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7 days of pain: Day 6 (Logan and Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Are you going to whip out your whopper?” Logan grinned.

The 18 year old high school student ran his hand through his short blond hair. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of loose sweat pants and sneakers. With a muscular arms and legs and a perfect six-pack he looked awesome, an All-American guy ready for some action.

“I dunno”, Zach scratched his head.

He was two years older than Logan, and he looked like he could be the high school student’s older brother. His hair was the same shade of blond as Logan’s, and his built was similar to Logan’s. He was a bit more muscular, a bit bigger and a bit taller than Logan. He was dressed like Logan, shirtless, wearing sweat pants and sneakers.

The biggest difference between Logan and Zach was the colossal piece of meat that dangled between Zach’s legs. The huge bulge in his sweat pants only hinted at what I knew was one of the biggest, most formidable pieces of fuckmeat that I had ever been privileged to see.

Zach grabbed his crotch, squeezing his package with a wide grin. “Maybe. I dunno.”

Logan laughed. “Oh, come on. You can fuck Justin Bieber’s ass on national television.”

Zach’s dick twitched inside his pants. “Yeah, you’re right”, he chuckled. “You don’t pass up a chance like that. I bet his hole is nice and tight…”

We were standing on the set of “7 days of pain”, a popular show that featured eager contestants finding creative and unusual ways of torture. In its celebrity edition, Justin Bieber was the lucky star at the center of attention.

After having his dick and balls hit, kicked, electrocuted, waxed, squeezed, flattened and stretched for five days, Zach and Logan were the final contestants to have a go at his world-famous equipment.

After the show’s broadcast tonight, the viewers were going to decide who hurt poor Justin’s bieberspuds in the most creative and entertaining way. The lucky winners were going to have one more go at Justin’s genitals.

“It won’t be nice and tight once we’re done with it”, Logan grinned, playfully smacking Zach in the nuts with the back of his hand.

Zach’s laughter ended in a coughing fit as he doubled over, clutching his crotch and grimacing in pain.

As we waited for the famous singer to come to the set, I learned that Zach and Logan had saved up their spunk for almost two weeks.

“They’re bursting”, Logan chuckled, putting his thumbs into the waistband of his pants and pulling them down just enough to show off his semi-hard cock and his heavy, sperm-filled babymakers.

“Fuck yeah”, Zach chimed in. When he lowered his pants and his underwear, his dick shot up, smacking against his muscular abs and sending drops of precum flying around. “I can’t wait to plow that tight hole.”

“I thought you were straight”, I chuckled.

“I am”, Zach said quickly before his face broke into a grin. “But I’m making an exception for Justin Bieber. I mean, he practically is a girl, isn’t he?” He adjusted his crotch. “I bet he has a nice, tight pussy.”

Logan laughed. “Maybe too tight for your monster cock.”

Zach grabbed the fat, meaty sausage outlined in his sweat pants. “This battering ram will blast his back door wide open”, he grinned.

A couple of minutes later Justin Bieber entered the set.

He looked tired and exhausted. He was stark naked, his hands crossed in front of his crotch, cupping his genitals.

If I hadn’t known better I would have thought that he was a bad Justin Bieber impersonator. There was nothing spectacular about him, nothing to remind us that he was, in fact, one of the most successful male singers in the world. His tattoos looked ridiculous, his muscles looked absurd. He gave the impression of a little, shy boy playing dress-up in a tattooed muscle suit.

Zach and Logan introduced themselves, and I expected the singer to launch into one of his “nobody breaks my balls of steel” routines. Instead, he looked at his feet, avoiding the handsome blond studs’ eyes.

“We were talking about your pussy”, Zach said with a mean grin. “Maybe you could turn around so we can have a look at it?”

Justin hesitated for a moment. “You’re going to fuck me, right?” he mumbled.

Zach nodded his head. “Yeah. Oh yeah”, he grinned, putting his hands on his hips to focus Justin’s attention to the huge snake in his pants.

The singer gulped. “I---“ He closed his mouth and turned around.

“Spread your cheeks for us”, Zach said.

Justin groaned and did as he was told, showing off his puckered hole.

