Monday, February 29, 2016

The key to happiness: On the edge

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I hold the key to Kinky Kage's cock

Featured in this story: Simon and Zach (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Another ten days had passed. Zach’s wonderful, big cock had been locked in a chastity device for three weeks now.

Three weeks without sex – I guess it's unimaginable for any young stud in his prime.

But for hot 20 year old Zach, it must have been especially hard. He was blessed with a mammoth dick, a meaty monster, a powerful fuck tool that made him very popular with the girls. His huge dick was fueled by a pair of big, heavy, low-hanging balls that looked like they could stock gallons of potent sperm. But those mighty sperm tanks needed to be depleted on a regular basis – and with the drain blocked, it was only a matter of time until his balls had reached their limits and his spunk boiled over.

I looked at Zach who was pacing the room, nervously gnawing his fingernails. He was wearing tracksuit pants and a tank top, and I wondered whether he had changed his clothes in the past weeks. He was a wreck, his blond hair ruffled and dull, dark circles around his eyes.

I had tried making small talk with him but when I asked him how he was he had just grimaced and mumbled something about his friends being not very supportive...

I looked at my watch. Simon should have been here more than an hour ago.

The 23 year old geek held the key to Zach’s cock, and it was quite obvious that he enjoyed the power he had over Zach. I had expected him to be late after our last meeting ten days ago where Simon had teased poor Zach, played with him and bashed his cum-filled balls.

At that meeting, there had been a gleam of hope for Zach. But it had been squashed just like Zach’s big, bulging balls because Simon had rigged the game. After realizing that his dick would be locked up for another ten days, Zach stole a box of keys, hoping to find the one that fit the lock on his chastity device. Unfortunately for him, Simon had made sure that the key wasn’t in the box.

Simon had told me that he’d punish Zach for the theft, and it occurred to me that arriving late to our meeting and making Zach wait might be a forerunner of what was in store for poor Zach and his caged cock…

I checked the camera to make sure we could start as soon as Simon arrived.

When he finally did, he was almost two hours late. Without wasting any words on the delay, he started to unpack a trolley case that he had brought.

Simon was wearing dark blue trousers, a white shirt and a blue tie. He adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses and reached into the trolley case.

Zach watched him, shifting from one foot to the other, nervously tugging at his crotch.

One by one, Simon produced a pair of handcuffs, a long piece of rope, a plastic bottle filled with some kind of clear liquid, a large feather, a tracing wheel, a couple of wooden clothespins, a pair of black gloves and a white pillar candle, and placed them on the table.

I glanced at Zach who shifted nervously as he watched Simon unpack.

Finally, Simon closed the trolley case and turned to Zach. “Hi”, he said, a sweet and innocent smile on his lips.

“Hi”, Zach mumbled, looking at his feet.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off so we can start?” Simon smiled.

Zach cleared his throat. “You’re going to unlock me today, right?”

I suppressed the urge to laugh. He sounded so hopeless and helpless that it was almost funny.

Simon sighed. “Oh, Zach.” He shook his head slowly. “I’m really disappointed in you.”

Zach blushed. “Because I stole the box”, he said in a toneless voice.

Simon sighed again. He turned to the table and lit the candle.

“I thought--- I--- I don’t know what---“ Zach stammered. Then his face lit up with anger. “But the right key wasn’t in it! I tried every one of them at least a dozen times! It’s unfair! You---“

“You stole the keys”, Simon said calmly. “And you know what happens to thieves.” Simon reached for the handcuffs on the table.

Zach gulped.

“Take your clothes off”, Simon repeated.

Zach let out a frustrated grunt and did as he was told, revealing his muscular body.

I couldn’t help but stare at Zach’s groin.

His big, beautiful dick was locked in a little black plastic tube. The tube was bent so it was sitting between his gigantic balls that were held in place by a plastic ring around the base of his dick and the neck of his nutsack. His testicles looked even bigger than I remembered. He had received then hard kicks at out last meeting, but the bruising was gone, and the swelling couldn’t possibly derive from the kicks. Apparently, his nuts were bloated with all the cum that had nowhere to go.

I grimaced in sympathy.

Simon smiled at Zach and cuffed his hands behind his back. Then he fetched two wooden chairs from the kitchen. He made Zach sit down on one of them and tied his legs to the legs of the chair before tying a noose around his neck and fastening his body to the chair.

Zach put up no resistance. Apparently he had accepted his fate.

When Simon was done, Zach was completely unable to move. He looked up at Simon, his big blue eyes wide open. The rope was tight around his neck and he couldn’t even lift his head.

Simon smiled down at him.

There was a long moment of silence until Zach looked away, blushing.

Simon chuckled and sat down right in front of him. “First of all”, Simon reached into his pocket and produced the key to Zach’s chastity cage. “Let’s get rid of that cage.”

Zach eyes lit up.

Simon fumbled with Zach’s junk, intentionally squeezing and twisting his big balls as he put the key into the lock. Agonizingly slow, Simon took off Zach’s chastity cage.

