Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Video links: Ooops! (3)

What's the worst thing about getting whacked in the goolies by accident? It's the fact that most of the time there isn't a camera around to witness it! So this post is dedicated to all the anonymous guys that ever got hit in the nuts without the comfort of knowing that they'll be youtube stars.

Here are some of my favorite accidental nutshots.

Let's start with a beautiful, truly beautiful one! The guys in the following video are playing around with a mannequin, doing all kinds of funny things with its legs and its arms and its head. They are playing around with a football at the same time, and just when one of them kicks the ball at the mannequin's leg it falls of and the ball hits a very different target. Hilarious!

Skip to 7:55

The next video is a perfect example of witnessing the sausage being made. These guys stage a beautiful cheerleading stunt (?) - but when they are done it all comes apart, and by "it all" I mean one of the guys' testicles... Gravity is a bitch!

It bears repeating: Gravity is a bitch! Don't they teach that at school anymore? They should! It might have saved this young man's sex life!

Aside from gravity, velocity is another important factor that has brought tears to many a young man's eyes and joy to many a young man's best friend. The next clip is titled Ping Pong Ball vs. Left Nut - and I couldn't think of a better title...

Finally, here's a very funny and very public accident that happened to the Atlanta Hawks mascot Harry the Hawk. I'm not sure hawks have balls - but I'm pretty sure the guy inside the costume has had. Here's the footage (it's happening way down at the edge of the frame).

The Hawks decided to have some fun with it, though. A couple weeks later they filmed this funny skit of Harry the Hawk getting back in shape and trying it again - only to land on his nuts once more. Priceless.

What's your favorite accidental nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!


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