Friday, June 30, 2017

Brotherly boxing bout: The Alpha twin (written by ballboxing)

This is another awesome sequel to Low blows and cum shots (Luis meets the twins) and last week's Brotherly boxing bout: Learning the ropes written by our reader ballboxing! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

Luis walked excitedly across the sidewalk as he made his way to the Ballbustingboys studio. Today was going to be a great day, he could already feel his bulge tingling a little with anticipation. Having met Michael during his first fight at the studio and then taking him as his boxing student had been the best chance encounter of his life. Today they were celebrating their three-month anniversary and Luis had everything worked out to mix romance and their ballboxing fetish to make it a memorable occasion. However, when Michael had suggested for them to do something special, Luis could not help but wonder what exactly was the celebration about. They had been training at his boxing gym almost every other night (had to make sure their nuts got some rest between sessions) and they had been blowing loads on each other all the time, but neither him nor Michael had mentioned if they were exclusive or what the hell their relationship could be labeled as. That made Luis nervous at times, Michael was sculpted for the gods, and despite his mostly shy personality it would not be a surprise if he enjoyed some extra sexual fun on the side. He could probably get any guy within a five-mile radius to fuck him by just taking of his shirt and flexing a little.

Luis was starting to hope that he could be more than fun ballboxing, he was starting to wish for an actual relationship with the handsome blonde gymnast. He arrived at the studio door and patted his cheeks before knocking, he needed to stop overthinking the situation. All that mattered right now was their special night.
“I’ll throw some taps to your balls too, make sure to wake you up” said a familiar voice.

Luis did not hear Michael walk up behind him and grab him by the waist to give him a nice warm hug. He was caught by surprise by how lovey dovey the situation was. Michael just held him tightly, neither of them said anything for some seconds, they just stood there enjoying the closeness of their bodies. Luis could feel Michael’s breathing on his ear, he would have given anything to have him nibble in his ear at that point, but Michael failed to deliver. Perhaps for the best, that move might have made Luis’ lose control.

“Come on lover boy” said Luis as he brought his foot back up and smashed his heel on Michael’s low hanging fruit. “We gotta get our celebration started”

The hit connected with both of Michael’s balls, but all the ballboxing training was paying off when it came to ball resistance so he was barely phased by it.

“Ouch” he said just placing his hand between his legs. “Seems like you wanna get started right here.”

“Naaa, I got a much more special venue in mind. Let’s get out of here” Luis replied.

“Yeah just give me a minute I got to pick up a check inside” Michael explained before opening the door.

They walked in together as some loud smacks and screams reached their ears from all the way across the studio. They could see two men were wrestling with a very fancy looking girl watching them while Chad was at the camera filming the whole thing. The crew was working on filming some new material and it was obvious that someone was getting mercilessly racked. Luis recognized the pain inflictor immediately as they came closer, it was an almost exact replica of the handsome and loveable man that was walking with him. Michael’s twin, Will, was wearing the most absurdly tight pair of shiny gold boxers that Luis had ever seen. He was already acquainted with how generous nature had been to the twins in the manly area from all his time with Michael, but that underwear made Will’s erection look like something not even human. It was bordering on some sort of crazy Japanese tentacle porn fetish and the girl watching was clearly into it. She looked very much like your typical Instagram Hollywood girl. Red lips, white skin, auburn long hair all framed in a gorgeous looking one piece sun dress that Luis was sure cost more than all the gear inside his boxing gym. Her eyes were eating up the whole scene and judging by the looks on her face she was seconds away from starting to pleasure herself.

“Give up motherfucker and maybe you can leave with some peanut butter still inside your sack” Will yelled as he lifted the naked man by his ball sack.

The scene was intense; Luis and Michael could not stop themselves from wanting to find out if the poor guy on the floor was going to keep some resemblance of testicles or not. He tried desperately to free himself from Will’s deathly grip, but those big and hanging gonads were not going anywhere. Luis was able to recognize the victim from one of the videos at the Ballbustingboys website, Simon had been a patient of the Ball Doctor Sammy and from the looks of it he was seconds away from having to visit him again.

“Fuuuuuck, I give up, I give up” Simon started yelling “please let go of my nuts”.

“Beg me” Will demanded.

Simon remained silent trying to keep some of his dignity, but Will sensed his hesitation and applied even more pressure to his danglers.

“I am begging you please, don’t pop them” he pleaded in a cracked voice.

