know you won’t hold this against me.” Logan laughed. “I mean, think of the rumours. Stuck up captain of the wrestling team turned into submissive little runt after a few little punches. And that’s not even scratching the surface, imagine the reaction when they find out you sucked my cock as well. It’ll give the school newspaper a headline, I’m sure.”

Logan laughed at Simon’s shocked expression, looking the other man up and down with pride.

“You don’t think I’m going to put all this effort into making you a better person without getting some payment?” Logan laughed. “No no. You’ll suck me off. As many times as I want, as well.”

“Logan please, can’t we be reasonable?”

“Keep talking and I’ll double my fee. And we don’t want that, so be quiet.”




Simons eyes rolled into the back of his head after the three harsh punched, all delivered in quick succession. A deep groan came from between Simon’s tensed jaw, in a desperate attempt not to annoy his attacker further and make his punishment worse than it already was.

Logan was gently stroking his left glove against the obvious boner in Simon’s tight singlet, just enough to get a small shudder or a slight buck of the hips. It was amazing to see Simon’s reaction, his face flittering from an expression to unwarranted pain to small glimpses of hope for pleasure. It was more satisfying to see Simon’s look of annoyance when Logan retracted his glove.

“God this is like therapy.” Logan grinned, cracking his neck slightly. “Should have invited the whole team over, they would have gotten a kick outta this. Still, I’m sure we can arrange something.”

Logan delivered another quick uppercut to Simons balls, grinning at the shriek of pain.

“Think of it. Twelve pissed off guys, all trained in how to punch and make it hurt. And one cocky, brattish little wrestler all tied up.” Simon groaned at the idea. “You wouldn’t be able to walk after that, would you? Even if they grazed your legs, your balls would hurt so bad.”


Simon groaned, struggling to keep his arms around the sandbag, his body paying more attention to the pain between his legs. His balls were visibly swollen, pressing against the singlet. They were pulsing with pain, red and bruised as their tormentor looked over them. They hurt like hell, like they had been placed in a hydraulic press by an evil villain with a ballbusting fetish.

“M-my balls.” Simon croaked.

Logan laughed, crouching down so he was face to face with Simons aching nuts. Pressed tightly against the wrestling singlet, they were certainly a sight. He could only imagine what shade of red they were under the blue Lycra. But he knew one thing, they had seen better days.

He gently prodded the two spheres, grinning in satisfaction as the sharp intakes of breath he got. They were nice and tender.

“They hurting?” Logan spoke with false sympathy.

“What do you think?” Simon snapped.

“You really are your own worst enemy, Simon. This all could have been avoided if you hadn’t been such a dick to my team, but you were.” Logan tutted. “And even now you can’t hold your smart mouth. You just don’t know when to stop, do you?”

Logan brought his fist back, grinning at the wince from Simon. He slammed his fist into the bulging singlet’s crotch. Then again. Then again.

Simon was biting his lip to hold back a cry of pain, refusing to give Logan the satisfaction of hearing his pain when he could hold it back. But it was a struggle, his balls felt as though they had been dragged across broken glass and hit by a baseball at high speeds. He wanted to break free from the bounds of the sandbag, keep his poor balls safe and nurse them back to health.

But Logan had other ideas.

“Can’t believe I'm saying this, but you impress me.” The ‘boxer’ spoke tauntingly. “I thought you’d be crying by the first hit. Maybe your balls are as strong as your ego. Not as big though.”

Simon rolled his eyes behind his glasses, clenching his fist at the simmering pain from between his legs. It didn’t help, they still stung to high hell.

“But that kind of pisses me off, Simon. Because if you’re not crying, I feel like I could be hitting you harder.” Logan brought the left glove to his lips, ripping apart the Velcro and removing it. “But I’m sure I can fix that, can’t I?”

Logan removed his other glove, stretching his fingers and grinning. He cracked his knuckles together, making Simon wince in anticipation. He rolled his shoulders back twice as he looked Simon up and down again, a grin forming as he spotted the erection tenting over the other man’s pulsing red balls. He was proud that he had been the man responsible for causing that. Even if he had to make fun of his favourite sport to do so.

“Haven't you proven your point? Can’t we just leave now?” Simon’s voice was high. “I’ll tell the team to stop bothering you all. J-just don’t punch my nuts again.”

“Hungry to get to the cock sucking part of the night, huh?” Logan taunted. “No, I wanna keep busting your little balls.”

Simon groaned in annoyance, weakly struggling against the handcuffs that were holding him up. His arms weren’t tired yet, his body paying more attention to the evil pain in his balls. A pain that was seemingly doubling with every punch they got.

