Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Video links: Nutball mania (3)

Update 2017/01/13: Obviously, the hook of this post doesn't work if it's re-scheduled from December 2016 to January 2017. I totally didn't catch it until a reader made me aware... I hope you can look past that and enjoy the clips anyway. Special thanks to the reader who told me!  :-))

The year is coming to an end, and it's time for some I hope you have made your New Year's resolutions. What are yours?

Wait - what?!

You don't have any yet?! Haven't even thought about it?!


Let me help you out here.

When I look at you I get the feeling that you should do more sport. I know, I know, playing tennis or golf is too expensive, your eye-hand coordination is too bad for table tennis and baseball, the nearest gym is too far away (a two minute drive is a lot longer that it sounds!), and taking up football or soccer is not an option because of potentially embarrassing locker room situations...

Guess what - I have the perfect sport for you:

  • It's very exciting and it'll get your adrenaline rushing immediately.
  • You can play it in the comfort of your own home.
  • The rules are very simple, and you can ask almost anybody* to play with you, no experience necessary. (* Your uncle, your brother, your buddy from college or that new guy from accounting might be better opponents than your aunt, your sister, your ex-girlfriend or that new girl from sales.)
  • Your friends and family will love it because it's a great spectator sport
  • There's no need to buy any expensive equipment because all the equipment you need is right there, dangling between your legs.
  • Added bonus: You won't have to worry about birth control for a week after playing.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Of course, I'm talking about nutball, the sport that has been sweeping the world since the Jackass crew made it popular on MTV years back.

You're not convinced yet? Let me show you a couple of video clips.

First up, here's some US Marines playing with a roll of duct tape. They probably need a lot of personal training, though, because the first real hit comes in the final 15 seconds of the clip.

But nutball is not necessarily a military sport. Here are a couple of civilians playing with a water bottle. The first hit comes fifteen seconds in, and it gets better from there.

Mean cheap chot at 1:05
Great bowling ball penalty shot at 3:20
Awesome bowling ball throw at 5:20
Rule-bending nut kick from behind at 6:10
A lot of fun in between

The same guys go at it again in the next video. They are so enthusiastic - doesn't that make you want to join right in a crush some nuts?

Here's a short but pretty awesome clip of a perfect hit. That's how you play nutball!

I told you nutball is a great spectator sport, right? The next video is proof of that. Two guys play in the hallway at their school. Watch as more and more people gather to watch them hit each other in the nards. Nutball is a crowd pleaser!

Not convinced, yet? Well, here's one last video. An epic 10 minute match featuring a couple of great shots to the nuggets.

Okay, what do you say now? You New Year's resolution is to start playing nutball, convince all your (male) friends to play as well, and set up your local chapter of the National Nutball League?

Well, my friend, then my job is done.

See you at the Nutball Wold Cup 2017!

Oh, another piece of advice: It's always helpful to record your training sessions on video for analysis, and share the clip with the world! Nutball enthusiasts all over the world will thank you for that! :-))

Upload your video to youtube and send me the link via email ( or by leaving a comment!



Anonymous said...

The links are great, but aren't you a bit late with this post? New Year's Resolution? "The year is coming to and end, ..." ;)

Alex said...

Ha! How embarrassing...

I wrote the post in December and scheduled it for a release between Christmas and New Year's Eve (obviously...)

Then I wrote the Christmas story and decided to split it into six parts, leaving no room for this post. I completely forgot that this one was kinda time-sensitive... :-D

Thanks for telling me about this (more than 500 people saw it and didn't). :-))

Anonymous said...

Haha no worries, it's alright. Your daily Christmas story more than made up for this :D

Btw if you're still searching for images for your series where you write a story around a random pick from the web, maybe you could use the following photo sometime (NSFW obviously). I think it's an official team photo from the New York ad agency "Sagmeister & Walsh". I'd be curious what story you could come up with for it. Also, notice the equipment of the 2nd most right guy – I first wasn't sure if it was balls or dick that was visible there :D

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm always looking for insprational pictures for the "Snapshot" series, and I love this one!

I'll check the legal situation to avoid getting into trouble with an ad agency before I decide whether to use the picture on this blog. :-))

Thank you very much for sharing this picture with us!