Monday, June 19, 2017

Art by Champ: First try

Here's a little story inspired by an amazing piece of art by my friend Champ that he created for this blog. Check out his awesome blog Champ's Art Locker!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Wearing nothing but his signature gray-blue speedo, which was nearly-bursting with the bulge of his enormous package, Cal entered the empty locker room, dripping wet after an energetic solo practice in the campus’ pool. The hunky 22 year old stud was the best swimmer on the team, and he worked hard to keep his body in perfect shape in order to stay the best.

Not a single ounce of fat on his massive 6’1” frame, everything about his body was impressive--his boyishly handsome face and smooth, dark brown skin, his muscular pecs and his amazing six-pack abs, his defined back leading down to his beautiful ass, his perfectly sculptured calves and thighs and large feet, and, and… But the most impressive thing about Cal was that package. That incredible, heavy, perfectly outlined package.

Looking down, he ran his hand lovingly over the prominent outline of his most prized possessions and thought the same thought he always thinks upon finishing up a good swim: Practice made him horny. His fat, meaty dick was semi-hard and stretching the skimpy fabric of his speedos. It was beautiful, long and fat, a thick, meaty monument to manhood and his extra-fat balls were filled to the brim with pent-up sperm, churning and throbbing inside their sack, begging for release.

Cal licked his lips and swallowed hard, pinching his nipples with his large, strong hands. Biting his lower lip, he shuddered with lust and let his hand wander down his smooth, wet, brown skin, gently caressing his muscular stomach before slipping into his speedos.

Cal let out an involuntary moan as he touched his rapidly hardening dick. Maybe he could jerk out a quick load before his bud Brandon arrived? He’d be here any second, though... Cal swallowed hard, squeezing the fat shaft and then moaned again.

Suddenly, the door opened and Brandon entered the room, casually dressed in a t shirt, cargo shorts and flip-flops.

“Brandon,” Cal said hoarsely, quickly pulling his hand out of his speedos. Brandon smiled at him, the Asian stud watching nonchalantly as Cal scratched his head, chuckling nervously. “I wasn’t… you know…”

Without a word, Brandon got down on his knees in front of his best friend and teammate. He reached inside Cal’s speedos and pulled out the heavy slab of Cal’s huge dick before wrapping his lips around it.

Cal’s eyes widened and he let out a lusty moan as his buddy started blowing him like a pro. “Oh! Brandon, you… Alright…” After a quick glance to the door to make sure that they were alone, Cal closed his eyes and bit his lower lip, running his hand through Brandon’s short black hair as he thrust his hips. “Brandon… Oh, man… Damn, that’s fucking good… Yeah, take it all the way… Fuck!”

Brandon took the full length of Cal’s hard, thick shaft all the way down his throat, his lips stretching around the incredible width of Cl’s dick.

“Holy shit!” Cal moaned, grabbing Brandon’s head as he started fucking his best friends face with hard, deep thrusts. His fat bull balls smacked against Brandon’s stubbly chin with every push, and Brandon did his very best to take that huge meaty monster all the way in, moaning as it slid past his tonsils, stretching his throat. “Oh, yeah”, Cal grunted, pushing his dick all the way in as Brandon let out a muffled moan. “Fuck, I’m close”, Cal gasped, breathing heavy and low.

Brandon looked up, his eyes sparkling with mischief, and disengaged, pulling Cal’s dick out of his mouth. Spit and drool ran off his lips and he cleared his throat, stuffing Cal’s throbbing dick back into his speedo that strained to hold the glistening wet monster. Cal stared down at him, pouting.

“Aw, come on…”

Brandon wiped his bottom lip with the back of his hand and adjusted his own rock-hard dick inside his cargo shorts.

“I always wanted to get a taste of that,” he said with a smile, reaching into his pocket. “But that actually isn’t why I’m here.”

Cal opened his mouth, blinking in confusion and mild frustration. “So why are you---“

Before he could finish his sentence, Cal was interrupted by a devastating full-force uppercut to his cum-filled babymakers.

Brandon was a strong young man, but he wasn’t relying on his just his physical strength alone. To make sure his punch to Cal’s plump bag was as destructive as possible, Brandon had slipped on the set of brass knuckles he had hidden in his pocket. His armored fist impacted right on target, crushing both of Cal’s huge nuts into his body, right to their cores.

“GNNH!” Cal choked, his body locking up with his hands clutching at open air around his demolished junk. His face contorted in a mixture of surprise and pain. Brandon got up and smiled at him. “GNNH!” Cal choked out again, blinking uncomprehendingly as he looked at Brandon, trying to get an answer to the most pressing question on his mind: Why??? That question was quickly cast aside, though, as the pain finally exploded in force in Cal’s balls, sending waves of agony crashing through his muscular body, paralyzing him as he gasped for breath. Eyes twitching, his tense facial expression turned to helpless resignation just before his dick erupted with a huge load of cum in a completely hands-free orgasm.

At first, the imprint of his dickhead became wet, darkening as thick rivulets of cum ran down his muscled thigh. Then the jets blasted through with force as thick ropes of creamy cum splashed against the nearby lockers. Cal sank to his knees, his eyes rolling toward each othe as spurt after spurt of salty spunk sprayed through the room.

Brandon chuckled as Cal gasped for breath, his body frozen on his knees as his mammoth balls unloaded their contents, showering the lockers with his sperm.

“Unnnnnhhhh…” Cal breathed, finally falling onto his side, his crossed eyes twitching as he spilled the rest of his load all over the floor, pumping it out in streams. Brandon smirked triumphantly just as the door opened and Logan entered the room.

The 18 year old high school wrestler was wearing tight jeans that left nothing to the imagination, hugging his muscular legs and the awesome bulge in his crotch. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and looked down at Cal who was grunting und groaning, lying in a pool of his own cum, his dick dripping, his balls throbbing inside his spunk-soaked speedos.

Logan reached into his pocket and pulled out a crisp $20 bill, begrudgingly handing it to Brandon.

“Told you I could do it,” Brandon grinned, accepting his winnings. “First try.”

Logan shook his head and put his hands into his pockets. “Yeah. Except you cheated.”

Suddenly, Logan dropped to his knees and connected his own brass-knuckled fist with Brandon’s manhood, just as hard and devastating as Brandon had given to Cal. Logan’s fist smashed into Brandon’s unsuspecting balls, catching both of his nuggets dead-on and crushing them flat against his body.

Brandon’s reaction was almost identical to Cal’s: He froze and gasped for breath, swallowing hard and grunting in agony. His hands opened and closed as the pain washed through his body. Then, with an anguished roar of devastating pain that echoed through the entire locker room, his busted balls emptied and he shot a massive load into his shorts, his face scrunched up and his eyes shut tight. Sinking to his knees, clutching the smashed bulge where his crushed nuts were throbbing, Brandon soaked his underwear through with jet after jet of his salty spunk.

“You can keep the twenty”, Logan chuckled, looking down at Brandon with a smirk. He put the brass knuckles back into his pocket and then turned with a happy whistle, leaving both spent studs on the floor of the locker room, their asses bucked in the air as they nursed their demolished bags.


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah, Alex.

I think we make some pretty awesome work together. Dig it, man.


Alex said...

Oh yes we do! You are fantastic and I love working with you! :-))

bbmal said...

Wow, that was hot. Really hope Cal and Brandon get to take revenge on Logan. Great job guys, keep it up!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, bbmal! I'll talk to Champ about a sequel. :-))