Friday, September 8, 2017

The pervert and the giant (Gareth and Ben meet Kev)

Special thanks to Gareth for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who thinks big guys are sexy as hell!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Additional warning: Contains severe violence and permanent damage.

Gareth smiled.

The sight of his buddy Ben always made him smile.

But his facial muscles weren’t the only things that moved when Gareth looked at Ben.

Inside Gareth’s loose basketball shorts, his dick swelled up and created a visible tent that Gareth tried to hide by adjusting his crotch.

Gareth was about 5’10, and his slender frame was dwarfed by Ben’s gigantic body.

At 7’2, Ben was unusually tall, and everything about him was freakishly huge, his hands and his feet, his muscular arms and legs and his athletic torso. Of course, the ridiculously oversized bulge between Ben’s thighs was the center of Gareth’s attention. It shifted with every move, and Gareth’s mouth watered at the sight of the outline of Ben’s ginormous dick and balls.

Gareth was madly, deeply in lust with this giant of a man, and he was aching to get his mouth on that mammoth cock. He had tried before but Ben had always rebuffed his advances.

Unfortunately, Ben was straight as an arrow, but Gareth knew that once he’d experienced the pleasure of Gareth’s mouth Ben would see the error of his ways.

Still, Ben had been pretty clear about his preferences, and he had an undeniable physical advantage over Gareth.

As luck would have it, Gareth had found a way to overcome that obstacle on his path to sexual bliss.

“So you’re Big Ben”, Kev smiled, giving the gigantic man the once-over.

Ben chuckled. “Nice to meet you.”

Kev smiled at Gareth and winked at him. Gareth had asked him for help. Now he knew why he needed it.

“We were just about to start”, Gareth smiled. “Wanna play?” He tossed the basketball at Kev.

It wasn’t unusual that Gareth brought someone to play with him against Ben. Their basketball games tended to be a bit one-sided when it was a one-on-one situation, and Ben preferred playing against two people to being subjected to Gareth’s dirty tricks when he was playing alone…

Kev chuckled and started dribbling. “Sure.”

Like Gareth and Ben, Kev was wearing loose basketball shorts, tank top and sneakers.

After playing for a couple of minutes it became clear that even though it was two against one, Ben had an advantage. His height allowed him to effortlessly dunk the basketball, and due to his giant hands and his wide reach he had no trouble intercepting the ball when Gareth or Kev tried to pass it.

“Time to even the playing field”, Kev grinned and smashed the basketball at Ben’s crotch.

There was a dull thud when the ball connected with Ben’s gigantic bulge.

Ben let out a surprised grunt and doubled over in pain while Kev picked up the ball and passed it Gareth who scored two points when he sank the ball into the basket.

Kev and Gareth chuckled and high-fived.

“How are the little giants?” Kev quipped, eliciting an annoyed grunt from Ben who was rubbing his bulge.

Gareth was staring at his crotch, his eyes fixed on the moving mass inside Ben’s shorts.

“Thanks for asking, asshole”, Ben retorted but the smile on his face took the edge off the insult.

A couple of minutes later, Kev and Gareth teamed up to deliver another blow to Ben’s oversized manhood.

When Ben had the ball, Gareth sneaked up from behind and pulled down Ben’s pants, revealing that Ben was wearing no underwear. His huge cock and his ridiculously oversized balls that flopped around, only to be punched by Kev with a mean, hard uppercut.

Ben let out an anguished wail and collapsed on the ground.

After Kev had taken the ball and thrown it into the basket, he turned to Ben who was on his knees, clutching his aching balls. His big, fat cock was poking out between his huge hands, limp and meaty.

“Okay, you wanna play dirty?” Ben chuckled as he pulled up his pants, grimacing in pain.

“No problem”, Kev grinned, sharing a conspirational smile with Gareth.

The next couple of minutes were filled with pants getting pulled down and nuts getting punched and kicked and slapped while screams of pain and riotous laughter filled the air.

Everybody got their fair share of nutshots, and a while later they were all lying in a pile on the floor, their clothes partly torn, their nuts aching, their faces red and sweaty.

Gareth was lying on top of Ben, and his boner was poking against Ben’s muscular leg.

Ben had no problem with Gareth being gay – but the raging erection pressing against his thigh was a little too much for him.

“Okay, game’s over”, Ben grunted, trying to shove Kev and Gareth off of him.

Kev looked at Gareth who smiled back at him.

“I think the game is just beginning”, Gareth smiled, grinding his crotch against Ben’s thigh.