As soon as Will heard those words, he released his opponent and started roaring like crazy. He went over to the camera and made sure to start showing off his encased manhood and then proceeded to lift the girl by her waist and spin her around.

“How was it babe?” he asked as soon as he placed her back on the ground.

“Certainly as hot as I expected. I cannot wait to have you all by myself Will” she said in a shrilly voice as she placed her tiny hands on Will’s tree trunk biceps.

“Let me get my clothes back and I will show you Karen just how hot a man is actually meant to be” Will replied as he kissed her passionately while grabbing her left breast.

“He certainly does not lack energy” Luis said.

“Yeah, that and some other unsightly traits just spill out of him” Michael replied as he walked over to Chad to get what he had come for.

Will did not notice the newcomers until he was done tonguing Karen, but as soon as he saw that Michael was there, his bragging resumed in full potency.

“Mikey my man, did you see that? Please tell me that you saw me owning the life out of that piece of shit that is now on the floor” He yelled as he ran towards his brother. It was obvious that he was still drunk on the excitement from battering that man’s manhood into oblivion and the fact that Simon was still not able to get up was not helping at all. He was just lying there, one hand trying to ease the pain in his crotch and the other one covering his face to not let anyone see his shame.

Luis did not know much about Will, Michael barely mentioned him at all and it sometimes felt like he did not want him to know of what was going on between them. The character differences were obvious though. Michael was shy, kind, charming while his brother had the grace of a hyperactive frat boy that just wanted to prove his superiority over anything that moved near him.

Michael did not want to waste time with Will right now, he wanted to get his check and then go away with Luis for the rest of the day. Sadly, Chad did not have the check on hand, and the short time that it took for him to go get it from the office was enough to have something rather unfortunate to happen.

“Look Mikey, this is how I finished him off” Will said as he closed in on his brother and without any warning started to squeeze his balls without any restraint. Will made sure to pull all the way down, trapping both orbs at the bottom of the sack. Michael was caught by surprise and the pain showed in his face immediately.

Luis did not even think about what was he supposed to do. Boyfriend or not, he was going to punch the lights out of that stupid jackass. Michael’s balls for the time being belonged to no one, but him. Will being busy in tormenting his brother was sure to make him an easy target, he was almost in range when the tables turned.

“Pinche puto” Michael grunted before raising his fists and letting loose a combination Luis had just taught him last week. Left jab, right cross, left uppercut. Every punch so perfectly executed in textbook manner made Will see stars before he knew what had happened.

Only two sounds could be heard after the punches. The sound of Will’s body crashing to the ground like if someone had pulled the floor underneath him and a loud scream from Karen.

“Will!” she screamed completely over exaggerating the situation. “Honey, are you alright?” she asked as she kneeled next to her semi-conscious boyfriend.

Will felt Karen’s hands softly slapping his cheeks, trying to check if he was alright. His mind painted the picture of what had just happened, but he was having a hard time believing it. His baby brother Mikey had just decked him and almost knocked him out right there in the middle of the studio with his girlfriend watching.

Luis was frozen in place; Michael’s behavior had surprised him too. First because his pupil had used something he taught him and done it remarkably well and second because he had never actually imagined Michael standing up to someone in such a violent way. His mind was trying to decide if Michael had made the right call by punching his brother, but his penis fully approved. Luis was almost too busy weighing the situation to notice that his cock had completely hardened at the sight of Michael swearing in Spanish and dealing some real pain in such a macho way.

“The fuck man, what was that for?” asked Will as he started to stand up with Karen’s help.

“I am not taking any more shit from you” Michael answered with adrenaline coursing through his body and fueling courage into his words.

“Oh is that so Mikey?” Will said as he finally recovered and stood up in front of his brother. “You think that because that fag boxer taught you how to sucker punch guys in the face you can stand up to me? I will destroy you Mikey and after I leave your sorry ass on the floor I am gonna fight him too and fuck him in front of you so that you always remember who is the real man here”

“You are so full of yourself, Luis would murder you any day inside a boxing ring” Michael replied standing his ground. “But no one wants to see such an easy fight. How about this, you and me in a boxing match one week from today, winner fucks the loser and will forever be Alpha twin”

The situation had escalated to incredible heights, Luis, Karen and even Chad were stupefied while Simon was still in too much pain too care about anything else but his mashed nuts. There was obviously some deep unspoken conflict between the twins and it had finally exploded in volcanic style, the aftermath was sure to leave lots of destruction around it.

