Friday, November 10, 2017

Man vs. nature - part 4

This is the final part of a collaboration with OMB Stories. It's a little different from the stuff I usually write, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality.

The vacation had turned into a total disaster.

Greg, Thom, Jorge and Rich had been looking for a weekend of fun and booze and hanging around in the woods.

But their little adventure had turned into a nightmare. Poor Rich had lost his nuts to a squirrel, and his dick to a woodpecker. Jorge’s spicy cock had been chopped off after it had been stung by a scorpion, and he had lost both of his plump nuts: one had been picked off by the insatiable woodpecker, and the other one had been destroyed by a swarm of fish. Thom still had both of his balls – but two beavers had gnawed off his beautiful cock.

With just four nuts and one dick left between them, the guys were bummed – except for Greg, the only one in full possession of his genitalia, who was his usual cocky, arrogant self.

“You should see yourselves”, he roared with laughter at the funereal faces of his buddies.

Thom tugged at his low-hanging balls that were churning with pent-up sperm. With his dick gone, there was no hope of release. He let out a deep sigh. “I’m going to bed”, he mumbled.

“Give your hand a rest, buddy!” Greg dead-panned. Then he burst out laughing. “Oh, sorry, I forgot.”

Thom shot him an angry look and disappeared inside his tent.

Despite the fact that they were just as dickless as Thom, Jorge and Rich roared with laughter. At least they didn’t have a pair of blue balls to worry about…

“You’re a bunch of fucking losers”, Greg chuckled, whipping out his big, fat cock and jerking it a couple of times, much to the dismay of Jorge and Rich who watched him with envious expressions.

“We’ve just had a bit of bad luck”, Jorge mumbled, his eyes fixed on Greg’s magnificent schlong.

Greg laughed. “Bad luck my ass!” He smacked Jorge’s face with his cock, leaving a slimy trace of glistening precum on his cheek. “You’re a loser!”

Jorge opened his mouth to protest, only to receive a huge batch of creamy cum that flooded his mouth and splattered all over his handsome face as Greg emptied his huge balls, grunting and groaning in pleasure.

Rich was laughing his ass off as Jorge gasped for breath, his face covered in cum, while Greg pulled up his pants and walked away, whistling happily. “Nighty-night, ladies!”

Jorge wiped Greg’s salty semen off his face with both of his hands.

Rich chuckled. “Damn, what a huge load.”

Jorge rolled his eyes and tossed a slimy thread of cum at Rich, hitting him right in the face.

“There’s enough for two!” he grinned.


The next morning, Thom woke up with a funny feeling in his balls. He was getting used to phantom limb pains emanating from his missing cock – but now he felt as if his balls had fallen off, too.

He looked down his body and, much to his horror, spotted a little snake that had wrapped its tender body tightly around the neck of his ballsack. His fat balls were ridiculously swollen and had taken on an alarmingly dark purple color. It was as if the snake had choked the life out of them.

Thom’s eyes widened in terror. “My balls”, he gasped. “My fucking balls!”

He heard a chuckle next to him and found Greg lying on his mat, grinning from ear to ear as he watched the snake strangulate what was left of Thom’s manhood. “Looks like your balls can’t breathe”, Greg said with a grin.

The snake reared its head and adjusted its grip on Thom’s nuts, making him groan in pain.

“At least you still have feeling in those useless nuts of yours”, Greg chuckled.

“Fuck!” Thom whispered. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Greg shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I guess I wanted to see whether you’d wake up on your own. I mean, if my nuts were getting strangled I wouldn’t just lie there and sleep for another---” He looked at his watch. “--- two hours.”

Thom blinked. “You’ve been awake for two fucking hours?!”

Greg chuckled. “It didn’t feel that long. That snake put on a fucking great show. When I woke up your nuts were just a bit red. Then they started swelling like mad. And then they turned this ugly bluish purple. I wonder what’ll happen next. Maybe they’ll turn black. Or they’ll balloon and burst.” He laughed. “Oh, the suspense!”

The snake moved a bit, making Thom’s purple meatballs jiggle which made Greg laugh even more.

Thom threw his head back and groaned in pain. “Do something, man!” he moaned. “Please, help me!”

Greg chuckled. “I’m not touching that fucking snake.”

Thom stared at his bloated, swollen nuts. “Do something!” he insisted.

Greg rolled his eyes and crawled out of the tent. He returned a minute later, holding a large, thick branch. “This is gonna hurt a little”, he said with a mean smile, lining up the branch with Greg’s nutsack.