“Hey, stop it”, Ben mumbled. “That’s not funny.”

Kev shifted his body weight, pinning Ben to the ground and giving Gareth access to Ben’s meaty, floppy dick that was lying lazily on his abs.

Gareth let out a hungry grunt and grabbed the limp monster, licking his lips.

“Now or never”, Kev grinned.

“Hey!” Ben growled. “Let go of my fucking cock!”

Kev smiled at him. “It’s just a blowjob. Lean back and relax.”

Gareth wrapped his lips around the huge mushroom head of Ben’s dick. It wasn’t even hard and yet the slender young man had trouble getting it all in his mouth. Halfway down, he gagged, panting heavily as he came up for air. “That’s a beautiful dick”, he whispered.

“Get off of me!” Ben grunted, struggling against the two guys.

“Come on”, Kev laughed. “He’s just having a little fun.”

“He’s tried that before, and I told him to cut it out”, Ben grunted.

Gareth started another attempt at deep-throating Ben’s massive schlong but its lack of rigor made things a little too difficult and Gareth decided that he needed to work on Ben’s excitement. He slurped one of his nuts into his mouth while jerking his limp dick, sucking on his testicle like a hungry lamb on its mother’s teat.

Finally, Ben managed to throw Kev off of him, and he grabbed Gareth by the shoulders, yanking him up.

The nut slipped out of Gareth’s mouth and he looked at Ben, his mouth gaping, his lips wet with spit.

“Listen”, Ben growled. “I’ll tell you one last time. I’m. Not. Gay.”

Gareth winked at him. “Not yet. Wail till I’ve sucked a load out of those juicy balls…”

With an angry grunt, Ben shoved Gareth away.

Gareth fell to the ground, screaming in surprise.

“Come on, buddy”, Kev said, approaching Ben, raising his hands. “The little guy wants to suck your big cock.” He shrugged his shoulders. “No big deal. Just let him do the work, dump your load in his mouth and make him happy.”

Ben glared at Kev. “How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not gay.”

“Nothing gay about a little blowjob, right? Just pretend he’s a girl...” Kev smiled and put his hand on Ben’s shoulder.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Ben yelled, bringing his foot up between Kev’s thighs and crunching his nuts into his body.

Kev grunted through his gritted teeth, stumbling backwards as the pain radiated through his body. “What’s your fucking problem?” he yelled at Ben.

“My problem!?” Ben barked. “My fucking problem?!” He lunged at Kev, tackling him and throwing him to the ground.

Gareth watched the giant bury the muscular stud under his beautiful body. A soft moan escaped his lips as his dick twitched at the sight of the monumental man tussling with Kev. He reached inside his loose shorts and started jerking his dick.

Kev landed a hard uppercut to Ben’s face that made the huge man howl in pain. He retaliated by lifting his knee, ramming it between Kev’s thighs and flattening his nuts like pancakes. At the same time, Ben grabbed Kev’s face with both of his hands.

Gareth bit his lower lip and jerked his dick faster, moaning in pleasure as he watched Ben beat up Kev. He closed his eyes and threw back his head.

When he opened his eyes again, Kev and Ben had stopped fighting.

They were staring at him, their eyes wide open, filled with disbelief and anger.

“Are you getting off on me getting beaten up?” Kev said slowly.

Gareth blushed. His hand was slowly jerking his dick.

“Fucking pervert”, Kev grunted.

Ben raised his eyebrows. “Hey, you were trying to help that fucking pervert get into my pants!”

Kev blinked. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

There was an awkward moment of silence.

“Sorry about that”, Kev said weakly.

Ben mumbled something unintelligible and got up, straightening his clothes. His tank top was torn in half, and his loose shorts were ripped, revealing the tip of his thick, meaty dong.

“Oh god!” Gareth gasped, freezing as his dick erupted with a huge spurt of cum that splashed right into Ben’s face, making the muscular hunk let out an annoyed grunt.

Ben ripped his shirt off and wiped his face with it, removing Gareth’s spunk as the young man spread the sticky content of his balls all over the place.

“That’s just sick”, Ben grumbled as he tossed his cum-stained tank top away. He took a step forward, brought his foot back and sent it crashing into Gareth’s busy balls, painfully interrupting his buddy’s orgasm.

With a sickening SQUELCH! Ben’s huge foot crushed Gareth’s balls, flattening them like pancakes against his body. A final squirt of cum sputtered out of Gareth’s dick, coating Ben’s toes.