“You know why I am going to be the alpha twin little brother? Because in one week, I will be the only one who still has a pair of balls and a working cock. I will use your manhood as my personal punching bag until it falls off and you have no desire of getting it back” Will said before taking Karen’s hand and walking towards the exit.

“Enjoy these last days with my brother’s junk Mexican Fag, you will be the last one to see it and probably use it” Will yelled at Luis before slamming the door behind him.

“Yikes, I hope that girl survives the anger fuck she is about to get” Luis said still looking at the door. Karen was most probably a total slut, but still looked rather frail when put next to an anger driven Will.

Luis was turning around to see what Michael would say about the situation, but instead of a wordy explanation of what had just happened, Luis got Michael’s hand grasping his bulge. Michael was glad with what he had found inside Luis’ pants.

“You are hard, rock hard” He said as he used his thumb to press around Luis’ bulge. “Did you think it was hot how I punched him?” he asked.

Luis was taken aback. Michael’s presence felt so powerful suddenly almost a little frightening.

“Yeah, it was way hot” he dared to answer as he also got a handful of Michael’s groin and went to squeeze his right nut. “Seems you enjoyed it too”

“You have no idea. We are going to your place now” Michael commanded as he dragged Luis by his bulge out of the studio. “I am going to rock your world in bed and then you are going to box with me nonstop, cuz there is no way in hell I am going to let my brother have you”.

The door of the studio closed one more time and Chad was left alone pondering the situation. He walked over to the small office where he would edit the videos and after sitting down behind his desk he made a call to his producer. The phone rang twice before being answered.

“Hey, something kind of crazy went down at the studio just now. We are gonna need to rush order the boxing ring, some boxing gear and a ton of chairs. It will be expensive, but I am pretty sure it will be nothing compared to the amount of money we can make out of this” Chad said.

He waited for an answer, and once he had gotten it he started working right away.


One week later.

Luis paced nervously in front of the small room the studio had provided for him and Michael. He had never been this nervous before a boxing fight in his life. He wasn’t even the one that was going to fight, it was Michael who was going to face off against Will. The studio was starting to get packed with people. He and Michael had thought it was going to be an off the books fight, but Alex the producer had made sure to make a whole event out of the conflict between the twins. The place had been transformed and Chad had done a very good job. The place looked as a totally legit and grand boxing stage. Chairs and bleachers had been set up for all the attendees, banners that had Will and Michael’s pictures in fighting poses hung from the ceiling, the Ballbustingboys logo had been proudly emblazoned in the canvas and turnbuckles of the professional boxing ring that had been erected in the middle of the studio and as an ultimate offering they had commissioned a boxing championship belt with the words Alpha Twin that would be presented to the winner.

People had already started to arrive, after Alex announced that the fight would not be recorded the tickets sold out almost immediately despite being several hundreds of dollars each. Every member of the Ballbustingboys had VIP seats of course, they had decided to act as judges for the fight. Luis had no idea what they were intending to judge, this fight was not going to end in a decision ruling. However, he commended them for the commitment they were showing, all of them had showed up in sharp looking suits ready to play the part and had even printed score cards.

Luis went back to pacing again, he needed to relax. Michael was ready for this he was going to win, he had to win. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Will walking by as he greeted a group of girls that were sitting down in particularly good seats. He was wearing a silver pair of boxing shorts with blue boxing gloves. This time the shorts were not particularly tight, but you could still see that his cojones were far above the average male.

Luis glared at the scene with ill intent. Will was a mean bastard that was wishing to destroy his brother publicly after what had happened last week. Over the past few days of training Michael had also developed a certain shade of evil in his spirit. More than settle the score, he now wanted to enact revenge for all those many years of torture he had suffered under Will’s shadow. Will always took advantage of Michael’s shy personality, and that was either going to end tonight or go on for years to come depending on the result of the fight.

“Hey coach I’m ready for my bandages.” Whispered Michael as he opened the door to his changing room to let Luis in.

The room was just a spare in the studio. It had a small couch and a medium sized desk inside. You did not need much in a changing room so it worked well for tonight’s purpose.

“I should have taught you how to do that too” said Luis as he walked inside pulling a couple of wrist bandages out of his pants pocket. “Sit down and raise your fists” he instructed.

Michael did as he was told and Luis started bandaging his hands.

“Are you nervous?” Michael asked.

“No, not all.” Luis lied without taking his eyes of the bandages.

“I won’t let you down, I promise” Michael said and sealed it with a soft kiss on Luis’ lips.

“Don’t let yourself down Michael, this has nothing to do with me” Luis replied not acknowledging the romantic gesture.

