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Brotherly boxing bout: Punching bag (written by ballboxing)

This is the final part of Brotherly boxing bout, the awesome sequel to Low blows and cum shots (Luis meets Leo) written by out reader ballboxing.

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Contains traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

Will adjusted the ice bag that was resting on his recovering manhood. He was still paying for his devastating loss of the Alpha Twin Boxing match. The swelling of his gonads had finally diminished and the bruising was almost completely gone, but the pain lingered as a powerful reminder of that terrible night. Furthermore, the fact that they were naturally oversized and low hanging had made the recovery turn his world into a living hell. Every step he took would make his nuts brush against his legs and make him wince with discomfort. He couldn’t move, let alone go anywhere without wanting to die. Lying down in his bed with an ice bag numbing his big boy balls seemed to be the only way to not be in constant pain.

He closed his eyes and tried not thinking about his pain for a second. The doctor had said that just in a couple more days he would be able to get back to normal. Still the recovery offered little solace, Will hated his life at the moment. He had been brought so low that he hardly recognized himself sometimes. The once proud alpha twin sexual beast had been replaced with a whimpering and beaten up loser. Michael had taken everything from him in one single night. His reputation went down the drain the night of the fight and no girl seemed to be interested in him anymore. The few phone calls or texts he had been getting the past couple of weeks had been to ask for Michael’s phone number or whereabouts. Suddenly everyone was crazy about the new alpha twin and he had been discarded into oblivion.

“FML.” Will muttered under his breath and sighed deeply with his eyes closed.

“I messed you up real bad didn’t I.” Michael said as he entered the room.

Will hadn’t heard the door opening and was startled by his brother’s sudden appearance. The surprise made his body twitch involuntarily which made his balls move and the pain returned in full force. He tried to not show it to avoid giving his brother the satisfaction of seeing him still in pain, but he failed. A few grunts escaped his lips as he tried to readjust the ice bag again.

“Too bad that no one has offered your pathetic balls any relief.” Michael said jokingly, knowing full well that his brother had not been able to have sex for weeks now. “Mine on the other hand seem to barely keep up. Luis keeps milking me dry every day. I guess it is one of the perks that come with the title huh?”

Michael grabbed his bulging crotch and flaunted it around as he pointed at the championship belt that was proudly displayed over his bed. Now that he was the top dog around, he took every chance he had to remind his brother of the utter defeat he had suffered at his hands.

“Yeah, yeah, you won. Now go away and keep enjoying while it lasts.” Will replied.

“Don’t give me that attitude Willy, keep flapping your mouth and I will have to stuff it with my huge balls to keep you quiet.” Michael said as he started to strip down. “Here hold this for me.”

Michael threw his jeans and belt towards his brother’s crotch. He had aimed well and they landed right on top of the ice bag.

“Fuuuuu…” Will moaned trying to suppress the pain. It was almost as if his balls had just exploded inside his scrotum and he couldn’t even massage them or move because that would only cause even more pain.

Michael laughed and threw his underwear at his brother’s face before going into the bathroom and closing the door behind him. Will steadied himself as the pain subdued and picked up the pair of jeans and belt carefully to not bring any more harm to his nuts. There was some weird heaviness to them. He could feel something else in the jeans and it wasn’t the belt. Maybe Michael had left his wallet inside and that had been what hit the ice bag so hard. He looked through the pockets, perhaps this was a little chance to get back at his brother, even if just in a small way. He needed something going his way or he would lose all the sanity he had left.

The front pockets were empty, but the ones on the back weren’t. However, there was no wallet just Michael’s keys and IPhone. Will put the keys back, but as the phone vibrated when it received a message something occurred to him. Maybe this was an even bigger chance than he had anticipated. Will flicked at the screen to read the new message, but the phone was locked.

“Damn it.” Will muttered. “It is a long shot but maybe…”

He placed his thumb on the phone. He and Michael were identical twins, so maybe that meant their fingerprints were identical too. Much to his delight the phone unlocked and revealed the contents of the message. He knew he had to be fast, if Michael caught him with his phone in his hands he would not let him get off easily and right now he was completely vulnerable and defenseless.