Gareth screamed from the top of his lungs.

Kev couldn’t help but chuckle. “Ouch”, he grinned. “That’s gotta hurt.”

Ben’s eyes narrowed. “Serves him right. I’ve told him time and time again that I’m not interested in what he has to offer.”

Gareth was squealing in agony, clutching his battered balls.

Ben lifted his foot and brought it crashing down on Gareth’s manhood, brutally squashing Gareth’s hands and his aching genitals.

Gerth screamed from the top of his lungs, taking his aching hands away for a brief moment, thus leaving his manhood unprotected.

Ben stomped down on Gareth’s spent dick and his emptied testicles, squishing them under his foot and eliciting a high-pitched wail.

“Let’s teach that pervert a lesson”, Ben grumbled before kicking Gareth in his stomach, knocking the wind out of his lungs. “A lesson he’ll never forget.” He turned to Kev. “Hold him up for me.”

Kev looked at Gareth whose face was a mask of pain. Next to Ben he looked pathetic, small and weak.

Kev had come to help Gareth but he had to admit that Ben was right: Gareth was a sick pervert and he definitely needed to be taught a lesson.

“Sure”, Kev said, grabbing Gareth and pulling him to his feet.

“No!” Gareth wailed as Kev held his arms behind his back and spread his legs. “Please, Ben, don’t---“

Ben balled his fist and punched him in the stomach, shutting him up.

Gareth gasped for breath, coughing and moaning as Ben grabbed his tank top and ripped it clean off of him before delivering a series of hard punches to his stomach, turning his abs beet red within seconds.


Again and again, Ben’s huge fists slammed against Gareth’s abs.

Gareth was screaming in pain. A hard uppercut to the chin shut him up temporarily, sending his head back against Kev’s chest.

“You have any experience in boxing?” Kev chuckled.

Ben took a break from beating up Gareth and laughed. “I guess I’m a natural”, he said, shrugging his shoulders before sending a hard straight punch to Gareth’s sore abs.

Gareth retched and gagged, his eyes filling with tears.

“Maybe you should try kickboxing”, Kev said with a mean grin, winking at Ben.
Ben chuckled. “Maybe I should”, he said and brought his foot up between Gareth’s thighs.

Gareth let out an anguished wail as Ben’s oversized foot connected with his ever swelling balls and his ever shrinking dick.

Kev chuckled at the sound that emanated from Gareth’s crotch. A wet, dull splat, as if someone had slammed a water balloon against a wall.

Ben kicked Gareth’s nuts once again, catching the full set dead-on, crushing Gareth’s shriveled dick and his bloated balls flat against his body.

Gareth’s eyes twitched and he gasped for a breath, a silent scream coming out of his wide open mouth as his body went limp.

“Knocked him out with a nut-kick”, Kev said, nodding appreciatively. “Not bad, big guy.”

He allowed Gareth to sink to the floor.

The slender young man was out cold, his pants dangling around his ankles. His abs were beet red and sore, his face was swollen, his dick looked like it was trying to pull back into his body, a feat that his testicles weren’t even trying to accomplish, not that they had any chance of success because of the almost ridiculous swelling. Gareth’s nutsack had turned a nasty shade of burgundy red, with shades of black, blue and green.

Ben and Kev looked down at the passed-out boy who was lying between them.

“Fucking pervert”, Ben grunted.

Kev nodded slowly.

Ben raised his foot and stomped down on Gareth’s nuts hard.

Kev couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Gareth’s swollen balls and his tiny worm of a penis disappeared under Ben’s huge foot.

“Total eclipse of the balls”, Kev joked, eliciting a chuckle from Ben. “Let me try.”

They took turns stomping Gareth’s nuts, squishing and squashing his balls like bugs under their feet, each of them trying to outdo the other.

Gareth’s body convulsed but he didn’t wake up.

“Look at those fucking balls”, Kev chuckled. “A couple more stomps and they’ll pop like water balloons.”

“Oh yeah.” Ben looked down at Gareth. “I want him to be awake for that”, he said grimly before kicking Gareth in the ribs. “Hey!”

Gareth didn’t react.

Ben brought his leg back and kicked Gareth’s ribs again. There was a sickening crack but Gareth didn’t move.

Ben let out a sigh.

The he jumped on Gareth’s stomach.

Gareth’s eyes shot open and he let out a gurgling grunt.

“Welcome back, pervert”, Ben said. “You’ve arrived just in time to say goodbye to your manhood.”