“Come on, don’t be like that. I am kinda defending your honor, which is pretty romantic if you ask me” Michael explained, but Luis was not buying into it. He remained silent and finished bandaging Michael, making sure that he was ready for the fight.

“I know that you got tangled in me and my brothers twisted relationship, but I promise you that after this he will not be a problem ever again” Michael explained.

“Come over here” he said as he grabbed Luis’ arms and pulled him down to the couch with him, Michael opened his legs to make sure that Luis butt was right in front of his jockstrapped manhood.

“I am gonna ask you something, its ok if you say no. But it would mean a lot to me if you let me go through with it”.

Luis heart skipped a beat, the situation was getting even more out of control. He was unsure what Michael was going to ask of him, but it would probably turn out to be troublesome. He did not want the stakes of the fight to keep escalating, his nervousness was already starting to spin out of control.

“Would you cum on my boxing gloves before the fight?” Michael asked with a wide grin across his face. 
Luis immediately tried to stand up and dismiss the foolish request, but Michael held him tight, one arm across his chest while the other one quickly grabbed a hold of the meaty lumps between his legs. Luis knew better than to try and break free, he would try reasoning with him first.

“You are not supposed to do any sexual activities before a fight, it’s basic boxing knowledge” Luis explained. “You need to be at full power” he added.

“I knew you were gonna try to get out of this with that excuse, but I know you are lying” Michael replied as he started to massage Luis’ testicles over his pants. “That only applies to heterosexual intercourse and that’s not what we will be doing here. I just want to have a part of you with me in the ring. Besides, just picture my brother’s face when I tell him”.

Luis took a moment to do just that, the outrage and humiliation indeed painted a tempting picture, besides there was no way that he would manage to free himself without hurting Michael in the process. He was going to have to oblige. He reached out for Michael’s brand new pair of red and black Everlast 16oz gloves and placed them right in front of his bulge. Luis felt how Michael’s cock started growing pressed against his right butt cheek. Michael immediately started unbuckling Luis’ belt and unzipping his pants. In a matter of seconds Luis’ hardened penis and balls were hanging out in the open.

“Make sure to not drop the gloves when you start cumming Coach” Michael said as he started stroking Luis’ cock, bringing the foreskin up and down the head of his cock. He wanted to bring out a really thick and plentiful load to make sure that the gloves would smell like the beautiful stud he was now holding in his hands so he began working Luis’ huevos hardcore. He pulled them in every direction that he could, making sure to crunch them against each other in every motion. Soon enough Luis’ penis started oozing pre-cum and Michael made sure not even that went to waste. Luis’ cock was now Michael’s paintbrush and with delicate strokes he waved it around making the precum stain the shiny gloves. When the leather started smoothly brushing against the head of his cock, Luis could not stop himself from moaning softly. The ball smashing combined with the hand job had him absolutely in heaven. Michael was manhandling his pelotas so perfectly, throwing some slaps and even punches that sandwiched his nuts between hand palm and hard knuckles every now and then. The pain made him grunt a couple of times, but he was mostly moaning from the ecstasy he was in.

“Don’t shoot without letting me know” Michael demanded. “I want all of your spunk”

Luis could not speak, he simply nodded and hoped that Michael noticed. The pleasure was already starting to expand across his body dimming almost altogether the pain of having his balls smashed. He could feel his load building up or more like being squeezed up by Michael’s left hand.

“I’m almost there” Luis managed to say.

Michael had been waiting this moment, it was time for the coup de grĂ¢ce. He started nibbling at Luis’ right ear passionately while keeping an eye on his cock and the boxing gloves. His trick got the desired result, without so much of a word, Luis’ erection became a sniper rifle in Michael’s hands and it shot rope after rope of creamy and warm jizz. Every shot Michael made sure to aim at different spots of the boxing gloves getting them real wet with Luis’ seed.

“Hijo de… toda… tu madre” was all that Luis managed to say before slumping to the side of the couch.

Michael loved hearing Luis curse in Spanish and was starting to pick up some choice words himself. When making Luis cum, it was like the ultimate compliment, a foreign praise for an excellent performance. Michael stood up carefully making sure Luis wouldn’t slip off the couch and then started using finger tips to make sure every part of the gloves got some of Luis sperm in them. He made easy work of the task and soon enough it was not even noticeably that a handsome Mexican had squirted a gallon of fresh milk on them.