After a few moments without any added pain, Simon looked up to see what Logan was waiting for. The larger man was simply smiling at him. But what caught his eye was what Logan was holding in his right hand. A pair of red, shiny boxing trunks. The very same red boxing trunks that he had been wearing a moment ago.

Logan was now standing naked and proud. His impressive cock and large nuts hung freely in the air, the size putting the bulge in Simon’s singlet to shame. His body glittered with sweat, making Logan look like a Greek statue. But, unlike any statue, Logan was real and ready to cause more damage to Simon's manhood.

“I thought I’d enjoy hearing you beg, but after some time it gets annoying.” Logan winked. “But this can stop that.”

Logan brought his trunks to Simon’s mouth, placing it between his teeth and tying it behind his head as a makeshift gag. The smell of old semen filled Simon’s nose, he decided not to think about who’s it could be. He tried to swear at Logan through the shining shorts, however his words came out as a restrained gargled mess.

“Come on.” Logan tilted Simon’s head downward, forcing him to look down at his member. “Get a good, long look.”

Logan slowly began to jerk his cock, still forcing Simon to look down as he did so. Soon his dick was standing to attention, his impressive member looking upwards and more impressive than before. Simon gulped, unable to stop himself from licking his lips.

“That’s it, take it in. Because later, this beast of a cock’s going to fill that potty mouth of yours.” Logan laughed again. “Perhaps a nice juicy load of spunk is all it needs to wash out that snarky attitude of yours.”

A gargled mess of noises sounding like ‘I doubt it’ came from under Simon’s gag.

Logan ignored this, cracking his knuckles again and smirking at the flinch. He slowly walked closer to Simon, the smirk never leaving his face. He watched as Simon tried to shy away, it not working at all. The two men were chest to chest, Simon seeming small and timid compared to Logan’s broad and strong figure.

“Maybe I’ll get you to behave in a language you understand.” Logan smiled. “Wrestlers get into ‘holds’, right? Let’s try this.”

Simons eyes widened as he understood what Logan was hinting at. He could do nothing but grind his teeth in anticipation as Logan brought his gloveless hands to his balls, grabbed them tightly and began to squeeze.

Logan grinned, tightening his grip as Simon struggled weekly and tried to save his balls. He could imagine the intense pain Simon was going through, laughing at the defeated expression of pain on the other man’s face. His glasses had fogged up slightly, breathing uneven and ragged as he tried to recover from the pain. But Logan wouldn't allow that to happen.

He readjusted his hand, focusing on Simon’s left nut only. He tugged it down through the singlet, not able to pull it through the bottom of the Lycra. Annoyed he couldn’t get the nut out from the clothing, Logan punished the left ball by squeezing it harder than before.

Simon thrashed gently, eyes widening as he looked at Logan’s flexing muscle. The focus on his single ball was arguably worse that the punches. The pain was never ending, Logan showing no sign of letting his ball go. No matter how much Simon moved, moaned through the gag or tried to evade the attack on his nuts, Logan remained his tight hold. In fact, his struggling seemed to spur Logan to squeeze harder.

“Maybe wrestling isn’t that bad?” Logan grinned, digging his fingers into Simon’s nut. “Getting spoiled brats to beg and struggle after a couple of weak little punches to the balls. It’s fun.”

A high-pitched squeal of pain slipped through the makeshift gag, Simon sweating gently as his body tried to cool himself of the pain.

With a ‘friendly’ smile, Logan removed his hand from Simons pulsing ball. He stood back to give Simon a small moment to recover slightly, laughing tauntingly at the sight. Simons chest was rising and falling quickly, face flushed with exhaustion. But his cock and balls was the main attraction.

His nuts were stretched far apart, swollen and veiny under the tight wrestling singlet. His dick was hard and pressing against the Lycra almost comically, a telling patch of wetness at the tip where Simon had begun to leak pre-cum.

“Shame I left my phone in the locker room, isn’t it? This would make one hell of a screensaver.” Logan laughed with a wink, standing close to Simon again.

Logan brought his hands to Simon’s crotch again, bringing his balls close together before squeezing them both at the same time. His large biceps flexed with the effort, Simons jaw hanging open as a loud groan filled the room. The groan turned into a squeak. The squeak turned into a squeal. The squeal turned into a loud, muffled scream.

In the singlet, Simon’s cock was obviously twitching. Simon involuntarily began to buck his hips forward. Logan noticed this and grinned.

