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7 days of pain: Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

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Previous parts:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this Story: Leo, Sammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

“So we can do whatever you want?” Sammy asked, his voice filled with excitement.

“Whatever you want”, I said, “as long as it’s painful. That’s the concept of the show.”

Leo, Tristan and Sammy laughed. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on Justin Bieber’s famous cock and balls.

Leo was 19 years old, a lanky and lean skater, tall and handsome, with curly black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing baggy shorts, worn-out sneakers and an oversized black t-shirt.

Tristan was as old as Leo, sporting a full head of dusty blond hair. His blue eyes were sparkling with excitement. He was wearing grey cargo pants and a colorful, custom-made t-shirt that he had ordered for the occasion: a picture of Justin Bieber grabbing his crotch on stage with the caption “No Mercy For Bieber’s Balls”.

Sammy, a cheeky 18 old redhead, was as tall as Leo and Tristan, another lanky skater with freckles all over his face. His loose jeans were sitting very low on his hips, revealing almost his entire butt. His underwear was bright yellow with large green dots that matched the color of his t-shirt. Like Tristan and Leo, he was wearing sneakers.

“Do you know what you’re going to do to him?” I asked, smiling.

“You’ll see”, Leo grinned. “We don’t want to spoil it for you.”

I laughed. “Okay.”

“It’s going to be painful”, Tristan chuckled.

“Very painful”, Sammy chimed in with a laugh.

“That sounds great”, I chuckled.

It was the third day of Justin Bieber’s celebrity appearance on a TV show called “7 days of pain”. Each day’s session was broadcast that night. I hadn’t seen the two episodes we had filmed yet, but apparently they were a huge success, with incredible ratings and very favorable reviews. 87% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Not bad.

When the star entered the studio, I couldn’t help but think of rotten tomatoes. The previous sessions had left a mark.

The two fat balls that dangled between the naked singer’s legs were beet red and swollen, with vicious bruises covering his neatly shaven sack. His impressive dick was showing signs of wear and tear as well. The bulbous head was battered and bruised, and the meaty shaft was black and blue.

“I told you the ratings would go through the roof”, the handsome singer bragged as the cameramen ignored him, some of them rolling their eyes. “Believe it or not, I got a tweet from Nick fucking Jonas. He fucking loves me!”

When he spotted the three lanky skaters, Justin raised his eyebrows.

He let out a laugh.

“Hey, don’t tell me these clowns are going on for today”, he snorted. “You gotta be kidding me. These skinny losers? I bet they are going to break their fingers on my nuts.”

Leo, Tristan and Sammy chuckled.

“Don’t worry about us”, Sammy smiled.

“We know how to handle this”, Tristan grinned.

“When we’re done with you there’ll be nothing left of your pathetic balls”, Leo chimed in.

Justin laughed. He grabbed his nutsack and wiggled it. He wincing at the touch and quickly let go again. “Balls of steel”, he said confidently. “Balls of fucking steel.”

“You don’t say”, Leo chuckled.

“Yesterday I had two muscle studs trying to break my balls”, Justin said. “They failed miserably.”

That wasn’t how I remembered it. Cal and Brandon had done a quite a good job busting his balls and squishing a big load of cum out of them.

“And the day before that, three bodybuilders went up against my nuts”, Justin continued with a grin. “Guess who won? My fucking nuts did!”

Again, I resisted the urge to fact-check Justin’s ridiculous statements. I remembered the sound of Kev, Ben and Colin kicking and punching Justin’s testicles. He had been on the verge of tears.

“And today it’s our turn”, Sammy said.

“If your nuts are as tough as you say they are”, Tristan said with an innocent smile, “there’s nothing to fear, right?”

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Justin sneered.

They went back and forth for a while. Justin bragged about his indestructible genitalia, and the skaters had fun ragging him.

Finally we were ready to start filming.

The three skaters had Justin Bieber suspended from the ceiling, hanging upside down in a tight cocoon of plastic wrap, unable to move his limbs. He looked like a parcel ready for delivery.

Anybody else would have turned silence by now, but Justin just couldn’t shut his big mouth, bragging about his huge, indestructible nuts and teasing the lanky skaters about their apparent lack of strength.

The set was a candy-colored torture chamber with all kinds of useful instruments and mean devices designed to inflict pain and entertain the viewers at home.

