Monday, June 18, 2018

The adventures of Red and Blue’s Poke Balls: Use Low Kick (written by ballboxing)

Our reader ballboxing (author of the Brotherly Boxing Bout series: Learning the ropes, The alpha twin and Punching bag) has sent me another awesome story. All you fans of the Pokémon universe - this is for you! :-))

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Poke Balls War

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Red, that was so uncalled for”, Blue said as he walked funny across the cabin. He put his right hand inside his loose shorts and tried rearranging his package once again. He grabbed a hold of his long cock and pulled it up to get it out of the way.

Most of the pain in his testicles had subsided after a few hours of laying down on his bed and massaging them, but they were still feeling somewhat swollen. Blue wasn’t accustomed to bulging so much, but no matter how he tried to rearrange his manhood, his cock and balls continued to feel weird and would not let him walk normally.

“That’s rich coming from the guy who nailed me in the nuts as I was sleeping” Red replied as he walked towards the window to open it.

The storm had finally cleared and letting some fresh air and sunshine into the old cabin seemed really necessary. After all, the sweat and cum that had been spilled previously throughout the room were making the place smell rather musky.

“You better be ready soon, we need to go check on what your grandfather sent us here for” Red said after opening the window and taking a deep breath of fresh air.

“You can’t be serious!” Blue yelled in exasperation. “I can’t go out like this; my bulge looks almost obscene and hiking will be hell between my legs.”

“Your brought this on yourself Blue”, Red replied. “Try freeballing it so that it doesn’t show so much or something. I don’t care, all I know is that we are not wasting anymore time here when we could be catching some Pokémon.”

Blue was getting ready to snap back at him, but the strangest thing happened before he could open his mouth and say anything. With no warning whatsoever, a big Villeplume made its way inside the cabin through the recently opened window. The flower like Pokémon landed with a loud bump right on the middle of the room. Both trainers looked at each other in confusion before running towards the window to see who had thrown it inside, but all they managed to see were bushes and trees that were perfectly still.

“Did someone seriously throw a Villeplume through our window just now?” Blue asked.

“Last time I checked Villeplumes couldn’t fly so either that or…”

Red suddenly stopped talking. He wanted to finish his sentence, but his mouth was just hanging open without making any more sounds. He looked back inside the room and to his dismay noticed the dense cloud of sleeping powder that was coming out from the Pokémon’s petals.

Another loud thump was heard as Blue’s body collapsed and landed on the floor. Red tried hanging on to the window sill to remain standing, but the sleeping powder was too dense and had already spread throughout the room. His eye lids closed and without even feeling his body hit the floor, he fell asleep next to Blue.


It took several hours fort the heavy effects from the Villeplume’s attack to start wearing off. The two young men laid asleep on their sides next to each other on the floor. Blue was the first one to start regaining consciousness. He was still unable to move or speak freely, but he had woken up. With his eyes barely open, he looked around. All he could see were scraggly stone walls in a room dimly lit by a few torches. Several minutes of complete helplessness had to go by before Blue could start sluggishly moving his body to further inspect where he was or what had happened.

It took a lot of effort, but he managed to turn his body around to get a look of the rest of the room. The scenery was pretty much the same except that now Red’s naked and tied up body was part of the picture. Blue tried to hurriedly wake Red up now realizing the dangerous situation in which they were, but his mouth could not form any coherent words.

Fucking sleeping powder Blue thought to himself. He took another quick look around trying to see if their captors were anywhere near, but he couldn’t see anyone else inside the cave. However, Blue did notice the fact that he was completely naked as well with his hands and feet were bound just like his comrade. He did his best to try and stand up, but his body was still not responding properly.

“Re…d…”, he managed to say after a few attempts.

Red didn’t reply. His eyes were still closed and he made no signs of having heard Blue.

“Wake… up…”, Blue managed to say with a little more ease, but still no answer came. “Damn… it”.

Blue rolled back to his original position that allowed him to see the tunnelway that led to the cave. Now that his strength was slowly returning to him, he had to do something before the situation got any worse. Maybe if their captors had also stolen their backpacks and Poke Balls they would have a fighting chance. All he would have to do is get them back and then their trusty friends would help them to get out of this mess.

First thing he needed to do was check if there was someone guarding them. Blue managed to roll a few more times towards the tunnelway and got a clear picture of what was outside. The tunnel only continued only for a few feet before curving itself and that’s where he saw two Machops holding a pair of long pointy sticks. They were standing next to each other with their backs to him. It looked like whoever had captured them had set the pair of Pokémon to keep guard in case they woke up. The two Pokémon didn’t seem like much, Machops were regularly not even a meter tall and these were not the exception, but Blue knew better than to try and force his way out. Fighting Pokémon were incredible strong no matter what their size was and since he didn’t even have the scant protection from his clothes any hit taken would hurt plenty to say the least.

