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7 days of pain: Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

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Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

After yesterday’s vicious ballbeating, I had expected Justin Bieber to be a bit more humble and meek than usual. After all, he was the star of the celebrity edition of “7 days of pain” – and he had six more days to go…

But when I entered the TV studio, I was greeted by a loud voice that couldn’t exactly be described as humble or meek.

Justin Bieber was standing in the middle of the studio, stark naked, barking orders. The cameramen seemed to ignore him, which made him yell even louder.

“I want to the fucking ratings!” he barked. “Right now. I’m Justin fucking Bieber for fuck’s sake!”

I turned to Cal and Brandon and grinned. “Meet Justin Bieber, sunshine incarnate.”

Cal chuckled. The 22 year old swimmer was wearing blue jeans, white trainers and a sleeveless yellow shirt that contrasted nicely with the black skin of his muscular arms. “What an asshole.”

His best friend Brandon grinned. He was 21 years old, a handsome Asian-American with short black hair and a swimmer’s body. He was wearing cargo pants, a plain white t-shirt and heavy brown boots. “Yeah, we’ll take him down a peg…”

In the background, Justin Bieber was working himself into a frenzy, shouting obscenities and demanding to speak to the producer, until one of the cameraman, a hairy bear of a man, turned to him and grumbled, “Shut up, pretty boy, we’re trying to work here.”

Justin opened his mouth to say something, but he was quickly silenced as the cameraman grabbed his shoulders and rammed his knee into Justin’s crotch, making him howl in pain.

Cal and Brandon chuckled as the rest of the crew erupted in cheers and applause.

Half an hour later, the producer had calmed the superstar down, and we were able to start filming the day’s session.

Cal and Brandon were standing in the middle of the set, a candy-colored torture chamber.

Justin looked at them, an arrogant smirk on his face. “Have your buddies told you anything?”

Brandon chuckled. “You got your nuts crushed pretty badly, huh?”

Justin scoffed. “Check your sources, man. I have balls of steel. They tried breaking them but I just laughed it off.”

I couldn’t suppress a laugh. I remembered his screams of agony very vividly. And the current state of Justin’s genitalia was proof that his memory was a bit sketchy, to say the least.

Cal and Brandon had the same thought.

Cal pointed at Justin’s crotch and grinned. “You mean those balls of steel?”

Justin’s nuts were black and blue and considerably swollen. His dick bore dark bruises on its head and all over its shaft.

Brandon laughed and grabbed the singer’s nuts. He gave them a playful squeeze. “They feel more like balls of tinfoil to me…”

Justin inhaled sharply, gritting his teeth to hide his pain. “You’ll see”, he grunted.

“Yeah”, Brandon chuckled, letting go of Justin’s nuts and giving them a playful slap.

Justin let out a suppressed yelp, causing Cal and Brandon to burst out laughing.

A couple of minutes later the cameras were rolling, and Cal and Brandon got ready to work over Justin’s bieberbag.

Cal and Brandon had picked a couple of things that they wanted to use, and I couldn’t help but notice that Cal seemed to be very familiar with the use of a humbler.

Brandon stared at the black piece of solid plastic and scratched his head. “A humbler? What do you do with it?”

Cal grinned. “See this hole? This is where his nuts go. You make him get down on all fours, pull his nuts back between his thighs and lock them in the humbler. That way he can’t get up and his balls are nice and exposed.”

Brandon chuckled. “Sounds great.” He turned to Justin. “Don’t you agree?”

Justin stared at the humbler with a blank expression on his face. “Piece of cake”, he mumbled.

Cal and Brandon laughed.

“Down”, Brandon said. “Now.”

Justin did as he was told. He was on all fours, his thighs spread slightly apart. His swollen balls were hanging very low in his sack, probably due to yesterday’s prolonged sack stretching while he was waiting for the crew to film his interview.

Cal reached between Justin’s thighs from behind, grabbed his bloated balls and pulled them back, digging his fingers into the tender flesh of the superstar’s gonads.