Luis got up and stuffed his man parts back into his pants just in time. Chad opened the door to the room and gave them the five-minute warning. Both fighters were going to enter the ring at the same time while Alex presented them and started the fight. Luis grabbed the gloves and put them on Michael’s hands, they were still feeling a little moist. He made sure to tie them up tight enough.

“My butt and teaching skills are on the line thanks to that crazy brother of yours, so…”

“I will win no matter what” Michael said interrupting Luis.

Before they could exchange any more words of encouragement the cheering and applause of the crowd filled the studio. It was time to go out. Luis opened the door and left the room behind Michael. The former walking to the ring with his arms raised up high.

Luis walked next to him until he climbed up the ring. He also had a VIP seat, Alex had been kind enough to not even charge him. He said that his previous contribution to the Ballbustingboys website and the boxing lessons he gave to Michael would more than cover the price of admission. He found his seat and sat down while Michael climbed into the ring, the black and red boxing shorts he was wearing matched his gloves and he was looking freakishly hot in them. There was nothing else he could do at this moment. He took a deep breath and prepared for what was about to come.

Both twins were at their corners, Alex had presented them and after explaining the very simple rule of everything boxing goes, especially low blows, the fight was ready to begin. One of the judges rang the bell and the fight started.

Michael was so ready for this moment, and when his brother charged at him full force eager to show off from the very first round all he could feel was gratitude for everything Luis had taught him. Together they had come up with what they felt was a pretty good battle plan, Michael knew his brother from a lifetime and the videos of him at Ballbustingboys were amazing material to enhance their strategy. Luis could not have been more correct, his brother was full of openings, he had no technique just animal instinct and tonight he was going to be schooled for that.

Michael stood his ground with his guard shielding his chin and chest. Will pulled his arm back and sent a massive right hook aimed at his opponent’s face, but the long motion left him wide open. Michael managed to land two quick jabs to the face and still had time to weave down and out of the way of the potent hook that was met with nothing but air. Without much effort, Michael quickly stepped into the center of the ring, ready to meet another attack by his twin. This time Will rushed in trying to land a cross, but Michael simply swiped the punch out of the way and delivered a cross of his own that connected to the temple. The punch was not hard enough to stagger Will, and before Michael could step away and create some distance between them Will started throwing multiple wild punches. Since the punches had no reasoning behind them, they were hard to read, but Michael managed to block most the impacts by bending around and covering his body.

One of the judges signaled the last ten seconds of the round. Will decided it was now time to take one of his specialty ball punches. He had his little brother on the defense right now, his hands were busy covering his face so his genitals would be defenseless. He would catch him off guard with a low bolo punch and have him crawl back to his corner holding his mushed nuts at the end of the round. He bent down low, trying to get a good view of his target. The ample bulge between his brother’s legs surely looked inviting, but before he could even wind up his arm, a flash or black and red smashed against his right cheek, making him lose balance and landing him on the canvas just as the bell rang again.

Michael did not even glance down at his brother. He merely walked back to his corner and sat down on the small bench that one of the judges had placed for him. That little display had barely gotten him wound up. He looked over his shoulder trying to find Luis, he spotted him fast enough. He was talking with Zach who was sitting on his left, he was not quite smiling, he had a more serious look as he spoke. Michael hoped that Luis was talking about him, about how well he was doing. Alex’s voice brought his attention back into the ring.

“Seconds out” he yelled into the microphone.

The bell rang again and round two started. Both fighters walked up to the center of the ring, but this time around Will was not as reckless as before. He remained fast in place and tried his best to outmaneuver Michael turn the fight into a slugfest that he could surely win. He threw some quick jabs and feints trying to get an opening and land a good punch, but it quickly became apparent that Michael was going to take round two as well. After a few unsuccessful feints, Will started taking more jabs and crosses to the face and when he tried connecting another one of his telegraph hooks, Michael closed in on him and worked his body and meatballs good. Two quick hooks to the stomach and one more to the cojones for good measure. The quick succession of punches took the air out of Will’s lungs and all he could do to stay standing was go for a clinch. He held on to his brother for dear life, trying to get some recovery time, but Michael was not going to let that happen. Despite the close distance, he started connecting body blows to his brother’s perfect six pack. Every punch was leaving a growing red mark on Will’s white skin.

“You piece of shit” Will said as he pushed him away from him to end the punishment.

This time neither of them heard the ten second mark. The bell rang again; another round was over. Both boxers walked to their corners, Michael looking proud and Will nursing his abs as best he could with his blue gloves. This time Michael did not look back to see what Luis was doing. He already knew that he was doing awesome tonight and that he was going to pull this off with no problems. He was going to become the Alpha Twin and cum a dozen times on Luis before the night was over.