The flames of the torches crackling were the only sound in the cave as Blue racked his brain trying to come up with an explanation to what was happening, but nothing that he thought about seemed plausible or the correct answer. There was no point in trying to figure how had they ended up naked inside a cave. All that mattered was getting out of there. Blue started to roll back to Red, they both needed to be awake in order to escape. There was no way he could carry him out of here in their current state. He came as close to Red as he could, their naked, muscular, and cold bodies almost touching.

“Red… Red…”, Blue whispered so that the guards would not hear.

Blue tried whispering the name a few more times to see if Red would finally start to show signs of waking up, but it did not come in the way that Blue had been expecting. Red’s eyes remained closed and his body unmoving, but Blue started to feel something hard and long beginning to brush against his pelvis.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Blue muttered under his breath as he clenched his teeth together in frustration.

Hee just couldn’t believe this was happening. They were trapped, naked, and at the mercy of their captors and now the only part of his companion that was awake was his oversized erected cock.

“Red please, you need to wake up” Blue whispered as he nudged him in the chest with his bound hands, but still there was no response.

Red’s penis, now fully hard, poked him again right above his own genitalia forcing Blue to instinctively look down. This was the second time he had been able to see it. That massive man rod, thicker and slightly longer than his own with a noticeable vein that stretched across the base. Blue could feel himself being enraptured by desire and curiosity. He wondered just how hard it would feel in his hands, would it be warm and soft to the touch? Could it possibly grow any bigger under the right circumstances?

Blue looked behind him to make sure that they were still alone in the cave. He knew that what he was about to do was not right, but under these circumstances what else could he possibly do to try and wake up his friend. Maybe doing this would jolt up the rest of his body enough to make the sleeping powder symptoms finally wear off.

A small part of him was still not on board with the idea of jerking off his defenseless friend, but Blue ignored it and continued to justify himself with his previous excuse as he lowered his hands and took a hold of Red’s manhood. The rope around his wrists made it tricky, but after maneuvering a little bit he was able to start pulling up and down Red’s foreskin with some ease. It felt so warm, hard and wonderful to do it. Every stroke made Red’s meaty handle rise a little more towards his hard and chiseled abs.

Blue looked up to check on Red’s face, but it was still showing no emotion. He was sound asleep and not troubled at all by what has happening. Blue tried increasing the pace of the strokes, but he could only keep up a faster speed for a few seconds before his wrists started to cramp.

“This isn’t going to work like this” Blue muttered with disappointment.

He needed to stimulate him more, but how? If only his hands were free he could target another of Red’s soft spots as he masturbated him, but the bounds were tight and expertly knotted, there was no way of getting out of them. He would have to get creative.

Blue lowered himself a little so that his face would now be facing Red’s chest. He was apprehensive at first of further escalating the situation, but there were no other options. This was the only plan and he had to make it work. Blue felt weird kissing it from the get go, so he started slowly. He put his cheek against Red’s right nipple and began to softly brush his skin against it. Red’s nipple was soft and plump at first, but after a few seconds of rubbing it became firm and Blue felt something wet and sticky down in his fingers. Red had started to leak a few drops of precum.

Blue smiled as he noticed the reaction he had caused, but it seemed that his own body was now following suit. His cock had started to harden as well and the lust within him was growing stronger. He wanted to see this through, he needed to know just how much cum could he get out of Red’s Poke Balls and even how far he would shoot when he started cumming.

His smile became even wider at the prospect and he resumed his work. The combination of nipple and cock play seemed to be super effective. He could feel Red’s cock slightly throbbing in his hands after some time passed. Energized by the current success he was having, he decided to push further to make this as fast as possible. Blue turned his face, puckered his lips and started kissing Red’s nipple. He was gentle at first. Just landing a few peck kisses on it, but it didn’t take long before he wanted more.

He opened his mouth to stick out his tongue and started licking the slightly hardened flesh. He brought the tip of his tongue up and down several times before starting to suck on Red’s nipple. Blue could feel more precum starting to run down Red’s penis, but almost a full minute of this went by and he was not achieving his end result.

Red, was still not awake nor cumming. He was already using his mouth and hands to pleasure him and it still was not enough. How could he have so much resistance? Blue asked himself. He looked up and down at Red’s body trying to find another place he could target, but he was running out of options. The obvious thought came to him, he could lower himself even more and use his mouth to give Red a blowjob, but even for him that seemed like going too far and he was under no circumstances going to ride Red’s massive stick just to wake him up.

“I’m really sorry buddy” Blue whispered after he realized what he needed to do. He had tried waking him up gently, but he was not going to waste any more time. A rude awakening was going to be.