Will couldn’t make any sense of the new message, so he decided to look through more of them to figure out what his next step would be. It was no surprise that almost all of the outgoing messages had been sent to Luis, the Mexican boxer that had become the bane of Will’s existence. He had turned Michael against him and helped him destroy his life and genitals in the process. Will started opening the messages hoping for something that could give him the upper hand, but oddly enough it seemed like almost none of the recent messages had been replied to. Michael had been constantly messaging Luis, but the few times he had answered it was always to blow him off with excuses. Could it be that there was trouble in paradise?

How was he supposed to get back at them if they were not even together anymore? Will wondered. There had to be something that he could do. He could still hear the water running in the bathroom’s shower, there was still time to find something else. He checked some more of the messages, but there was no point to it. Nothing in the messages would help him bring Michael down, unless he used this newly found situation for a grander purpose.

He would have to be the bigger man, he would have to spare his brother from his vengeance and focus on Luis alone and while at it he might even be able to return Michael to his previous self. That was it, the plan began to unfold in his evil mind. If Luis wasn’t going out with his brother anymore, then he would give Luis to him as a sort of peace offering. All he needed now was a little more information. He continued opening more messages until he found what he had been looking for.

Michael heard the water stop in the bathroom and knew that time was up. He put the phone inside the jean’s pocket and threw them away next to his bed along with the belt. When the bathroom door opened, he simply pretended to be asleep and remained silent while Michael dressed up and left the room. Will wandered who was it that his brother was going out with if Luis was no longer in the picture, but it didn’t matter. In just a few more days he would restore things to their proper order. He reached out for his phone carefully trying again to not upset his sore balls and called an old friend of his. The phone rang twice before he heard someone answer.

“Hey man. Long time no see. I was wondering if you could hook me up with something strong.” Will said. “No, it’s not for me.”


Will was sitting inside his car, looking outside his window eagerly waiting for Luis to come out. For the past several days he had been stalking Luis’s boxing gym and by now he was certain that every day Luis would arrive at 6:00 pm sharp and leave around 8:30 pm, walk to his car and drive away. It hadn’t come cheap, but Will had decided it was worth it to spend a couple hundred dollars to get some drugs that would knock out Luis and bribe someone in the gym to put them in his water bottle. He looked at his watch, it was now 8:31 pm, any moment now his plan would be set in motion, or at least he hoped that it would. He knew that many a thing could go wrong, but he hoped for the best.

Luis came out with someone else through the front door. Will worried for a moment that if the other guy got in the car with him everything would be ruined, but the stranger said good bye to Luis and walked away by himself. Will sighed in relief, and waited. He glared as Luis walked to his car, it looked like he was having trouble getting the car key to work. He dropped them and after bending down to look for it, he didn’t come back up. The drugs had worked, Luis was unconscious next to his car on the sidewalk. Will now needed to move quickly so that no one would get suspicious. He got out of his car and rapidly walked towards Luis’ fallen body. He grabbed him and with some effort managed to drag him into his car on the passenger’s seat. Will got inside the car and looked at his target. He had to make sure that Luis was completely out of it and what better way to do so than with a standard quick backhand to the groin. A loud smack was heard, and Will knew he had gotten both nads hard, but Luis remained unconscious. Not even a sign of pain in his face.

“One more just to be sure.” Will said to himself before backhanding Luis again. Still nothing, Luis did not even groan. Satisfied with the results Will turned on his car and drove away.

After fifteen minutes they had arrived at the ballbustingboys studios.

“We are here buddy. Lets get you set up and ready for the night.” Will said as he got out of the car and opened the passenger door to grab Luis’ body. He dragged him in and closed the door behind them.

It took Will only a few minutes to get everything ready for the next part of his plan. The camera was filming and he had Luis tied up like a human punching bag. Hands all the way above his head, his feet barely touching the ground and had stripped him of every piece of clothing except his underwear. Will was slightly surprised at the view in front of him, this was by no means the same guy that had fought against Leo in the ballbustingboys studio some months ago. Last time he had seen Luis shirtless there hadn’t been much to look at, but now every inch of his body looked firm and sculpted. There were still some places where the muscles didn’t bulge that much, but Will could definitely understand why Michael was getting so hung up on him.  Even Luis’ packaged goods looked bigger. He was wearing a pair of red and black boxer briefs that snuggled his manhood delectably. The outline of his flaccid penis was visible and his ball sack was bulging prominently. It would make a great target for the warm up Will thought.