“Seconds out” Alex said again.

This round Michael was ready to be much more aggressive. He breathed in deeply while holding his gloves close to his face. The distinct smell of Luis’ cum was still there and he was going to keep pounding that smell into his brother’s face, body and balls until he dropped. He stepped quickly towards him, trying to trap him on the ropes from the get go, but Will managed to slip away and bring the fight again to the middle of the ring.  They started trading punches, both trying to land as many hits as they could. Michael was being more successful though, landing precise hooks and uppercuts to the body, slowly stealing away Will’s stamina and speed as the pain kept building.

Will was still looking alive, but instead of landing the hits he wanted on his brother’s face, his gloves only kept touching leather as Michael blocked everything. He was done playing nice, he was not going to let his little brother best him, maybe he had learned some new tricks, but this was a Ballbustingboys fight and it was going to keep going until a pair of balls had been turned into jelly. Will caught Michael by surprise when he managed to swat away one of his punches and went for a clinch again, except this time Will was not looking to buy time. Before Michael could push him away or deliver any close quarters punches, he brought his leg back and smashed his hard knee into Michael’s unprotected bulge. He could feel his brother’s giant nuts being rammed back up into his body, he was ready to turn this fight around. However, before he could continue his attack his own balls got flattened thrice in quick succession.

Will had underestimated his brother, Luis had also been training his balls for quite some time now and even when the knee had landed perfectly crushing his whole manhood he was now resilient enough as to take that amount of pain and still counter attack. Will got distracted trying to grind his knee on the meaty orbs and Michael took advantage of that to bring down his fist and launch three uppercuts that brought Will to his knees.

Alex rushed to Will’s side and started the count.

“1…2…3…” Alex counted as he waited for Will to get up.

Will’s balls were still thumping with pain. He tried grunting the pain away, but it remained. The hits had been so unexpected that he had been unable to brace himself for the impacts.

While the count was still going, Michael came close to his brother.

“I jerked off Luis before the fight and made him cum all over my gloves by the way” Michael said with arrogance. “So if my punches have been tasting funny, that’s why” he added with a smile and walked away to rest at the ropes.

Will roared in anger as the count continued, how would let this humiliation go on anymore.

“4…5…6…” Alex continued.

He grabbed a hold of the ropes with his right hand and managed to bring himself back up. He used his left hand to shake his groin a little trying to make the pain go away and then brought his fists up to get into fighting stance as Alex checked him up.

“Can you continue?” Alex asked looking a little worried. The punches that Will had taken during the course of the fight were starting to show in his face. His left eye was starting to close from swelling and some blood was starting to trickle down his nose. His abs were looking red and it would not be a surprise if his ball sack and cock were bruised from those three uppercuts.

Will did not answer, he simply pushed Alex out of the way, but before he could even get close to Michael the bell rang again, calling each of them back to their corner. Once again Michael walked back to his bench triumphantly while Will tried to check if his balls were still intact with his gloved hand.

The fourth round started somewhat similar to the first, but it quickly went in a totally different direction. Will charged at his brother again, but this time he was not going as a boxer. He spread his arms wide and even though Michael was able to hit him square in the jaw with a right cross he still managed to grab a hold of his twin’s waist. Immediately, Will hoisted Michael up and with savage power slammed him down on the ground. The thunderous crash of Michael’s back crashing against the canvas echoed through the studio and knocked the air out of his lungs. Will of course took advantage of that and started smashing his brothers face. He pinned him down with his left forearm, his right throwing punches repeatedly while also doing his best to knee Michael in the nuts as hard and as fast as possible. It was hard to keep count of how many times he managed to rack Michael, but most of the audience would later agree that he managed to land at least fifteen to twenty knees.

Michael was for the first time on the losing side of the fight. His brother was going at him with everything he had, and the strong punches were starting to draw blood from his nose and a developing cut on his upper lip. After the first couple of knees that he managed to resist fairly well every other hit he took in his huevos was threatening to make his body start convulsing from the pain. His first instinct was to start protecting his face from the punches, he had to remain conscious to continue fighting. However, the knees kept connecting. Even after he close his legs as tight as he could, he could feel his manhood being unceremoniously beaten. His orbs were too big to hide. He could have tried to protect them with one of his hands, but leaving his face exposed was too high a risk. He would have to take a risk; it was all or nothing right now. He gathered his strength and managed to connect a right hook on his brother’s face, successfully getting him off him.