Blue lowered his hands and grabbed both of Red’s berries. The big low hangers were easy to grab and the wide sack in which they were encased gave Blue plenty of room to play with them. He started off easy by just pushing his thumbs against the pair of nuts. Blue could feel his fingers digging into the meaty orbs, slightly warping their perfectly oval shape. He increased the pressure and pulled on them to increase the pain and continued his nipple work to not let Red feel pain alone now that his erection was being neglected.

As his testicles began to feel the torment, Red’s mouth finally opened slightly to let out a soft moan that Blue heard. This was it. The combination of pleasure and pain were finally wearing off the sleeping powder. He finally had Red on the ropes and it was time squeeze his semen out and wake him up.

Blue sucked on the nipple passionately, biting it gently every few seconds as he continued to squeeze harder and harder. As Red’s cock began throbbing more noticeably, Blue changed his balls tactics. He started squeezing and releasing quickly, as if he was pumping them up and every few seconds he would clamp both Poke Balls together so that they would crash against each other.

The moaning continued and was becoming stronger. Blue feared this would attract the guards’ attention, but there was no going back. He didn’t want to start from scratch again. Red surely couldn’t resist this for much longer. Blue crunched both gonads inside his fists as hard as he dared to. Red’s body couldn’t deal with the pain that was being inflicted on his testicles anymore. His body tensed up and his cock started ejaculating to replace the pain with pleasure.

Blue had been too busy going to town on Red’s nipple so he failed to notice the exact moment when his friend’s cum started to pour out like a geyser from the tip of his erection, but he definitely felt it. The first shot of creamy jizz made it all the way up to his neck, the second to his chest and the third landed on his lower abs. As the warm liquid trickled down his skin, Blue stopped focusing on Red’s nipple and looked down to catch the last seconds of the fireworks. The continuous squeezing made it so that Red shot another three times. The last thick ropes of semen landed on the small patch of ground between their bodies.

“Good candidates”, a deep and grumbly voice said behind the semen covered trainers.

In the heat of the moment, Blue had allowed himself to become oblivious to the presence of their captors. He turned around immediately and was completely surprised by what was standing at the entrance of the cave.

Three fully grown Machokes were towering before them with the two Machop guards to the sides.

“Who said that?”, Blue asked loudly “Show yourself”.

“Here…. Me…”, the Machoke who was in the middle said.

Blue’s surprise grew even further as he heard the muscular Pokémon answer his question.

The talking Machoke elicited a few grunts directed to his fellow Pokémon. The other Machokes and Machops quickly responded by pulling up Red and Blue by the wrists. Blue tried to resist, but was overpowered by the fighting Pokémon. They brought them against the back end of the cave and secured their wrists to a pair of hooks that were on the wall leaving them completely exposed.

“Blue… they hurt so bad… why?” Red whispered as he finally opened his eyes and began to get acquainted with their situation.

“Red…” Blue began to say trying to explain what has happening, but was cut short.

“Silence!”, the talking Machoke yelled. “Speak not… obey only.”

“Where is your trainer, what does he want?” Blue asked in defiance.

The talking Machoke didn’t answer. He remained in silence for a few seconds as he gazed at his prisoners.

“Use Low Kick” the Machoke commanded.

Without a second of hesitation, both Machops came up to Red and Blue. The Pokemon stood right in front of them and brought their right legs back to then deliver devastating low kicks that fully connected with Red and Blue’s groins. Two loud guttural screams echoed throughout the cave as the two pairs of testicles were punished by the muscular limbs of the Pokémon.

“My balls…” Red moaned as he felt the pain surge from the bottom of his ball sack and reach all across his body. His legs went crossed in an attempt to protect them from further damage, but it was clear that if the Machops wanted to land another kick they would be able to do so without much effort.

“Low kick… again?” The Machoke asked.

“No, please stop.” The young trainers pleaded afraid that another kick would surely render their testicles completely useless.

The talking Machoke grunted again and the Machops retreated back to the group. He didn’t say anything else as he slowly walked towards Red and Blue. He stopped in front of Red first and started to examine him. His powerful hands began by getting a hold of Red’s now soft cock and then moved down to his mistreated ball sack. Red winced in pain as the rough skin of the Machoke touched his sore manhood. He closed his eyes in shame as the big fingers kneaded each of his balls around and later on stroked his cock until he had gotten fully hard again. When he felt his nuts and cock drop freely he opened his eyes thinking the examination was over, but he was wrong.

The Machoke then continued to manhandle the rest of his body. The Pokémon’s hands groped every part of him. His arms, chest, abs and even his butt cheeks were squeezed and slapped as if each of his muscles were being measured. Red tried to remain silent throughout the entire process, but the afterglow effects of the hand job Blue had just given him did not allow it. Every now and then a soft involuntary moan escaped his lips.

