Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Video links: Comedy gems (14)

I think we have established that nutshots are a very effective comedy trope. Let's establish that some more...

Here are some of my favorite nutshots from comedy shows and movies.

Let's kick things off with a Ryan Reynolds nutshot compilation from my friend Ballbuster XXL's youtube channel. Ryan Reynolds is hot, and I could see him get banged in the bangers again and again. This compilation has a squeeze, a smack and a falling object. Notice the big bulge in Mr. Reynolds' pants in the last one. Yummy!

I love the Instant Soprano trope. A guy talking in a high pitched voice after getting whacked in the babymakers somehow always makes me laugh out loud. The guys in the next video take it one step further: They have the poor guy sing Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air in D major" in an angelic, perfect soprano. It's so beautiful it hurts!

Another thing that I really enjoy is funny visuals used to enhance the comedic effect of a nutshot: balloons getting popped, eggs getting cracked, nuts getting crunched, that kind of thing. The following video makes great use of this effect. Whenever the poor protagonist is getting hit in the nuts, they cut to a guy in the kitchen who is scrambling eggs. Hilarious.

Here's a scene from a comedy show. A guy plays twister with a girl. "Right hand on red" leads to the guy's hand on the girl's butt. "Right foot on blue" leads to a foot in the crotch. I'm not sure whether the "blue" the girl means is the guy's pants or his testicles...

The following skit is probably one of the weirdest clips I have ever seen. It's a textbook example of physical comedy. It's called Tutorial | ¿QuĂ© hacer con los huevos? (rought translation: Tutorial | What can you do with your nuts?). That souns pretty good, doesn't it? In the video, our brave hero Chuy tries doing various things with his ballsack: operate his phone, lift some weights, drive a nail into a piece of wood (!), do a knife trick (!!), crack the shell of an egg (!!!), or brush his friend's teeth (!!!!). You're probably wondering if they used stunt testicles for some of the scene, and you'll be pleased to know that two very real nuts were harmed in the video... It's weird, strange and and absolutely hilarious! :-))

Reader's picks:

Our longtime reader Toothpick has shared a couple of awesome links with us.

The first one can only be described as mind-blowingly silly. I really don't know what to make of it. In Toothpick's own words: "It's so dumb I had to share it."

The second one is a compilation of Cricket nutshots. There are dozens hundreds thousands of compilation clips like this on YouTube - but what makes this one special is the hilarious commentary by youtuber Ozzy Man. His own description says "The Dick Gods are bastards some days. If you don't LIKE the video horrible things will happen to your sack." Make sure to watch this video with the sound on. It's amazing! :-))

The last one is an animated clip featuring a nut punch and a counter nut punch. In the words of the protagonist: "Always funny."

Thank you, Toothpick, for sharing these videos with us!

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!



Anonymous said...

that guy using his nuts to crack eggs ... damn

also that knife game ... hot!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! (It seems like I forgot to reply back in September...) I agree with you 100%! :-))