Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Video links: Comedy gems (4)

They say that comedy is tragedy that happens to someone else. In that spirit, nothing is funnier than watching someone else losing his ability to father children by a well-placed hit to the gonads. The facial expression, the look of horror and disbelief in the poor guy's eyes, the hilarious sounds that come from his mouth - it doesn't get any funnier than that...

Here are some of my favorite comedy nutshots from movies, TV and web shows.

First up, we have a very short and very weird little skit that features a guy in tights and a tutu smashing four pairs of testicles with swift kicks. I'm sure these guys will never mock a ballet dancer again...

In the next clip from the Brazilian (?) TV show "Rebelde", we don't see the actual impact. There's a guy lying on the ground writhing in pain - and we know exactly what happened. The girl has a look of satisfaction on her face, and her male friend laughs at the poor guy's pain. Adding insult to injury (quite literally), two more male friends appear, and they all mock the fallen guy's pain by imitating his facial expression after he got hit, and walking away clutching their crotches and moaning exaggeratedly. I really love this clip. Unfortunately I don't understand the dialogue. Can anybody give me a translation?

Here's another one of my all time favorites: It's from the (otherwise utterly forgettable) "The Pirate Movie". Kristy McNichol leans in to Christopher Atkins and pretends to kiss him. But just before their lips meet, she jerks up her knee and rudely destroys Christopher's dreams (and probably puts his sex life on hold for a couple of days). His facial expression is awesome as he slides down to the ground - you can almost see his sperm dying right there in his deep blue eyes...

Well, war is hell. "Scary Movie 3" taught us that a friendly "goodbye" can also be hell - if it comes from an alien race. Hot porn model/VJ/businessman/rapper/actor/eye candy Simon Rex is the recipient of a nice, hard kick to the goodies courtesy of an alien creature.

Skip to 1:15

Finally, here's a great compilation of movie nutshots. I'm not a huge fan of compilations but this one is pretty awesome. I've lost count of all the testicles that get smashed - lean back and watch 5 minutes of testicular destruction...

Reader's pick:

An anonymous reader sent me the following clip from the Adam Sandler movie "The Longest Yard". The ref in a football game gets intentionally hit in the nuts by one of players. The audience cringes in sympathy as the players mock him. But that's not the end. The Adam Sandler character grins at his team mates and asks, "What do you think, should I go for the left nut this time?" And, guess what, he does! That's what I call comedy!

Right nut down at 1:15, left nut down at 1:55

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

Thank you!

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