“Good”, the Machoke said.

The Machoke finally took his hands off Red and looked back to grunt some more towards his companions. Once again, they started moving in response. The two Machops and Machokes came towards Red and grabbed him by his hands and legs hoisting him up before marching out of the cave with him.

“Where the fuck are they taking him?” Blue started screaming in protest.

He was about to continue his rant, but suddenly he felt a pain so sharp and strong that it almost made him vomit. The Machoke had punched him right in the Poke Balls and was now grinding them against the wall behind him. Blue’s mouth hung wide open as he tried to form words, but nothing came out. His balls were being perfectly flattened between heavy knuckles and rock wall and it truly felt that they were about to crack under the heavy pressure. His vision started to darken after just a few seconds of taking such a heavy hit, but he was not allowed to pass out.

“No talking”, the Machoke said as he mercifully brought back his fist letting Blue’s now bruised balls return to their original shape.

Most of the pain remained making Blue stay silent whether he wanted or not. The Machoke then proceeded to make the same examination Red had just endured and when he was finished evaluating Blue’s body, he spoke again.

“Ok”, the Machoke said after much more manhandling and walked out of the cave.

Blue’s mind had been filled with worry up to this point, but after hearing the results of his evaluation a blind anger overtook him. Red had been deemed “good” while he was just “ok”. It was of course a petty thing to notice under the current circumstances, but it bugged him nonetheless. He was not sure how, but Blue was certain that unless these Pokémon killed him, he would one day find the way to get back at them for injuring his pride in such a savage way. As his mind raced with ways to enact his revenge, Blue managed to gather enough strength to try and get himself out of the hook. He managed to do a few jumps, but there was no point to it. He was fast secured and no amount of jumping or wriggling was going to set him free so that he could fulfill his vengeance.

Blue continued his failed attempts until one of the Machokes came back into the room. It was holding what looked like a crudely fashioned wooden plate. The Pokémon approached him and lifted the bowl towards his face. Blue looked in and saw that several berries had been mashed together, forming a sort of juicy and reddish paste. It hardly looked appetizing, but it did produce a pleasant aroma. He was unsure if he should eat the food he was being offered, but by now he had learned that going against the commands of the Pokémon in the cave had grave consequences for his testicles. He decided to obey and slowly opened his mouth and lowered his head to start eating.

Whatever the mix was, it did not taste bad at all. A sweet flavor with hints of sourness enveloped his tongue. He could feel it now, he was starving. He had been too busy to notice it before, but the delicious flavor of the berry mixture had quickly reminded him. It took but a few moments for the bowl to become empty and Blue’s face to be splattered with the juice from the berries.

The Machoke took the bowl away when the contents were gone and walked out of the cave in silence. Blue was hoping that he might return with some more of the berry mixture, but after several minutes had gone by it became apparent that there were no extra servings in the prisoner’s menu. At least now he had been fed and maybe his balls would get some very much needed rest. He looked down slightly afraid of what he would find between his legs. His now flaccid penis seemed in good shape, the kick and other attacks on his manhood had mostly missed it, but his still swollen orbs were now showing a couple of purple spots that gave them a very sickly look.

“Fuck…” Blue grunted.

The pain had become minimal, but he still feared for the overall health and future sexual performance of his genitals. He examined the bruises as best as he could from the awkward position in which he was being held and tried to convince himself that everything would be ok. Bruises only lasted for a few days and then everything was alright, he thought to himself. The two spots, one in the middle of his scrotum and one on the lower side of his right testicle did not appear to be too big and as he kept his gaze on them they even appeared to be shrinking away already. Blue stopped his train of thought, thinking that he was just probably fooling himself, but he was actually not wrong. The bruised skin was rapidly recovering and his whole body with it.

A warm feeling that was spreading throughout his entire body began to envelop him. It was soft at first, like something soft barely grazing his skin, but it evolved at a rapid pace. Within seconds, the warmth became like fire spreading under his skin. Despite the foreignism of the feeling, it did not cause any pain, quite the opposite. Uneneding sweet waves of pleasure had Blue softly moaning and biting his lower lip as he moved as little as he could to try and contain himself.

“What is… happening?” Blue moaned softly as the pleasure swept him away.

He could feel the ecstasy flowing from his stomach to the tip of his limbs. The berries, the thought. The Pokémon had actually drugged him.

Blues moans became even louder as his cock rose to the occasion. It took mere seconds for his rock-hard erection to be throbbing and pointing to the ceiling. Blue felt his body begging him to touch it and push the foreskin up and down to pleasure himself, but there was no way of making that happen. He tried lifting his right leg to touch his erection with the inside of his thigh but it backfired. All he was able to do was gently nudge his low hanging and pent up Poke Balls which made him even more eager to masturbate and cum.

