Friday, January 22, 2016

Oiled and spoiled (On the job: Logan, assistant wrestling coach)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan clapped his hands and raised his voice. “Alright, let’s form a circle, guys!” The 18 year old blond was wearing a wrestling singlet with the Josiah E. Bartlet High School’s letters on it, just like his friends that were gathering around him.

Seth was a black haired boy with a three day stubble. Next to him was Speedy, a lanky kid with spiky blond hair. CJ, a redhead with a nose piercing and a stylish haircut, was goofing around with Leroy, a handsome African-American boy with curly black hair. Gary, a cutie with dark blond hair and brown eyes, was laughing about a joke from Kim, an Asian kid with black hair and a muscular body.

They were standing in the high school gym, waiting for Logan to announce today’s training plan.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Logan had been appointed assistant wrestling coach, and despite the fact that they were friends, the rest of the guys accepted Logan in that position. He had a natural authority and a way to make training sessions interesting and fun.

Today, Logan had come up with something special. He had tarped the gym’s wrestling mats and stacked a couple of plastic bottles at the side.

“I thought it would be nice to change things up a bit”, Logan explained with a cheerful smile. “What do you know about oil wrestling?” He looked at his friends.

The guys chuckled.

“You’re kidding, right?” Speedy grinned.

Logan laughed and shook his head. “Nope. Not kidding. We’ll have a go at it. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

Leroy scratched his head. “What are the rules?”

Logan smiled. “Let’s not bother with any rules. This is about the experience, about getting a feel for your opponent’s body, about wrestling under extreme conditions.”

The boys stared at him.

Logan clapped his hands. “Alright everybody, let’s oil up!” He threw the bottles at his friends who opened them with a curious expressions on their faces.

“Umm”, CJ said with a cheeky smile. “What about these?” He pulled at his wrestling singlet. “Won’t they get soiled?”

Logan grinned. “Good thinking, CJ”, he said. “You’re right. We don’t want to ruin them. Take them off.”

The boys took off their singlets, stripping down to their jockstraps. The only boy that didn’t move was Seth. He looked at his buddies, his face turned crimson.

“What’s up, Seth?” Logan raised his eyebrows. His eyes lowered to Seth’s midsection, and his face split into a wide grin. “You’re going commando.”

The rest of the boys laughed as Seth shifted uncomfortably.

“So what?!” Logan grinned, stepping up to Seth and patting his shoulder. “Don’t be shy.”

The boys cheered and wolf-whistled as Seth took off his singlet, revealing his naked body. Probably due to the attention from his buddies, Seth’s teenage dick was hard and pointing at the ceiling. His big, juicy balls were dangling low in his sack.

“No reason to be ashamed, Seth”, Logan grinned and playfully slapped Seth’s cock, making it slap against his six-pack. “That’s a nice dick.”

Seth laughed nervously.

“Alright”, Logan said. “Everybody grab a partner and oil him up.”

Seth paired up with Speedy, Leroy paired up with CJ and Kim paired up with Gary, eagerly emptying the bottles over each others’ bodies and spreading the oil all over each other.

The room was filled with laughter and good-natured teasing as the six boys covered each others’ naked bodies in oil, making sure to devote special attention to each others’ dicks, balls and ass cracks.

Not surprisingly, the wet rubbing and squeezing and teasing quickly caused everybody to sport raging boners.

When the bottles were empty, the six naked teenage boys turned to Logan, their erections pointing at him, dripping wet and glistening.

Logan looked at them and smiled. He was the only one who was still wearing a singlet. “Looks like you are ready to go. Before we start, let’s take a moment to talk strategy. Obviously, some things that are very effective in wrestling don’t work as well in oil wrestling. Holds, for example, are pretty different to apply cause your opponent’s body is very slippery. Can you think of anything else that’s more difficult in oil wrestling?”

Leroy shrugged. “Grabs.”

Logan nodded. “Yup. You’ll have to make sure you get a good grip, to grab as hard as you can.” He smiled. “But there are some things that are easier. Can you think of any?”

Kim grinned. “You can jerk his dick to distract him.”

Logan laughed. “Yeah, you can do that. If you’re quick enough you might even coax out a load or two.”

The boys laughed.

“Anything else?” Logan smiled.

Seth chuckled. “You can slip a finger up your opponent’s ass.”