Justin gritted his teeth as Cal squeezed his tender testicles and closed the humbler around them.

I couldn’t help but grin. Justin’s nuts looked like a pair of ripe tomatoes attached to a board that he was wearing on his ass.

“Now move”, Brandon grinned.

Justin crawled around in a circle, grimacing with every move.

It was like watching a pony in a circus, except that this particular pony was in a lot of pain…

Cal and Brandon had the time of their lives, smacking Justin’s ass as he circled them, making sure to aim some of their slaps a little lower, smashing his trapped nuts.

Justin gritted his teeth, grunting in pain whenever the boys hit his gonads.

The humbler was restricting his moves: He couldn’t get up without stretching his nutsack to the limit.

Brandon winked at Cal before bringing his leg back and kicking Justin’s balls. The tip of his heavy boot hit both of Justin’s nuts dead on, smashing the two meaty orbs flat against the hard surface of the humbler.

Justin shrieked in agony, causing Cal and Brandon to roar with laughter.

After a couple more kicks that left Justin groaning and moaning in pain, Cal made him stop moving and sat on his back, facing his ass. He looked down at Justin’s trapped nuts and grinned.

“Look at those”, he chuckled, smacking Justin’s left nut with the palm of his hand before delivering a hard punch to Justin’s right nut. “Do you think we can squeeze a load out of them?”

Brandon got down on all fours and looked at Justin’s cock. The bruised piece of meat was dangling between his thighs, separated from its two best friends, looking sad and useless in its limp and floppy state. Brandon grabbed its head and yanked down hard, making Justin groan in pain. “I dunno. We can try.”

Cal chuckled and took Justin’s bloated right nut with both of his hands. “You take the left one”, he told Brandon. “Together we’ll make it.”

Brandon grinned and kneeled behind Justin, wrapping the fingers of both of his hands around Justin’s swollen left nut.

Justin let out a hoarse scream as they started compressing the tender flesh of his nuts, digging their fingertips into the meaty core.

“Oh god”, Justin shrieked, his face contorted in pain. “Oh god!”

Cal and Brandon looked at each other and laughed as they squished and squashed Justin’s balls with all the force they could muster, twisting the famous singer’s balls, yanking on them and squeezing them hard.

“Is it working yet?” Cal asked, panting with effort as he interlocked his fingers and flattened Justin’s right nut between his palms.

Justin was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Brandon glanced at Justin’s limp dick. “Not yet”, he said with a grin.

Cal changed his strategy, holding Justin’s nut with one hand and pressing his thumb of his other hand into the delicate flesh, causing Justin’s swollen balls to bulge around his thumb.

Brandon followed his friend’s lead, the flesh under his thumbnail turning white as he pushed his thumb into the center of Justin’s left testicle.

Justin yodeled in pain, his eyes watering as the tidal waves of pain washed through his body.

“Now?” Cal asked.

“Nothing”, Brandon said after having a look at Justin’s limp, drooping dick.

“Take over this nut for me please”, Cal said, getting up.

Brandon happily obliged, grabbing Justin’s ballsack and twisting it 360 degrees, eliciting a high-pitched wail of agony from the handsome singer.

Cal had spotted a pair of candy colored screw clamps that were lying in a corner of the set. He grabbed them and winked at Brandon. “If this doesn’t work I don’t know what does…”

“That’ll squish the cum out of his nards”, Brandon chuckled as he watched Cal attach one of the clamps to Justin’s left nut before trapping his right nut in the other one.

Justin’s nuts were swollen and bloated and the shape of hen’s eggs, and Brandon and Cal made sure that they were in an upright position, the clamps digging into the pointy ends of his nuggets.

I grimaced in sympathy as I watched Justin’s nuts compress with every turn of the screws.

Brandon and Cal were chuckling, cheerfully tightening the screws and causing Justin’s nuts to flatten rapidly.