“Nice”, Zach chuckled, his dick twitching. “I’m gonna destroy that hole…”

Logan laughed. “Speaking of destruction…” He grabbed Justin’s shoulder and turned him around.

Justin was clasping his crotch shyly.

Logan chuckled and pulled Justin’s hands away, revealing his floppy dick and his big, low-hanging balls.

“Ewww.” Logan and Zach recoiled.

Justin blushed.

His genitals were a mess. His dick was beet red and bruised, and his nuts were ridiculously swollen, filling out his entire sack. There was not a single pubic hair at his crotch, making the sight even more bizarre.

“What did you expect after--- I mean, it’s been five days of--- My nuts are--- And my dick is just---“ Justin stuttered, looking helplessly at his all but useless genitalia. “I mean---“

Logan and Zach looked at each other and laughed.

“We get it”, Logan smiled, patting Justin’s shoulder.

“You’re pathetic”, Zach said.

“Yup”, Logan grinned. “And you’re gonna get your ass fucked today.”

Justin Bieber let out a miserable groan. “Please, can’t you just---“

“No way around it”, Zach grinned. “You’ve had it coming, with your awful music and that hideous face.” He slapped Justin’s cheek, making him gasp in surprise. Then Zach winked at the handsome singer. “You won’t be able to sit for a week…”

“And walking will not be very easy, either”, Logan mused before bringing his foot up between Justin’s thighs and crunching his nuts into his body.

Justin’s cheeks puffed and his eyes crossed instantly. He let out a long, wheezing groan. His knees met and he doubled over, his face contorted in agony.

Zach and Logan laughed, and Zach smacked Justin’s butt cheek with the palm of his hand, leaving a red hand print on Justin’s flawless skin.

A few minutes later, the cameras were rolling.

Zach and Logan looked at Justin, huge grins on their faces.

They had cuffed Justin’s hands behind his back, and the popular singer looked nothing short of terrified. He glanced at the massive erection that was straining Zach’s pants, his eyes twitching nervously.

“Do you want to fuck him right away?” Logan asked with a smile.

“Sure, why not”, Zach chuckled.

“Bend over, slut”, Logan grinned at Justin Bieber.

The singer stared at him, an incredulous expression on his face.

“Need a little help, huh?” Logan smiled and kicked Justin’s nuts hard. His instep collided with Justin’s nuts, slamming them into his body and causing him to fold at the waist, his face a mask of pain.

Zach pulled down his pants and smacked his dick against Justin’s butt cheeks, marking his territory.

“Prepare for the battering ram”, Zach chuckled as he lined up his dick with Justin’s puckered hole.

“There’s nothing to prepare him for that monster”, Logan chuckled, leaning over and pulling Justin’s cheeks apart.

Zach laughed and shoved his dick all the way into Justin’s virgin hole in one brutal motion.

Justin screamed at the top of his lungs as his ass was invaded by Zach’s mighty schlong.

Zach’s balls slapped against Justin’s sore, bloated babymakers, creating additional pain as he started banging the superstar’s butt like there was no tomorrow.

Justin was screaming and squealing, his handsome face contorted in pain as Zach pounded his ass, his hands on Justin’s hips, thrusting his huge cock in an out of Justin’s stretching hole.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. The visual was striking, and I was sure that it would look great on television. Must-see-TV.

Growing bored with watching Zach’s monster dong slide in and out of Justin’s hole, Logan got down on his knees and started jerking Justin’s bruised cock with one hand while slapping and smacking his bloated balls with the other one.

A curious mix of sounds filled the set: Justin’s screams, Zach’s moans of pleasure, Justin’s balls getting smacked, Zach’s hips slapping against Justin’s butt, Logan’s laughter – it sounded as if someone had mixed the soundtracks of a documentary about rollercoasters and a porn flick.

Logan’s energetic stimulation of Justin’s dick seemed to be quite successful. The bruised, red dick fattened and hardened, turning into a very painful looking erection, as Logan’s slaps and smacks to Justin’s balls turned into full-blown punches that sent his nuts flying around in his sack.

“Shit, that hole’s tight”, Zach grunted as he fucked Justin’s butt at an ever faster pace.

