Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Poll results: Your choice

You've made your choice: Logan and Zach will have another chance at busting Justin Bieber's balls!

More than 130 people voted in the poll, and here are the results:
Kev, Colin and Ben (Day 1)   14%
Cal and Brandon (Day 2)   4%
Leo, Sammy and Tristan (Day 3)   11%
The twins (Day 4)   18%
Danny and Simon (Day 5)   7%
Logan and Zach (Day 6)   46%

Thanks to everybody who voted!

I'll think about the plot, and I hope I'll have the final story ready next month!


Unknown said...

The stories are great! Thanks for taking my idea and running with it. :)

Alex said...

Thank YOU, Richard, for coming up with the idea! I had a great time writing these stories, and I am working on the final story right now. :-))