Thom bit his lower lip and nodded.

“Here we go”, Greg grinned and smashed the branch into Thom’s nutsack. “Take that, you fucking snake!”

Thom howled in agony as Greg bashed his tender, swollen balls again and again and again.

It seemed like most of the hits were misses, landing on Thom’s poor, bloated nuts more than they hit the snake.

“Take that!” Greg yelled cheerfully as he pounded his best friend’s nutsack with all the force he could muster.

Thom was screaming and wailing in pain as his traumatized testicles were brutally clubbed.

Finally, the snake toddled off, hissing indignantly.

Greg smashed the branch into Thom’s bloated nuts a few more times for fun until Thom doubled over and curled up in a ball, clutching his damaged nuts, whimpering and moaning in pain.

By now, the purple orbs were covered in nasty bruises and they were obscenely swollen.

“You’re welcome”, Greg chuckled and climbed out of the tent, leaving Thom behind.

When Thom joined his friends at the fireplace, Greg had told Rich and Jorge all about the little incident.

“You should have seen his face when he woke up”, Greg laughed. “He was like ‘Oh, no, my poor nuts!’ It was hilarious!”

Jorge and Rich were roaring with laughter.

When Thom walked up to them, bowlegged and grimacing, his purple balls hanging low between his thighs, the laughter became deafening.

“Look at his fucking nuts!” Greg yelled, pointing at his dickless friend’s crotch.

“That’s not funny”, Thom grumbled.

“They’re trash!” Rich cried with laughter. “They’re fucking trash!”

“That’s not funny”, Thom repeated sternly.

“Yeah, there’s no way they’ll go back to normal”, Jorge laughed.

“That’s not funny!” Thom barked.

He let out a deep sigh and sat down on what looked like a piece of rock.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that it wasn’t a rock but a porcupine whose barbed quills pierced Thom’s bloated nuts and embedded themselves deep in the meaty core of Thom’s weakened testicles.

There was a moment of abrupt silence.

Thom’s eyes grew wide and his mouth opened in a silent scream.

“Ooops”, Greg dead-panned.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Thom shrieked, grabbing the neck of his sack and trying to pull his nuts off the porcupine’s nasty quills, but the snake’s attack and Greg’s thorough clubbing had weakened his nutsack too much.

Instead of pulling his nuts off the porcupine’s quills, the skin of his sack just tore apart, and he found himself staring down at his severed nuts that were attached to the porcupine’s back while he was holding the shredded remains of his empty ballbag.

His buddies started laughing so hard that they nearly fell over.

Adding insult to injury, the porcupine crawled away, agonizingly slowly, Thom’s nuts on its back as if it was carrying a backpack.

Thom gazed after it, utterly speechless, holding on to his tattered, useless nutsack.

Finally, when the porcupine had disappeared into the woods, Thom let out a deep, miserable sigh.

His buddies looked at him, chuckling.

“Okay”, Thom said slowly. “I gotta admit. That was pretty funny.”

The four young men burst out laughing riotously.

After having breakfast, the guys prepared to leave. They disassembled their tents and stuffed their bags into the car.

When they drove off, their abandoned campsite looked like a trash drump.

Greg steered the car onto the highway, thumping music blaring from the speakers.

“The weekend was great, right, guys?” Greg grinned.

His buddies were silent.

“We should do it again sometime”, Greg said. He reached between his legs and pulled his big, fat cock out of his pants, jerking it casually as he sped down the highway. “But let’s take a bunch of girls next time. My fucking cock is dying to get inside a nice, wet pussy again.”

His friends’ lethargic expressions didn’t stop Greg from going on and on about his formidable dick and his cum-filled balls, his favorite sex positions and the gushing reviews he had gotten from the girls he had fucked.

“And then she said, ‘Thank you for showing me how good it can feel!’”, Greg said, grinning as he jerked his cock.

His friends rolled their eyes.

“By the way, how is she, Jorge?” Greg asked casually.

Jorge blinked. “Who?”

“Who?” Greg aped Jorge’s voice and chuckled. “Your girlfriend, dumbass. Quite a slut if you ask me.”

Before Jorge had a chance to reply, Greg had to break hard because a truck cut in on him from the other lane.

“Shit!” he yelled as the car swerved about.

His hunting knife that was sitting on the dash board slid towards him, its sharp blade heading right for his lap.

“Oh my god!” Greg yelled as the knife landed between his thighs.