The boys burst out laughing.

“Absolutely”, Logan grinned. “It’ll slip into the hole nice and easy, and you can force your opponent into submission like that.”

“More like fingerfuck him into submission”, CJ dead-panned.

The boys erupted in riotous laughter.

“Why don’t we start practicing”, Logan suggested with a cheerful smile. “You’ll see that oil wrestling is a lot harder than it looks.”

Seth turned to Speedy and looked at his crotch. “It looks pretty hard to me”, he quipped, grabbing Speedy’s erection and yanking on his boner, eliciting a surprised yelp.

The rest of the guys erupted in laughter.

“You know”, Leroy said with a smile, “maybe you could do a little demonstration for us? Show us a couple of moves?”

Logan scratched his head. “I don’t know. I mean---“

“Come on”, Speedy chimed in. “Show us!”

“Yeah”, CJ smiled. “Come on, Logan.”

Logan chuckled. “Alright.” He took off his singlet and his jockstrap, revealing his muscular body. “But I’ll need a partner.”

“Sure”, CJ said eagerly, stepping up to Logan and grabbing a bottle of oil. “I’ll be your partner.”

Accompanied by the cheers of his buddies, CJ poured the oil over Logan’s shoulders and spread it over his naked body. With a grin, the cute redhead spread Logan’s ass cheeks and generously rubbed the oil into his crack, making sure to tease his ass hole with his index finger and making Logan laugh nervously.

“We’re not wrestling yet, are we?” Logan dead-panned, making the rest of the boys laugh out loud.

CJ chuckled and turned his attention to Logan’s front, spreading the oil over Logan’s washboard abs before moving south and coating Logan’s big, semi-hard dick and his large, plump balls so that his genitals were glistening with moisture.

CJ gave Logan’s balls a quick squeeze and chuckled. “Ready to go.”

Logan chuckled. “Alright.”

The two naked, oiled-up boys looked at each other.

“The oil will make it hard for you to grab your opponent, so you’ll have to throw your body weight against him and try to topple him over”, Logan explained. “Then you can go for his weaknesses.”

He demonstrated his tactic, attacking CJ and throwing him to the ground before closing his fingers around his balls. “See?”

“Okay, I get it”, CJ grunted, clearly uncomfortable.

“While we’re at it”, Logan continued. “This is how you do a proper squeeze.”

CJ’s eyes widened. “What?! No, you---”

“Grab the sack by the neck”, Logan explained while demonstrating the move at the same time, “and form a ring with your thumb and index finger. Now they won’t be to slip away.”

The boys watched the demonstration with amused grins on their faces.

CJ let out a grunt. “Okay”, he said hoarsely. “We got it. Thanks.”

“Now you can squeeze them as hard as you like”, Logan continued cheerfully before demonstrating the move on CJ, closing his fist around CJ’s ample balls and squeezing hard.

CJ groaned in pain. “Hey”, he said in a strained voice. “I said we got it.”

“Or you can yank down”, Logan smiled. “But make sure that the nuts don’t slip out!” He tightened his fingers around CJ’s sack and yanked down hard, causing CJ to let out a high-pitched wail.

“The GTP is a standard maneuver in oil wrestling”, Logan said casually. “Grab, twist, pull.”

CJ yodeled in agony as Logan applied the move to his hapless testicles.

The boys burst out laughing as Logan let go of CJ’s nutsack, allowing him to cup his balls, grimacing in pain.

“That’s the GTP”, Logan grinned.

The boys chuckled.

“What do you think about the GTP, CJ?” Seth smirked at the redhead who was doubled over, his face contorted in pain.

CJ groaned. “It’s very effective”, he mumbled, rubbing his sore balls.

The boys burst out laughing.

“Want me to show you again?” Logan smiled. “Leroy, come over here.”

The handsome black boy gulped. He took a step forward, his big, meaty dick slapping against his thigh. His huge, plump testicles were dangling low in his oiled-up sack.

“That’s quite a handful”, Speedy quipped to the laughter of the boys.

Logan stood opposite Leroy and smiled. “It’ll be over before you know it”, Logan winked at him.

Logan lunged at Leroy, but the muscular African-American managed to get out of the way, causing Logan to slide on the slippery ground, trying not to lose balance.