“Let’s measure you up buddy.” Will said as he approached Luis and started groping Luis’ grapes over the red and black fabric.

He could feel both meaty orbs hanging low. Will decided to start by some nice slaps, feeling how they bounced up and down with every shake of his hand. They were obviously not as big his own, but Luis could definitely fill a pair of boxers well. He continued slapping harder and harder, bringing his hand back further and making sure that he smashed both meatballs into Luis’ pelvis. Despite the attacks to his manhood Luis remained motionless, simply hanging there as an inanimate object. Will’s friend had not exaggerated when he sold him the drugs, now everything will go according to plan. He was going to continue torturing the pair of nuts and in about half an hour when the drugs wore off, Luis would wake up to the most excruciating pain he would ever endure along with testicles swollen up to twice their original size. After that, Will would have Michael join them to finish off Luis however he wanted. That would get him back in Michael’s good graces and get him the satisfaction he needed to leave all of this mess behind him. The video would also ensure that Luis would stay out of their lives forever.

Will smiled smugly as he grabbed a hold of Luis’ plums in his hand and squeezed them almost flat between his fingers. He was reveling in the moment and decided to also yank them down for an extra measure of pain to Luis’ testicle chords. Will tried to imagine the screams of his victim, just a little longer and he would not have to imagine anymore. Will let go of Luis’ balls and decided to change his target for a bit. He balled up his fists and started throwing punches viciously at Luis’ midsection.

Loud smacks echoed throughout the studio. Will’s knuckles continued to rapidly fly through the air to destroy his opponent. Not even a minute had passed when the skin over Luis’ six pack abs had started turning pink, a few punches later it was bright red. Will continued his relentless attack, he wanted to only continue smashing those abs, but the tight red package underneath them was too inviting and tempting to reject so he decided to start paying some attention to it as well. He bent down low and arched his arm back to throw a powerful right uppercut that was aimed right between Luis’ legs.

BLAM! Will’s knuckles connected. The punch was a little misguided though and only smashed Luis’ right walnut, lifting it up violently and almost threatening to punt it out of the scrotum.

“Yes!!!” Will yelled enthusiastically as he recovered his stance and took a deep breath in. “I am really starting to get why you are so into boxing sleepy bitch. Although I don’t see the point of the gloves, I love the feeling of my skin on yours.”

BLAM! Another uppercut sailed through the air and hit Luis’ right nugget this time. Will knew that his time alone with Luis was limited, so he was going to make the most out of it. It was time for some skin to skin contact. He grabbed Luis’ boxer briefs by the elastic band and tore them apart, leaving Luis completely naked. Now the real fun was going to begin. He grabbed Luis’ nuts with his right hand and pulled them down as much as he could, trapping them at the bottom of the sack. The veins were clearly visible in the scrotum’s skin while in Will’s deathly grip.

Luis’ punches were his finest weapons, but Will had a different specialty due to his background as a gymnast. His legs were by far the most trained and powerful part of his body. He brought his leg up kneeing the trapped balls and proceeded to grind them on his knee cap. Once more both orbs were being flattened by the pressure being exerted over them. Will brought his leg back down for a few seconds just to bring it up again with as much force as he could. Once, twice, thrice, the knee cap smashed the vulnerable testicles that had no room to move to soften the blows that were coming. Will squeezed the pair of nuts one more time playfully before finally letting them go.

“Not even a twitch yet. Man, that stuff I gave you is hardcore.” Will said before he kicked high aiming at Luis’ torso. Another loud smack as Luis’ abs took the kick full force.

“Let’s make the next one count.” Will said gleefully.