Suddenly, his buddies burst out laughing.

“That’s what you get!” Jorge yelled cheerfully. “How does it feel to have your dick chopped off?”

“Slice and dice!” Rich roared with laughter. “Who’s up for some nut guacamole?”

“Oh yeah!” Thom raised his hands to the heavens. “There is a god! There is a fucking god!”

Greg looked down at his crotch.

Then he chuckled.

The knife missed his dick by a hairsbreadth, embedding itself in the seat with his cock and balls completely unharmed.

“Phew”, Greg chuckled. “That fucking thing could have sliced my cock right open.”

His friends stared at him.

“Unbelievable”, Thom mumbled.

“I guess I’m lucky”, Greg laughed, placing the knife in the glove compartment before grabbing his dick and jerking it a couple of times. “What a lucky fucking cock.”

“Yeah”, Jorge grumbled.

Rich rolled his eyes. “Lucky fucking bastard.”

They passed a red convertible. A man in his forties was driving, looking stressed. His wife, a buxom blonde, was sitting in the passenger seat, looking annoyed. Two girls in their early twenties who resembled their mother and looked like twins were sitting in the back seat, looking bored.

Greg laughed and lifted his ass off the seat, showing off his huge, hard schlong.

The woman and her daughters saw him, their eyes widening, while hubby’s eyes were fixed on the road.

“Fuck yeah, look at that!” Greg yelled, shaking his dick as the three women were growing restless in the car.

Greg motioned for them to stop at the next rest area. Then he stepped on the gas.

“Okay, we’re gonna stop for lunch”, Greg told his buddies. “Those girls looked like they were starving.” He laughed as he stroked his cock. “They badly need a nutritious snack, and I’m gonna give it to them…”

They arrived at the rest area a few minutes before the convertible.

The man was clamoring but the girls and their mother insisted on taking a break.

Rich, Thom and Jorge watched them as they followed Greg behind a shed where they were out of view of their annoyed husband and father, but in full view of Greg’s dick- and ball-less buddies.

“Damn”, Rich mumbled, scratching his crotch as Greg fucked the mother’s mouth while fingering the girls’ crotches.

“Yeah”, Thom grunted with a nod.

“Fucking asshole”, Jorge grumbled.

The sex was hard and quick. Greg fucked the three blonde’s mouths, pussies and asses before showering them with a huge load of jizz.

As they hurried back to their car and to their waiting husband and father, Greg smirked at his friends and wiggled his hips, showing off his huge dick and balls. Cum was dripping down into the grass as he taunted his buddies with his superior manhood.

“Fucking asshole”, Jose repeated.

“Damn”, Rich mumbled.

“Yeah”, Thom grunted with a nod.

Suddenly, they saw a wild boar appear behind Greg. Apparently, the manly scent of Greg’s potent sperm had sparked its interest. It was sniffling and snuffling and following its trace, approaching Greg.

The cocky stud was completely oblivious to the imminent danger to his most prized possessions as the boar came closer and closer.

The mood of his friends changed considerably.

“Now look at that”, Thom grinned.

“That boar’s gonna swallow his nuts whole!” Jorge exclaimed cheerfully.

“Attaboy! Fetch the sticky!” Rich laughed.

Greg saw his friends laughing and smiling, and he enjoyed the attention, hamming it up and pretending to fuck an imaginary girl, thrusting his hips and making his dick and balls bounce wildly as the boar stood right behind him, inquisitorially eyeing the dangling fruit between Greg’s thighs.

“Shake it, baby!” Jorge laughed. “Shake it while you still can!”

“Come on, chomp his fucking nuts off!” Rich spurred the boar on.

“Go for it!” Thom chimed in. “Go for that delicious fucking treat!”

“Yummy-yummy!” Jorge sing-songed, eliciting riotous laughter from his friends inside the car.

Suddenly, Greg became aware of the wild beast when it let out a hungry grunt.

Greg whirled around, his dick and balls slapping the boar’s snout.

“Yes!” Greg’s friends cheered in unison, looking forward to seeing the boar devour Greg’s huge dick and balls.

“What are you waiting for?” Thom yelled.

They saw Greg say something to the boar but they couldn’t hear the words.

“You can’t talk your way out of this!” Rich laughed.

“Your fucking dick is history!” Jorge chimed in.

“And your fucking balls, too!” Thom roared. “I bet they’ll taste fucking fantastic!”

When the boar’s snout touched Greg’s oversized nuts, Greg’s friends went wild.