Leroy reached up between Logan’s legs from behind, wrapping his hand around Logan’s nuts and performing a perfect example of the GTP, twisting Logan’s nuts sharply and yanking down, making Logan scream in pain.

“Ooooooh!” The boys cringed in sympathy before erupting with laughter while Logan was getting his nuts crunched by Leroy’s powerful hands.

“What’s that move called?” Seth asked cheerfully.

“The GTP from behind”, Logan croaked as Leroy readjusted his grip, twisting his nuts and pulling them down, making Logan’s eyes cross and eliciting a pitiful groan.

The boys roared with laughter.

Suddenly, Logan’s eyes opened wide and his mouth formed a small O.

The palm of Leroy’s hand squashed Logan’s slippery nuggets and his hard dick against his body as the first digit of Logan’s thumb found its way into Logan’s asshole, slipping in easily and eliciting a surprised gasp from Logan.

Leroy let out a laugh and wiggled his thumb while squishing Logan’s babymakers with his hand, causing Logan to let out a throaty moan.

Finally, Leroy withdrew his thumb with an audible ‘plop’. His buddies clapped their hands and cheered wildly, prompting Leroy to take a bow, grinning cheekily.

Logan doubled over, clutching his crotch. “Good work”, he groaned hoarsely, massaging his balls. “Good work. Now try it with your partner.”

Leroy smiled at CJ. “You ready?”

“Oh, fuck”, CJ mumbled, fondling his low-hanging balls.

A little while later, the room was filled with the yelps and grunts and laughter, and the sound of naked bodies rubbing against each other.

Leroy clearly had an advantage over CJ. The handsome black stud easily dominated the cute redhead, squeezing CJ’s tender nuts like a pro while occasionally slipping a finger into his tight hole. Leroy developed his own twist on the GTP: After making CJ lie flat on his back and sitting on his chest, Leroy grabbed CJ’s nutsack and took one nut in each hand, pressing his thumbs into the fat, meaty orbs, pulling them apart, twisting them against each other and making CJ squeal from the top of his lungs.

Intrigued by the interesting sounds that came from CJ’s mouth, Logan walked up to them and watched them a couple of seconds. “You’re doing great”, Logan said with an appreciative nod as Leroy wreaked havoc on CJ’s babymakers. “I like your technique. Carry on like that.”

Leroy looked up, a bright smile on his face while squashing CJ’s hapless balls, making him wail in pain. “Thanks, Coach!” he said cheerfully.

Logan turned to Seth and Speedy who had each others’ balls in their hands in a mutual nut squeeze, grunting and groaning as they crushed the life out of each others’ testicles. They were standing shoulder to shoulder, their hands wrapped around each other’s balls. Their faces were contorted in pain, the muscles in their arms flexing.

“Looks like you’re heading for a draw”, Logan said, observing the situation.

He watched them for a couple of minutes. Naturally, neither of them was willing to release the grip and they squeezed harder and harder, trying to make the other give up.

Logan scratched his head. “You’re good, both of you”, he said slowly. “In a competitive match, it would be a draw. But since we’re just practicing I guess you could use a tie-breaker.” He spit on his finger and unceremoniously shoved it into Speedy’s asshole.

The lanky boy’s eyes widened and he let out a surprised yelp. His grip on Seth’s balls loosened for just a second – enough for Seth to pull his hip back, making his nutsack slip out of Speedy’s tight grip.

Logan withdrew his finger and stepped back, smiling as he watched Seth lift Speedy up by his nuts, eliciting an anguished wail as he slammed him to the ground. “Good move”, Logan smiled.

“Thanks, Coach”, Seth grunted, viciously twisting Speedy’s slippery balls and making him scream from the top of his lungs as his eyes crossed in a painful grimace.

Logan turned his attention to Kim and Gary.

Gary had Kim in a very compromising position. Twisted like a pretzel, the muscular Asian’s feet were touching his shoulders as his arms were flailing wildly. Gary was sitting on Kim’s thighs, pushing them against his stomach. Gary’s fingers were wrapped around Kim’s big, beefy nuts, squishing and squashing the two swollen organs with both of his hands as though he was handling a pair of stress balls.

Kim was squealing like a banshee as Gary squeezed the life out of his testicles.

Logan chuckled. “Very good”, he said with an appreciative nod. “Very good.”