He took a few steps back to get a running start and with a devilish grin threw a kick with all the strength he could muster. The loud smack that resounded across the studio as his foot connected with Luis’ nuts was so loud that it made him fear for a second that he had gone too far and had actually turned them into peanut butter. He lowered his foot carefully and sighed in relief when he saw that both balls dropped without any signs of having burst. He came closer to Luis, grabbed his sack to make sure. He rolled both orbs between his fingers. Everything seemed fine, the fun could now continue, he just had to refrain himself a little. Maybe give the balls a rest and focus fully on the abs again.

Will was getting into position to kick Luis’ gut some more when two things started happening simultaneously. His phone started ringing and Luis finally started to wake up.

“Fuck, time is already up.” Will said in disbelief as he pulled out his phone and swiped at the screen to make the alarm he had set go silent.

Luis opened his eyes and looked up dizzily. The inside of his head was buzzing and he could not remember what had happened to him. He felt so out of it, he was barely able to move his head. He looked around and recognized the place where he was, he was back at the ballbustingboys studio. How had he gotten here? He asked himself. He couldn’t move properly, his body felt so heavy and there was a sharp pain that seemed to be rising in his lower stomach. Luis looked down to see if he was bleeding, but what he saw was much worst. All his clothes were missing. He could see his underwear torn apart next to his feet. His abdomen was bright red and a big bruise was forming on the left side of his torso. The pain kept rising, it seemed to start reaching across his entire body and it kept becoming stronger every second. He raised his head a little and tried to find someone to ask for help.

He could see someone there. Luis was too dizzy to recognize who it really was, but he looked exactly like Michael. It had to be him. Michael was there, he would help him. Everything would be fine. He tried calling for him, but no words came from his mouth. The pain had grown absolutely unbearable. He could just grunt at the beginning, but soon enough nothing but screaming seemed to keep the pain from growing even stronger.

Luis wanted to pass out, he had endured Michael punch the cum out of his balls and that was nothing compared to the suffering he was enduring right now. He looked down at his manhood, and easily enough spotted his swollen testicles. Someone had been torturing them while he had been knocked out. He tried again to piece the situation together, but the pain and screams that were coming from his mouth were distorting any coherent thoughts he managed to form.

“Time for the next part of your punishment Mexican faggot.” Will said smiling as he listened to the screams that now filled the studio. He wrote a message in his phone and hit send. All he had to do now was wait.

About ten minutes had passed since Luis had recovered consciousness and still no sign of Michael. Will had not approached Luis at all, letting him wallow in the despair and uncertainty of the situation was fun. The screams had finally started to quiet down, but Will knew that they would resume soon enough. Surely Michael would arrive in the next five minutes or so. Will looked at his phone impatiently, no new messages had arrived. He looked back at Luis’ hanging body. The screams became moans and now they were merely whimpers. Luis’ looked so pitiful and Will was taking in the image as much as he could to never forget this beautiful moment.

“Michael… please help…” Luis muttered from across the studio. His voice barely audible.

Will paid no attention to his words, he needed to behave now and wait for his brother, if he continued punishing Luis’ balls and abs there was a risk of Michael turning against him and he could not let that happen. He needed to deliver Luis to him, somewhat intact and unbroken.

He waited for a few more minutes. Still no sign of Michael’s arrival. Will was not a patient man. He walked up to Luis without saying a word and hugged him from behind. Feeling his tight and sore ab muscles as he breathed in and out. Luis winced in pain as soon as he touched him which pleased Will. Even the slightest touch or caress was painful at this point. He lowered one of his hands to Luis family jewels and held the pair of swollen nuts in his palm. Luis couldn’t suppress a loud moan of pain as he felt himself being manhandled once again.

“Please stop Michael, my huevos cannot take anymore. Let me go.” Luis muttered.

Will didn’t reply, he remained silent as he continued violating his brother’s boyfriend. He pressed his crotch on Luis’ butt. Making sure that he felt the raging and full-fledged erection that he was getting out of torturing him. If Michael didn’t show, he would have to finish the job himself. He would fuck the Mexican fag and use the videotape as leverage to make him stay away. He would deal with his brother later.

He began rocking his hips to the sides, having the denim covered tip of his boner brush on Luis’ butt cheeks. Maybe it would not be such a bad thing that Michael didn’t come, he thought. Such fun he would have completely emasculating his prey. He grinned maliciously as he blew into Kyte’s neck and pressed his other hand against his abs eliciting several more moans out of the young boxer. He was about to give Luis’ boy balls a good squeeze that would get him screaming again when there was a knock at the door.