“Oh god”, Zach grunted as his dick jumped to attention. “Oh god, thank you! Thank you!”

Simon smiled and put the device on the table. “Now, since you stole the box”, Simon smiled, “it’s quite obvious that you need to get punished, right?”

Zach bit his lower lip.

Simon leaned forward and wrapped his fingers around Zach’s extralarge testicles.

Zach gasped.

“Right?” Simon repeated, squeezing Zach’s nuts hard.

Zach let out a squeal. “Yes! Yes! Yes, of course.”

Simon let go of Zach’s balls and nodded slowly. He grabbed two clothespins and ran them up and down Zach’s upper body.

Zach shuddered.

The sensation of the clothespins lightly caressing his skin instantly made his nipples grow hard.

That was what Simon had been waiting for, and he clamped the clothespins on Zach’s nipples.

Zach grimaced and let out a groan.

“Look at that”, Simon said, his eyes lowering to Zach’s crotch. “The beast has awakened!”

Zach’s dick was rock hard and pointing up, a big, thick tube of meat, its mushroom head pulsing.

Simon licked his lips.

I chuckled.

Simon had a certain reputation. I had seen him in a couple of very raunchy videos, one of which featured him in a school uniform, tied up and restrained, his mouth held open by a mouth gag, as his “class mates” and a couple of teachers stood in line to drop their loads down his throat.

One thing was for sure: Simon loved the taste of cum. And I could see the hunger in his eyes as he eyed Zach’s massive tool and thought about all the pent-up spunk inside his huge balls.

Simon leaned forward and flicked the moist tip of Zach’s cock with his tongue.

Zach let out a soft moan. His dick twitched with excitement.

It didn’t look like it would take a lot of coaxing to make it spill its load.

“Mhm”, Simon chuckled as he tasted Zach’s salty precum in his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and ran it up Zach’s shaft as if he was licking a lollipop. When he reached the head, he wrapped his warm lips around it, making Zach moan with pleasure.

“Oh yeah!” Zach groaned. “That feels so fucking---“

Simon lifted his head and punched Zach’s balls hard.

Zach let out a scream.

His dick was twitching and throbbing.

Again, Simon punched Zach’s nuts, eliciting another anguished scream from Zach.

With Zach writhing on his chair, struggling against his restraints, Simon turned to the table and picked up the feather.

Gently, he ran the feather up and down Zach’s throbbing cock, teasing its shaft and its fat mushroom head.

“Oh god”, Zach groaned. “Oh my fucking god!”

He shifted on the chair.

A sweet smile on his face, Simon continued to tease Zach’s dick. Zach’s breathing quickened as he got closer and closer to the edge.

“Yeah”, Zach moaned. “Oh yeah, that’s--- Oh yeah!”

Suddenly, Simon pulled the feather away from Zach’s dick, a huge smile on his face as he watched the pleasure on Zach’s face turn to frustration.

“Please”, Zach groaned hoarsely. “Please!”

With a grin, Simon brought his foot up and stomped on Zach’s balls, squashing them under his sole.

Zach’s face contorted in agony and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Simon exchanged the feather for the tracing wheel, running it over the sensitive head of Zach’s dick, making him moan and groan as the pins dug into the tender flesh.

After a little while, Simon grabbed the feather again, teasing Zach’s cock until he was close to cumming.

Again, he ruined Zach’s orgasm by withdrawing the feather and leaning back, watching him pant and groan as his dick twitched and throbbed.

He went back and forth between the feather and the tracing wheel, teasing his ultra-sensitive dick only to stop just before the point of no return.

Sweat was running down Zach’s pain-contorted face as he alternately moaned in pleasure and groaned in frustration.

Precum was running down the fat, throbbing shaft of his cock.

Simon licked his lips. “Looks like you sprung a leak”, he said casually before leaning forward to lap up Zach’s sticky juice, driving him wild as he ran his tongue up his shaft.

“Oh god”, Zach groaned. “Oh god, I need to cum!”

Simon sighed. He grabbed Zach’s big, heavy balls and weighed them in his hands. “You need it bad, don’t you?” he whispered seductively.

“Oh yeah”, Zach moaned. “I do!”

Simon nodded. He grabbed Zach’s dick with one hand while wrapping his fingers around the neck of his sack with the other.

Slowly, Simon started jerking Zach’s cock.

Zach let out a long moan.

“Beg for it”, Simon grinned.

Zach blinked. His eyes were glassy and filled with lust. “Please, let me cum”, he whispered.

Simon chuckled, gently stroking Zach’s massive dick. “I can’t hear you.”

“Please”, Zach repeated a little louder. “Please, let me cum!”

Simon let go of Zach’s dick.

“Please!” Zach yelled. “Please! Please, let me cum! Please! Please!”

Simon chuckled and resumed jerking Zach’s dick, going faster and faster.

Zach moaned in pleasure. “Fuck yeah! Yeah! Oh god, yeah!”