“Help’s coming”, Logan chuckled, wrapping his finger’s around Justin’s ballsack and squishing his nuts with his strong hands. “I’ll squeeze out a big helping of Bieber’s Finest home-made lube…”

Justin was grunting and groaning,

Zach laughed and pulled his dick out of Justin’s hole, leaving it gaping open.

“Here it cums”, Logan announced cheerfully as Justin’s dick released a big batch of creamy jizz into Logan’s palm.

Logan continued squeezing Justin’s nuts, determined to squish every last drop of cum out of the superstar’s swollen spuds as spurt after spurt of cream splattered into his palm.

His hand filled with Justin’s superstar spunk, Logan reached up and shoved his fingers into Justin’s gaping hole, lubing it up with his own creamy lotion.

“There you go”, Logan chuckled. He thrust three of his fingers in and out of Justin’s stretched hole. “Wow, you’ve done a good job so far. Justin Bieber’s a virgin no more…”

Zach laughed and rammed his dick into Justin’s slick butt hole while Logan’s fingers were still inside, making both Justin and Logan scream at the same time.

“Fuck”, Logan grunted, pulling his hand away from Justin’s hole. “You trying to break my fingers?”

“The only thing I’m trying to break is Justin fucking Bieber”, Zach chuckled as he pounded the handsome singer’s ass with deep, hard thrusts.

Logan laughed. “Yeah, I’m with you on that.”  He brought his hand up to Justin’s pain-contorted face who stared at Logan’s sticky fingers with a disgusted expression on his face. “Come on, clean it up. It’s only your ass.” Logan grinned. “And your cum.” With that, he jammed his fingers into Justin’s mouth, muffling his screams of protest.

Zach’s breathing quickened and he fucked Justin’s ass harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

Suddenly, he brought his head back, sinking his dick to the hilt in the superstar singer’s warm hole.

“Fuck yeah!” Zach roared as flooded Justin’s insides with his pent-up sperm.

“Fuck yeah!” Logan chimed in, delivering a hard uppercut to Justin’s spent and sore nuts.

“Mrgphph!” Justin grunted, his mouth filled with Logan’s fingers.

“Do you wanna have a go?” Zach said, pulling his dick out of Justin’s hole, causing a wave of cum to flow out of it and run down Justin’s thighs.

“Hell yeah”, Logan grinned.

They turned Justin on his back and Zach held his ankles, spreading his legs apart and lifting his butt off the ground.

Logan jerked his dick a couple of times before sticking it into Justin’s cream-filled hole.

“Damn”, Logan moaned as his balls slapped against Justin’s ass. “You really loosened up that hole.”

“Sorry”, Zach grinned. Drops of cum were dripping from semi-hard dick, landing on Justin’s pain-contorted face as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“I wish it was tighter”, Logan said. His face lit up. “Hey, try stomping on his nuts. I bet that’ll make his hole tighten up.”

“God, no!” Justin croaked. He struggled and writhed, his hands tied behind his back. “Please---“

Zach laughed. “You think it’ll work?” He spread Justin’s legs wider.

“Please”, Justin begged. “Please don’t---“

“I’m pretty sure about it”, Logan chuckled as he pounded Justin’s loose hole.

“No, please”, Justin groaned. “Don’t---“

“Okay”, Zach shrugged and brought his foot down hard between Justin’s thighs, flattening his bloated balls and making the singer yodel like a Swiss alpinist after reaching the summit of the Matterhorn.

“Fuck yeah”, Logan grunted as Justin’s hole tightened around his dick. He increased the force and the pace of his thrusts, reaming Justin’s poor hole as the singer screamed in agony.

Zach’s foot squashed Justin’s nuts again, making him let out a soprano wail that sent shivers down my spine.

“Fucking fantastic”, Logan moaned, pounding Justin’s hole like there was no tomorrow.

Zach laughed and stomped Justin’s nuts again and again and again, squishing the superstar’s swollen spuds as Logan fucked his ass.

“Oh god, this is good!” Logan groaned, grabbing Justin’s bruised ballsack, his finger forming a ring around the base of Justin’s sack, trapping his bloated balls before smashing down his fist. “This is fucking awesome!” His knuckles collided with the tender flesh of Justin’s testicles, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a high-pitched wail from the handsome singer’s mouth.