“Too bad, seems like the plan will continue to completion Luis.” Will said as he let go of him and walked to the door.

Luis was still unsure of what the hell was happening to him. What plan was Michael talking about? who had arrived at the studio? was he going to be able to walk out of there still a man? All those and more questions raced through his mind. He was still in agony, physical and mental agony. He raised his face up to try and see who was behind the door and saw a similar figure walk into the room. The other twin was here. Everything was slowly starting to make sense. He closed his eyes in despair, he was in a dreadful situation.

“Holy fuck!” Michael shouted as he saw Luis tied up. “Are you absolutely out of your mind Will?”

Will tried to explain what was going on so that his brother would follow his plan, but it was not meant to be. Anger rapidly fueled Michael’s actions and without any warning he got ready to take his brother down and save his boyfriend from him. He pretended to throw a straight jab at Will’s face and Will fell for the feint. With no time to react, Will brought both hands up to try and cover the incoming punch, but he had been fooled. As soon as he lowered his hands to see what his brother was really doing he felt three hard impacts hit the mound between his muscular legs. A beautiful combination of jab, straight and uppercut that Luis had taught Michael had landed perfectly and each punch had hit both testicles dead on. Will hit the ground immediately writhing in pain with his hands scurrying down to his groin to protect it from any further damage. He had overplayed his hand and underestimated Michael’s feelings.

Michael ran towards Luis, he had to get him out of there fast. He started trying to undo the knot that kept his hands bound, but it was proving more difficult than he had thought. He pulled and twisted at the rope and was finally starting to make progress when he felt something incrust itself deep in his crotch. Luis had kneed him the balls.

“Oooff.” Michael moaned loudly as he doubled over in reaction to the pain. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Pinche par de putos.” Luis yelled as loud as he could to ensure both twins were hearing him. “Too afraid of fighting me fair so you team up huh?”

“Luis what are you talking about I had nothing…” Michael didn’t get to finish his explanation.

Luis took advantage of him still being bent down from the pain and threw a kick that hit Michael in the side of the head, effectively landing him on the ground. Michael was feeling dazed, why was Luis attacking him. All he wanted was to save him. He was barely starting to get up when he felt something wet splash across his face. Luis had spat on him and was doing all that he could to land another kick on him.

Michael rolled away to ensure that Luis’ legs would not reach him again. He still had no idea what the fuck was happening, but he no longer wanted to figure it out. No one was going to disrespect him like that while he was the reigning Alpha Twin. He had been pining over Luis giving him the cold shoulder for the past few weeks, but that was going to end right now. He quickly stood up and approached Luis, he was just a piece of meat hanged up. Michael had no difficulty in circling around him and managing to bear hug him from behind. He tightened his grip around Luis’ midsection and started to squeeze the life out of him. Luis grunted madly as he felt his sore abs being crunched again, but there was nothing that could save him from the pain. He tried kicking behind him in the hopes of landing another nut shot, but luck was not on his side.

“I see, so you wanna keep up the ball play.” Michael said as he lowered his right hand and grabbed a hold of the tender danglers under Luis’s penis. “Fine by me!”

“No plea…” Luis’ voice was cut off mid-sentence. He felt as Michael squashed the life out of his balls and his words were replaced by high pitched screams.

“That’s right motherfucker, I own you. You should have never left me.” Michael said as he continued mangling Luis’ manhood. “And after tonight I will make sure you never think about doing it again.”

Will heard the screams. He was still lying on the floor trying to massage the pain away from his balls. His plan hadn’t been carried in perfection, but it sounded like it would go all the way through and a couple of low blows was a fair price to pay for that. He closed his eyes and decided to just enjoy Luis’ screams until his brother was finished with him.

“Yes, scream for me little faggot.” Michael whispered into Luis’ ear. “Maybe if you give the Alpha Twin enough pleasure I will decide to keep you as my Mexican bitch.”