“You gonna cum? In your singlet?” He taunted. “Are you aloud to do that? Stain your little uniform with cum. Nice big stain for all your matches telling your team and competitors that you came like a little slut while you wear your uniform”

Logan dug his fingers into Simons balls with all the strength he could, intent of squeezing the cum out of the other man’s swollen balls.

“G-GAH!” Came a muffled moan from under the gag.

Removing his hand quickly, Logan chuckled as the dark blue stain of cum grew in the wrestling gear as Simon bucked his hips through the painful orgasm. The slender man was completely red now, panting and groaning as his orgasm subsided and the pain in his balls took over again.

“Wow, didn’t expect it to happen so fast.” Logan laughed, flicking the small amount of cum from his hands. “Were you saving it for someone? Had a big night planned or something?”

Simon took a second to glance at Gareth, who was watching from behind the camera with crossed legs. Before Simon looked away, he caught Gareth grin at him and wink, certainly not helping his red face.

“You were, weren’t ya.” Logan grinned. “Looks like you’ll be in the dog house. Maybe he’ll punch you in the nuts in annoyance. That’d be funny.”

“Are we done yet?” Simons words were understandable, even though the gag muffled everything he said.

“Because you came? No. See, it isn’t just me and my team you’ve pissed off. The kick boxing team don’t like you either.” Logan grinned. “Shame they can’t be here, but I’m a good stand in.”

Simon groaned, looking at Logan with pleading eyes. Logan didn’t pay any attention to this, stepping back and doing a few practice kicks into the air. Some of them were typical kicks, some snap kicks and the last seemed as though it was performed by an actual kick boxer. Each of them got a flinch from Simon, who was looking at the show with nervous anticipation.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long.” Logan patted Simon’s shoulder. “You’ll be free from the bag with your lips over my dick before you know it.”

Before Simon had the chance to reply, Logan delivered a quick snap-kick to the slender man’s balls. Simon groaned loudly, his sensitive balls aching. His eyes glazed over, pupils turning in on each other like something from a low budget comedy movie.


A groan filled the room, Simon limp at the pain in his balls. The aching in his arms was nothing compared to the intense burning in his low-hangers. He tried to escape the handcuffs again, desperate to defend himself from any more kicks, but he only managed to aggravate his wrists.

“I’ll make you a deal, wrestler.” Logan smiled. “Swallow my cum and I’ll only kick you three more times. Deal?”

Simon nodded quickly, knowing that this was going to be the best deal he could get. And who knew how many kicks he would have to endure if he didn’t agree to the deal? Also, Simon probably would have swallowed Logan’s cum without the deal, remembering that Logan usually had rather delicious sperm.

“Thought you might.” Logan stepped back. “I bet you’re always thirsty for cum, aren’t you?”

Logan’s sneakered foot slammed quickly into Simons pulsing nuts, stepping back with a grin. Simon looked as though he was going to pass out if he got another kick, but he wasn’t. Logan knew that Simon could take a lot more kicks than that.

With this in mind, Logan had no guilt or reservations in raising his foot again and slamming it hard into Simon’s nuggets.

“O-Ohhhhh.” Simon groaned.

This was living hell. Simon had gotten used to Gareth being the one hitting his balls. While Gareth didn’t hold back, Logan and anyone else on the website was practically a specialist in hitting guys in the nuts and it was definitely showing now. Each punch felt like a cannon ball aimed between his legs at point blank range, each kick like a police baton making him turn into a high-pitched siren.


Logan put all his effort into the last kick of the scene, hitting both balls directly with the tip of his sneaker. A satisfying ‘slap’ echoed through the room as Simon’s trapped balls bounced in the cum stained singlet. Simon’s dick was already half hard again, even after the explosively painful orgasm he’d just endured.

“There we go.” Logan spoke gently, grinning. “All done now, just a little blow job and I’ll let you go.”

Simon nodded slowly as Logan reached over his body and unlocked the handcuffs holding him to the punching bag, hand immediately going to his bruised and battered nuts. He pulled out the singlet to inspect them, hissing at the sight of the swollen orbs banging between his legs.

After unlocking Simon’s legs from the spreader and giving Simon his freedom, Logan allowed the smaller man a few moments to curl up in a ball and nurse his aching balls.

As Simon groaned and protected his nuts, Logan brought his hand to his dick again. He pumped it slowly, bringing it back to its full hardness. He wanted to give Simon a nice big piece of man meat after all that, it would be cruel not to.

Logan, now bored of waiting, pried Simon’s hands away form his nuts. He grabbed the swollen sac and squeezed harshly, smirking down at the other man with a glint in his eye. Simon’s eyes were widened, jaw hanging down as he weakly tried to pull his tormentors hands away from his swollen, stinging ballbag.