Zach looked down at Justin’s pain-contorted face.

His mouth was wide open, his eyes clenched shut, as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Never liked your singing”, Zach mumbled, kneeling down and stuffing his fat cock into the singer’s mouth, gagging him and turning his screams into muffled grunts. “That’s better…”

Logan continued punching Justin’s nuts while fucking his ass.

“Enjoying yourself?” Zach chuckled, his dick lodged deep inside Justin’s throat. He started fucking Justin’s throat while holding on to his ankles.

“Fuck yeah”, Logan laughed, pounding Justin’s hole while throwing punch after nut-crunching punch at his bloated balls. “And it looks like our little superstar sex toy is having a great time, too…”

The singer’s bruised and battered cock had sprung to life, probably due to the continuing massage of his prostate by Logan’s big cock.

Stuffed to capacity at both ends, Justin let out grunts and groans, whimpers and moans, as his throat was fucked by Zach and his hole was pounded by Logan who continued punching his balls with his fist.

They came at the same time.

Justin’s groans turned to a gurgling cough as Zach unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside Justin’s throat.

Meanwhile, Logan released his load inside Justin’s ass.

Cum ran out Justin’s mouth and his hole as he was flooded from both sides. It was a violent tsunami of cum filling him to overflowing.

Ironically, Justin’s own cock just spat out a measly little blotch of sperm that landed on his muscular, sweaty abs.

Logan and Zach looked at each other, chuckling as they high-fived.

They pulled their cocks out of Justin simultaneously, releasing floods of cum from his hole and his mouth as Justin coughed and groaned and gasped for breath.

“You’re a good little slut”, Zach grinned, slapping Justin’s face. “You should think about changing your job. Sluts like you are in high demand…”

Justin’s face was a mask of pain. Cum was running out of his gaping ass hole and his face was smeared with his own spit and Zach’s salty spunk.

As if on cue, the ring of a bell signaled the end of the session.

“Good work”, I grinned as Logan and Zach walked past me.

I stayed and watched one of the bored looking assistants interview Justin for tonight’s broadcast.

They didn’t bother freeing Justin from his handcuffs or giving him a bathrobe or something. He was lying on the ground, gasping and groaning, bare-naked and covered in cum, trying to come up with coherent answers for the show.

“Who’s your favorite?” the assistant asked, scratching his head.

“What do you mean?” Justin croaked, Zach’s cum running down his neck.

The assistant stared at him as if he was stupid. “The viewers will decide who’ll do the final show. So who is your favorite?”

Justin coughed. “I think those three guys on the first day were pretty good. They messed up my nuts pretty bad…“

The assistant nodded. “So your money is on Kev, Ben and Colin. Okay, so---“

“But the second day was intense, too”, Justin interrupted him, shuddering as he remembered the pain.

“You mean Cal and Brandon?” the assistant asked.

“Yeah, the vise…” Justin gulped. “And the humbler…”

“Worse than the first day?” the assistant asked.

Justin stared at him. “I don’t know.”

“So Cal and Brandon are your favorites?” the assistant said slowly as if talking to a child.

“What happened on the third day?” Justin asked, a blank expression on his cum-covered face.

“You were milked by three skaters”, the assistant said, looking at his watch.

“Oh, yeah, that.” Justin gulped. “That was…” His voice trailed off.

“Painful”, the assistant said. “Yeah, I get it. So you’re rooting for Sammy, Tristan and Leo?”

“Or those malicious twins”, Justin whispered. “They invited everybody on set to fuck my throat.”

“Yeah”, the assistant chuckled. “I dumped a couple of loads in your mouth…”

Justin grimaced. “And today…” He swallowed hard, shuddering.

“Okay, I get it”, the assistant sighed. “No front-runner. We could have gotten there sooner, you know?” He turned to the cameraman. “Get a nice close-up of his gaping ass hole. They want to do something funny for the end credits.”

Now it’s up to you: A reader poll will determine who will get another go at Justin Bieber’s balls on the final day of “7 days of pain”.

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