The pain was once again unbearable, he could feel his flattened balls pulsating in pain. Luis tried as hard as he could to not give Michael the satisfaction of hearing him scream, but the pain was the one in control of his body. Every squeeze to his battered balls made him want to pass out again just so that the pain would stop.

“I bet your ass has been missing something of mine.” Michael said as he brought his left hand back and squeezed Luis’ butt. “So, tight and yummy as usual, even now you want the alpha twin inside you. Don’t you little bitch?”

“There is nothing Alpha… about a pair of jotos… that can’t fight me one on one.” Luis answered through grunts. His balls might be getting crushed, but his spirit remained unbroken.

“Oh man, I think hearing you say that just made my erection grow another full inch.” Michael said with malice. He let go of Luis’ ass and started unbuttoning the pair of jeans he was wearing. Luis struggled a bit when he realized what was happening, but all Michael had to do was focus his grip on his right testicle and that immobilized him completely.

Luis heard the rustle of the fabric as Michael slid his jeans and underwear down his legs. He then felt Michael’s prime meat rubbing against him. It was so thick and big, he had become very well acquainted with it during the brief time he was Michael’s boyfriend. He was so screwed. Luis could feel the big mushroom head slightly wetting his butt crack with Michael’s pre-cum.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to fuck you dry. My balls have a lot of sperm saved up for you, so I am going to give you way more than your daily dose. I am going to cover you with it and then I will use it as lube to fuck your hole.” Michael said as he started thrusting his cock upwards between Luis’ butt cheeks without penetrating him. The motion was making his foreskin go up and down, stimulating him as he started to slap Luis’ balls to bring out more of those delicious moans.

All Luis could do was endure what was happening. His body twitch violently with every slap that hit the bottom of his gonads and he could not stop the moans from coming out of his mouth. He could only take comfort in the fact that his cock had not betrayed him, the pain had been so intense that so far, his penis had not yet become erect.

“Are you going shy one me?” Michael asked as if he had read Luis’ mind and knew how to further torture him. “Is little Luis too shy to come out and play with me?”

Michael laughed under his breath as he grabbed a hold of Luis’ cock and began to stroke it fast and hard. He was going to humiliate the young Mexican in every possible way for what he had done to him. Making him spill his man milk was one possibility he would not let go to waste.

Luis’ breathing quickened as he felt Michael further violate him. He tried with all his might to not get an erection, but the battle had been lost before he knew it. Eager to diminish the pain with pleasure his genitals further betrayed him and after just a few strokes he was completely hard and dripping pre-cum in Michael’s hand. Waves of pleasure expanded across his body, giving him a few seconds of relief for the first since he had been tied up in the studio.

“That’s more like it, that’s the Luis I remember.” Michael said as he pulled Luis’ hair back.

 Luis face was forced upwards. He was now staring at the ceiling hoping for this to end soon. But as he looked up, he saw something that caught his attention. He saw the knot that was keeping him trapped, if only he could do something about it he might stand a chance.

Michael knew that Luis always cummed quickly the first time. He continued masturbating him and to even further disarm him, Michael started to kiss his ear. He had learned that was one of Luis’ most sensible spots, he had used it before with love and unbridled passion, but this time there was nothing except hatred behind it. It was so glorious to have this Mexican man completely at his mercy.

Luis knew that a powerful orgasm was about to be unleashed within him. His moans became louder and he used what strength he had left in him to take advantage of the moment. He pulled at the knot as hard as he could while Michael focused on his cock. His opportunity had arrived. Michael was distracted and the incoming orgasm was taking most of the debilitating pain away. He pulled down as hard as he could to undo the knot, following the pace with which Michael was jerking him off. Luis looked up and saw with delight that his efforts were paying off, the knot was starting to loosen up. Now, it was just a matter of timing.

Michael kept up the pace completely unaware of Luis’ plan. His mind was completely focused on how awesome his cock was feeling as he grinded on Luis butt and lower back and how humiliating this experience was being for his former lover. He knew that Luis was about to cum, he had learned to notice the slight change in his moans as he got closed to the edge of climax. Just a few more strokes and he would claim his victory.