“Now, before I let you suck me let’s get something clear.” Logan grinned. “From now on, you and your team of stuck up dick heads go by my schedule. And if you break it, this happens to all your team.” Logan squeezed his balls harder until Simon nodded. “Good. And if you try and tell anyone, this is going to happen again. But I won’t let you wear your little singlet and I’ll make sure everyone in the school knows about it and thinks you begged for it to happen. That you’re a little pain slut.”

Simon nodded, still failing to remove Logan’s hands from his balls. The film was so close to being over, but his balls still were going through hell.

“Say it.” Logan ordered as he removed the gag from Simon’s mouth. “Say what you are!”

“A little pain slut.” Simon mumbled.

“Louder. I want to hear you shout it~”

“I’m a little pain slut!” Simon croaked as loudly as he could.

“Damn right you are.”

Logan let go of Simons balls again, standing up. He looked down on Simon, who was still spread across the floor with his nuts in his hands. He raised an eyebrow at the smaller man, gesturing to his own hard cock that was standing in the air. He waited a moment for Simon to look up, glaring at the other man.

“Suck it.”

Simon nodded gently, blushing forcefully as he crawled over to Logan’s large cock. He looked at the member for a few moments, not able to help but flitter his eyes over to Gareth. When he did, he was shocked to see his ginger boyfriend didn’t look jealous or annoyed. In fact, he seemed to be rather enjoying the show. If the obvious erection in his tight black jeans were anything to go by.

He slowly took the entire thing into his mouth, his nose pressing against the untamed bush of pubic hair. His tongue began to explore the larger man’s member, pressing against the tip of his cock before he pulled back slightly.

The blonde’s head began to bob back and forward, each time taking the entire thing down to the root. He felt the same hands that had slammed into his nuts moments ago now resting in his hair, pushing him down the throbbing dick any time he tried to pull out for air.

“Crap… you’re a damn good cocksucker.” Logan groaned. “Might use you again.”

Simon was forced to bob his head up and down faster, Logan bucking his hips to meet Simon’s mouth as he felt the sensation of an orgasm coming fast.

“S-shit. Faster!”

Logan bucked his hips faster and faster, holding Simon’s head in place as he rammed his cock in and out of the hot mouth of this expert cocksucker. He felt the other man’s tongue slide around his cock eagerly, tempting his orgasm closer and closer.


Logan felt a powerful burst of pleasure overtake his body, his hip bucking slowing down slightly as his cock erupted with cum that flew straight into Simon’s mouth. The smaller man swallowed it with glee, tongue prodding and licking at the tip so he could get every last drop of the gooey white sperm. It tasted even better than he remembered!

Eventually the orgasm subsided, Logan slipping out of Simon’s mouth. A small trail of cum dropped from the smaller man’s lips, Simon collapsing on the floor gently. Both men slowly began to catch their breath, panting heavily.



Gareth gently played with his boyfriend’s hair, looking down at the man resting in his lap with a small smile. They were still in the recording studio, Simon hadn’t changed out of his skimpy, tight singlet yet. He was holding an ice pack to his aching balls, relaxed at the soft tugging from his boyfriend’s hands as he laid on the small sofa.

Logan was sitting on the floor, dressed in the clothes he has arrived at the studio in. He was on his phone, texting a girl he had a date with later in the day. Chad had long since gone, partially because Gareth had looked over his shoulder as he watched the film back and pointed out every single minor flaw that had happened with his filming. Gareth justified this with having a college degree in film production, and Chad had been rude to him and deserved it.

“Can you really get out of handcuffs by yourself.” Gareth spoke gently to his boyfriend.
“Some of them, the older ones with a chain I can. But the ones with the black bit of plastic in the middle aren’t as easy.” Simon smiled. “And no, I can’t get out of the ones we have.”

“Good.” Gareth grinned, leaning down and pecking his boyfriend’s lips.

Logan looked at the two men with a small laugh, wondering if any of his ex-girlfriends or the girl he was talking to now would have happily watched him film porn. Probably not, they would have probably made the pain in his nuts worse, not hung around until he’d recovered and ready to go.

“Doesn’t it bother you that you watched your boyfriend suck me off?” Logan looked over to the couple.

“Not really, it’s not like he’s hiding it from me.” Gareth ignored the look of interest on Simons face, knowing the smaller man was probably as confused as Logan to why he was okay with it. “And he didn’t use some of the tricks he knows on you, so I’m slightly smug about that.”

“I only use my teeth on special people.” Simon hummed.

