Monday, January 11, 2016

Video links: Kiss or kick

I don't know when it started exactly - but apparently young guys all over the world have discovered a new way to channel their budding sexuality and get strangers on the street to kiss them. But there's a twist which seems to make it all the more fun for these fun-loving boys: When they walk up to the girl they don't know if they'll get a sweet kiss on the lips or a not-so-sweet kick in the balls.

It goes like this: Once they have found a girl, they play a little game of chance ("Coin Flip", "Rock Paper Scissors" or "Spin the bottle"). If the guy wins he gets a kiss. If the girl wins she gets kick his nuts up into his throat. Of course, the guy's buddies are there with him to laugh at his pain once his dreams get shattered.

I can't help but find the concept utterly fascinating. Imagine what goes on in the guy's mind when he plays the game: In just a few seconds he'll either be on cloud nine, kissing a beautiful girl, his body going into hormone overdrive - or his sperm factory will be shut down with a swift, hard nutkick. It must be so confusing for his poor testicles... :-))

Here are my favorite "Kiss or kick" videos. (There's mixed m/m and f/m ballbusting in most of them.)

First up we have a couple of guys strolling through London. In case we don't know what's at stake here, they demonstrate by kicking each other in the balls right at the beginning of the video. Then we're treated to a lot of great kicks. Watch the whole thing and don't miss one of the guys hiking up his pants and framing the target for the girl before taking multiple hard nutkicks (starting at 1:33). And then there's a wonderfully sneaky kick from behind courtesy by one of his friends (starting at 3:35).

Ah, this clip is pure "Kiss or kick" gold!

The next clip is just as good, with multiple hard kicks throughout. Check out the m/m kick at 1:20 and 5:25 where a guy shows the girls who to properly kick a pair of testicles...

Here's a guy hitting on girls on the beach. If you love watching girls in bikinis smashing nuts you'll love this one!

The following clip is full of f/m kicks but there are two awesome m/m kicks as well: Skip to 2:00 and 2:12 to see the poor guy's nuts get properly crunched!

Here are two hot Latino studs playing the game. The kisses are even hotter than in the other clips - and the kicks are even harder... (And if a girl just hits one ball the guys kindly let her go again to smash both of them (see example at 1:02)). The best moment occurs at 3:45 when one of the guys receives a swift kick from his buddy that seems to come out of nowhere.

The guy in the next clip gets pretty lucky - he gets lots of kisses and just a few kicks. But the ones he gets are right on target...

And, finally, here's my absolute all-time favorite "Kiss or kick" clip. It's from Spanish Argentinian (Thanks to an anomyous reader who caught my mistake) youtubers GonzaloGoette, and they play the game with a mean little twist: If the guy wins, he gets to kiss the girl. But if he loses, his buddy gets his nuts kicked. (My Spanish is a little rusty but I think the guy who's playing explains at the beginning that he loves his balls too much, that's why his buddy jumps in...) This is hilarious on so many levels, and I can't shake the feeling that the guy playing looks even more delighted when he loses than when he wins... Make sure to watch the whole thing with sound - the guy's laughter whenever he loses is awesome! Note that he encourages the girls not to hold back and kick his buddy as hard as they can... Ah, that's what friends are for...

Have I missed your favorite "Kick or kiss" clip? Which one of these do you like best? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Nice. My fav is the 5th one down, "Beso o Patada...", specifically the 3:28 mark. You can see dude's entire package bounce from the kick, then immediately the cut to his pained/confused facial expression...


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the clips! And I agree with you - the scene you mentioned is awesome! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey! Gonzalo Goette is an argentinian youtuber, no spanish.
And his friend had to receive the kicks in the "huevos" because he lost a bet.
I love the blog, keep going!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have changed the blog post and corrected my mistake! Thank you for pointing it out! :-))