Luis’ eyes wanted to close due to the overwhelming pleasure, but he willed himself to keep them open. He could not risk missing what was about to happen. Luis steeled himself and as his penis shot the first jet of cum he used the force of the orgasm to bring down his hands with unbelievable strength successfully snapping the rope and freeing himself.

Michael did not react fast enough. Before he could take any actions, Luis had spun around and smashed his bound hands on the side of his face. It had not been a proper punch, but it had enough power to make him fall on his side. Luis’ cock was still spurting cum when he pinned Michael to the ground, immobilizing his arms with the weight of his legs. Michael’s eyes closed instinctively when a rope of cum fell dangerously close to them. They didn’t open again.

Luis savagely and with god like speed started smashing his fists on Michael’s face like hammers. Two hits had been enough to knock him out, but Luis didn’t know that so he kept smashing as hard and fast as he could. Michael’s handsome face became a bloody pulp. Blood was oozing from his nose and a cut that opened on his upper lip. Luis finally stopped his assault as he realized that there was still someone else with them. Where was the other twin?

He looked around horrified, expecting to be wrestled to the ground any second. However, there was no one near him. Will was still lying on the floor by the door of the studio. Luis was not sure if he was unconscious, he would have to be cautious in the next step of his escape. The high of his recent orgasm was coming to an end, so if his balls got punched, squeezed or even worse kicked again he would not be able to recover and it would be back to square one. First thing he had to do was get some clothes on.

Luis looked for his clothes. He knew his underwear was no longer usable, but where was his other stuff? Fuck, where was his gym bag? He was in a dangerous situation, he shouldn’t be worrying about something like that, but all his boxing gear was in it. He had to at least try to get it back or he would always regret it. Luis got off the twin carefully and turned him around. He untied the rope from his hands and used it on Michael. His pants were still around his ankles and now with his hands tied behind his back it was sure that he would not be able to do anything even if he woke up. Kyte stood up and looked at the pathetic figured sprawled before him. It was sad that things had ended this way, Luis thought as he glanced at Michael’s beautiful balls that were now resting on the cold hard ground.

Maybe they should receive the same treatment he had given to Michael’s face. Luis’ aching genitals demanded retribution, but he couldn’t bring himself to do any more damage. He had already messed his face and the important thing was finding his stuff and getting out of there as soon as possible. Nevertheless, doing it alone would prove difficult if not impossible. Luis knew he would have to call for some help. He pulled up Michael’s pants just enough as to be able to check inside the pockets. Michael’s iPhone was in one of the front pockets as he had predicted. He put it close to Michael’s hands and was able to unlock it using his thumb print. He quickly went into the messages and sent the studio address to one of his gym buddies along with an all capitalized S.O.S.

Now there was just one more thing he had to take care of. Will was still motionless on the other side of the room. Luis walked to the camera and turned it around, he needed all of this recorded. He knew he had the element of surprise on his side, but was unsure what should his target be. He had spared Michael’s testicles while destroying his handsome face, perhaps the other gymnast deserved the reverse. Luis walked towards him trying his best to not make any sounds and keeping an eye out for any indication of where his clothes and gym bag were. As he got closer to Will, he spotted his belongings. The gym bag was inside the office at the entrance of the studio.

Will had his eyes closed when Luis came within striking distance. The pain in his hangers had not yet subsided and he had foolishly believed that Michael was still in charge of Luis on the other side of the room. It was a little disappointing that Luis would not be able to see the surprise and terror overtake his face as he turned the tables on him. He intertwined his fingers tightly and positioned himself. Will felt as someone got on top of him, he opened his eyes immediately just to be greeted by a view of Luis’ butt right in front of him. His hands rapidly tried to get him off him, but what he felt next stopped him right on his tracks.

Hard and quick smashing sounds reached his ears as Luis dropped his fists on Will’s very sensitive nuts in an unending flurry. Packed tightly beneath a layer of denim and tight underwear Will’s nuts had nowhere to go as the hammer strikes rained on them. The pain was so sharp and intense that Will couldn’t even scream. All Luis could hear from him were unintelligible sounds as Will tried to beg for his nuts not to be smushed into nothingness, but his pleading fell on deaf ears. Luis once again could not take any risks, he would not stop his attack until Will had gone completely quiet to make sure it was safe for him to stand up. The hammering continued as Will slowly drifted into unconsciousness, his grunting became softer until finally there was silence and a big wet spot in Will’s pants.