But instead of sinking its teeth into the juicy bits, the boar started licking Greg’s nuts.

Greg’s buddies were stunned.

“What the fuck?!” Rich whispered as Greg turned to his friends, giving them a cheerful thumbs-up as the boar ran its tongue up and down Greg’s massive cock.

A moment later, it lost interest and turned away.

Greg’s buddies watched him pull up his pants and return to the car, whistling cheerfully.

“Have you seen that fucking boar?” he chuckled as he entered the car. “Damn, I am a lucky guy, huh?”

His buddies were silent.

“Come on, aren’t you happy for me?” Greg grinned as he steered the car back onto the highway.

When his friends didn’t respond, Greg laughed. “Fucking losers. You would have loved to see me get neutered, huh? Sorry, buddies, my dick is indestructible!” He roared with laughter as his buddies watched him, sulking and bursting with envy.

Half an hour later, Greg stopped at a gas station.

The attendant was a voluptuous brunette around twenty.

“This might take a little while”, Greg chuckled as he adjusted his crotch, his seemingly insatiable monster cock rock hard and tenting his pants.

His friends rolled their eyes as Greg exited the car and flirted with the sexy girl.

It didn’t take more than a minute until they disappeared inside the bathroom. Five minutes later, Greg came out again, and the attendant followed a moment later, wiping her beautiful face, her long hair stained with Greg’s stud sauce.

She leaned against the door, exhausted, adjusting her clothes, while Greg helped himself to a tank full of fuel.

When he pulled out the nozzle he spilled the front of his pants with gasoline.

Unfortunately, that happened exactly at the same time when the brunette, in post-orgasmic daze, lit a cigarette and threw away the match.

Immediately, Greg’s pants caught fire, and his friends who had all but given up hope of seeing their cocky, fat-cocked buddy get his come-uppance rejoiced inside the car.

“Finally!” Thom laughed. “His nuts are toast!”

“I love myself a good barbecue!” Rich chimed in, roaring with laughter.

“Burn, baby, burn!” Jorge yelled. “Who’s up for some roasted wiener?”

They roared with laughter as Greg tried to put out the fire.

After what seemed like eternity, the attendant found an extinguisher and pointed it at Greg’s crotch in a desperate attempt to save his beautiful dick and his big, fat balls from getting destroyed by the flames.

When the dust had settled, Greg’s friends rubbed their eyes incredulously.

The fire had eaten the entire front of Greg’s pants, leaving them ruined and in shreds. But his mammoth cock and his low-hanging balls were entirely unharmed.

His big, fat dick was pointing straight at them, a proud, huge erection that looked like a lighthouse surrounded by wasteland. His meaty balls were dangling low in his sack, completely unscathed by the fire.

“It’s a miracle”, Rich said slowly.

“A fucking miracle”, Thom nodded.

“Lucky son of a bitch”, Jorge mumbled.

The attendant apologized profusely, and Greg graciously accepted her apology by pushing her down and fucking her mouth, making her choke on his gargantuan schlong until he creamed her face with a thick layer of hot, white cum.

Greg ditched his ruined pants at the gas station and continued driving naked.

The rest of the trip, neither of Greg’s friends spoke a word as Greg went on and on about his miracle cock and his indestructible nuts.

Greg’s huge equipment, now completely uncovered and in plain view, was mocking them, standing testament to Greg’s superior manhood and the undeniable fact that he had made it through the weekend with his dick and balls intact while Rich, Jorge and Thom had lost everything.

It finally became painfully clear to the three former studs, that they were never going to have sex again, and this sober realization hit them hard as Greg made his crude jokes about their dickless crotches.

When they arrived at the frat house and got out of the car, they were welcomed by their fraternity brothers who had stayed at home.

Three scantily dressed girls were waiting for Greg, giggling in anticipation as Greg got out of the car, bare naked, his huge dick once again fully hard and pointing at the blue sky.

The girls immediately snuggled up to Greg, running their hands all over his body.

“You won’t believe what happened”, Greg yelled, playfully squeezing the girls’ breasts.

Surrounded by the crowd, Greg told them everything as Rich, Jorge and Thom stared at their feet, humiliated and embarrassed.

“Don’t be shy! Show them!” Greg said to riotous laughter as he pulled down the pants of his buddies, exposing their pathetic, completely smooth groins.

Everybody was having a great time, laughing at the misfortune of Rich, Jorge and Thom.

The girls were groping Greg’s magnificent boner, licking their lips as he made fun of his friends.