He was panting heavily. His eyelids started fluttering. His dick was throbbing and twitching violently. His body tensed. “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!”

Suddenly, Simon grabbed the candle from the table and poured the hot wax over Zach’s spasming cock.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs. “Noooooooo!” His face was a mask of pain as he watched the head of his dick get coated in hot wax, effectively sealing it up.

Simon leaned back and watched Zach writhe on his chair and scream in frustration as the wax dried on his dick, making it look like a big, sugar-coated sausage.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zach’s breathing was normal again. He looked exhausted and defeated, his muscular body glistening with sweat. His eyes were glassy and he stared at the rock-hard, wax-covered cock, a miserable expression on his face.

Simon chuckled and put on the black gloves. He picked up the plastic bottle with the clear liquid and smiled at Zach. “Let’s clean you up”, he said cheerfully, shaking the bottle.

Zach let out a grunt.

Simon opened the bottle and poured the liquid over Zach’s dick.

Zach’s eyes widened. He inhaled sharply. Then his mouth opened wide and he let out an ear-piercing scream. “Oh my god!”

“Oh, maybe I should have told you”, Simon grinned. “It’s rubbing alcohol. 75%.”

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs as his tender, tortured dick was doused in the burning liquid.

Simon chuckled. He put the bottle away and grabbed Zach’s inflamed dick with his gloved hands. He peeled off the cold wax from the tip of his cock while jerking it roughly.

Zach was panting and screaming hoarsely as Simon treated his dick with all the gentleness of a sanitation worker handling the trash cans.

The result was not surprising: Zach’s poor dick shriveled like bacon in a hot pan.

Simon didn’t have any trouble squishing the limp, beet red piece of meat into the Holy Trainer again. He locked Zach’s dick up again and put the key in his pocket.

Zach was staring at his caged cock.

“Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do now”, Simon said with a sweet smile. He lifted his foot and placed it over Zach’s genitals. Pressing down on his balls, he continued, “I’ll call you when I’m in the mood. And when I call you’ll be ready. You’ll be here in twenty minutes.” Simon twisted his foot as if he was putting out a cigarette.

Zach let out a grunt as his balls were squashed flat against the chair.

“Trust me, you don't want to be late”, Simon smiled. He lifted his foot and stomped down hard on Zach’s cum-filled balls, making him scream in agony. “After that you’ll be free.”
Simon looked at Zach and stomped down on his nuts once more, flattening them under his sole and eliciting an anguished wail. “Got it?”

Zach nodded, his face a mask of pain.

“Good”, Simon said. He stepped away from Zach and smiled. “Oh, one more thing.” With that, he opened the fly of his trousers. “I’ve been horny all day…” He whipped out his dick and stroked it a couple of times before splattering Zach’s face with a huge load of jizz. Jet after jet of cream landed in Zach’s face, covering his eyes and his cheeks, his nose and his mouth with a thick layer of spunk.

Then he tucked his dick back into his trousers and grinned. “Ah, that felt awesome”, he chuckled.

Zach’s pain-contorted face was dripping with cum.

Simon left as soon as he had freed Zach. I offered Zach a cup of coffee but he was in a hurry to leave.

“Make sure to charge your phone”, I said when he left. “You don’t want to miss Simon’s  call…”

Oh dear. Zach’s still locked up. That’s bad news for our reader Kinky Kage who has vowed “to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and to lock back up whenever he gets locked in future stories.” (see the first comment on High stakes – part 1.).
Who knows when Zach (and Kinky Kage) will get out of the cage? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Simon will call Zach soon… :-))


OMB Stories said...

AMAZING Alex! One of your best stories yet. Oh what I'd like to see happen next to poor Zach...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, OMB Stories! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

next time we want to see his ball EXPLODE

Anonymous said...

Great story
but why zach was in a hurry to leave????

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous(1):
I think Zach feels the same way... :-))

@ anonymous(2):
I don't know but I think he was deeply embarrassed, confused and humiliated, and he probably needed some time alone. Of course he knows that I wouldn't make fun of him - but I can't say the same about my crew... :-))

Unknown said...

I read this the moment I got home from work in hopes that Zach (and myself) was set totally got my hopes up there in the middle, such a tease... I must admit it was a great story though.... And as long as Zach's balls remain intact I'm ok with them exploding haha

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd prefer to see zach explode or going literally mad

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ Kinky Kage:
I'm sooo sorry for you! Really, I thought Simon would set Zach free in this story. It seems that you'll have to remain locked up a little longer... :-))

@ anonymous:
I'm not sure how long it takes for balls to literally explode with cum. But I know that Zach is going madder every day... :-))

Colton said...

Amazing story! As long as Zach is going to cum in the next one, maybe this story should be shelved for a few months. Come back to it in July so Zach can explode with the fireworks, I'm sure Kinky Kage wouldn't mind ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Colton! A release date in July? Sounds interesting. Maybe that's the way to go forward. I'll think about it... :-))