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GoPros and low blows - part 1 (written by Reg)

This is a great piece of writing from our reader Reg. It's always amazing to see someone else take my characters and write a story with them. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! Special thanks to Reg for this extraordinary story!

Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

“Hey guys, and welcome to Hot Josh, part three!”

The teenage boy ran his fingers through his dark, spiky hair and gave a sexy pout into the Go-Pro lens. He wore a sleeveless wife-beater with the cheeky slogan “Installing muscles, please wait” printed boldly on the front. The boy clearly had big ambitions since his shirt hung rather loosely from his lean frame.

With a cocky grin he slowly slipped off his shirt to reveal a toned, sporty body. He began to flex in front of the camera, showing off his hard young muscles. He was well developed for his age and had clearly been spending much of his free time in the gym.

He stood with his hands on his hips and gave a bad-ass sneer as he bounced his sleek, chiseled pecs. Then he ran his hand down his washboard abs before playfully groping the prominent bulge in his black shorts.

“Impressive, huh guys?” the boy bragged with a cocky grin “Now check this out!”

He walked up to the camera and flexed his arm directly in front of the lens. Stepping back he placed arms behind his head and displayed his muscles proudly. His sexy biceps jutted out of his arms in hard rounded peaks like tennis balls.

“Who the hell watches this!” Kev chuckled quietly from the far side of the room and nudged his room-mate.

The two jocks were slumped on the sofa watching the teenager with bemused expressions on their handsome faces. They were also shirtless, exposing their impressively muscled physiques.

“I think it’s photo-bomb time!” Kev nudged Ben playfully.

Kev snuck up behind the teenager and silently started mimicking him, flexing his impressive muscles in the background. Finally he couldn’t resist laughing out loud and the boy turned to face him with an annoyed frown.

Josh glanced up enviously at Kev’s beefy arms  and tried to compare them to his own muscles. His disappointment was plain for all to see. His young guns were pretty impressive but clearly not in the same league as the big jock. To rub salt into his wounds, Kev winked at the camera  and reached forward to squeeze the boy’s young muscles.

“You’re getting there, little cousin!” Kev laughed.

“Fuck off, dickhead!” Josh retorted angrily.

THUD! Kev’s smile suddenly faded as the boy booted him hard in the groin. Kev gasped as pain exploded in his balls and his knees slowly drew together. Unfortunately his self defence instinct was a little too slow and the teenager quickly fired another brutal punt into the jock’s vulnerable gonads. Another sickening thud echoed through the room as Kev keeled over in agony.

“Fuck!” Kev grunted and his jaw dropped wide open. His hands gripped the boy’s biceps as he clung on, determined to stay on his feet despite the pain in his battered testicles.

Josh beamed at the camera and made his muscles bounce under Kev’s fingers.

“Feel my muscles!” he laughed sarcastically.

“My nuts!” Kev groaned weakly and his fingers slowly slipped off Josh’s arms and fell to his crotch. He slunked back into a corner, moaning in pain as he cradled his battered jewels.

“Nice one Josh! Right in the nads!” Ben exclaimed leaping up from the sofa.

They exchanged high fives and whooped with laughter as they celebrated Kev’s humiliation..

Josh was beaming with joy as he watched his older cousin suffering. He had arrived a few days earlier and was staying with Kev while his parents were abroad. He was a cocky, fun-loving kid and was having a blast hanging out with the two care-free jocks. He made a natural ally for Ben since they both got a buzz out of belittling Kev.

 “Poor Kev! You know, I even beat him at wrestling last time!” Josh bragged to his new comrade.

“Seriously, dude!” Ben laughed.

Kev looked up rather sheepishly.

“Did little Josh here kick your ass, buddy?” Ben enquired with mock sympathy.

“No!” Kev gasped, blushing slightly “Well OK he won, but the little fucker cheated.”

“Come on, it was just a little squeeze!” Josh protested innocently before giving a sly wink to the camera.

Licking his lips, the teen slowly closed his fingers around two imaginary objects about the size of walnuts. His lean muscles rippled as he clenched his fists until his knuckles shone white through his tanned skin.

“Weak balls, I guess!” Ben nudged him and they both chuckled.

“Yeah! Poor Kev” Josh continued “He acts like he’s a big, tough guy but, man, you should have heard him screaming like a bitch!”

“Ha! What a wimp!” Ben chuckled.

“Not like you, huh?” Josh gave Ben a cheeky wink “You’re more of a man than Kev, right?”