Justin was panting and moaning, his face pale and covered in sweat, as Brandon and Cal closed the clamps tighter and tighter, making Justin’s nuts go flatter and flatter, and distorting their healthy egg shape into a decidedly cringe-inducing oval that looked just plain wrong to everybody who was faintly familiar with the male anatomy.

Justin’s moans developed into screams of agony when Brandon and Cal had flattened his nuts to half of their original diameter.

They took a break, admiring their handiwork as Justin was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Brandon leaned to the side and looked at his cock. “Great, it’s working”, he chuckled.

Indeed, Justin’s limp dick was semi-hard, a fat and chubby half-boner.

Beads of sweat were dropping from Justin’s face. His eyes were clenched shut, his mouth was wide open, filling the room with wails of agony.

Cal and Brandon looked at each other and grinned.

“Let’s finish this”, Cal chuckled.

They turned the screws once more at the same time, compressing Justin’s nuts even further.

A shrill squeak escaped Justin’s mouth as his dick grew harder.

Another turn of the screws.

Justin’s eyes opened wide and he roared in pain. His dick had reached its full hardness.

Another turn of the screws.

Justin’s eyes lost focus. He let out a gurgling scream. His dick twitched.

Another turn of the screws.

Justin’s balls were one third of their original diameter. His eyes were fully crossed. A squirt of precum sputtered out of his rock-hard cock.

Cal and Brandon looked at each other and grinned.

Yet another turn of the screws pushed the famous singer over the edge. He went silent all of a sudden. His eyes rolled back into his head, his lips trembling, drool running out the corner of his mouth. His body was shaking as a violent jet of cum shot out of his dick, hitting the ground with so much force that drops of his salty jizz ricocheted up, splattering his muscular upper body with his own juice.

Cal and Brandon burst out laughing, high-fiving and hugging as if they had just won the Ball Bash Olympics.

The first jet of cum was followed by a second one, then a third, a fourth and a fifth.

Justin had found his voice again. He was screaming from the top of his lungs as his cum was squashed out of his battered balls.

It took more than two dozen spurts until his violently induced orgasm petered out, leaving him drenched in sweat, a pool of cum below his body.

The sound of a bell signaled the end of the session, and Cal and Brandon got up and walked towards me.

“Just in time”, I chuckled. “That was pretty impressive.”

Brandon grinned. “Thanks.”

Cal turned around and looked at Justin Bieber who was still locked in the humbler, screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Maybe we should free him?” he grinned.

I shook my head. “I bet they want to do an interview with him for the broadcast.”

Cal and Brandon nodded, and we watched Justin crawl around, his face a mask of pain, looking for someone to help him.

He was ignored by the camera crew.

This time, unlike yesterday, we stayed to watch the interview.

It took more than an hour until one of the assistants approached Justin with a cameraman in tow.

The famous singer was still locked in the humbler, the clamps attached to his nuts.

The assistant looked like he was barely 18 years old. He was chewing gum, looking at his clip board, a bored expression on his young face. Since his voice was going to be cut out of the broadcast, he didn’t even try to pretend to be interested in Justin’s answers. He rattled through his questions, looking at his watch several times, as Justin answered his questions, his face contorted in pain, his bruised and bloated balls locked in the humbler and squished by the clamps, his spent cock dangling floppily between his legs.

It was quite a funny visual, the handsome superstar on all fours, grimacing in agony, answering questions into the camera, as the young assistant was leaning against a wall, rolling his eyes when one of Justin’s answers wound up a little long.

Finally, another hour later, they were done.

The cameraman and the assistant turned to go.

“Hey!” Justin groaned. “Who’s gonna free me from this fucking thing?” He tried to keep up with the assistant, crawling behind him, his clamped balls bouncing comically with every step, the clamps clacking against the humbler.

“No idea”, the assistant shrugged without looking back. “I’m off.”

The door closed behind the assistant and the cameraman, and Justin let out a frustrated grunt.

“We better hurry”, I mumbled, and we sneaked out of the studio, leaving the superstar singer behind.

Tomorrow: The third day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring Leo, Sammy and Tristan, and a good and thorough milking.

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