Gareth stared at him, his eyes glassy. “Ben”, he croaked. “Please…”

Ben and Kev knelt down.

“One for you, one for me”, Ben said.

Kev chuckled.

“Ben”, Gareth pleaded. “I’m sorry, Ben. I’ll never do it again…”

“No, you won’t”, Ben said matter-of-factly. “We’re gonna make sure of it.”

He grabbed Gareth’s swollen left ball with his huge hand and Kev warpped his fingers around Gareth’s bloated right nut.

They started squeezing simultaneously.

Gareth screamed from the top of his lungs, his body writhing, his face a mask of pain, as Ben and Kev pressed their thumbs deep into the tender flesh of his nuts.

Even though Gareth’s nuts had been tenderized by all those punches, kicks and stomps, they didn’t pop right away.

Instead, they put up a fight, causing Kev and Ben to grunt and groan with effort as they crushed the two delicate orbs in their strong hands while Gareth was squealing and screaming and wailing in agony.

Ironically, in this moment of impending doom, Gareth’s heretofore apathetic dick showed signs of life and quickly rose to full attention.

“Look at that”, Ben growled as he kneaded half of Gareth’s manhood between his strong, large fingers. “He’s getting aroused.”

Gareth cried in pain, his eyes filling with tears.

“He probably wants to shoot one last load”, Kev chuckled, squishing the other half of Gareth’s manhood flat in his hand, pressing his thumb deep into the core of the swollen, bloated ball.

“Good luck with that”, Ben grunted and placed Gareth’s nut between his palms while interlocking his fingers, grinding it between his hands.

Gareth’s dick was throbbing and twitching as the young man was screaming in agony.

It was obvious that he was about to shoot his load and empty his balls one final time before his nuts were gone for good.

Unfortunately, Gareth’s timing was off.

Just when the load was rising in his balls, ready to erupt from his rock-hard dick, his testicles gave up.

The end of Gareth’s virility was decidedly anti-climactic.

They burst simultaneously.

There was a little SPLOOSH! as Gareth’s bloated left nuts was ground to meat paste between Ben’s palms. From one second to the next, the big, swollen testicle disintegrated into goo, crushed by the force of the giant’s hands.

His right nut went just as unceremoniously. Once Kev’s thumb had penetrated the stubborn shell, it went through the tender core like a knife through jelly. What was left of Gareth’s plump nut was annihilated when Kev squished and squashed every little piece that he felt floating inside Gareth’s now empty sack.

Gareth was frozen in shock and pain.

His bruised face was white as a sheet.

He stared at his dick. It was still rock-hard and twitching, as if savoring the last moment of hardness. Soon it would wither and shrink, a useless appendage, left over from a better time, a floppy flag of defeat, only there to remind Gareth of his wicked horniness that caused the loss of his manhood.

Mercifully, Gareth passed out again.

Kev looked at Ben. “I don’t think he’ll bother you anymore.”

Ben looked at Gareth for a moment. He looked peaceful. A little like a randy dog that had finally been neutered.

“Yeah”, he said. “Our basketball games will be a lot more relaxed from now on…”


Buster said...

Wow! Hot story and a lot darker turn for Kev. Might this be a sign of things to come for him?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I agree with you - this is a little out of character for Kev but it's what Gareth wanted. :-))

I don't think it will have any impact on Kev's stories in the future though. :-))

Anonymous said...

Loved this story

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it. This is one of the most polarizing stories I have written (just look at the rating to see what I mean), and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-))

Nud said...

This is my favorite so far. I hope the rating doesn't discourage you to write a less mainstream stories like this one. Subverting the expectation only works when it is going against the grain. But with the majority of domination stories is a "paragon" type like Ben or Logan being the loser; it's a lot more fun to see these guys on the winning side for a change.

I understand that it is my personal, unpopular preference, but these overdone stories are getting a little stale. It's why I love The Thrill of Domination Alex's stories and quite a good chunk of Jayse's stories. By not going against the grain like everybody else, they became the one against the grain. And there're satisfaction to be found in them. Just look at the dynamic between Toby and Fluffly and how great they are despite being a very "traditional" dynamic.

You seems like a creator that really do listen to your audiences, so I hope my humble opinion reaches you.

Thank you for all the amazing stories

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Vili! I like to switch things up now and then, and I‘m glad you appreciate that! If you have an idea for a story please don‘t hesitate to send me an email ( - I‘d love to hear from you! :-))