As Blue struggled desperately to fulfill the wishes of the unbridled lust that was now coursing through him the two Machokes returned to the cave. They pulled him off the hook and undid his bounds before hoisting him up again by wrists and ankles and marching out of the cave while carrying him. He wanted to protest or struggle, but he had no chance of success against the firm grip of the Machokes’ hands. Furthermore, Blue’s brain was still not able to think straight, the effects of the berry mixture had him absolutely defenseless. Still, he could sense the danger of the situation, something bad was probably about to happen. He feared for Red and for himself, still not knowing what in the hell was happening to them. All he could see were the jagged rocks that formed the ceiling of the tunnels and caves in which they were trapped.

The Machokes moved at a brisk pace with their captured prey in hold and after taking several winding turns they finally started descending a flight of stone steps that led into a wide circular room that was being lit by more torches and the moonlight that was coming through a huge gaping hole on the ceiling. The room was not empty. Dozens of Machokes and Machops were waiting inside the room, all of them huddled together around the center of the room. Blue turned his head in every possible direction trying to find the trainer that was leading such a rowdy pack, but there were no other humans in sight.

The Machokes finally came to a stop in front of a crude construction that had been erected in the middle of the room and dropped Blue inside it. He was still feeling weak from what he had eaten, but he managed to stand up to look around and see what was happening. Several boulders had been moved and tied together with a thick woven rope to recreate what looked like a circular fighting arena. Blue looked around trying to find Red, but something else caught his eye. The buffest and tallest Machamp he had ever seen was sitting on a huge rock in front of him, the Pokémon had to be over two meters tall. Even sitting down, he towered over the rest of them. Its muscles could not be described as nothing short of mountainous and his massive bulge encased in a tight speedo under his belt was even bigger than Blue’s head. Blue was still trying to take in the grandeur of the magnificent creature looking down on him when a thunderous voice was heard across the room.

“Ok fighter!” the voice of the talking Machoke announced.

The rest of the Pokémon inside the cave went crazy after the Machoke had presented him. Their cries echoed through the cave and the stomping of their feet almost made it feel like the ground underneath them was shaking. Blue on the other hand was not excited over the announcement. He clenched his fists tightly as he could and swore again to one day return to give all of these Pokémon what they deserved.

As their cheering started to dwindle, another pair of Machokes came out from a tunnel on the opposite side of the room. As they came closer to the center of the room Blue noticed that they were carrying Red to the arena. Blue watched in awe as his companions’ cock waved in the air as the mast of a ship. Red too was thrown inside the fighting arena without much care and before Blue could go up to him to help him stand up, the talking Machoke spoke again.

“Good fighter!” it announced.

The crowd cheered again even more loudly than before. After they had started to settle down the talking Machoke and another Machoke approached the arena and spoke to the naked trainers.

“You fight… use low kick… go free”, he instructed them.

Both trainers looked at each other, almost unable to believe what was currently happening to them. These band of Pokémon had actually kidnapped them without any human instruction, molested them, drugged them and were now expecting them to fight each other for their entertainment. It was absolutely unheard of.

“You refuse…” The talking Machoke said with a menacing tone as he brought his right foot back and smashed it fully against the prominent bulge of his fellow Pokémon. The loud smack created on impact was audible to everyone in the room and made several of the Pokémon bring their hands to the front of the groins to cover their packages.

“We… low kick… you”, the talking Machoke added as if further explanation was necessary.

“Low kick, low kick!” Every Pokémon started chanting together as best as they could.

Blue and Red looked around them wildly confused by the situation, but there was no time to explain or understand what was happening. The Machamp who had remained totally silent up to this point gave a loud and fierce cry which made the rest of the crowd come to a grave silence.

“Begin… fight”, the talking Machoke commanded.

Blue turned around to face his friend and try come up with a plan to escape, but as Red’s knuckles came flying towards his face he realized that he had no intentions of going against the expectations and demands of the pack of fighting Pokémon.

Blue reacted just in time and moved to the side successfully avoiding a direct hit, but part of the punch still caught him in his left check.

“Sucker punching eh?” Blue asked as he saw Red rising his fists to the level of his face. “Didn’t think it was your style”.

“I thought I had made it clear that you were not allowed to come near my Poke Balls again,” Red said as he started to circle around Blue looking for an opening. “But it seems I gotta teach you a lesson again, maybe this time it will stick.”

Red fired both his fists, one after the other, as soon as he was done speaking. Blue was not caught off guard this time and was able to block them with his forearms.

“Or maybe this is where I get revenge for when you grinded the cum out of my nuts with that Heavy Ball”, Blue answered as he began circling his opponent as well.