Ben shrugged nonchalantly and bounced his pecs in front of the teenager. His silent show of power seemed to spur Josh on.

“Wow dude! Check out those bulging muscles!”

 Josh sighed in admiration as he ran his fingers down Ben’s powerful torso. Ben just smiled at the camera and puffed up his chest like a prize-winning cockerel.

“Not to mention that other bulge!” Josh raised his eyebrows as he pointed at Ben’s crotch.

Ben gulped in surprise but continued beaming proudly into the camera.

 “What a pair of rocks!” Josh nudged him playfully “Balls of steel, right? Biggest balls in the…”

“OK that’s enough, Josh!” Ben interrupted him suddenly and clapped his hands around the boy’s mouth.

Kev cleared his throat loudly. He was standing right behind Josh wearing an amused expression on his face.

“You and your big mouth!” Kev laughed at Ben “You call those balls of steel?”

He shook his head derisively, then without warning powered his knee straight into Ben’s unprotected bulge.

“Ugh! Fuuuuuck!” Ben roared in pain and doubled over clutching his battered testicles.

“Hey!!!” Josh’s protest was cut short as Kev backhanded him viciously between the legs.

“Shit! Not my nuts!” The teenager whimpered in pain as he staggered backwards. 

Kev’s fist had clearly nailed the boy’s delicate young orbs and he soon collapsed on his knees and started coughing as he clutched his aching jewels.

Ben refused to succumb so easily and seemed determined to cling to the remains of his dignity. He stood slightly hunched with both hands inside his shorts gritting his teeth as he carefully rearranged the mangled contents of his underwear.

“Biggest balls in the room, huh Ben?” Kev chuckled “But only when you’re alone with Josh!”

“Fuck you!” Ben growled angrily.

The jibes about his manhood hurt Ben far more than the dull ache between his legs. For once he resisted the temptation to defend his honour and decided to keep quiet, hoping that Kev’s smugness would soon wear off. In truth Ben was very well endowed and usually loved to show off his junk but a recent event had left him with a rare streak of modesty.

It was a few weeks back when the two jocks were filming a video in the studio. Kev had stripped naked and was casually flaunting his impressive genitals in front of the camera. With a cocky grin Kev boasted that his roommate couldn’t match his size and Ben had boldly risen to the challenge….and lost!!!

Ben shuddered as he was reminded of the utter humiliation of that day.  Although he stubbornly refused to acknowledge Kev’s size advantage, he was wary of being lured into another direct comparison. His miserable thoughts were finally disrupted by a loud interruption.

“Dirty fucker!” Josh, cursed angrily as he finally rose painfully to his feet.

“Well, I guess we’re even now little cousin!” Kev laughed “Dude, your little cherries are so fragile!”

“They’re not little!” the boy yelled angrily “Anyway, if you think you’re so tough why don’t you challenge Ben! I bet he’s more of a man than you!”

The two jocks turned in surprise towards the teenager. Normally neither could resist the opportunity to show off their manliness but it was usually for the chicks.

“Well OK, why not?” Kev shrugged “What do you say buddy?”

Ben grunted his agreement as he continued fondling his big bulge. He had an unsure feeling about this but here was a chance to impress Josh and prove that he was still the top dog.

After some discussion the boys finally agreed on the rules.

To make things fair, Ben and Kev would each take turns to propose a man-challenge. After each event, the winner would get a point and a free shot at the loser’s balls. There would be five rounds and at the end they would count points and declare a winner.

“And how about you Josh?” Kev grabbed his cousin by the shoulder “Ready to put your boyhood on the line?”

“What? No fucking way!” Josh backed away holding his crotch “You already trashed my nuts!”

“Yeah, just leave him out of this!” Ben quickly stepped in front of the teenager.

“He’s just a kid!” he continued “There’s no way he could compete with us. One little slap and you almost popped his berries.”

“Come off it, Ben!” Kev chuckled “We’ve been nailing each other’s nuts since we were in junior school. Don’t you remember?”

“Yeah I guess, it was a long time ago.” Ben muttered glumly.

He grimaced as the childhood memory came flooding back and instinctively shielded his balls.

“You know, I was actually quite jealous when you hit puberty before me!” Kev laughed and elbowed Ben playfully in the ribs.

“Really? Well of course you were!” Ben suddenly beamed triumphantly “The whole class was jealous of my big danglers!”

