Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Video links: Bowling for balls

I don't know why but I never liked bowling (or the German equivalent Kegeln). My friends love it but I just think it's boring. Well, now I know why: It's just because I didn't do it the right way!

Turns out that you don't need a bowling alley or a Bundeskegelbahn, no! Your living room or your basement or your backyard is just fine!

And you don't need pins, either! Your buddy's testicles are much better!

Granted, they may be a bit harder to hit - but, boy, if you hit them right you really have something to celebrate...

Here are my favorite video clips of guys "bowling for balls".

In the first clip I really like the dialogue after the hit:
Bowler: "You need an icepack?"
Cameraman: "Hey, that was good!"
Victim: "Oh my god! Fuck you, guys!"
Cameraman: "I'm impressed!"
Victim: "Oh fuck you, guys! Oh my dick! Oh my balls!"

The next clip goes a step further and finds a very interesting way to hit two pairs of testicles with just one roll of the ball...

Here's a mean little surprise for an unsuspecting victim.

The guys in the next clip drop a bowling ball on a guy's nuts. They do a little safety test first and drop the bowling ball on a lemon. The lemon gets completely squashed. Guess who laughs the hardest? Of course it's the guy who spreads his legs a second later to get his own lemons squashed... (Don't miss the friendly balltap right at the beginning of the video.)

Apparently, Brazilians love bowling for balls as well. Here are the fun-loving guys from stunt group La FĂȘnix with a skit called "Bola de Boliche no Saco".

Finally, we have a wonderful little variation: Bowling for your buddy's balls while he's asleep. Hah! Awesome!

Do you know more bowling ball nutshots? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

Thank you!

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