Gary smiled proudly. “Thanks, Coach! Hey, look at this!” He let go of Kim’s nuts, allowing the two meaty orbs to roll down in their sack until they were almost dangling in front of Kim’s asshole. Gary lifted his hand and smacked Kim’s balls with his palm. A wet SPLAT echoed through the room, closely followed by a shrill squeal.

Logan let out a laugh. “Nice”, he chuckled.

He walked over to Leroy and CJ again.

CJ’s screams had turned into hoarse grunts and groans. Leroy was twisting and kneading CJ’s balls with a vicious grin on his handsome face.

“I got a little advice for you”, Logan said.

Leroy looked up at him.

“Can you feel that little knoll at the back of his nuts?” Logan grinned.

Leroy found it immediately.

“Run your fingertip over it. Back and forth. Hard”, Logan said. “It’ll drive him mad with pain.”

Leroy followed Logan’s advice, and it worked perfectly.

CJ’s hoarse voice turned into a full-blown falsetto screech as Leroy’s fingertips tortured the sensitive back of his testicles.

Logan chuckled. “Just like that.”

“Nice!” Leroy chuckled, digging his fingernails into the back of poor CJ’s testicles, making him shriek from the top of his lungs.

“Careful, careful”, Logan laughed. “You don’t want to scramble those eggs for good, do you?”

Leroy shot him a cheeky grin and shrugged, squishing CJ’s testicles between his fingers and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from the tormented redhead.

Logan chuckled and turned his attention to Gary and Kim.

Gary had a huge smile on his handsome face as he fingerfucked Kim, roughly shoving two fingers in and out of Kim’s poor asshole while squishing and squashing the muscular Asian teen’s big balls with his free hand.

Kim was moaning and groaning, panting and screaming in agony as Gary’s thumb pressed deep into the core of his delicate plums as if he was trying to push out the pit and turn the two juicy fruits into seedless shells.

Kim’s hard, meaty dick was touching Gary’s, their bulbous heads rubbing against each other, both of them leaking precum.

“You’re turning this into a swordfight, huh?” Logan mused.

Gary let out a laugh. “And I’m winning!” he announced cheerfully, adding a third finger in his ruthless assault of Kim’s gaping, stretched asshole. At the same time, Gary grabbed Kim’s sack by the neck and wrapped his fingers around it before violently yanking on Kim’s battered balls.

Kim let out a scream and his dick started twitching.

Gary and Kim came at the same time, their dicks erupting in simultaneous orgasms. Cum was flying everywhere as jet after jet of creamy cum spurted out of their fierce fire hoses.

Logan burst out laughing and clapped his hands, watching Gary and Kim douse each other with salty spunk.

The other boys turned their heads and joined in the laughter, breaking up their fights to watch the spectacle.

Gary still had a firm hold on Kim’s nutsack, and he continued fingerfucking him hard and fast. His dick was spasming and spurting, showering Kim in cum.

Kim was screaming like a banshee, covering Gary in his forcefully extracted cum as his world exploded in a bizarre mixture of pain and pleasure.

Finally, their orgasms subsided.

Gary scooped up a generous batch of their mixed juices and shoved his fingers into Kim’s asshole one last time before giving his battered balls a playful slap and getting off of him, allowing Kim to curl up in a ball, clutching his spent nuts and his cummy hole.

Logan and the other boys clapped their hands, cheering and laughing, as Gary took a bow, acting as if he had just delivered an Oscar-worthy performance.

“I couldn’t have done it without him”, he grinned, glancing at Kim who burst out laughing despite the pain radiating from his drained nuts and wrecked asshole.

“Alright”, Logan said. “I think that’s it for today. You did great, everyone of you, and---“

“Wait a minute”, CJ interrupted him, smiling. “Don’t you want us to show you what we’ve learned?”

Logan raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

CJ looked at his friends and grinned. “Get him, boys.”

The rest of the boys erupted in cheers and laughter as they lunged at Logan. Even Kim managed to get up and limp towards him.

Before Logan had a chance to escape, he was thrown to the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Logan croaked weakly.

His voice was drowned out by the laughter of his friends as they put him on his back and raised his legs into the air, exposing Logan’s tight, rosy pucker.

With a manner of seconds, three index fingers had entered Logan’s oiled up asshole. Gary, Seth and Kim thrust their fingers in and out of Logan’s tight hole while Leroy, CJ and Speedy were concentrating on Logan’s big, juicy balls.

