Sunday, January 15, 2017

Best of the busts: Best of 2016

It's been almost exactly one year since I added the 5 star rating feature to the blog. You find it at the bottom of every post, and it allows you to rate each post on a scale from 1 star (awful) to 5 stars (excellent).

I don't know about you - but I love it. I think it's a great way for you to leave feedback and tell me what you think about my stories.

And it gives me the chance to present - drumroll please - the ten highest rated stories of 2016!

GoPros and low blows (written by Reg)
average rating: 4.94/5 (17 votes)

In the top spot: The first part of Reg's awesome story GoPros and low blows. It is simply brilliant, and I'm very, very happy that you like it as much as I do. By the way, part 2 and part 3 are fantastic, too. :-))

From here on down it's The Logan Show. Yes. Except for Reg's #1 story every single story in the Top 10 features our beloved 18 year old high school wrestler. Wow. You really seem to love him... :-))


Family affairs: Safety first
average rating: 4.88/5 (26 votes)

Oiled and spoiled 
(On the job: Logan, assistant wrestling coach)
average rating: 4.83/5 (29 votes)

Used (Kris meets Logan)
average rating: 4.82/5 (44 votes)

Newbie (Larry meets Logan)
average rating: 4.80/5 (49 votes)

The pain of being popular
average rating: 4.77/5 (44 votes)

Ten loads (Mitch meets Logan and Ashley)
average rating: 4.77/5 (31 votes)

Hot and horny (Stefan meets Logan)
average rating: 4.76/5 (38 votes)

Family affairs: Crazy cousins
average rating: 4.75/5 (44 votes)
Honorable mention:

I didn't include the six part Christmas special because you have been too generous with your ratings. Maybe it was the egg nog speaking, I don't know - it may be a good story, but I think it's literally a little over-rated...

Naughty or nice
Part 1 - average rating: 5.00/5 (17 votes)
Part 2 - average rating: 4.92/5 (12 votes)
Part 3 - average rating: 5.00/5 (12 votes)
Part 4 - average rating: 5.00/5 (12 votes)
Part 5 - average rating: 4.77/5 (13 votes)
Part 6 - average rating: 4.84/5 (19 votes)

Thank you very much for everybody who regurlarly leaves a rating after reading a post! Remember, it's just one click. :-))

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