Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

I just couldn’t let the International Day of Egg Hunting go by without marking the occasion with a little blog post. Unfortunately I’m very busy at the moment. Work is pretty crazy and I’m barely able to find enough time for writing so I can keep up with my schedule and bring you at least one new story each week. That's why I haven’t been able to write a new story (if you’re looking for an Easter themed story you might want to check out Easter Egg Hunt (which I wrote back in 2008) but I have found a little video that I’d like to share.

It’s a little off-topic. There’s no actual ballbusting in it, but there’s some innuendo and a cute guy gets his “eggs” painted.

The video is a promo clip from Czech porn webite, and it features twink pornstar Noah Matous and Jace Reed talking about the innocent tradition of painting eggs for Easter. After blowing out some hen’s eggs (and talking about how wonderful it is to work at…) they run out of eggs. Thank goodness, Noah has two nice, big eggs in his basket, and he lets Jace paint them.

It’s cute, it’s amusing and I think it’s actually quite hot (if a bit tame).

Here’s the link.

Happy Easter!

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