Will was able to get off the ground right away, but the pain emanating from Michael’s now swelling meatballs did not allow him to do the same. It was hurting so much and hearing Alex come over to his side and start counting only made him feel even worse.

“2… 3… 4…” Alex shouted.

Michael started getting back up and saw how his brother was walking around the ring, one arm in the air, the other one holding his junk. He was so sure that he had already won the title, but that display of pride gave Michael the strength he needed to stand up straight right as Alex reached nine in the count.

“You sure you can continue Mikey?” Will asked from across the ring when he saw his brother was up again. “I don’t actually want to take your balls away, better to just call it a night while you can still call yourself a man. Don’t worry I will take care of Luis’ ass tonight, he won’t even be able to tell the difference”

The bell rang much to Michael’s advantage. His testicles were close to reaching the limit of how much pain they could endure and the swelling only made them into easier and more tender targets. If Will managed to get him like that again the fight would be over. He put his right hand over his package as he was sitting down, he moved it slowly trying to massage the pain away, but the glove was so big and thick that it was impossible to get the job done without squashing his balls even more.

“Seconds out” Alex yelled beckoning the fight to continue.

Will was still looking pretty beat up, but the rush of heavily punishing his brother last round had given him his second wind. He smashed his gloves together and was ready for round five. Michael still had some fight in him, but he would not be able to move as fast. As he stood up he could feel his swollen balls hurt as they brushed against his inner thighs. A blessing and a curse as always.

The bell rang and round five started. Everyone was expecting this to be the last round as they watched Will rapidly charge towards Michael like in the last round and they were not wrong. Will was going to try and grab his brother again, this time smashing him into a corner and finishing him off there. Repeating his same pattern of attack was the last mistake Will made that night, Michael had been expecting this precise scenario and as his brother rushed in he caught him with an uppercut so strong that it blasted his brother’s face back. Michael followed up, punching like a train, making his brother retreat into the ropes. He was making sure to hit all the right places, hooks to the liver, uppercuts to the chin and solar plexus, some jabs that clearly went to the region under the belt and a beautiful hook to the chin that sent Will flying. It was pure luck that he managed to stay standing by grabbing one of the upper ropes, but as he was trying to steady himself Michael pulled his right foot back and slammed the tip of his boxing boot into his brother’s defenseless genitalia. Everyone in the crowd heard the loud smack that came from the boot connecting with the frail pair of jumbo size nuggets, stealing away what little consciousness Will had.

Michael noticed the light go out of his brother’s eyes after he kicked his balls, but he was not going to let it end just yet. He tangled his brother’s arms in the ropes forcing him to stay standing and continued the assault. This time it was apparent that Michael’s attention was 90% on Will’s package. Full combinations of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts rained upon that soft region. Every one of them making sickeningly satisfying noises as the leather from the gloves met the fabric of the boxing shorts which offered no defense for the weakening gonads.

Soon enough the bell signaled the end of the fifth round. Will remained somewhat straight, still with his arms trapped in the ropes.

“He is still standing, so the fight continues” Michael yelled to Alex and the judges as he walked back to his corner and started using his teeth to untie his gloves. It took some time to get the gloves and the bandages off, but he completed the task. He was breathing heavily, he was using every drop of energy he had left to destroy Will’s prized manhood.

There was no objection from the judges to continue the fight. Everyone was excited to see the torture that Michael would inflict in round six before taking the belt. They rang the bell one more time letting Michael know that he could get back to destroying what was left of Will.

Alex did not bother to call seconds out, he signaled one of the judges to ring the bell so the fight could continue.

“Come on brother, let’s give the crowd a real show” Michael said as he grabbed Will’s boxing shorts and brought them down along with his jockstrap. Exposing the limp cock and bruised and swollen balls inside it.

“Pathetic” Will muttered as he grabbed his brother’s low hangers and brought them up. He started punching them without mercy, his now bare knuckles digging into the soft man flesh.

“Please… I give up” Will whispered. After six or seven punches, Will started to wake up.  The pain had brought him back from his slumber.

Michael simply ignored him and continued punching the pair of nuts he was holding with his left hand. He would punch hard making sure to bring both nuts almost to the brink of rupture and then he would pull back his fist. He would never actually make his twin’s balls explode, he wanted him to keep them as a reminder of who the Alpha Twin was.

The pain was still somewhat dim, due to the dizziness that Will was experiencing, but as the punches started to gain more speed and power, he was forced into screaming and begging in the hopes of not getting his manhood taken away from him.