“Okay, girls”, Greg finally said, grabbing his fat erection. “Who’s up for some anal?”

“Me!” the three girls shrieked in unison.

Greg strolled towards the house, his arms around the three girls, almost stumbling over the neighbor’s poodle that was marking its territory at the front porch.

“Get away”, Greg grunted and kicked his foot at the cute little dog.

The dog let out a yelp and looked up.

Then it jumped at Greg’s crotch, sinking its teeth into the root of Greg’s dick.

Greg's knees buckled and he let out an ungodly shriek as the little dog hung from his dick.

Greg's mind was racing as he had flashbacks of all his sexual encounters.

"Someone fucking help me!!" he yelled.

His frat buddies just watched on and laughed their asses off.

He had been looking forward to fucking these chicks all weekend. He wasn't going to let some dumb dog ruin his reputation as an unstoppable fuck-machine.

Greg began to push on the little dog's head to try and slide it off his cock. Then he heard a sickening CRUNCH.

The dog had sunk its teeth right into the base of Greg's mighty dick severing it completely from his body and tearing off his precious ballbag.

Greg blinked and looked down at the poodle that held his junk in its snout like a big, juicy bone.

It looked as if the poodle winked at him before scurrying away to bury its rich booty in the backyard.

The girls looked a little disappointed.

“Damn”, one of them mumbled. “What are we gonna do now?”

Greg stared at his crotch, shocked and confused, trying to process what had happened. Where his beautiful, fat cock and his bottomless, juicy balls had been was now a big, fat nothing.

“We want a cock!” one of the girls said defiantly, stomping her foot on the ground.

“Yeah! You promised us some anal!” the second one chimed in.

“And we want it now!” the third one yelled.

Greg looked at them and blinked. “I… There’s… I… I’m…”

“Maybe I can help you out”, came a voice form behind them.

Zach smiled at the girls and grabbed his crotch. Greg’s frat buddy was shirtless, his muscles glistening in the sunlight. “Don’t worry, ladies”, he said with a smile and put his arms around them. “I’ll take care of you.” He turned to Greg. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Greg looked down at his dickless crotch, utterly speechless for the first time in his life.

“He doesn’t mind”, Zach said, smiling at the girls. “Greg, can I have your room for the rest of the day?”

Greg looked up, his face blank.

“Awesome, thanks”, Zach chuckled and ushered the girls into the house.

Greg blinked.

His friends watched him without trying to hide their amusement.

“A poodle?” Jorge said, slowly shaking his head.

“A fucking poodle”, Rich chuckled. “I didn’t expect that.”

Thom laughed. “Poor Greg! What a boring story!”


Anonymous said...

Not bad, but when will you write about Logan's cousins?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Right now I don‘t have any plans for another story featuring Logan‘s cousins. I‘m sure there will be other upcoming stories that you‘ll like. :-))

Jimmy said...

Maybe we can help Alex think of some ideas for Logans cousins, that always helps for writing a cool story. I do miss those little dudes. Hopefully they will return someday!

Anyways Alex, what a conclusion to a crazy story. Those poor guys! I guess they will always have their memories...


Can't wait to see what you write next!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! Ideas and suggestions are always welcome! :-))

Charn said...

Poor boar

Alex said...


Anonymous said...

Do you know if OMB has more stories coming out soon it seems like there's so few on his blog?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don‘t know about OMB‘s plans for the future. I‘ve forwarded your question to him. :-))

OMB Stories said...

Hi there!

My life is pretty crazy right now so most of my efforts have gone into these stories. My blog will probably never be as big as Alex's but if there's anything in particular you'd like to read about shoot me a message at

Unknown said...

great story, surprising end, cool, thanks

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Michael! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi!could you please write some more of this? Or maybe some featuring Logan's cousins!

Ballbuster said...

I think the same, this story is fantastic, I love the permanent damage

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! There are no sequels planned, though. Frankly, we've run out of testicles... :-))

Русский Парень said...

I have a suggestion about Logan's cousins. Why not write a story about how they get kicked in the balls? Describe an unsuccessful, say, week of boys? Let them get their bells in full. I am sure that boys of their age and with their energy will not have problems with getting in the balls. you can get them riding a bike, at school, from a cousin. What prevents Logan from pushing the guys to check the strength of each other's eggs? I don't know about American children, but Russians live a very active life. they climb trees and abandoned buildings, fight with sticks with each other and with nettles and other grass.

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