Thursday, November 16, 2017

Poll results: What kind of ballbusting stories do you like?

Last month I asked you to tell me what kind of ballbusting stories you like. More than 520 people voted in the poll (thank to everyone who voted!), and here are the results:

Fights and combats   43%
Aggressive, one-sided humiliation   37%
Competitions and games   36%
Forced sex and torture   36%
Playful fun, bets and pranks   29%
Foreplay between lovers   28%
Accidental mishaps   25% 
"Scientific" experiments   19%
Other   3%

If you are interested in the changes of opinion here are the results of the same poll in 2016 and in 2015.

The most notable changes:
- Fights and combats finally made it to first place after scoring the second place in 2016 (42%) and the third place in 2015 (41%).
- Forced sex and torture fell to fourth place (3 votes behind Competitions and games) after claiming the third place in 2016 (39%) and the second place in 2015 (43%).

Apart from those gradual changes the overall picture stays the same: There's not the one most popular kind of story that everybody agrees on. Instead there are several kinds of stories that my readers enjoy. The message that I get from this poll's results is that you want me to keep mixing it up and write different kinds of stories.


Jimmy said...


Everyone just loves everything that you do. Your brilliant work shines in our world!


Alex said...

Thank you, Jimmy! :-))