“Can you feel that little knoll at the back of his nuts?” Leroy grinned at CJ.

“Oh yeah”, CJ laughed and pressed his thumbs into the back of Logan’s meaty testicles.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs, much to the amusement of his friends who continued to assault his ass and his nuts with youthful energy.

Gary, Seth and Kim were happily exploring Logan’s hole, stretching it.

“We need some lube, let’s spit on it!” Seth grinned.

The three boys pried Logan’s juicy orifice open and each of them spat into the dark opening.

“I think there’s enough room for more fingers”, Kim suggested with a cheeky grin.

A second later, six fingers filled Logan’s ass, and Logan’s scream echoed through the gym.

Meanwhile, Leroy, CJ and Speedy had wordlessly agreed on a division of labor. Leroy was concentrating on Logan’s right nut, Speedy was focusing on Logan’s left nut, and CJ had taken charge of Logan’s fat boner, squeezing, slapping and pinching its mushroom head before taking the whole thing deep into his mouth and chewing on the tender tip with his molars.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs as his nuts were squashed, his ass was stretched, and his rock-hard dick was ground between CJ’s powerful teeth.

Suddenly, CJ’s cheeks puffed and his eyes opened wide in surprise as the first spurt of Logan’s load splashed against the back of his mouth.

The other boys were completely oblivious to Logan’s orgasm, oblivious to the violent clenching of Logan’s asshole and to the fact that Logan’s nuts tried to pull against his body as they pumped load after load after load directly into CJ’s mouth. CJ dutifully swallowed the juicy spunk, sucking on Logan’s dick like a Hoover.

Finally, CJ let Logan’s spent dick out of his mouth, a happy grin on his face.

“Hey, what kind of a cocksucker are you?” Speedy laughed, glancing at Logan’s dick. “That fucking thing is going soft!”

CJ grabbed Logan’s dick by the base and slapped its sensitive head hard. “No way it’s getting soft!” He continued smacking poor Logan’s spent dick with the back of his hand while his friends were squeezing the life out of his drained testicles.

By now, Gary and Seth were spreading Logan’s ass as Kim prepared to ram his big, hard dick into it.

Logan let out a bloodcurdling scream as Kim’s cock slammed into him, Kim’s balls smacking against Logan’s ass.

One by one, the guys fucked Logan’s ass, taking turns torturing the teen’s testicles, squeezing them and pinching them, slapping them and punching them.

Finally, they stood in a circle around Logan who was panting heavily, his balls bright read, his hole gaping open.

As if on cue, the six boys shot their loads, literally drenching Logan in cum. It was everywhere, in his hair and in his eyes, on his face and on his naked body.

It seemed like an eternity as Logan was showered in his friends’ copious loads.

One by one, their orgasms subsided

The boys were breathing heavily, their dicks dripping with cum. Logan was looking up at them, his body covered in spunk.

There was a moment of awkward silence.

Logan ran his hand through his sticky, wet hair.

His friends looked at him.

“Now you know everything about oil wrestling”, Logan dead-panned.

After a brief moment, his friends burst out laughing.

Logan joined in the laughter, slowly getting up and stretching his limbs. His nuts were black and blue and his asshole was gaping open.

The other boys patted his back and nudged his shoulders as they walked past him, heading for the showers.

“Boys!” Logan shouted, causing them to stop dead in their tracks. They turned around and looked at Logan.

“There’s something you might want to know”, Logan said with a weak grin. “CJ kept my load all to himself.”

CJ blushed.

“What?!” Gary said.

Logan chuckled. “He sucked me off and swallowed it all.”

CJ scratched his head, smiling sheepishly.

“I think we should discuss this in the showers, huh?” Logan suggested with a wink. “You aren’t too tired for a second round, are you?”

The boys erupted in cheers and laughter as they grabbed a screaming CJ and carried him away.

Logan followed them, limping and groaning, but with a wide smile on his face.


Anonymous said...

Cumazing story love the part where they feel each other's musculsr bodies

Anonymous said...

Loved the story, as per! Quick and random question - is the Josiah E. Bartlett school a reference to The West Wing by any chance? :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

That's right! When I wrote the first story featuring Logan's high school I had just discovered the show... :-))