Both young men were carefully walking around the arena. Their cocks still riled up from the berry mixture’s effects remained erected and proud as their balls swung back and forth with each of their movements. Blue was the first one to charge towards his rival and Red decided to meet him upfront. They both reached out with their open hands and interlocked their fingers to begin grappling.

Blue could feel his wrists straining themselves as Red pushed down on him, but he maintained his standing. The trainers grunted in rage, trying to summon more strength to get further ahead, but they were evenly matched and neither could get a clear advantage.

Red was the first one to use something more than brute force. It was clear what the Pokémon watching them wanted to see, and he was ready to give it to them. He quickly threw a snap kick that sailed right between Blue’s open legs. He was sure this would catch him by surprise after such a clean start, but he had been wrong. Blue had been waiting for him to take a nut shot and was ready to counter attack. He brought his leg up just in time to move Red’s kick out of the way and leave him wide open as he threw a snap kick of his own that dealt a perfect hit.

The front of Blue’s foot brought the pair of danglers up and smashed them against Red’s pubic bone with a loud smack. Red felt the pain immediately and had to break free from Blue’s hands and backed away a few steps in order to recover.

“Low kick!” The crowd yelled once again and went wild.

“Seems like I will be the one teaching the lesson today”, Blue said smugly as he brought his hand down and gave his cock a few strokes to mock Red who was still slightly bent over in pain and massaging the pain away from his crotch.

Red roared out in anger and rushed towards the middle of the arena to continue the bout. He was decided to get Blue in his next attack. He began by throwing several left-hand jabs towards Blue’s face. After he had made Blue take a few steps back to stay away from the punches, Red feinted another jab and as he saw Blue raise his arms to block it, he bent to his left while pulling his left hand back and throwing a wide hook that managed to get past Blue’s defenses. The fist crashed into Blue’s ribs making him flinch in pain, but it failed to fully immobilize him and provide an opening to target his low hangers.

Before Red could pull his arm back to continue his attack, Blue lowered his right arm and trapped it. Red tried to pull his arm out, but failed to do so and before he knew what had happened, Blue had pushed in towards him and grabbed a handful of his scrotum.

“Arghhhhh”, Red yelled in surprise as he felt Blue’s grip tighten.

His poor meaty orbs were being viciously flattened inside Blue’s fist and his whole body was paralyzed in pain.

“Damn Red, they still feel so heavy and full of cum”, Blue said with a grin as he squashed the fat pair of Poke Balls. “Seems like I am going to have to milk you again.”

“Shut the fuck up”, Red screamed as he brought his head back and headbutted his cocky friend.

The unexpected move broke the hold Blue had on Red’s testicles and he immediately shoved him aside to fully free himself from the torturous technique. As Blue stumbled back Red took advantage and threw a low uppercut that caught him right in the middle of his nut sack.

Blue had to even further retreat, but he didn’t lose time in trying to massage the pain away.  The hard headbutt had drawn the first blood of the fight. Blue wiped the blood that was coming from the small cut on his forehead and resumed his fighting stance.

Red’s anger continued to heighten, Blue was being able to counter him with too much ease and now that he had landed a good hit on him he was able to recover without much effort. He needed to not give him any time to react in order to really start damaging him. He didn’t bother with rubbing his sore testicles either. Red charged forward once again, this time as fast and hard as he could. His whole body being put into a tackle attack. He stretched out his arms wanting to not let Blue escape from him, and as he approached him he tried his best to get a hold of Blue’s manhood to get the upper hand in the combat. Regrettably Blue was just too fast.

Red’s fingertips barely managed to feel the skin on Blue’s scrotum before he had had jumped aside, leaving Red to charge at nothing but air. Blue took the opportunity and brought up his hand to spank his opponent as he charged forward. The loud smack was sound proof of the successful hit and left Red’s right buttock looking reddish.

“Ole Taurus”, Blue yelled as he saw Red charged past him.

Red was now hurting front and back, but even worse Blue was making a fool of him. He could feel his pride being wounded just as much as his balls and butt. He gritted his teeth and tried to think what to do, but this time he didn’t have time to devise a strategy. Blue stepped towards him and commenced an attack.

A barrage of fists that were coming too quickly for Red to properly block was now assaulting him. Blue was weaving to the sides and ducking down between punches to target all of Red’s body. Many punches failed to reach, but they were still fulfilling the purpose of making Red retreat towards the ropes. Blue wanted to corner him and then really pound his friend down. He didn’t have to try and hit Red’s ball sack right now, just feinting punches or kicks towards his manhood was enough to make him drop his guard and then nail him in the face or gut.

Blue was loving it. Feeling Red’s big and toned muscles tighten with every hit of his knuckles was giving him so much pleasure. Red might be bigger and meatier, but he was the one who knew how to truly fight and he was going to prove it to Red and all the other Pokémon who were watching.