“Yeah, floppy and fragile!” Kev laughed “Me and the other boys used to place bets to see who could nail your precious bean-bag!”

“What???” Ben huffed indignantly “Fuck! No wonder my big nuts got busted all the time! I couldn’t jerk off for a year without crying.”

“And actually they weren’t THAT big!” Kev chuckled “But you were such an arrogant jerk in the changing room. Always parading around naked and daring anyone to challenge your boyhood!”

“That’s a lie!” Ben protested, blushing slightly.

“You should of seen him in the showers after wrestling” Kev turned to Josh laughing hysterically. “He’d be there flaunting his family jewels and laughing at our little marbles. Then I would sneak behind him and… BAM! Right in the happy sack! Dude it was priceless. One little kick and Ben would go down like a sack of bricks. Just like you Josh!”

Josh and Ben both turned crimson with embarrassment.

“Alright enough!” Josh murmured “Look OK I’ll join in but one challenge only. The last one, and I get to choose!”

The two jocks agreed and tossed a coin to start. Ben won with heads and took no time at all to choose his first event.

“Let’s arm-wrestle, buddy!” he beamed excitedly.

With a big grin he walked up to his room-mate and flexed his powerful biceps, turning his head to lick the big mound of muscle.

“Ready to face my pythons again, Kev! Or maybe you want to give up now?”

Kev just rolled his eyes but Ben wasn’t finished yet

“Oh yeah, baby! Fucking guns-of steel” he bragged “You’re going down, weakling!”

“Alright guys, take your places.” Josh laughed, pointing at the coffee table “We’ll do one round, right handed, so make it count!”

Kev and Ben were soon kneeling in front of the coffee table, stretching and flexing their arms as they warmed up for the first event.

“Wow Ben, your arms are amazing!” Josh enthused “You’re going to destroy my poor cousin with these!”

The teenager walked up behind Ben and started stroking the stud’s biceps; following the contours of the hard peaks of muscle with his hands. He ran his fingers around Ben’s solid shoulders and began to massage his neck. Unseen by his cousin, his teenage cock was throbbing and straining inside his gym shorts.

“Mine are just as big!” Kev frowned and clenched his own muscles

Josh glanced at Kev dismissively as he continued to worship Ben’s body. He was fully aware that the two vain jocks were similar in size but he couldn’t resist watching his cousin squirm. In truth Ben’s chiselled biceps did look more imposing but Kev’s body seemed to have the edge in other areas. It was going to be a close battle for sure and Josh couldn’t wait to see all those manly muscles in action.

The jocks locked hands above the coffee table and exchanged gibes as they waited for Josh to give the signal to start.  

“I’ll wipe that dumb grin off your face, Ben!” Kev stated bluntly.

“You wish!” Ben laughed “I’ll crush your puny arms with these guns!”

Ben peered down and bounced his biceps arrogantly.

“GO!” Josh suddenly yelled excitedly.

Ben was caught totally off-guard. He was still gazing in admiration at his own arm when Kev’s attack hit him like a steam train.

“Huuuuughhh!!!” Kev’s grunted as his muscular body exploded into action, instantly overwhelming his vain room-mate and forcing his hand down towards the table. Ben gasped in alarm, bracing his big biceps against the sudden assault but Kev was determined to capitalize on his early advantage. Skillfully he leaned forward adding his bodyweight to the brutal power of his arms.

“Fuuuuuuuck!!!!” Ben roared.  His powerful biceps seemed to explode from his arm as he tried desperately to contain Kev’s powerful attack. He stared in disbelief as his mighty arm edged closer and closer to a humiliating defeat.

“Use your guns, Ben!” Josh yelled anxiously.

He shifted next to Ben and grasped the jock’s baseball-sized biceps, pressing his fingertips into the solid mound of muscle. The struggling jock gritted his teeth in response and heaved with all his might. He was gasping from the immense effort but finally Kev’s attack halted with Ben’s hand almost touching the table.

Kev took a deep breath, maintaining a relentless pressure against Ben’s tortured biceps as he prepared to finish his opponent off.

“Come on, Ben!” Kev snarled through clenched teeth “Let’s see those guns of steel?”

“Fuck you!” Ben gasped, shaking his head in disbelief.

With a sudden roar of defiance, Ben counter-attacked, harnessing all the power in his powerful arm. But his opponent was ready, grunting deeply in response as he responded with all his strength. Kev’s powerful chest clenched into a solid wall of muscles and Ben’s charge was quickly contained.