As soon as the cameras were rolling, Leo grabbed a scalpel.

Justin’s eyes widened.

“Don’t move”, Leo grinned, stabbing the sharp blade into the wrap right at Justin’s crotch, “or you’ll have sliced nuts for dinner.”

“Ooooh, sliced nuts”, Sammy clapped his hands. “Are those like onion rings?”

Leo grinned. “Yeah, but if we take Justin’s here they’ll probably be tasteless…”

The skaters roared with laughter.

Ignoring the frantic protest of the upside down superstar, Leo cut a hole into the plastic wrap and grabbed his impressive cock, jerking it a couple of times.

“Nice cock”, Leo grinned, massaging the meaty shaft while playfully smacking Justin’s colorful plums with the palm of his hand, making them bounce happily as the singer yelped in pain.

“It’s smoking hot”, Sammy quipped, grabbing two candles and pouring their hot wax over Justin’s nuts, coating his swollen nuts and his bruised cock with it.

Justin screamed from the top of his lungs as the three skaters were laughing their asses off.

“Maybe we should cool him down”, Tristan grinned, picking up a pitcher of ice water before pouring its contents over Justin’s precious valuables, eliciting a high-pitched wail from the superstar singer.

Leo laughed and grabbed Justin’s dick, twisting it viciously.

The loud CRACK of the wax breaking made Justin gasp in horror.

“Don’t worry”, Leo grinned. “I didn’t break your dick.”

“Yet”, Tristan added, eliciting another round of laughter.

Leo ran his finger up and down Justin’s tortured dick, causing it to grow harder and harder. His nuts were coated in wax, and Leo had an efficient way of getting rid of it: He balled his fist and punched Justin’s balls as hard as he could.

Suspended from the ceiling, Justin’s body swang back and forth as the singer screamed in agony.

A couple of punches later, all the wax was gone, and so was every last bit of pubic hair on Justin’s genitals. His dick and balls were an angry shade of red.

“How are you?” Tristan leaned over and smiled at Justin.

The superstar’s upside down face was as red as his freshly waxed beanbag.

“That was just the beginning”, Leo grinned. “Now comes the fun part.”

He started jerking Justin’s dick as Tristan and Sammy stood by, holding a cattle prod and an electric fly swatter respectively.

“Oh yeah”, Leo cooed as Justin’s dick fattened and hardened. “You got a great dick!”

Justin let out a soft moan that seemed to be equal parts pain and pleasure.

“What a nice, hard cock”, Leo whispered.

Justin closed his eyes.

I could only imagine what was going through his head. He knew very well that Leo was setting him up, and yet he seemed to enjoy getting his dick jerked.

“I bet the ladies love it”, Leo continued, spitting into his palms and jerking Justin’s throbbing cock with both of his hands. “I bet they can’t get enough of that beautiful monster of a dick…”

Leo took a step to the side and winked at Tristan.

Tristan poked the head of Justin’s cock with the cattle prod and pushed the button, sending a jolt of electricity through the tip of Justin’s dick.

Justin let out an ear-piercing scream as the skater laughed and cheered.

“Oooh”, Leo cooed in mock-sympathy. “That’s gotta hurt.” He started jerking Justin’s dick again. “Here, this’ll make you feel better.”

Leo massages Justin’s fat, meaty cock like a pro, and it throbbed with excitement.

“See?” Leo said softly. “The pain is all gone now, right?”

Again, he took a step to the side. This time he gave Sammy a nod.

Sammy stepped up to the plate, an impish grin on his freckled face. With a wet smack, he brought the electric fly swatter down on Justin’s nuts, zapping the fragile orbs and making Justin’s body jolt with pain as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Sammy giggled and smacked Justin’s nuts again and again, making Justin’s body jump with every electric shock to his nuts.

“Poor Justin”, Leo said soothingly as Tristan and Sammy were convulsing with laughter. He ran his fingers over the singer’s balls, caressing them gently. “Your poor, poor ballsies must hurt so bad.”

Leo jerked Justin’s dick with one hand while fondling his swollen baby makers with the other.

Justin’s dick was throbbing and leaking precum that ran down his wrapped body.

His breathing quickened and Leo noticed his balls pulling up inside his sack.

“Quickly”, he said to Tristan.

