Monday, January 4, 2016

Jonny Firestorm – Power Ball Bash

Now what do we have here - a nice pair of Golden Globes...
As you know I'm a huge fan of the King of Ball Bash Wrestling, Jonny Firestorm, and his one-of-a-kind style of wrestling. His awesome training session for the Ball Bash Olympics with Drake Marcos (I'm pretty sure he won the gold medal afterwards) is still one of my all-time favorite ballbusting video clips.

Imagine my delight when he announced a clip called Power Ball Bash with hot, young Ty Alexander. It's available for just $30 to members of Club Firestorm - so instead of reading this boring post I suggest you just head over, become a member of Club Firestorm and buy the clip right away.

I'll wait here until you're back and we'll talk about the clip.

Umm, Ty? You've got your pants on backwards.
Oh, I guess you're distracted by that slap to your bare balls...
You're back? Do you like the clip as much as I do? Yeah, I thought so! :-))

Ty Alexander is an awesome target for Jonny's relentless sack attacks, isn't he? At the beginning, when he changes into that hot pair of golden pants that sits so tightly that you can see his dick pointing up with his balls trapped below, totally open to Jonny vicious squeezes, his hard punches and low blows from behind; In the middle of the clip, when Jonny strips him and makes him put on a jockstrap (not without giving Ty's bare balls a couple of hard smacks, of course); and in the end, when Ty's completely naked, getting his tenderized balls stomped, slapped, squeezed and kicked relentlessly. He just looks gorgeous getting his balls bashed!

Ty's balls are quite a handful...
And don't you admire that young stud for not passing out from Jonny's relentless attacks to his manhood? After all, the clip lasts 30 minutes. 30 minutes! That's half an hour of pure testicular torture, administered by one of the most accomplished ball breakers in wrestling. Half an hour of Jonny Firstorm coming up with awesome, cruel ways of bashing poor Ty's balls (don't you love the door slam into Ty's balls?). Half an hour of nut-crunching slaps and smacks, punches and kicks, squeezes and stomps. I'm sure Ty was walking funny for a while after this match, and his balls indeed look a bit swollen on that final close-up before that hard, well-placed smack that leaves him curled up in a ball, moaning and clutching his naked balls.

Squeeze 'em tight and smeck 'em hard!
And isn't Jonny Firestorm just awesome? He looks great flexing his muscles when he stands over Ty who's writhing in pain on the ground. And you just know that he's having a great time throwing Ty around and attacking his precious jewels. He really goes for it, abusing Ty's poor balls without mercy.

I guess you'll agree with me that it's very rare to see a clip like this, an all-out ballbashing bonanza without any fake blows or half-hearted attacks. Everything is real in this clip, and it proves once again that Jonny Firestorm truly is the King of Ball Bash Wrestling...

The clip is one of several exclusive matches available only to members of Club Firestorm.

Don't you love Jonny's way of crushing nuts?
(I'm not sure Ty does, though...)
Just so you know, I have no financial stakes in Club Firestorm or the sales of this clip. As I've said before I’m a huge fan of Jonny’s work, and I hope he’ll do many, many more ballbusting wrestling clips in the future. I am a paying member of Club Firestorm, and I paid for the clip. I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's worth every penny!

Just hit them hard, it's called Power Ball Bash after all...

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