“Luis, que chingados?” a young man asked as he saw his friend bash someone else’s groin. “What the hell is this?”

Luis had been too busy to notice the door opening. The person he had messaged earlier for help had finally arrived.

“Help me up Frank.” Luis said as he stretched out his hand for help.

Frank hesitated. The scene in front of his was quite disturbing, but he took Luis’ hand and helped him up carefully. His mind was brimming with questions. The most important was if Luis’ balls would be ok. Luis looked pretty banged up. Frank had gotten a few quick looks of his friend’s man bits in the locker room, so he knew that Luis’ balls were way bigger than they should be right now.

“Are you… uhmm… ok?” Frank asked.

“Don’t worry about that now. Just be a good boy and bring me the tape that is inside that camera.” Luis said as he slowly walked to the office to retrieve his belongings.

 He opened the gym bag and found his clothes. He slipped into the t-shirt with ease, but the shorts were another matter. The slightest touch of fabric or skin made him twitch in pain. He didn’t want to put them on, but there was no way he was going to be naked in his friend’s car. He had endured too much humiliation already. He would have to just endure wearing the shorts, at least the fabric was soft. He looked inside his bag to make sure everything was there. Nothing seemed to be missing, he grabbed his cell phone and started typing a message.

“Got it. Are we leaving now?” Frank asked as he held the tape in his hand.

“Yes, we are. I know this looks crazy, but if you take me home you can stay over and tomorrow I will answer all your questions.” Luis answered.

Frank didn’t answer. He was not entirely sure he wanted to know what had happened that night. He was a bit scared of what the answer could be. He offered his shoulder to Luis for support and both of them walked outside the studio, leaving the twins battered and broken behind them.


Alex drove up to the studio as fast as he could. He had received a message letting him know that something terrible had happened at the studio. It was pretty late at night, so there was no traffic. When he finally got there the front door was open and he could see Will’s body on the ground.

“Oh shit.” He started saying repeatedly as he walked in and saw the second body lying on the ground.

Alex recognized them immediately. It looked like someone had owned the two brothers pretty badly and had left them for dead afterwards. He panicked a little, but Will wasn’t looking too bad. He dragged him into his office and sat him down on the couch. Next, he walked over to Michael. Alex couldn’t prevent himself from gasping when he saw the blood and the bruises on his face.

“What the hell happened here guys?” Alex asked worriedly and started dragging Michael by the legs into his office.

Several hours passed before the twins woke up. Alex had placed ice bags over the wet spot on Will’s pants and on Michael’s bruised face to help with the pain and swelling. While he waited for them to wake up he had received an email from Luis with a video attachment.

“Seems like you guys got into a pretty big mess last night.” Alex said to the twins.

Michael could only see through his right eye, the left one was swollen shut and Will would not take his hands away from the ice bag. They both sat in silence, not wanting to explain to Alex what had really happened.

“This is your guy’s mess. I am not getting into it.” Alex said as he turned his laptop around so that the twins could see the screen. “Press play when you feel ready and lock up when you leave.”

Alex said nothing else and left the office.

The twins looked at the screen with fear. They already knew what had happened, but now there was a video of it and Luis had it. Michael hit the space bar and the video clip started playing. It showed how his brother had tortured Luis and then how Luis had knocked both of them out. To say that it was embarrassing was a gross understatement.

“Guess this is what we get for not being nice to each other.” Michael said.

“Can we just agree for the sake of our balls to never let anyone get between us again please?” Will replied.

“I promise to always honor that deal.” Michael answered. “For your balls, my balls and my face.”


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was brutal and fucking hot!

Anonymous said...

fantastic, but... twins not have the same fingerprints...

Ballboxing said...

Thanks for the kind words :3
Its my first time writing something on the extreme side so I am glad people think I did well.
Maybe Luis will return lol

Ballboxing said...

Are you sure? Lol I admit it was a stretch, maybe I will rewrite that part to make it more believable. Glad you liked the rest