Gareth grinned and pulled up Simon’s face to meet his, the two slowly kissing again. Simon readjusted his position to better kiss his boyfriend, making sure to keep the ice pack resting against his damaged bulge.

The kiss got slightly more heated, Simon running his free hand over Gareth’s chest. Gareth replied by sliding his hands over the slender man’s sides, resting them on his cute butt. Simon leaned up to kiss Gareth’s neck, only to shuffle slightly and become reminded of the pain between his legs.

“A-ahh. Dammit.” Simon hissed. “I know we were planning to try out the silk scarfs again tonight, but would you mind if we held off for just a few days.”
“Course we can, it’ll give me time to practice tying knots that don’t rub against your wrists.” Gareth chuckled. “Since we’ve got the night free, want to check out the new Indian restaurant. My treat.”

“Sure, if that’s okay.” Simon smiled, planting a kiss on Gareth’s pale cheek. “I’m paying next time, though.”

“You keep saying that, and have I ever let you pay?”

“Yes, because I keep putting money into your wallet when you’re not looking.” Simon grinned smugly.

“I knew that I was getting money from nowhere!”

Logan watched the two again, frowning slightly. So, whenever he came home after shooting a film and couldn’t perform, he’d be in the doghouse. Or, even worse, the girl would give him another kick in the nuts because of it! When Simon couldn’t have sex, he got a damn date he didn’t have to pay for!

He voiced his annoyance, making both of the other men chuckle.

“Has that really happened?” Gareth asked, grinning when he saw Logan nod. “Why though? It’s not like you were punching yourself down there. I doubt that you would have purposely put off having sex.”

“Exactly!” Logan exclaimed.

“It makes much more sense for me to be pissed at the guy who put Simon’s equipment out of order.” Gareth hummed, winking when Logan glanced at him with slightly wide eyes. Logan gulped, knowing what Gareth meant.

“You, er.” Logan shuffled slightly. “You sure you don’t think you can get it up, Simon?”

“No, I don’t think I can.” The bespectacled man spoke with exaggerated annoyance. “Sorry, no. Not today.”

Logan looked at the two, placing his phone in his pocket and crossing his legs. He suddenly felt slightly vulnerable, most likely because of the devious smiles on their faces. Gareth having about the same muscle and probably being able to cope with him added to this.

“If that video gets popular enough, you could probably make a sequel.” Gareth hummed in thought. “But you wouldn’t want it to get repetitive, with the same thing happening again? So maybe the tables could turn and Simon could be getting his revenge. And maybe he could call his college boyfriend to help him. But who could play him? It would have to be someone who knows exactly what happened today. And I don’t think Chad would like to be in a film.”

Logan shuffled back slightly, the idea of these two ganging up on him while he was tied to the punching bag making his eye twitch. He had heard from Danny what they could do. He didn’t want to feel it first-hand.

“It would have to be you, wouldn’t it Gareth?” Simon spoke with mocking enthusiasm, as if it was a breakthrough.

“I suppose that it would.” Gareth smirked, looking to the now squirming Logan. “Maybe we should practice, just in case.”

“Well I should go.” Logan stood up. “I’ve got a date and don’t want to miss it. And you know how bad the traffic is at this time of day.”

“It’ll only take a few moments, and it’s hardly even three in the afternoon.” Simon smiled, standing up. He dropped the ice pack on the couch, wincing as his balls slammed against his legs. “I'm sure you’ve got time.”

“I have to shower, pick out my clothes.” Logan began to walk to the door, trying to ignore the smirks of the other men.

“Well we can go to your place? Help you get ready when we practice?” Gareth grinned. “It’ll be nice to have a second opinion, wont it. Might make the date go better.”

“Well. As nice as that would be.” Logan gulped as the couple began to walk towards him. “I don’t want that, I like my balls as they are! Bye!”

Logan bolted from the studio, Simon and Gareth laughing as he did so. Gareth couldn't help but notice something as Logan jogged away from them.

"He's got a nice ass."

"Gareth!" Simon mockingly pouted.

"You sucked him off! I can compliment him all I want."


Anonymous said...

That was so fucking hot! I wish I had a boyfriend like Simon.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you thought so, and Simon is a pretty good boyfriend

And who's to say there isn't a Simon walking around ready to meet you? :-)


Anonymous said...

That was the best part yet! Logan is freakin hot in that role. Any chance that Simon and Gareth take on Zac?

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that you liked it, this one was the one I'm most happy about.

And although I don't have anything planned involved with Zac at the moment, there's always a chance the idea might strike me.