“That’s right, scream and beg brother, the Alpha might listen” Michael yelled as he used his knuckles to grind Will’s orbs against his palm. The oval shaped pieces of meat being flattened and threatening to burst open any second. He became completely focused on keeping those huevos squashed between his fist and his palm making Will enter a world of nightmarish pain.

“Fuuuuuuuck” Will screamed, his voice breaking and tears starting to stream down from his eyes. He was legitimately scared for the survival of his manhood. Despite Michael’s “carefulness” to not pop them, they almost did. But luckily for Michael, in a self-defense tactic his cock hardened and started to shoot a giant load, lessening the pain with the pleasure of orgasm and relieving some pressure from his swollen gonads. The jets of cum hit Michael’s lower abs and boxing shorts which he did not find that amusing.

“Pinche puto de mierda” he screamed as he let go of Will’s nads and started to pummel his face, turning it quickly into a bloody mess. Now his boxing shorts were also stained with drops of his brother’s blood that were sent flying through the air with every punch he delivered. Once he felt like his brother had suffered enough Michael stopped pummeling him, but that did not mean he was done. There was one more thing he needed to do before the fight was officially over, he needed to fuck his brother’s face. He untangled Will’s arms and brought him to his knees, placing his face perfectly in front of his growing bulge. He began by rapidly rocking his hips, smashing his manliness into Will’s face. The broken twin could do nothing, but pray for a fast deliverance. Will had never been in so much pain in his entire life.

“What is that brother, you want more?” Michael asked loudly as he grabbed a hold of his hair to keep him in place and started to take off his shorts and jockstrap. As soon as the clothes came off, Michael’s erected penis crashed into his lower abs with the strength of a savage erection, almost reaching his belly button. It looked even bigger than anyone in the crowd could remember. Without anything else to say, Michael pulled on Will’s hair making him eat the entirety of his schlong. He pushed his dick in and out of his brother’s mouth, pleasuring himself in the warm insides of Will’s mouth.

Michael was so excited about humiliating his brother and his punished balls were eagerly awaiting some relief so for the first time in his life he did not last long. A few more seconds of thrusting motion and he started to fill Will’s mouth with a fresh and enormous batch of cum. He raised his right arm and pumped it unison with each shot of semen signaling his utter victory.

The fight was declared finished after Michael let go of his brother’s hair making him drop down like a pile of bricks. Immediately the crowd went wild and started chanting Michael’s name. Alex went up to the ring along with Parker and Logan holding the title belt. The guys hoisted Michael up on their shoulders while Alex wrapped the belt around his waist.

“We present to you dear spectators, the twin with the toughest fists, the stronger balls and the most badass of them all… Michael… the Alpha Twin” Alex screamed into the microphone making sure that his voice could be heard above the noisy crowd.

Everyone kept cheering, even the groups of girls that were there to cheer on Will had now changed sides after witnessing Michael’s skills and power. Michael once again looked into the crowd looking for Luis, he had stopped trying to find him halfway through the fight, but now his attention was going to be focused on him again. He found him near his corner applauding and yelling his name. He looked down trying to see if he was tenting his pants, but he was too far away to notice, but it did not matter if Luis was hard already. Even if he wasn’t, Michael was ready to get out of the ring, take him back to the changing room and make love to him all night while Luis worshipped him as the Alpha Twin and took care of his aching balls. He would be indebted to him for life now, this glorious moment would last him a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

What can I say... WOW!
That was awesome!

ballboxing said...

Thanks, I am very happy you enjoyed it so much <3

Anonymous said...

This story was incredible! I was so nervous for Michael, but I'm glad he pulled it out... in more ways than one. Luis, by the way, is crazy hot. Thanks for such an amazing story. Hope to see more soon!

ballboxing said...

I wont lie, for a sec I did play around with the idea of Mikey not going the distance haha. Glad you liked it so much

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story! I love it! Are you going to continue this story?

ballboxing said...

Maybe, its still up in the air. Its nice to hear you liked it, thanks :3

Rusty said...

Hottest story in this site! Hottest men, highest stakes, most detailed and lengthy match. This one doesn't go for inventive or unusual bashes (which are super fun in other stories) or even prolonged crushes. Instead, believable is the key, and the impact of each shot lands with HOT impact. And such sharp writing making every move crystal clear. WOOF.

Ballboxing said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. Im very happy to see some of my stories are still being read after so many years :3 hope you came a lot ;3