Ben shook his head in disbelief and roared once again; thick veins were now winding in crazy paths along his bulging arms. His tortured biceps screamed in agony as he made another, last ditch attempt to escape a humiliating defeat.

Kev gritted his teeth, and leaned harder than ever against his struggling opponent. Both jocks were grunting and groaning as their trained muscles flexed and strained. Despite Ben’s heroic resistance, his arm remained firmly pinned on the wrong side of the table and his formidable arm muscles were beginning to tire.

Kev managed to smile through his clenched teeth. His cocky room-mate was at his mercy now and he was enjoying dragging out Ben’s humiliation.

“Is that all you’ve got, wimp?” Kev chuckled “All show and no go!”

Kev’s upper body rippled as he slowly increased the pressure against Ben’s beautiful biceps.

“Fuck you! NO!!!” Ben screamed defiantly but he could only watch in horror as  his beloved guns began to succumb to his room-mates power.

 “Come on BIG-BALLS!” Josh suddenly screamed in Ben’s ear.

“FUUUCK!!!” Ben suddenly howled in agony.

Josh had slipped a sneaky hand deep inside the jock’s briefs and grasped one of his plump, sweaty testicles. With a cruel smile he dug his fingers into the soft fleshy organ making the virile stud yelp in distress. Ben’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets, his body bolted and jerked wildly as if he had touched a live wire.

Kev stared across in confusion at his opponent. Then, suddenly Ben threw his head back and bellowed like a dying minotaur. Every muscle contracted instantaneously as pain exploded from his gonad.

Ben’s hand suddenly thrust upwards with superhuman power almost tearing the ligaments in Kev’s shoulder. Raising his face to the heavens the tortured jock let out a final blood curdling scream as he slammed Kev’s hand down against the table. 

“Fuck yeah!!!” Josh danced around him, pumping his fists “Ben wins!”

Ben slowly slumped to the ground and lay curled up in a ball clutching at his groin

“Wha…what the fuck just happened!” Kev stood slowly, holding his head with a look of utter disbelief.

“You lost, bro!” Josh grinned with satisfaction.

Ben remained on his knees moaning and rubbing his tender nut. It took a few seconds for his victory to register.

“I won?” Ben gaped at Josh in confusion “Fucking right I won! Guns of steel!”

He stood up gingerly and flexed his tired arms in Kev’s face.

“Nice try loser!” Ben laughed  “Now for your punishment! Spread your legs and feel the real power of my biceps!”

Ben dropped to one knees and swung his arm up between his room-mate’s legs, smashing his baseball biceps into Kev’s tightly packed balls. Kev grunted in pain and staggered away clutching his aching nuts.  He took a few deep breaths then jumped up and down to shake off the pain. He was soon ready for the next event.

“Ok Kev, you’re one nil down but now it’s your turn” Josh grinned excitedly “So what’s your first challenge?”

“Time to wipe that smile off your face, Ben! How about a little Roshambo? Southpark style!” Kev grinned with obvious relish.

Ben’s smile faded and he bit his lip sullenly.

“Face facts Ben, I scramble your fragile eggs every single time!” Kev laughed “Dude you can kiss your love life goodbye right now.”

“Fuck you! I’ve got balls of steel! ” Ben responded with characteristic bravado but his quavering voice betrayed his concern.

“Yeah my money’s on you Ben!” Josh agreed enthusiastically “Now shorts off for this one!”

to be continued


Anonymous said...

That was a really well-written story. Good job to the author! Can't wait how the next rounds are gonna play out if there's a continuation.

Jimmy said...


I really liked your story, and I am looking forward to the next part very much. I'm always a huge fan of family relations stories as it gives another layer to the story. I'm glad that you added another character to the universe. Looking forward very much to where this story goes.



Gayballbustinwolf said...

Lol I like Josh I think he likes Ben it would be awesome if he gets busted to

Anonymous said...

Awesome story!

I'm kind of hoping that this ends up being a "pick on Kev" series, where he gets defeated at every contest, and they pick him apart, slowly busting him to the point where his balls brushing against his thigh is agony. Ben won't have the biggest balls in the room by the end, but his balls will be steel compared to the mush that Kev's will feel like.

Anonymous said...

So glad you readers enjoyed part 1 of my story. It took an age to write but you'll be glad to hear there's 2 more parts waiting to be published. No spoilers though!!!

Huge thanks to Alex for letting me use his incredible characters and in return I'll gladly donate Josh !