Tristan didn’t have to be told twice. He pushed the cattle prod against the fat shaft of Justin’s dick and sent a series of electric shocks to the throbbing sausage.

Justin’s eyes watered and he let out a gurgling roar as his imminent orgasm was violently aborted.

When Leo was sure that the singer’s climax was successfully thwarted, he continued jerking his dick, bringing him close to orgasm before letting Sammy step in and ruin it by shocking Justin’s contracting balls.

I couldn’t help but cringe in sympathy as the three skaters played with the famous singer, bringing him close to the edge more than a dozen times – and each time foiling his release by frying his fat cock or his juicy meatballs.

I looked at my watch. One more minute before the running time of the show was up.

Justin was panting and moaning, grunting and groaning, torn between pleasure and pain, his throbbing cock aching to cum, his swollen, bruised testicles filled with his pent-up juice.

Apparently, Leo was aware that time was running out. He continued stroking Justin’s tortured dick when the first signs of his orgasm appeared.

“Fuck yeah”, he whispered. “Blow a nice fucking load for me, stud!”

Justin was panting heavily, his eyes clenched shut, his face the color of a ripe tomato.

“That’s it”, Leo smiled as a thick jet of salty cream sputtered out of Justin’s dick, landing on Justin’s chin with a wet splat.

Leo took a step back and smiled at his friends. “Now finish him.”

Tristan and Sammy laughed.

With Justin’s orgasm in full throttle, they attacked his busy balls and his pumping dick with the cattle prod and the electric fly swatter.

Justin’s voice turned into a strangled yodel as the pleasure of his orgasm was mixed with incredible pain.

Sparks were flying from his spasming cock and his contracting nuts as spurt after spurt of spunky semen rained down on him, covering his pain-contorted face with a thick layer of gooey jizz.

His stud sauce ran into his nostrils, filling them to the brim and making the singer snort and cough. It covered his eyes and ran into his hair, making him look like the upside down target of a bukkake party.

The sound of a bell marked the end of the session, and the skaters looked at each other, grinning happily as Justin was grunting and groaning, his face coated in cum.

Sammy grinned cheekily as he poked his cattle prod into the tender, drained biebernads, giving them a parting shock that made Justin’s body convulse in pain.

“Good work”, I grinned.

“Thanks”, Leo said. “It was fun.”

“I always wanted a chance to fry that asshole’s balls”, Sammy said cheerfully.

“Yeah, shocking that cock was quite satisfying”, Tristan grinned, looking down at the growing wet patch at his crotch.

“Ewww”, Leo grimaced before smacking Tristan’s nuts hard. The back of his hand connected with Tristan’s spent balls, and a wet splat echoed through the room.

Tristan let out an anguished yelp. “Fuck you!” he yelled, doubling over and trying to punch Leo in the balls.

Leo turned and ran out into the parking lot, with Tristan giving chase and Sammy following them.

I heard them laugh and scream and cheer before the door closed behind them. I chuckled and turned to Justin Bieber who still hanging upside down, his cum drying on his face.

The bored assistant that I had seen yesterday was asking him questions and I couldn’t help but smile at the absurdity of the situation.

Here Justin Bieber was, minutes after having his dick and balls shocked for the entertainment of millions of viewers, telling people how awesome, how brave and how fearless he was.

“How painful was it?” the assistant asked in a bored voice, chewing on his gum.

Justin let out a strained laugh, the camera focused on his face. “Painful? That was nothing. Nothing can break me! I’m Justin fucking Bieber!” His pain-contorted face betrayed him, though. His eyes were red and sore, and cum was running out of his nose.

“Did you ever think about giving up?” the assistant continued.

“I don’t give up”, Justin croaked. “Never. That’s my motto: Never give up. Never ever.”

“How are your nuts?” the assistant asked as the cameraman shot a close up of the singer’s ridiculously swollen, spent nuggets and his limp, lobster-red cock.

“My balls are great”, Justin moaned. “Never been better.” He paused. “Well, they’re empty right now but---“

“Thank you”, the assistant said. “That’s enough.”

As soon as the camera was turned off, tears starting rolling down Justin’s face. “Please, let me down. Please!”

I grinned. We were only half-way through the week.

Tomorrow: The fourth day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring the twins and a quite literal interpretation of Bieber’s hit song “Love yourself”.

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