With his rival almost on the ropes, but still holding his ground Blue decided to go for a risky move. After so many feints, he was sure that Red would not be properly defending the spot between his legs anymore. He pushed himself forward as Red continued to be on the defense and grabbed him by the wrists to keep his hands from going down. Before Red could understand what his plan was he powerfully brought his knee up and struck another low blow.

The pain was beyond devastating this time. Blue’s knee cap had landed a perfect hit, lifting both nuts up and crunching them in a swift notion. Red lost control of his body due to the pain and bent forward to try and protect himself, but Blue didn’t give him any time to recover. Instead, he jumped back and after kneeling down, he delivered a right uppercut that caught Red’s exposed chin and sent his whole head and body flying backwards.

Red was now dizzy and seeing stars. He could feel himself going down to the ground, but something stopped his fall. His arms had been caught in the rope behind him and were now holding him up. He tried to bring himself up, but all he could do was bring his head forward and watch as Blue began wreck his balls.

Blue grabbed Red’s arms and held them secured to the rope and began to knee Red’s man bits over and over again. Wham, wham, wham, the hits continued to rain down on his battered and soon to be bruised sack.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Red screamed in pain after every hit.

Blue had lost count of how many time he had already kneed Red’s boy balls, but since he knew this match was as good as his, he decided to give them a rest and torture another part of his friend’s body. He released Red’s arms and untangled him from the ropes to let him fall down to the ground. The hurting body of his rival crumpled down and fell face first, giving all the Pokemon reason to shout out for Blue’s fighting prowess. However, he was not done. Red had left Blue smeared in his own cum and with sore balls on the ground and he was now going to do the same to him.

He flipped Red’s limp body to make him be lying on his back and giving him full access to his rock hard eight pack and his manhood.

“This is where the real fun begins boys!” Blue yelled for everyone to hear.

All the Pokemon cried out in excitement. This had been the best human fight they had ever witnessed.

Blue sat down on Red’s chest and proceeded to use his fists as hammers. Raising them over his head to strike down with full force at Red’s abs. Blue could feel all of Red’s body tighten up with every hit. Particularly his pecs that were now pressed against his butt cheeks.

“I give… up”, Red pleaded from the ground.

Blue dismissed his friend’s words and continued the fight. He needed this, he had been underestimated and was now going to show everyone that they had called it wrong. He wanted to see the red spots on his rival’s skin turn purple. He wanted to leave a very clear reminder of who was the strongest of the two, so he didn’t stop himself.

Red brought his hands up to try and get Blue off of him, but the pain was too much for him to do anything. He couldn’t even punch back by now. The merciless attack was unending making him truly fear for what Blue was going to do to him.

Blue was possessed by his anger. In a cruel tactic, he started to hammer down on Red’s erection as well. The hard and meaty rod reached all the way up to Red’s belly button making it an easy target. Especially the big mushroom head that was now poking over the foreskin.

“Stop… please…” Red managed to say between grunts.

Some drips of precum started to ooze out of Red’s cock slit and that showed Blue that he was about to fully destroy his opponent. He moved further down, his butt now on top of Red’s bruised and broken abdominal muscles.

“Time to milk these suckers again”, Blue said as he scooped up Red’s jizz makers with his left hand.

He made a ring with his index and thumb and pushed Red’s Poke Balls all the way down to the bottom of his sack. The two sore nuts were trapped.

“Don’t break them” Red begged as he feared for the future of his offspring.

“Don’t worry, I just need you to feel what I felt”, Blue replied as he savagely pushed his the knuckles of his right hand into the tenderized flesh of both gonads.

“Fuuuuuuuckkkkk!!!” Red screamed as the pain rose up.

Blue grinned in delight and continued to further push his bony knuckles into the pair of nuts. It was an odd feeling. The skin on Red’s shaved scrotum was smooth and the textiles inside were somewhat fluffy. Like two rubber balls that offered some slight resistance as they were flattened and crunched.

Red’s body was not able to withstand the pain for much longer. His Poke Balls began to try and retract closer towards the base of his penis, but Blue held them captive. In a decisive move that Blue was sure would please the crowd, he let go of Red’s manhood and delivered a right cross punch that successfully knocked the cum out of his friend.

Red’s eyes opened wide as his whole body tensed up due to the incoming orgasm. His cock throbbed and shot his seed in a manly 90 degree angle that bathed Blue’s chest, abs and groin with the first few shots. He finally felt some relief, but passed out immediately as the pleasure subsided.

Blue wiped the drops of semen that were now on his face before standing up and raising his arms up to the sky in victory. The crowd went even wilder as they banged their fists together and stomped the ground in excitement to show their appreciation for the amazing fight Blue had just given to them. Blue drunk it all in, feeling over the clouds with pleasure and excitement.

