Monday, February 1, 2016

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (18)

What is it that makes guys hit each other in the nuts for no other reason that to videotape it and put it on youtube for all the world to see? Is it the feeling of power when you hit your best buddy in the goolies and ruin his night? Is it some kind of masochistic enjoyment when your best buddy hits you in the nads? Is it the reassurance that your testicles are fully functional and reacting very naturally to a collision with a blunt object?

I have no idea. And, to be honest, I couldn't care less. Everything happens for a reason, right? And I'm very sure that in this case the reason is that we can enjoy other guys' tremendous pain when their nuts take a crushing blow...

Here are a couple of my favorite video clips of guys just being guys...

Let's start with a clip that has the very appropriate title "BallBusters!" Apparently we're at a party or something (there's no music but there are people with drinks) - and a young man (the description says his name is Travis) has nothing better to do than to let his buddies kick him in the nuts. After the first kick, he needs a few seconds to recover. Then he lets the cameraman kick him from behind. "Aim first! Aim!" Travis tells him. He really wants the cameraman to strike his testicles - and the cameraman does. Travis collapses and the rest of the guys laugh their asses off before discussing Travis' pain. Near the end, Travis compares the kicks. Apparently the cameraman was the best...

The desciption says it's "Episode 1". Unfortunately, it's the only video on the channel. Maybe Travis' balls retired after this video?

Brazilian stunt group La FĂȘnix is always good for a devastating shot to the pelotas. In their wonderful series "Super Slow", they inflict pain on each other with a skateboard. Of course, they can't pass up the golden opportunity to lower their sperm count... What I like most about this vid is the attitude of the guys. Even though I don't speak Portuguese I think the sense of humor and the tongue-in-cheek dialogue before the nuts get crunched it just awesome!

Nutshots at 0:50 and 2:35

Since we're talking about famous stunt groups: I'm sure you know the Janoskians, a group of Australian guys who specialize in gross out humor, non-sensical comedy skits, pranks and something they call "music". In "The Ball Machine Challenge" they bombard each other with tennis balls. Guess where they're aiming most of the time?

A scruffy guy in pink underwear, dancing around and annoying his friends. Another scruffy guy with a large water bottle. That's what great movies are made of...

Skip the dancing and go right to 1:02. Don't miss the slow motion starting at 1:43

"Nut Shot Power Hour" - how does that sound? Nasty The Horse and his friend Ben Gravy (of NubTV) celebrate their birthdays by hitting each other in the nuts for a solid hour. The clip shows us every single nut-crushing blow without the boring stuff in between - and it's still almost 12 minutes of ballbusting mayhem. I'm pretty sure that some of you out there would love to be invited to this birthday party... :-))

And we're not done, yet! Apparently, Ben Gravy challenged his Brazilian friends at La FĂȘnix to have a nut shot power hour of their own. Another ten minutes of ballbusting mayhem! Yay!

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email:

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