After a few more seconds of loud cheering the crowd began to quiet down and the massive Machamp stood up from his seat. He raised his arms and all of the Pokémon quieted down leaving the arena in almost complete silence. The massive Pokemon walked forward and climbed inside the fighting ring. For a moment, fear replaced all of Blue’s emotions. Was he supposed to fight the Machamp now? There was no way he even had a chance, this thing could surely wreck him with one of his fingers.

The Machamp brought one of his hands forward towards Blue in slow motion. At first Blue was unsure of what the Pokemon was expecting and just stood petrified in fear, but when he saw the Machamp use his upper arms to interlock his hands together he understood what it wanted. It wanted to shake hands with the winner of the fight.

Blue brought his right hand forth and as best as he could shook hands with the Pokémon. He felt really proud for a moment, seeing how his strength was being recognized by someone much more powerful that he could ever dream to be. Alas, the sweet moment did not last long. In a split second, The Machamp used one of its other arms and punched Red in the chin with a hook so powerful that knocked him out cold.


Blue woke up abruptly on the floor of the wooden cabin. He looked around him unsure of what had just happened. Had everything been a dream? For a few seconds he was ready to believe that the nightmarish events that had just unfolded had indeed just happened in his mind, but when he saw Red’s naked and very hurt body lying on the other side of the cabin he understood that everything had been real.

Now that he was no longer being driven by his desire of revenge Blue could not help, but feel bad for the state in which he had left Red. The bruises were all over his abs and his testicles were severely swollen.

“I just hope that you don’t hold this against me when you wake up buddy”, Blue said as he stood up and grabbed Red to bring him up to his bed.

Maybe the damage was so bad that Red would take a few days to wake up and by then it wouldn’t look as terrible as it did now Blue thought, but he knew that was wishful thinking, He would have to go get medical attention or Red would never forgive him.

Blue was looking for his clothes in the room when he spotted it. A pair of crudely carved wooden bowls had been placed on the small desk between the beds. He knew what the contents were and sighed in relief.

“I promise I will control myself this time around”, Blue said as he grabbed one of the bowls and started to eat the berry mixture. Once he was finished with his bowl, he grabbed the other one and began to feed his partner.


Anonymous said...

A bit too morbid for my taste, I enjoyed the friendly scuffle in part one more so than the extremes seen in this continuation. Super creative XD, but difficult to relate to maybe?

Ballboxing said...

Yeah I can understand that, too bad it wasnt to your taste. It is definitely a much more extreme story in every way, but thats kind of what I was going for since this time they are not really in control of the situation.

Harry said...

Fantastic story! I liked that it was extreme, and Blue's jealousy was believable and cute. The sci-fi setting was fun too, even though I have no idea what a Machomp is. Love how you creatively solved the conundrum of how to milk the same guy twice in one story. Magic berries, go figure:)

Ballboxing said...

I am super happy that someone who is not familiar with the Pokemon universe got to enjoy this story. Thanls for the kind words, Machamp is a fighting type pokemon look him up on google and the berries have special health effects in the pokemon world so I thought it would be nice to see them used on humans too haha

Anonymous said...

My favorite hunky trainer Red being forced to become submessive is what I live for these stories are amazing.

Ballboxing said...

I definitely enjoyed Red getting that treatment in this second part. Im very happy to hear you liked these stories so much. Thanks

Gayballbustinwolf said...

Please do more really love this story

Ballboxing said...

Im really happy you enjoyed it so much Jinx The Wolf. I am already trying to figure out what would the third chapter be about, so please be patient :3

Gayballbustinwolf said...

Awesome can't wait also i loved the part where he busted blues balls with the heavy ball

Ballboxing said...

Yeah that did sound really hot as I wrote it, I want someone to do that same thing to me one day XD.

Anonymous said...

I like this series, inventive and exciting.
I'd love to read about a Blue vs Red rematch, focusing on their wrestling and ballbusting, especially mutual action, squeezing each other's balls and dicks at the same time to see who's the strongest. Thanks.

Ballboxing said...

Thanks to you for the encouraging comment. There are plans for a third part, but please be patient because I have to wrap up the Voltron fiction first and another story as well.

Anonymous said...

Great story I really enjoyed it, Red deserved it, he went too far last time. I was praying that events would not turn against Blue, I was rooting for him. It was very sexy how Red was asking for mercy three times and Blue ignore it just as he ignored Blue's. He was totally dominated. I LOVED it. Side note, your story really made me cum.

Ballboxing said...

Im very glad to see this old story is still getting some love. I am honored to hear it made you cum, thats the highest compliment in my book haha. And yeah, Blue deserved to have his revenge in a fight